Monday, 29 August 2011

Ouch! How did that happen?

I don't know how one person acquires so many cuts and bruises with no idea of how she injured herself!  Today I managed to cut my finger while putting the shopping away - the skin has peeled right back so now I'm struggling to type!
August 13th 2010

I had a bath using one of my last remaining Lush bath ballistics... it had been part of the mixed goodie bag I'd got in the after-Christmas sale so I'm not sure what ballistic it was.  It smelled lovely and made my dry skin all soft and smooth though.  Also, there's something relaxing about having a nice long soak in pink water!

The funniest thing about it was that it was filled with little pink hearts which I kept stirring and stirring into the water, waiting for them to dissolve...

It was only about five minutes later that I realised they were little sequins!  Ah, so that's why they weren't dissolving!

I washed my hair, despite still being very concerned about how thin it was becoming.  It was too wet for me to tie back up in my usual hairstyle when we went out that evening so I had to wear it loose for the first time in about eighteen years!  It actually felt a lot prettier that way even if it did keep falling in my eyes!

We went Dolly Mix hunting at three different branches of Morrisons.  The first two had no ponies, not even a sign on the shelf to indicate that they would be stocked there later on.  Although we did spot this new coin operated ride which I photographed for the website.

The question is, what is it?  In my days, you rode in a car that looked like a car...  Now it seems you ride in a semi-wrecked car with flat tyres and an upturned bumper made to look like a 'nose'.  On top of that, it has arms growing out of said 'nose' which are embracing a yellow camera on the car's 'head'.  Um...

Anyway, moving swiftly back to the Dolly Mix search!  The third branch (Queensbury) appeared even worse, they didn't even have a confectionery aisle!  But when we asked a member of staff, he directed us to the very corner of the store where it turned out the sweets were tucked away out of sight!  And there, on the shelf, were the Dolly Mix Ponies!

We picked them all up, complete with the display boxes.  Both myself and the cashier counted twenty in the boxes but when we got back to Grottsville we discovered there were actually twenty-one!  So, much to my embarrassment, we ended up getting one for free. o_0

I got all but Snuzzle for my own collection... eleven duplicates (who I didn't photograph) for the people on my long "waiting list".

Oh, but who was the 21st pony, you ask?  And why are there two Gustys in the photo above?

Well, just take a look!

Gusty on the right: "See anything different about me?"

"Yep, that's right, I have no horn!"

Oh, how I love factory errors!  I'm so glad I found this little girl - she's so adorable and unique!  I call her "Brazilian Dolly Mix Gusty" (since there is an Earth Pony version of Gusty who was made in Brazil) but, although it would be nice to think the people at The Little Factory (who make these ponies) were huge pony fans who knew about this rare variation, I think the answer to how she came to be is far more simple.

This photo makes things far clearer than any explanation I could give...

Yes, she somehow ended up with Sundance's head!  She even has Sundance's blue eyes... at least she ended up with Gusty's mane colour to match her tail!  I bet somewhere there's a unicorn Sundance floating around... what a pity I couldn't have found her as well!

There were two more new coin operated rides at that branch of Morrisons but it was late by the time we got there and they had lined up all the rubbish bins and shopping trolleys in front of them, so I couldn't get any photos.  Oh well, we were sure to be going back there in search of more ponies anyway.

August 14th 2010

We went to Ealing Broadway so Mum could have her eye test and get new glasses at last.  However, the horrible bloke in Specsavers rushed her and made her feel really unwelcome and stressed.  Not very good customer service at all!

We also went in five different charity shops, but there was not a pony in sight.  Actually, I lie.  There were ponies (although not MLPs), but they were grossly overpriced.  A bashed up mini fakie (the kind you get at Matalan on a card with two others for £1.00) for 60p, anyone?   Or would you prefer a Bratz pony with no hair for £2.70?!  No, I wasn't keen either, so I left them there.

I opened an ISA and David shouted at me for messing up the form (I hadn't), demanding that I let him fill in my details.  Then he messed it up, not once but twice!

Next to TKMaxx, where I saw two nice black t-shirts... but I was short of money and since I had no black shoes to wear with them, I left them there.  I saw a different MLP sticker book in there too, but I have far too much pony stuff so common sense prevailed!

I was saddened to see that Apple Snow were closing down. Yes, it's a cheap and nasty clothing shop for the most part, but I did get a really nice coat in there for a fiver about three years ago.

I also won a pony on a funny website I belong to where you earn points for swapping things/completing surveys etc.  The photo on the listing showed Sunburst, the Mountain Boy Pony, but I knew that wouldn't be the pony I'd get.  It's kids who trade their stuff on there really, so it's not very reliable.  I figured it was free (in monetary terms at least) though, so it was worth taking a gamble!

August 15th 2010

Back to Woodberry to look at colours for the openings between the kitchen/family history room and the extension but we didn't really get anywhere.  Mum hated all the colours we looked at and didn't think anything went very nicely with the other wall colours.  David started clearing weeds from the front garden, AFTER shutting us out of the house but BEFORE letting us into the car.  So Mum got really tired having to stand on the spot and wait for him.

Then to two different branches of Homebase in search of floor tiles for the hall in their 15% off sale...but, alas, there were none to Mum's liking.  We had a look at the taps while we were there too, as Mum still wanted to replace the ugly modern ones that Sickton had chosen for our bathroom.  But David declared that they were "more expensive than he had thought" and promptly left.

Finally we went to Allied Carpets... but David had forgotten to bring the wall colour boards!  It was so near to closing time that we didn't have time to go back and get them so the trip was rather pointless.  David went and asked the staff for their opening times... if only he'd told me what he was doing, I could have saved him the embarrassment by pointing out the huge board showing their opening times on the door which would have answered all of his questions!

In the evening, he went to work, but not before making Mum cry again.  Apparently she is the reason that he is always late to work (not the hours he spends in the bathroom), as she "always wants to talk to him for five minutes before he leaves the house" and we're "always out".  Well, excuse me.  I'd hardly say that we were "always out".  We were just eager to get Woodberry finished, especially with me getting so ill in Grottsville, but I guess doing anything towards moving house was a waste of time as far as David was concerned.

August 16th 2010

Mum's Christmas gift to me arrived.  Yes, you heard that right... a Christmas gift.  Mum wanted to "get it out of the way" when she saw something cheap on e-Bay.  Gives a whole new meaning to getting your Christmas shopping done early, eh?!  I was lucky to get it at all though - not only was it badly packed, but we had a very unfriendly new Hungarian postman.  At least I think he was Hungarian... as I started to open the door, he literally threw the pile of mail AROUND the half opened door and I just managed to catch it against my chest as he said a hurried "Thank you." and went on his way!  I never even got to see his face, but he sounded Hungarian!

Anyways, more importantly, what was this mystery Christmas gift? (Yes, I was allowed to open it.  I was told to check its condition so that I could leave feedback for the seller on Mum's behalf!)

Meet Cotton Candy, my second porcelain MLP.  My first was Cherries Jubilee, who Mum had bought for my birthday.  To be honest, I think Mum has a soft spot for these herself and likes to collect them under my name!  They are very, very cute, even if they are super fragile and hard to look after!

In the evening, we re-visited two branches of Morrisons - Hatch End still didn't have any Dolly Mix but we did get some "fruity iced buns".  I'm still not sure how they got away with calling them "fruity" though.  Each one had a grand total of four tiny sultanas inside.

We had more luck at Queensbury where I found nine more Dolly Mix Ponies (priced at just 99p each rather than the usual £1.49!) including the elusive Snuzzle, who completed my own set.

But I still needed LOADS more of the little things for everyone on my waiting list, so the "Grand Dolly Mix Hunt" was far from over...

I took photos of the coin operated rides while we were there too, despite getting some very strange looks from the security guard!

But honestly, I hardly recognise these things as coin operated rides in comparison to the things I used to ride when I was little!

And now I think it's time to draw this blog entry to a close... this plaster on my finger is really making things difficult and getting on my nerves!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Saturday Food Poisoning?

How come David suffers from "food poisoning" every single saturday?!  It's no wonder that nothing ever gets done and that Mum and I get so stressed, is it?  Today we didn't even see him until 4pm as he was "too ill with his stomach" to come downstairs before then!  If he really does suffer from this much food poisoning, how come it never happens any other day of the week?

August 9th 2010

Things were not looking good in Grottsville.  It was horribly hot and stuffy and the terrible lighting in the lounge was giving me an awful headache.  Not to mention the fact that I was unable to breathe due to not leaving of the allergy-filled house the day before.  I was seriously starting to think that if I didn't get out of that house fast, I wasn't going to live to tell the tale.

I tried to do a little exercise, running on the spot in the middle of the living room which was the best I could do in that area.  But even that caused me to fall asleep on the floor for 90 minutes!  No, I was not well at all, but still David refused to do anything towards moving house.

It was a very boring life that Mum and I were leading in that prison cell.  Nothing of interest ever happened in our own lives really so we were left gazing through the window at the world on the other side of the glass for some form of entertainment.  And with all the suspicious characters who lived in Grottsville, we were rarely disappointed.

Our neighbour Hussein's car was clamped.  It seems he was supposed to still paying off for it, but kept failing to make the payments.  But not to worry, Hussein is a crafty man.  As soon as he saw the guy clamping his car, he dashed out into his front garden, threw his arm around the bloke's shoulders crying out, "Good afternoon, my friend!" in his thick Lebanese accent, before launching into a great long speech (still in "friendly" attitude) about how he had fallen into some financial troubles but he would pay "as soon as he could" !  Wow, that Hussein has the gift of the gab!  Twenty minutes of "friendly" talk later, the car was unclamped and they were cheerily waving goodbye to one another!  As soon as the guy drove off, Hussein walked back to his house, shaking his head angrily and muttering insults about the bloke to himself!

David came in at lunchtime to post two of my e-Bay parcels (he had to come past the house on his way to the garage where he had to get the company car exchanged due to the scratch on the door that he'd caused by bumping into the gatepost a few days previously).  While he was there, he asked us to cut short the sticking plaster on his finger (he'd also injured his hand when he'd fallen over in the alley and smashed his nose).  Mum was having a bad day with her eyes and couldn't see well enough to cut anything, and I literally couldn't use the only pair of blunt scissors that we had in the house... well, the only pair David hadn't lost anyway!  So I was accused of "not caring" about him... good coming from the man who was leaving me in a house that he knew was making me sicker by the day!

In the evening, we went to Woodberry to drop off my G3 pegasi plushies.  Well, we couldn't leave them in Grottsville with the carpet beetles.  Having said that, we discovered that Woodberry was full of moths!  It was also extremely hot in there due to there being nobody there to open the windows.  Not a good enviroment for my poor ponies who had already been evacuated from Grottsville due to the beetles!

We also went to Tesco.  We were supposed to be going to Morrisons in search of the new set of Dolly Mix Ponies that had been found there, but it was too late by the time David came in from work.

August 10th 2010

David came in at 4pm to see those three grumpy workmen about our front wall that they had messed up.  However, they refused to do anything as they'll "never get the perfect finish that he seems to want".  Perfect finish?  May I just remind you of the mess they had made of our wall before?

So it wasn't like we were complaining for the sake of it, or demanding a "perfect finish"!  We just wanted a wall that was a uniform colour really!

A really nasty delivery man came with Mum's latest lot of shelves.  I'd guess he was about 55-60, but he acted far younger.  To be honest, he was gross (and that's putting it politely).  It was POURING with rain and had been all day and yet he turned up wearing nothing more than a vest, shorts and sandals.  Actually, I lie.  He also wore a great deal of cheap fake gold jewellery... and a TON of fake tan.  He looked like a thin, wrinkly carrot that should have been left shrivelling up in the bottom of the fridge.  And he had an attitude to match.  He rang and rang the doorbell in a bad temper as I scurried from the lounge to the front door.  "Oh, you're in - that's a result!"  WTH?  It didn't take me that long to get to the door!  Then he gave me that little electronic device they carry - you know, the one where they ask you to sign the screen.  I turned it the right way round so as to sign my name the right way up.  "NO, THAT WAY UP!" he yelled at me.  "Don't want you pressing any buttons!!!"  Okay... o_0  Very professional service, I must say.  Another reason to get out of Grottsville... I didn't want to go to the door to "Fake Tan Man" again!

We went to Acton Morrisons in the evening in an (unsuccessful) search for the new Dolly Mix Ponies.  I actually fell asleep in the car on the way back again.  I knew my health was deteriorating fast but what could I do?  That morning I had woken up with a terribly sore throat and the feeling of something stuck deep down in my throat.  After about thirty minutes of coughing in the bathroom, I produced a large hard pellet of phleghm (sorry if this is too much information for some of you!) which had flown across the bathroom.  But did David care about my state of health?  No, of course not.  He was more bothered that I had coughed up the pellet "where he had to sleep".  Well, how about getting us moved into Woodberry so that none of us were sleeping on the dusty floors at Grottsville?!

August 11th 2010

We went to Tesco, and a fun time was had by all! (Not.)  Well, we did get a small tub of Haagen-Dasz ice cream (which was currently half price) as a treat.  As you all know, we had no freezer in Grottsville so ice cream was a rare treat unless it was the McDonalds variety.  But even that had to go wrong when I bent my spoon in half trying to divide the ice cream between my parents and I!  Very nice ice cream though!

Freddie (the one who was supposed to be making replica fireplace tiles) wrote to tell us that he had heard from Sickton (who was supposed to be paying for said tiles) who had now announced that he had no intention of paying for the work to be done after all!  How can people do that?  However, Freddie refused to give us a copy of the letter in which Sickton had said this (as he "didn't want to get involved") so there wasn't much that we could even attempt to do legally.

On top of that misery, another thing had been added to the list of "reasons to get out of Grottsville".  I walked out into the kitchen just in time to see a mouse jump out of the rubbish bag and run under the defunct freezer.

I was going through one of my phases of depression - I felt fat and ugly and had this nagging feeling that something was wrong with my hair.  I did feel that I was seeing a bit more than usual falling out and was convinced that it was getting thinner.  But I put it down to general low self-esteem and the fact that my hair was too long and straggly which made it feel generally unhealthy (it hadn't been touched since my late Grandma had trimmed a little off when I was nine!)  But I knew of no decent hairdresser who could cut it so I just tried to ignore it.  I was still overtired too, and fell asleep on the armchair (which we'd just recently cleared of clutter for the first time in about ten years!) for over an hour again.

Mum and I both went on e-Bay and bought cheer up presents for ourselves.  Mum bought herself another three Dam trolls for her collection, while I bought another plushie MLP; this time it was Minty, another pony I believe was originally a fairground prize.  I wasn't going to bid but I know she's pretty sought after and doesn't come up for sale too often.  I managed to win her for £5.08 including shipping which I didn't think was too bad.  And I did manage to resist the temptation to bid on the HUGE Shenanigans fairground prize plushie.  I knew I had nowhere to keep such a big plush toy, even if she was very cute!

August 12th 2010

We went to Woodberry to drop off the latest shelves (the ones that "Fake Tan Man" had delivered) and hang up some moth deterrents on the doors of the rooms containing ponies/plush toys.  We didn't want the insects to take over in that house before we'd even had the chance to move in!

There was supposedly a meteor shower, but I didn't see any shooting stars which was a little disappointing... especially as we were getting a running commentary on the car radio of everyone else who was seeing them across the country!

My fear of thinning hair continued - it just seemed "dead"; straggly and ugly.  I was feeling so depressed, tired and generally run down.

Mum was having a bad day too, specifically with her eyes.  She'd woken up and not been able to see anything through the "black splotches" that were floating everywhere.  At least it forced her into finally agreeing to go and see an optician the following saturday.

And that's just about it for August 9th-12th 2010.  I'm falling further and further behind... I really need to get cracking with this blog, or I'll never catch up!

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Friday, 19 August 2011

What is it with my luck?

You just solve one problem, and a worse one springs up.  It gives a whole new meaning to the old "take one step forward and three steps back" saying.  I think I'm destined to be forever miserable one way or another!

August 5th 2010

David went to Woodberry at lunch time to supervise the removal of the shed.  (Rather ironic, considering Mum had now decided she didn't really dislike it that much anyway!)  He had decided that he would try to sell it but, having never given me any time at Woodberry to go out in the garden with the camera, we had no photograph of it.  So he took a picture with his phone and texted it to me as I "knew how to download it".  Uh, no, I've never even taken a picture with my phone, much less downloaded it!

He also picked up a couple of parcels which we had missed while we were in Hayling Island the previous day and shipped out a few of my e-Bay packages.  Some people still hadn't paid though, and I didn't have enough packing materials for the people who had.  I had underestimated shipping on one of the parcels for £1.70, and also discovered that bubblewrap cost a lot more at the local storage depot than I had thought (£4.00 for a small roll!)  I still managed to make a profit though.

As for the parcels we had missed?  Well, it was yet another set of shelves, and my plush Pegasi ponies!  So much for £8.99 shipping - it actually cost the seller £3.58 and the ponies themselves were packed in a dirty, ripped cardboard box inside a black rubbish sack!  Wow, and I worry about charging people too much and have my star rating marked down on e-Bay if I charge 20p more than the actual shipping costs!

An exciting trip to Tesco was the highlight of my day.  I was disgusted to notice the security guard along with another male member of staff gawping at (and loudly commenting on) a smartly dressed woman as she walked out of the shop (with her boyfriend/husband, no less).  Excuse me, guys, but this is no way to behave towards a lady.  You might think it's an every day thing, but "bird watching" should definitely be kept to the feathered variety!  And, under no circumstances, should you be so darn OBVIOUS about it.  We're walking around and trying to get on with our day to day lives, we don't need you discussing your opinion of us and whether you think we're physically attractive or not!  Gross...  The lady in question didn't seem to notice (they started talking about her after she was already walking away) but I let them know my opinion.  Believe me, if looks could kill, those two guys would have dropped dead on the spot.  I was almost embarrassed to go back after that... but why should I be?  I just believe that everyone has the right to walk around with total strangers discussing our appearances behind our backs!

We bought a box of Cornflakes while we were there specifically so that I could pack one of my e-Bay items in the box... then we realised we'd bought the wrong size anyway!

August 6th 2010

We finally had a new sidegate fitted at Grottsville.  Remember how a vandal had attempted to kick down our old one?  David had to go down the alley before work and unlock the sidegate as Mum and I refused to go out there with the rats running everywhere...

We were awoken very early by David running into the lounge, saying that he had "broken his nose".  It transpired that he had fallen flat on his face in the alley.  Fortunately, he hadn't actually broken his nose, but he had smashed it pretty badly and cut it right where his glasses sit (which meant they kept rubbing the wound).  He was lucky he didn't smash his glasses actually...  He had a plaster on his face for a good few weeks after that!

The bloke came and removed the old sidegate at 10am... then he went off for lunch and didn't return for a few hours.  Thank goodness we were in the house!  The bloke had no idea that the house wasn't totally empty and left our alley completely exposed for anyone to walk down there and get to our back garden (with an unlocked back door!)

When he finally returned, the postwoman arrived at the same time and rang the doorbell.  There was no way that either Mum or I could go to the door though, as we hadn't been out to see the sidegate bloke all morning.  "The doorbell must be broken," they decided.  I can't remember what happened now, but I think the postwoman gave the sidegate bloke our mail to keep safe... and he left it on our doorstep when he finally left!  Very safe indeed, I must say.  Again, thank goodness we were in fact just in hiding inside the house.

After all of this, it got too late to have a bath before dinner... Then Mum wasn't hungry so she delayed getting the dinner anyway... Then she suddenly did get hungry so we had to rush to get the dinner and ended up with cold baked beans as she couldn't wait to heat them up... (yes, I lead a crazy life!)  By this time, it was pretty late so, having had a bath, my hair was too wet to go out that night looking for Dolly Mix Ponies (we were expecting the second set to start showing up soon, and as well as wanting to get a set for myself, I had promised a lot of people that I would try and get a set for them too!)

In fact, we didn't leave the house all day long, so didn't actually get to see the new sidegate that day... but I did take this photo a couple of days later and may as well post it here for illustration purposes!

I asked "Sibsy" on the MLP Arena (Sabrina Alberghetti, storyboard artist for Friendship is Magic) what she could reveal about the voice actors for the new series.  Would Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash be keeping their original voices?  She told me that she "believed all the voices were new"... I'd suspected this anyway, but it was still sad to hear it coming from someone who was working on the show.  Janyse Jaud WAS Pinkie Pie to me.  And I had no clue if they were going to even keep a Vancouverite voice cast at all at this point.  The future of western Canadian voice acting seemed very bleak all round really.

August 7th 2010

The entire morning was spent packing up e-Bay parcels (and I still didn't manage to get one of the items packed up!), then David and I walked to the post office to ship them out.  "Beer Can Man" and "Scar Face" were not there, thank goodness.  Mind you, David (complete with plaster on his nose) looked as though he had been in a fight with Scar Face himself!  I was so nervous about those two perverts showing up and following me home again that I forgot to hand one of the parcels in and we had to go back to the desk!

Then David and I went to Ealing Broadway to pay in a cheque.  I finally got some new underwear at Primark too while David went to Waterstones.  I picked up a couple of pairs of tights on clearance at 50p each too... well, I was still hoping to get my life turned around and start wearing more feminine clothes like skirts and dresses, and having NEVER worn tights before I had no clue about what to buy.  So I thought I'd pick them up while they were so cheap and test the size at least.

And finally to Tesco where I felt each and every MLP Dolly Mix packet!  But it appeared that all of the ponies inside the "surprise bags" were still from the first set.

August 8th 2010

Mum and I didn't leave the house again.  David was in the bathroom ALL DAY (well, not quite... he came downstairs twice to get a drink!), then he trotted off to "work" at 6pm.  How come he doesn't have to keep going to the loo once he goes to work?  I guess he doesn't have his Mills & Boon collection to keep him entertained in the bathroom at the office!

He did finally go to the launderette before he went to work... our clothes returned dirtier than when they had gone down there, absolutely covered in dust, fluff and hair!  Why wouldn't David just hurry up and learn how to use the washing machine at Woodberry?  We could save a lot more money that way too!

I packed up two more e-Bay parcels, but two people still hadn't paid!  It puzzles me that people buy things on e-Bay then don't pay for days on end... or sometimes don't pay at all.  I usually pay immediately after purchasing something.  I'd never leave it more than 24 hours anyway!

I had an odd dream about a tortoise holding onto my arm that I just couldn't shake off.  I guess it was really attached to me!  Not sure what would cause me to have such a random dream though.  Still, a disturbed mind always causes my brain to act peculiarly!

Someone on the Arena found the second set of Dolly Mix Ponies mixed in with the first set.  Wow, I wasn't too far out with my guess that the second set should be in the shops after all!  But what I hadn't reckoned on was the two sets being mixed up...  I should have figured it out, considering they were technically all part of ONE set of twenty, and the first ten were released prematurely.  I guess The Little Factory hoped to force people into buying more of the first set this way too!  Still, how on Earth was I going to complete the ten or eleven sets I had promised to find for people?!

Sibsy told us that the yellow pegasus in Friendship is Magic was called Fluttershy.  Well, good, I was really starting to worry that she was actually going to be called "Posey" - I didn't want anymore G1s involved in this strange-looking new series, and certainly not my Mum's favourite pony.  Posey has become a household name thanks to one that Mum "rescued" from a charity shop many years ago (long story, but it seems I had missed the pony even though I'd just been through the entire toy bin... then Mum saw her sitting right on top of the bin staring at her!  So Mum adopted poor Posey as her pony!)  We have a very set idea of her character and I wouldn't have liked to have seen her changed for the new series.  On the other hand, what the heck?  Fluttershy was a G3 name!  Couldn't Hasbro have at least got some original names for their new TV series?!

Sibsy also admitted that she didn't really know who the voice actors in Friendship is Magic were or if they were new people or not.  That would have restored my faith in the series a little... but on the same day, Hasbro announced that Tara Strong was going to voice the main character in the series.  God, anyone who knows me will know how much I hate Tara Strong.  For years, I have dreaded her getting a part in MLP, and while the series remained entirely recorded in Vancouver, we were pretty much safe.  Strong is one of those VAs, one of those Californian-based VAs who are no more talented than (and in many cases not even as talented as) the VAs up in Vancouver but somehow make "names" for themselves - usually through friends and associates - and end up making FAR more money on the back of that "name".  It's one thing that I really hate about the voice acting industry.  The whole Californian lifestyle (specifically in the entertainment industry) can be very much based on materialistic values.  If you're no longer young or beautiful, you're thrown into the gutter to make way for the next five-minute star.  Who cares if they can act/sing/dance as well as you, they've just got to be attractive to LOOK AT!  That's wrong at the best of times, but for appearance to even be taken into account in the VOICE acting industry is just wrong.  And yet I've heard of these things happening in LA so many times.

Anyway, I guess it's just a personal thing with me.  Tara Strong is kind of like one of the "mascots" of that Californian voice acting industry.  She seems to get into everything based on who she is and who she knows rather than being based on her own talent.  Did it ever occur to anyone to wonder why the rest of the cast is based in Vancouver (where auditions would have taken place), while the main character is played by someone in LA?  This is pretty commonplace in modern cartoons.  Companies like Hasbro like to have a voice acting "name" at the top of the cast list while the rest of the cast can be the talented "nobodies" up north.  Take note of how Strong (who gets her name plastered everywhere in connection with FiM) does only one voice in the cartoon, while Tabitha St. Germain and Cathy Weseluck do countless additional voices for which they never even get accredited.  Tabitha could have probably carried the series all on her own with her vocal range (I've heard her voice the entire female cast in other shows with no problem at all. I didn't even realise it was her until I saw the credits!)  Now let's see the "famous" Strong do the same thing...

Oh, and did I mention that Tara Strong and Lauren Faust apparently know each other pretty well in real life?  Just a bit of food for thought...

And on that note, I shall shut up before I get myself in trouble!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I want to be a home-sweet-homer, why then, I'll settle down...

Beneath those palms, in someone's arms, in Pasadena... Yes, in Pasadena town!

Unfortunately, this blog has nothing to do with anywhere so exotic as Pasadena.  Just a few more boring tales from over a year ago... so boring in fact that I'm back to using lyrical titles!

August 1st 2011

David wasted the entire morning in the bathroom.  When he finally did come downstairs, he offered to take me to a boot sale, no doubt feeling safe in the knowledge that it was far too late to go now.  He must have got a horrible shock when I said that yes, I'd go to the one at High Wycombe.  I knew it was pointless really as it had been open for a good couple of hours, I just wanted to get some fresh air before he headed off to work again!

The first half of the boot sale turned up nothing.  There were a few fakie ponies dotted around here and there, so Mum cheerfully pointed out that "all of the genuine MLPs must have been sold earlier".  Further along, I did see a few G2s in a crate (funnily enough, I wouldn't have seen them at all if Mum hadn't wanted to look at a troll that was lying on top of them... I guess that's why whoever had snapped up all the ponies earlier hadn't bought these) and a couple of overpriced G3s with the Butterfly Island playset.  I didn't buy any of them though.  I have far too many ponies already, and I can never bring myself to sell the duplicates I pick up!

The boot sale didn't turn out to be totally fruitless though, as I did manage to pick up this little lot for the grand total of £1.00...

Pina Colada Tails was an upgrade (I was thrilled to find her with her perch especially) and the two Pocket Popples have since been re-homed.  It's always exciting to find 80s toys at car boot sales these days, especially in such perfect condition!

We popped into the nearby garden centre on the way back.  There used to be an old coin operated tortoise ride there and I was hoping to get a couple of photos for the kiddie ride website I'm working on, but sadly there was not a ride in sight.  We did meet a cute little kitten who was rolling about in a sandpit outside the cafe there though!

When we got back to Grottsville, I found out that I had won these three G3 Pegasi Plushies on e-Bay!

I was so excited to win these!  As far as I know, they are quite hard to find having only been available as fairground prizes for a very short time here in the UK. I already had Daisy May who my mum had managed to snag on e-Bay a couple of Christmasses ago, but that one was tag-less.  I still haven't been able to bring myself to sell my old Daisy May though, especially as she was a gift!  The auction only ran for 24 hours and I was the only bidder... I guess people just didn't notice them.  The seller was not a pony person and didn't know anything about them/mark them up clearly so that probably helped.  I won them for 99p!  Unfortunately, postage was £8.99(!)... Still a good deal to my mind though.

Mum had wanted to go to Laura Ashley to order the new china cabinet, but David went to sleep on the landing and was not seen again until the evening.

August 2nd 2010

The day of yet another orthodontic appointment at Northwick Park Hospital.  I couldn't back out of it again, David claimed we were moving soon and if I had to have the horrific jaw surgery, the sooner I got the treatment started (and finished!), the better.

Mr Crow did his very best to try and convince me to have the surgery - he showed me pictures on the computer of how my face might look after the drastic treatment and left my parents and I alone for a few minutes to think it over.  The pictures were horrendous.  It didn't even look like me, and it certainly wasn't an improvement!  My chin stuck out, my nose looked flat... all of this to straighten a few teeth?  I was fighting back tears again.  I didn't want to be stuck with these ugly teeth forever, but I didn't want to have my entire face shape changed like that either!  But Crow claimed there were no other options.

When he came back into the room, he asked me for my final decision.  I was still hesitant so he said I could go away and think it over for a week or so and then book another appointment if I wanted to.  I honestly didn't know what to do.  Even if I could learn to live with the way I looked, my teeth actually hurt in one place where they were badly overcrowded.  Surely there was some kind of halfway point where they could at least straighten out the painful teeth without all this crazy surgery in the name of cosmetic perfection?

Apparently not.

"Oh, I didn't realise that you were worried about the pain.  I've not heard you mention that before." (WHAT?  It was one of my main problems with my teeth and something that had been mentioned at every single appointment!)  "I don't know if the treatment will ease the pain or not... It might make it worse!  Orthodontists only deal with cosmetic appearance and re-alignment, you see?"  WTH?  So basically it doesn't matter if I'm in pain, as long as my teeth are perfectly straight and pretty?  I'm sorry, but I'd reached a point in my life where finally, even if I did feel self conscious at times, I was far more concerned with treating the constant pain in my mouth than worrying about whether those around me found me cosmetically pleasing.  Don't like the way I look?  Get used to it and see me for who I am on the inside, or get lost.  People aren't worth bothering with anyway if they can't see beyond your physical appearance.

Following finding Pina Colada Tails the previous day, I had a look through my Fairy Tails Birds collection... and found the box filled with carpet beetles, both dead and alive.  Thankfully, most of them seemed to have just fallen in there and they didn't seem to have done much damage to the birds themselves.  It still wasn't very pleasant, especially for someone with such severe allergies to the things!

I bought my ticket to Ponycon and pre-booked my exclusive pony...  Mum wasn't very happy about it, as she really didn't fancy the long drive.  But I wanted one of those pretty exclusive ponies if nothing else!

Having taken time off to take me to the orthodontist (and having agreed to take the following day off too), David came in late from work again... well, he had to make sure he gave them plenty of unpaid work hours to make up for daring to take a day of holiday leave, you know?!  He was obviously overtired and managed to mis-judge the gateway, scratching the car on the gatepost as he reversed into the garden!  Yet more proof that he actually ends up LOSING money (and potentially causes accidents) by working all these long hours.

August 3rd 2011

Another pointless trip to Woodberry to look at another lot of useless replica fireplace tiles.  We did finally order a sofa and armchair for the extension though.  Maybe a little prematurely, considering the carpet wasn't even laid, but Argos had a special offer and we didn't want to miss out.

Mum (who had backed down and agreed to go back into Woodberry while the shed was still standing) actually decided that she didn't dislike the shed as much as she had thought.  Too bad, as David had already organised for the men to come back and remove it!

My latest lot of nine MLP comics arrived.  A few to keep for my own collection, and a few to sell...  I was especially excited to get the May 1991 issue of MLP & Friends.  It's so odd to think it must have been sitting in the shops the very month that I was born.  Or maybe I just have a strange way of looking at things!

I was really depressed about another summer, the last summer of my teens, drifiting by in Grottsville.  My allergies were getting worse and worse.  I had a feeling in my throat like a huge furball had got stuck there.  But David still saw no urgency in moving house, it seemed.

I was also miserable about my crooked teeth - there was no way I could go through with all that drastic surgery, and yet I couldn't face a life of keeping my mouth shut in public, never smiling or talking to people, not to mention the constant pain in those overcrowded teeth... then again, Mr Crow had now admitted that the surgery might not ease the pain anyway!  So it was a no-win situation, it seemed.

Ironically, due to the stress and depression, I kept grinding my teeth and had made them even more painful than usual!

August 4th 2010

We went to Hayling Island.  They have a car boot sale on the seafront every Wednesday morning and I like to get down there once a year if I possibly can.  It had really gone downhill though - far less stalls than usual and the tables that were there were full of dirty, nasty, overpriced rubbish (to put it politely!)
I did manage to find Sparkle Pony Sky Rocket for 10p and couldn't resist "rescuing her"!  (WHY?  I have far too many duplicates already!)  There was another small bag of ponies there too - a couple of fakies, and I think one G3 - priced at £1.50.  I decided not to buy it, then regretted it as the bag had included the US McDonalds Sparkleworks who I only have MIB... I would love to have a loose one to display but I guess she's not worth that much to me!

I photographed a couple of coin operated rides...

I remember the fire engine (made by RG Mitchell) being in all the local shops when I was a little girl.  I'm pretty sure I rode the motorbike too, but can't quite place it yet.  I really must get my kiddie ride website up and running!  There wasn't really much else in the way of rides at Hayling Island though... really sad, I remember when they were dotted all around the place.

I was pretty annoyed as I discovered I'd left my bag of 2p coins in the car.  I save them up all year round so that I can play on the slot machines (yeah, I know - hard to imagine me gambling, eh?  But I would never gamble more than a few 2p coins!  And anything I get out of the machines gets bagged up as "savings" and put in my bank account as soon as I have enough.  I just like to have a bit of fun with my loose change first!)  My favourite underwater-themed slot machine was no longer at the arcade anyway though, and I didn't get to go back to the car for the bag as Mum was in a fowl mood...

I'm not quite sure what was up with her.  She walked around the arcade swearing loudly that the place was "too noisy" (and in so doing contributing to the noise herself), moaning that the boot sale was dirty and that she "hated those places" and telling me that I had "missed some 2p coins that were in the tray under one of the machines". (Well, if you wanted to pick them up, why didn't you?! Or at least tell me about them as we walked past rather than five minutes later?!)

She hadn't eaten any breakfast that morning (for fear of getting a stomach ache in the car!) so I guess that was part of the cause for her bad temper.  It also caused her to demand that we came straight back to Grottsville without going anywhere else.  David came via the slowest roads he could find as he knows how much Mum hates motorways but she still screamed the whole way.  She finally ate her breakfast at 2pm, meaning we didn't get any dinner until 6pm and I got a terrible stomach ache, dizziness and chest pains myself due to waiting so long!

On a slightly happier note, I sold 23 items on e-Bay and made just over £90.00.  I did underestimate the shipping on some of the items though so I lost some of the profit.  Still not bad, I thought.  Every penny counts when you're unemployed with no way of getting a real job.

And, with that, I will sign off.  It's so sad that I allowed my blog to get this far out of date.  I really must get into a daily blogging routine again or I'll never catch up!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Sunday, 14 August 2011

I can hear someone screaming...

I think it's just a little kid throwing a tantrum a few gardens away, but you can never be too sure with the events of the last few days.  There are still so many police cars rushing around out there - I can hear the sirens echoing through the air even now.  But enough of the present day, I need to get back to catch up blogging or you will never get to hear about August 2011 anyway!

July 29th 2010
David finally took an afternoon off work.  Just as he arrived in our front garden, the postman also arrived with two lots of shelves that Mum had ordered!  Firstly, a little pink metal shelf which Mum intended on putting on the wall of the bathroom under the stairs.  Unfortunately, this seemed to have got warped in the post as the hanging hooks under the shelf kind of arched in the middle!

The others were quite plain wooden shelves which I doubt any of you would be interested in seeing anyway.  They came in a creepily coffin-shaped cardboard box though.  When David carried the box into the house, I honestly thought he was part of a funeral procession!  I wish I had taken a photograph now...

What had caused the miracle that was David taking time off work, you ask?  to look at carpet colours at Woodberry.  However, as soon as Mum stepped into the extension, she saw the new shed out in the garden and let out a cry of disgust.  She turned on her heels and left, announcing that she had no intention of setting foot in the house again "until the ugly huge thing was removed".  I did manage to snap these two pictures of the shed during the little while we were there though...

So we went to Ealing Broadway in search of new underwear... sadly I found none, but I did manage to get some more of the Inecto coconut facial wipes that I love so much.  There was an international market of some kind in the centre and the smell of German sausages filled the air, making Mum and I (as vegetarians) feel thoroughly sick... so we moved on to West Ealing in search of Weetaflakes in 99p Stores and Lentil and Vegetable Casserole in Holland and Barrett.  Both quests were successful, and we also had time to take a stroll around the charity shops while we were there.

I went in the British Heart Foundation alone as Mum gets claustrophobic trying to squeeze in between all the clothing rails in that shop.  I noticed that the guy behind the counter was giving me the eye and glared at him angrily as I do whenever a man looks at me in that way.  Then I noticed a "Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars" VHS tape on the top shelf...  As many already know, I've been trying to collect the whole Bucky O'Hare series on video for voice acting reasons.  There was no way I could reach the tape myself and I had no clue where David had gone (we had split up to do seperate shopping jobs and agreed to meet up about an hour later), and I feared that if I left the shop, the video would be sold by the time I got back.

I was just debating what to do when - oh, horror - the creepy guy who had been standing behind the counter was heading my way.  He was an African boy of about my age... but if I was expecting him to at least have a nice African accent, I was in for a disappointment...

"Oi, d'ya won' wan 'a thaz vid'yas dan?" (that's "Hi, do you want one of those videos down?" to those of you who don't speak ever-so-common English!)

I really didn't want to talk to this guy who was even now looking me up and down like a piece of meat.  And yet I knew I had no choice if I wanted to purchase the tape.  "Yes please, the fifth one along." Seething inside, I hid it with a smile, automatically speaking in my best posh accent as I do whenever confronted by someone who doesn't even try to speak nicely.

"The children's ones?" he asked.  I nodded, getting increasingly annoyed by his roaming eyes.  I'd have quite liked to see the shelf fall down on his head since he couldn't seem to take his eyes off of me to look at the darn shelf.  Creep.  "Is this for you?" he asked, looking confused at the idea of me buying a children's video for myself.

I stuttered out the first thing that came into my head, just wanting him to take my money and let me leave the shop. "No, it's for my nephew - he collects anything to do with Bucky O'Hare!"  God help me, was that the best I could come up with?  Looking back, I should have said, "Yep, I'm a voice actress and I'm doing some research by listening to old cartoons.  Oh, and my fiancé voiced one of the main characters in this show!"  Okay, so that wasn't right either, but at least it would have been more like twisting the truth than an outright lie!  And the mention of a fiancé surely would have rattled this freak and his endless flirtations!

Instead of that, I accidentally gave him the chance to extend my nasty stay in the shop.  "Oh, so it's a present!  I'll take the price label off for you!"  For God's sake, just let me LEAVE!  Even Mum was looking disturbed outside the shop now.

Oh, but then I realised I didn't even have the right change.  "Do you have change of a £1.00 coin?" I prompted, realising the guy was never going to stop leering at me for long enough to ask for my money himself.  I was feeling really uncomfortable now.

"Shall I put your receipt in the bag?" he asked, taking my money.  I nodded.  Escape was finally in sight!  He continued chatting while he took AGES to get my change.  "I've seen you around here before.  Do you live nearby?"  Well, if you've seen ME around here before, I'd be very surprised.  Living in Grottsville, I hardly ever got the chance to go shopping in West Ealing.  I ignored him and smiled as he finally handed me my change.  "Thank you." I said quickly, and ran out of the shop.

Then I learned why Mum had looked so disturbed.  Nothing to do with me being in the shop so long, she herself had been approached by a creepy man.  An old man who had leant over her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Good afternoon!"  WTH?  It must have been National Perverted Men Day!

Later on, we drove to Smyths Toy Shop in Borehamwood.  I was in search of the new "Animated Storyteller Pinkie Pie" which was advertised on their website.  I really hadn't bought much in the way of new MLPs lately, but wondered if this particular pony would speak in Janyse Jaud's voice...  Unfortunately, I was not to find out that day, for when we arrived where the shop had stood, an empty parking lot met our eyes.

"This Retail Park is Closed." read the sign on the gate.  Still, David and I got out of the car and wandered over to the actual shop to see what the signs on the shutters said...

We did attempt to go to Friern Barnet... but that branch closed at 6pm.  And even if it had closed at 8pm like the Borehamwood branch, we didn't get there until 8.15pm.

July 30th 2010

We returned to Friern Barnet, but they had no Pinkie Pie anyway.  I fell asleep in the car on the way, but was shocked awake when David went through a red traffic light and Mum swore at him. >.<  Of course, he got caught on camera and had to pay a fine.

Two more lots of shelves arrived, as did the lot of MLP comics that I had won on e-Bay.  27 comics, of which 19 were new issues for my collection.  I'm glad I snapped these up now, I never seem to see these cheap lots of comics on e-Bay anymore.

I almost didn't get the shelves at all.  The postman looked at me suspiciously.  "This parcel is for DAVID Alder."  "Well, David Alder isn't here," I told him.  He repeated himself.  "He's not here, can I take the parcel for him?"  The postman continued to stare at me, as though I was speaking a foreign language.  "I'm his daughter." I said slowly, just in case I wasn't making myself clear enough.  "Oh, so you have the same surname, right?" The postman suddenly smiled, as though everything had fallen into place in his brain, and he finally let me sign for the parcels!

I watched through the Bucky O'Hare video which had caused so much suffering the previous day.  It did work, but was rather warped and scratchy in places.  I'm not sure if it was worth the ordeal I had been through or not!

July 31st 2010

I didn't leave the house.  Yes, that's the very first line in my blog notes.  Sounds like we're in for an exciting entry, doesn't it?

Mum was awake most of the night with a stomach pain which caused us all to oversleep.  Hence, my breathing problems were even worse than usual due to spending too long lying on the floor with the carpet beetles.

Then, even after David had finished in the bathroom, he went to the rubbish tip alone before falling asleep on the lounge floor until 3pm.  When he finally woke up, he gulped down a bit of bread, choked on it, made himself sick and went to work for the rest of the day!  Wow, I knew this was going to be an exciting entry but I didn't realise it was going to be quite this exciting!

There were big arguments later in the day.  Mum rang David at work and had a go at him for not ordering the next china cabinet or booking a holiday to California (?!)  I have no recollection of this at all!  Apparently, she told David, "You didn't book Desirée's holiday and she's miserable."  Desirée's holiday?!  I don't even remember any of this!  His response?  "We'll have to make sure we go out tomorrow then...  Where are we going?"  Uh, a day out was going to compensate for not going on this magical holiday then?  But don't worry, we were going, "Nowhere - I've never been so serious in all my life!"  Mum seems to have used that expression a lot over the past couple of years.  I guess she's getting really serious now! :P

The arguments continued into the evening, although I have no clue what they were about.  Mum apparently snapped at me that I'm "not the little princess I think I am".  When did I ever think of myself as a little princess?  A combination of her ranting at me and having been trapped indoors all day caused me to go a little crazy and "slam a door and smash some pillows". (I quote my blog notes - did I sleep through this day?  I seriously can't remember any of this!)  I "lost a marble in the process" apparently.  Really?  I would have said that Grottsville caused me to lose ALL my marbles long ago!

Well, I think I'll leave it there.  It's 1.15am now and I really am going to lose the remainder of my marbles if I stay up any later than this!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Friday, 5 August 2011

Wow, and I thought one week was bad!

It's now been a month since my last blog entry!  I'm further behind than I was when I first started trying to catch up!  Utter madness.

Also, is my banner really that bad?  I notice nobody has commented, so I'm just wondering.  I know my artwork isn't the best, and I managed to trim off one of the edges, but I was still pretty proud of myself for finally sorting out a banner of my own!
July 25th 2010

Mum and I finally got to Woodberry to see the destruction... uh, I mean progress that had been made at Woodberry!  Maybe it wasn't such a good idea following Mum's mood of the previous day...

The first thing we saw as we walked through the door were the newly-painted hall walls.  I knew we were in for a stressful visit when Mum stopped dead still in the doorway.

"That is not my blue." she said, simply.

She turned...

"That is not my blue!"

Uh... but it's the blue that YOU picked out for the walls?

Apparently not.


I could see the anger building within her.

Oh dear.  What's wrong with the blue anyway?!

I guess those outside of my crazy family would not recognise the problem.  Nor did I.  But one thing was for sure...

"THAT IS NOT MY BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!"

I turned away for a moment and heard a scuffing sound like something hit the wall.

I looked back and saw a large footprint on the blue wall.

Yes, Mum had kicked the wall!

"HA HA HA!  See how easily it marks?!  I just did that by 'pointing my foot at the wall and indicating what I didn't like'." (Oh yeah?!)

Well, that might not be exactly how it happened.  However, I made an audio recording of this mad chapter in my life especially for the pleasure of my blog readers.  I'm just too lazy to write a proper transcript!  Anyway, without further ado, I bring you "That Is Not My Blue: The Real Life Radio Drama"!  Special thanks to Mum for letting me share this - if I were her, I'd be far too embarrassed to have people across the globe listening to this, but she just finds it funny!  There might be a bit of bad language in there, but nothing terrible...

Okay, that's that little bit of excitement over, let's move on with the other exciting changes at Woodberry!

Pink woodwork in the front room

The Hobby Room... now in glorious green!

The Eau De Nil feature wall at the top of the second flight of stairs!

The parrot wallpaper in the extension!

Oh, and I actually remembered to take photos of the carpets in the loft this time!

David's room...

Shower room...

Mum's room...

Mum promptly decided she hated absolutely everything, but thankfully her mood had lightened by the time we left and she had decided that she "only hated her carpet which looked orange".  Um, you saw the picture - does it look orange to you?

There were a couple of things that really WERE worth complaining about though!

The decorators had touched up some rough patches of the grey 'Dove' paintwork... with a different grey which looked nothing like it!

And the wallpaperer had got wallpaper paste absolutely everywhere in the extension!  It was all around the edge of the ceiling where the wallpaper touched it...

And it was also dripped all down the window next to the back door...

The decorators had also managed to get paint in my black sacks full of Beanie Babies in the hobby room - thank goodness they had been inside other bags!  I was stunned that David had left them in a room that was being decorated, but even so, you'd think that the decorators would take more care around other people's property.

Next we headed to Laura Ashley to look at the window pane cabinet which Mum was intending on buying for the hobby room.  But, having measured it, it seemed highly unlikely that it would be possible to get it upstairs at Woodberry.

In the evening, David went to the launderette.  Thank goodness for that!  He'd already left me with so few clean clothes that I was stuck wearing odd socks with huge holes in the soles!  When were we going to move house and be able to use our own washing machine at long last?

July 26th 2010

I didn't leave the house all day long again.  Actually it was a horrible day all round really.

I had been so happy when I'd received some early bids on e-Bay - I really needed the money.  Then I logged in and found that one of the bidders had retracted their bid, claiming that "they'd entered the wrong amount".  They'd only entered a penny more than the starting bid though, and hadn't changed their bid to a different amount.

I'd spotted a Spanish Strawberry Fair in a lot of MLPs on e-Bay and was hoping I was the only one... then the lot got a bid.  Boooooo!  Hiss!

Then David came in and the real fun and games started.  He was in a fowl mood and was really nasty to us.  He said that he was broke and that he needed Mum's money to The subject of the argument went from the money he was wasting by running two houses to the money that he wastes buying hundreds of books, pornographic magazines and other unsavoury publications.  He admitted that he still buys EVERY SINGLE historical Mills & Boon book that is released (about four or five a month), something which he had been denying for months.  He told Mum that she should "get off her f***ing *ss" to go and supervise Emma Renton (the gardener) and the many builders herself if she wants things done her way.  But how was she supposed to get to Woodberry from Grottsville on a daily basis?  And did this mean that David was admitting that "her way" was not "his way" at all?!  What is "his way" then?  Let the workmen take our money and do whatever they want with our property?!

He didn't see any reason that we couldn't stay in Grottsville.  "You claim you want company on your holidays, Jacqui?  Well, it's your choice not to take me with you.  I wouldn't mind leaving this house."  Um... So is he asking Mum to pay to take him as a travelling companion?  I don't think he'd make very good company!  Also, we KNEW we couldn't leave all our valuables in Grottsville without fear of a break-in.  "And it's your choice not to leave the house in this area", he said to me.  Well, besides the fact that every time I left the house I was stalked by "Scar Face" and his weird gang of friends, my allergies were so bad by this point that I struggled to walk any distance without gasping for breath and there was nowhere to go in that area anyway!  Meanwhile, David was walking to the park at lunch time every day... Oh, but "only for three minutes"!  Some of his arguments are just crazy.

After that the argument went round to the cupboard full of book tokens in the kitchen.  David claimed that these were given to him by Mum's friend Aubrey twenty years previously.  Where on Earth did he get that idea?  Mum herself had given them all to him as gifts in far more recent years!

The shed was assembled in Woodberry's back garden.  David was there to supervise but Mum and I didn't get to see it, of course.  David did tell us that they'd discovered that the shed he'd chosen was "too big for the base" so the men were "coming back to add some cement blocks underneath it".  What on Earth was that going to look like?

Nothing else really happened that day.  We kept getting regular visits from a very peculiar sparrow who we nicknamed "Pervert Pete" as he kept trying to look through the bathroom window every time Mum or I went in there!  Then Mum heard a loud clatter behind the boiler - I wondered if Pete had managed to get in somehow, but more likely it was a mouse or rat...

July 27th 2010

We went to Woodberry to drop off some more Beanie Babies, my MLP hobby horses and knitted jumpers in order to get them out of the beetle-infested house in Grottsville.  Then we went and got some Magnum ice lollies at the local petrol station before heading back out to Tesco.  Wow, I lead such an exciting life!

Actually, maybe that is not said entirely in sarcasm.  In the afternoon, Hussein's friends parked in our front garden again.  Mum was getting really mad at them by this time and waited by the window for them to come out of Hussein's house.  When they did, she yelled at them through the window, "What do you think you're doing, parking in our bl**dy garden?!"  "Hello?" The driver of the car called back.  "Hello?"  Mum was dressed in her indoor rags though, so there was no way that she could go out to continue the argument.  The woman then knocked on our door.  "Go away!" Mum shouted through the window.  "If you park in our garden again, I'll call the police!"  She moved the net curtain, showing herself standing there in a torn jumper with strips of fabric hanging off of her sleeves.  "God, what are they?  Like the Addams family or summink?" The woman asked, in a common voice.  Mum must have looked quite a sight, I admit.  But I still think it was a bit uncalled for the woman on the other side of the door to be so rude, especially when SHE was the one who was in the wrong for parking on our property.  Donna, the drug dealer two doors away, chimed in, "Don't worry about her, she's got one foot in the loony bin anyway!"  Um... one foot in the loony bin for getting angry that someone was parked in our garden?!  But even Donna had to admit once the offending visitors had left, "They shouldn't really have been parked there though, you know?  I think she took their car numberplate - they could get a £100 fine!"  In reality, we had failed to get the numberplate, but I do notice that those particular people never used our garden as a free parking space again!

I got outbid on the Spanish Strawberry Fair that I had been watching in an unmarked lot on e-Bay.  She only sold for about £20 too, which is still a bargain for her, but I couldn't afford to bid anymore than that.

I also found out that Robert O. Smith had passed away in May 2010.  He may not have been someone I knew personally, but I loved his voice acting in Ranma 1/2 so I was quite upset.  He was also one of the VAs I thought could have voiced all of those adult male ponies in My Little Pony Tales...  I guess we'll never know for sure now.

July 28th 2010

I didn't leave the house again.  Joy, oh joy!  Sounds like another fascinating entry!

I wasted the day playing silly Facebook games.  A very sad way to spend your youth, I know, but I think I would have gone crazy otherwise.  My breathing problems were so bad by this point that I really couldn't do much else.  I tried to do my daily exercise by running on the spot but had to stop after a while as the phleghm was clogging my throat and I thought I was going to suffocate.

But did David care about all of our problems?  No, of course not.  When he eventually came home from work, he just sat and watched Sherlock Holmes on TV without a care in the world.

Freddie (the bloke who was supposed to be fixing the fireplace) wrote and sent US an invoice for all the useless tiles.  Um... but I thought Sickton was supposed to be paying for the repairs, since he was the one who let his builders break it in the first place?!

I won three more lots of MLP comics on e-Bay, but was outbid on a lot of Care Bears comics.  A bit of a shame really - I had quite a few second hand Care Bears comics when I was a little girl and made a terrible mistake of completing all the puzzles!  I still regret that and would love to get a set in nicer condition.

And I think that just about rounds up this blog entry.  Now let's hope I can get back on track and start blogging daily again!  Otherwise I'll never catch up and there's so much I want to bore you with... I mean, share with you all!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx