Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I want to be a home-sweet-homer, why then, I'll settle down...

Beneath those palms, in someone's arms, in Pasadena... Yes, in Pasadena town!

Unfortunately, this blog has nothing to do with anywhere so exotic as Pasadena.  Just a few more boring tales from over a year ago... so boring in fact that I'm back to using lyrical titles!

August 1st 2011

David wasted the entire morning in the bathroom.  When he finally did come downstairs, he offered to take me to a boot sale, no doubt feeling safe in the knowledge that it was far too late to go now.  He must have got a horrible shock when I said that yes, I'd go to the one at High Wycombe.  I knew it was pointless really as it had been open for a good couple of hours, I just wanted to get some fresh air before he headed off to work again!

The first half of the boot sale turned up nothing.  There were a few fakie ponies dotted around here and there, so Mum cheerfully pointed out that "all of the genuine MLPs must have been sold earlier".  Further along, I did see a few G2s in a crate (funnily enough, I wouldn't have seen them at all if Mum hadn't wanted to look at a troll that was lying on top of them... I guess that's why whoever had snapped up all the ponies earlier hadn't bought these) and a couple of overpriced G3s with the Butterfly Island playset.  I didn't buy any of them though.  I have far too many ponies already, and I can never bring myself to sell the duplicates I pick up!

The boot sale didn't turn out to be totally fruitless though, as I did manage to pick up this little lot for the grand total of £1.00...

Pina Colada Tails was an upgrade (I was thrilled to find her with her perch especially) and the two Pocket Popples have since been re-homed.  It's always exciting to find 80s toys at car boot sales these days, especially in such perfect condition!

We popped into the nearby garden centre on the way back.  There used to be an old coin operated tortoise ride there and I was hoping to get a couple of photos for the kiddie ride website I'm working on, but sadly there was not a ride in sight.  We did meet a cute little kitten who was rolling about in a sandpit outside the cafe there though!

When we got back to Grottsville, I found out that I had won these three G3 Pegasi Plushies on e-Bay!

I was so excited to win these!  As far as I know, they are quite hard to find having only been available as fairground prizes for a very short time here in the UK. I already had Daisy May who my mum had managed to snag on e-Bay a couple of Christmasses ago, but that one was tag-less.  I still haven't been able to bring myself to sell my old Daisy May though, especially as she was a gift!  The auction only ran for 24 hours and I was the only bidder... I guess people just didn't notice them.  The seller was not a pony person and didn't know anything about them/mark them up clearly so that probably helped.  I won them for 99p!  Unfortunately, postage was £8.99(!)... Still a good deal to my mind though.

Mum had wanted to go to Laura Ashley to order the new china cabinet, but David went to sleep on the landing and was not seen again until the evening.

August 2nd 2010

The day of yet another orthodontic appointment at Northwick Park Hospital.  I couldn't back out of it again, David claimed we were moving soon and if I had to have the horrific jaw surgery, the sooner I got the treatment started (and finished!), the better.

Mr Crow did his very best to try and convince me to have the surgery - he showed me pictures on the computer of how my face might look after the drastic treatment and left my parents and I alone for a few minutes to think it over.  The pictures were horrendous.  It didn't even look like me, and it certainly wasn't an improvement!  My chin stuck out, my nose looked flat... all of this to straighten a few teeth?  I was fighting back tears again.  I didn't want to be stuck with these ugly teeth forever, but I didn't want to have my entire face shape changed like that either!  But Crow claimed there were no other options.

When he came back into the room, he asked me for my final decision.  I was still hesitant so he said I could go away and think it over for a week or so and then book another appointment if I wanted to.  I honestly didn't know what to do.  Even if I could learn to live with the way I looked, my teeth actually hurt in one place where they were badly overcrowded.  Surely there was some kind of halfway point where they could at least straighten out the painful teeth without all this crazy surgery in the name of cosmetic perfection?

Apparently not.

"Oh, I didn't realise that you were worried about the pain.  I've not heard you mention that before." (WHAT?  It was one of my main problems with my teeth and something that had been mentioned at every single appointment!)  "I don't know if the treatment will ease the pain or not... It might make it worse!  Orthodontists only deal with cosmetic appearance and re-alignment, you see?"  WTH?  So basically it doesn't matter if I'm in pain, as long as my teeth are perfectly straight and pretty?  I'm sorry, but I'd reached a point in my life where finally, even if I did feel self conscious at times, I was far more concerned with treating the constant pain in my mouth than worrying about whether those around me found me cosmetically pleasing.  Don't like the way I look?  Get used to it and see me for who I am on the inside, or get lost.  People aren't worth bothering with anyway if they can't see beyond your physical appearance.

Following finding Pina Colada Tails the previous day, I had a look through my Fairy Tails Birds collection... and found the box filled with carpet beetles, both dead and alive.  Thankfully, most of them seemed to have just fallen in there and they didn't seem to have done much damage to the birds themselves.  It still wasn't very pleasant, especially for someone with such severe allergies to the things!

I bought my ticket to Ponycon and pre-booked my exclusive pony...  Mum wasn't very happy about it, as she really didn't fancy the long drive.  But I wanted one of those pretty exclusive ponies if nothing else!

Having taken time off to take me to the orthodontist (and having agreed to take the following day off too), David came in late from work again... well, he had to make sure he gave them plenty of unpaid work hours to make up for daring to take a day of holiday leave, you know?!  He was obviously overtired and managed to mis-judge the gateway, scratching the car on the gatepost as he reversed into the garden!  Yet more proof that he actually ends up LOSING money (and potentially causes accidents) by working all these long hours.

August 3rd 2011

Another pointless trip to Woodberry to look at another lot of useless replica fireplace tiles.  We did finally order a sofa and armchair for the extension though.  Maybe a little prematurely, considering the carpet wasn't even laid, but Argos had a special offer and we didn't want to miss out.

Mum (who had backed down and agreed to go back into Woodberry while the shed was still standing) actually decided that she didn't dislike the shed as much as she had thought.  Too bad, as David had already organised for the men to come back and remove it!

My latest lot of nine MLP comics arrived.  A few to keep for my own collection, and a few to sell...  I was especially excited to get the May 1991 issue of MLP & Friends.  It's so odd to think it must have been sitting in the shops the very month that I was born.  Or maybe I just have a strange way of looking at things!

I was really depressed about another summer, the last summer of my teens, drifiting by in Grottsville.  My allergies were getting worse and worse.  I had a feeling in my throat like a huge furball had got stuck there.  But David still saw no urgency in moving house, it seemed.

I was also miserable about my crooked teeth - there was no way I could go through with all that drastic surgery, and yet I couldn't face a life of keeping my mouth shut in public, never smiling or talking to people, not to mention the constant pain in those overcrowded teeth... then again, Mr Crow had now admitted that the surgery might not ease the pain anyway!  So it was a no-win situation, it seemed.

Ironically, due to the stress and depression, I kept grinding my teeth and had made them even more painful than usual!

August 4th 2010

We went to Hayling Island.  They have a car boot sale on the seafront every Wednesday morning and I like to get down there once a year if I possibly can.  It had really gone downhill though - far less stalls than usual and the tables that were there were full of dirty, nasty, overpriced rubbish (to put it politely!)
I did manage to find Sparkle Pony Sky Rocket for 10p and couldn't resist "rescuing her"!  (WHY?  I have far too many duplicates already!)  There was another small bag of ponies there too - a couple of fakies, and I think one G3 - priced at £1.50.  I decided not to buy it, then regretted it as the bag had included the US McDonalds Sparkleworks who I only have MIB... I would love to have a loose one to display but I guess she's not worth that much to me!

I photographed a couple of coin operated rides...

I remember the fire engine (made by RG Mitchell) being in all the local shops when I was a little girl.  I'm pretty sure I rode the motorbike too, but can't quite place it yet.  I really must get my kiddie ride website up and running!  There wasn't really much else in the way of rides at Hayling Island though... really sad, I remember when they were dotted all around the place.

I was pretty annoyed as I discovered I'd left my bag of 2p coins in the car.  I save them up all year round so that I can play on the slot machines (yeah, I know - hard to imagine me gambling, eh?  But I would never gamble more than a few 2p coins!  And anything I get out of the machines gets bagged up as "savings" and put in my bank account as soon as I have enough.  I just like to have a bit of fun with my loose change first!)  My favourite underwater-themed slot machine was no longer at the arcade anyway though, and I didn't get to go back to the car for the bag as Mum was in a fowl mood...

I'm not quite sure what was up with her.  She walked around the arcade swearing loudly that the place was "too noisy" (and in so doing contributing to the noise herself), moaning that the boot sale was dirty and that she "hated those places" and telling me that I had "missed some 2p coins that were in the tray under one of the machines". (Well, if you wanted to pick them up, why didn't you?! Or at least tell me about them as we walked past rather than five minutes later?!)

She hadn't eaten any breakfast that morning (for fear of getting a stomach ache in the car!) so I guess that was part of the cause for her bad temper.  It also caused her to demand that we came straight back to Grottsville without going anywhere else.  David came via the slowest roads he could find as he knows how much Mum hates motorways but she still screamed the whole way.  She finally ate her breakfast at 2pm, meaning we didn't get any dinner until 6pm and I got a terrible stomach ache, dizziness and chest pains myself due to waiting so long!

On a slightly happier note, I sold 23 items on e-Bay and made just over £90.00.  I did underestimate the shipping on some of the items though so I lost some of the profit.  Still not bad, I thought.  Every penny counts when you're unemployed with no way of getting a real job.

And, with that, I will sign off.  It's so sad that I allowed my blog to get this far out of date.  I really must get into a daily blogging routine again or I'll never catch up!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx


  1. Ha! I love Popples & 80's toys too!

    1. My all time favourite though is Teddy Ruxpin by Worlds of Wonder