Tuesday, 5 July 2011

So much for daily blogging!

Yep, I've been absent without leave for another week, haven't I?  I just don't know where the time goes!  Oh well, I'll just have to work extra hard to catch up!

July 21st 2010

Another exciting summer day spent locked up in Grottsville.

Mum's old friend, Aubrey, sent a very peculiar letter.  He has always sent me a birthday card every year so when one didn't turn up, I wondered if it had got lost in the post.  I owed him a letter anyway (he has been a kind of penfriend to me throughout the years) so I just briefly mentioned the fact that I hadn't received a card from him.  I didn't mean it in an offensive way, I just didn't want him to think that I hadn't thanked him for it if it HAD in fact got lost in the post.

But, I guess I worded it wrongly...

"Dear Desirée,
I was sorry to hear that the birthday card I sent you for May 15th failed to arrive.
Here is one to replace it.  I enclose a cheque for £20.00.
However, now that you have passed your 18th birthday and are of voting (and working) age, I feel that I can cease financial contribution.
All the very best of luck!
From Aubrey"

I have no clue if he really had sent me a card, but what the heck?  I NEVER indicated that I wanted any money from him!  Working and voting age or not, I would never outwardly ask anybody for money or expect it from anyone.  Not that voting or working age really means anything to me, of course, considering I cannot get the kind of job I should be able to get due to lack of education, and have no interest in voting in a country where I feel I have no future anyway.

I wasted the entire day online, messing around on Facebook mainly.  I did have a quick dip in the bath tub too but dashed out as David was supposed to be coming in early enough to take us to Woodberry.  I somehow managed to rip my trousers in my haste to get dressed and ready to go out too.  Then David didn't come anyway, so I may as well have had a nice relaxing soak!

July 22nd 2010

The decorators didn't turn up again and didn't even get in touch to explain themselves.  David came in a little earlier so that we could go to Woodberry, but it was a rainy day and had got too dark to look at the newly decorated walls anyway.  So we went to Brent Cross shopping centre.  God only knows why, as there is nothing there except really posh clothes shops which are way out of my budget.  I guess we just thought it was somewhere to go as it stays open late into the evening.  David and I ended up spending most of the time standing outside the loo waiting for Mum then, on the way back, Mum and I sat outside Tesco while David bought a loaf of bread.  A highly exciting trip, I'm sure!

We popped into the Tesco garage to look at Dolly Mix Ponies - I still wanted to find a couple of specific ponies for people.  But, even after feeling the packets for quite some time and being sure that I had the right one, I came home with yet another Lickety Split. >.<

My parcels from Oneleo1 and Daniz_69 arrived.  I'm quite surprised that they got here safely actually as when I went to the door the postman was pacing around the garden faster and faster, talking to himself in a crazed fashion!  I observed him behaving in this way for quite a few minutes before he even noticed that I had opened the door! o_0  I would have called out to him but I didn't want to anger him in that state!

When he finally did notice me, he looked kind of embarrassed.  "Sorry, I'm miles away!" he laughed, handing me my packages.  Uh, I think I could see that with my own eyes... o_0

Well, anyways, despite our crazy postman, the little ponies made it to me safely!  It had been a long time since I'd added this many ponies to the herd in a single day!

I traded a set of Dolly Mix Ponies to Oneleo1 for Sea Breeze...

The rest of the herd came from Daniz_69...

Cute fluffy little Australian Red Rooster keychains

Cherry Blossom and Twinkle Twirl bubble bath bottle toppers and Mexican Desert Rose

Mimosa, Melody, Prince Firefly, Night Shine, Merry Moments and Globetrotter

Merriweather (an upgrade to my poor girl who had actually had her mane glued back on!) and Italian Snowflake, who - I believe - completes my Snowflake collection!

And a set of Retro Rainbow Ponies!

Poor little Skydancer though...  Can you see what's wrong with her?

How about if I stand her next to her friend, Starshine?

Yep, that's right!  The idiots at the Hasbro factory forgot to give the poor girl the green streak in her mane!  She doesn't even have plugs for the hair!

Oh well, I love factory error ponies, so she will have a good home here anyway!

July 23rd 2010

Yet another summer day wasted indoors.  However much of my life was I expected to spend in this manner?

Mum was supposed to go for her long-awaited kidney scan but got such a bad stomach that she couldn't go!  We're still not sure what caused it; my bet is on stress, but she was sure that the slice of birthday cake she'd eaten the previous night was to blame!  Perhaps I shouldn't have insisted David got her a cake after all... it seems that nothing I do is ever right!

My MLP comics arrived (wow, it seems I really had been on a "cheer up" spending spree over the previous couple of weeks!)  Still, at least I didn't actually lose any money on these.

There were 47 issues in the lot all together of which ten were brand new to my collection and seven were upgrades.  I was left with a total of 37 comics to sell though, which well covered the cost of this lot!

And these were the ten new issues...

I was terribly stressed out all day long and kept having anxiety attacks which were accompanied by a stabbing pain in my head.  I tried to keep myself busy by sorting out my sales album in preparation for the e-Bay free listing weekend that was coming up, but it didn't do much use.  I think the stress had finally finished us all off really.

The lawyer responded to some of Sickton and William's e-mails that we had sent him but didn't seem very confident about us winning a court case.  His e-mail to us was full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors (how does someone who can't even write properly become a lawyer?!) and all he said about the e-mails we had sent him was that they "might prove quiet helpful".  Yes, I guess their help would be of the silent variety!

July 24th 2010

David drove us to West Ealing so that I could pay Aubrey's cheque into my bank account (I really didn't feel like accepting the money from someone who was obviously so reluctant to send it to me, but Mum said I should cash it anyway!)  We intended to get some Weetaflakes at 99p Stores while we were there, but Mum got in a fowl mood on the way there and started shouting at random people as soon as she got out of the car!  (Yes, honestly - I told you the stress was killing us all.  That or everyone around me is just a natural psychopath!)  So we had to get straight back in the car.  David drove to Ealing Broadway and he and I walked to the bank so that I could at least pay the cheque in, but we couldn't get the Weetaflakes there.

I saw a little girl in the bank with two Dolly Mix Ponies, one of which was Lemon Drop, the one that my friend Sarah really wanted and which I had been unable to find for her.  I refrained from knocking the child down and taking the pony from her, you will be pleased to know!  It was nice to see a kid in the modern day playing with G1 MLP characters actually.

Mum was still in a fowl mood when we got back in the car - we drove past the church where a couple were getting married.  I glared at the wedding party (well, you know my opinion of men and marriage!) but even I was a little taken aback when Mum yelled at the best man that he was a "Bl**dy fool!"  Uh, what did he do to you, Mum?! o_0

Another item bought on my 'cheer up spending spree' arrived; "Scootaloo on the Go!"  Thank goodness I'm not a MIB collector though - the seller had wrapped the box only in brown paper (no bubble wrap to protect the MLP packaging or anything!) and it arrived looking like this:

Oh well, at least the pony and her scooter were okay...

I spent most of the day listing stuff on e-Bay - it drives me crazy but I had to get the money that I had spent over the past couple of weeks back somehow, didn't I?!

My parents spent most of the day arguing, causing me to hit the wrong button on Youtube and delete the MLP playlist that had taken me absolutely ages to make in the process!  Agh!

And I think that just about brings us to the end of this fascinating blog.  Huh, why are you all snoring?  Aren't you pleased to see me back?!  Well, if you can wake yourselves up in time, please do join me at the same time tomorrow for another bit of exciting catch-up blogging!

Best wishes,
Desirée xxx