Monday, 29 August 2011

Ouch! How did that happen?

I don't know how one person acquires so many cuts and bruises with no idea of how she injured herself!  Today I managed to cut my finger while putting the shopping away - the skin has peeled right back so now I'm struggling to type!
August 13th 2010

I had a bath using one of my last remaining Lush bath ballistics... it had been part of the mixed goodie bag I'd got in the after-Christmas sale so I'm not sure what ballistic it was.  It smelled lovely and made my dry skin all soft and smooth though.  Also, there's something relaxing about having a nice long soak in pink water!

The funniest thing about it was that it was filled with little pink hearts which I kept stirring and stirring into the water, waiting for them to dissolve...

It was only about five minutes later that I realised they were little sequins!  Ah, so that's why they weren't dissolving!

I washed my hair, despite still being very concerned about how thin it was becoming.  It was too wet for me to tie back up in my usual hairstyle when we went out that evening so I had to wear it loose for the first time in about eighteen years!  It actually felt a lot prettier that way even if it did keep falling in my eyes!

We went Dolly Mix hunting at three different branches of Morrisons.  The first two had no ponies, not even a sign on the shelf to indicate that they would be stocked there later on.  Although we did spot this new coin operated ride which I photographed for the website.

The question is, what is it?  In my days, you rode in a car that looked like a car...  Now it seems you ride in a semi-wrecked car with flat tyres and an upturned bumper made to look like a 'nose'.  On top of that, it has arms growing out of said 'nose' which are embracing a yellow camera on the car's 'head'.  Um...

Anyway, moving swiftly back to the Dolly Mix search!  The third branch (Queensbury) appeared even worse, they didn't even have a confectionery aisle!  But when we asked a member of staff, he directed us to the very corner of the store where it turned out the sweets were tucked away out of sight!  And there, on the shelf, were the Dolly Mix Ponies!

We picked them all up, complete with the display boxes.  Both myself and the cashier counted twenty in the boxes but when we got back to Grottsville we discovered there were actually twenty-one!  So, much to my embarrassment, we ended up getting one for free. o_0

I got all but Snuzzle for my own collection... eleven duplicates (who I didn't photograph) for the people on my long "waiting list".

Oh, but who was the 21st pony, you ask?  And why are there two Gustys in the photo above?

Well, just take a look!

Gusty on the right: "See anything different about me?"

"Yep, that's right, I have no horn!"

Oh, how I love factory errors!  I'm so glad I found this little girl - she's so adorable and unique!  I call her "Brazilian Dolly Mix Gusty" (since there is an Earth Pony version of Gusty who was made in Brazil) but, although it would be nice to think the people at The Little Factory (who make these ponies) were huge pony fans who knew about this rare variation, I think the answer to how she came to be is far more simple.

This photo makes things far clearer than any explanation I could give...

Yes, she somehow ended up with Sundance's head!  She even has Sundance's blue eyes... at least she ended up with Gusty's mane colour to match her tail!  I bet somewhere there's a unicorn Sundance floating around... what a pity I couldn't have found her as well!

There were two more new coin operated rides at that branch of Morrisons but it was late by the time we got there and they had lined up all the rubbish bins and shopping trolleys in front of them, so I couldn't get any photos.  Oh well, we were sure to be going back there in search of more ponies anyway.

August 14th 2010

We went to Ealing Broadway so Mum could have her eye test and get new glasses at last.  However, the horrible bloke in Specsavers rushed her and made her feel really unwelcome and stressed.  Not very good customer service at all!

We also went in five different charity shops, but there was not a pony in sight.  Actually, I lie.  There were ponies (although not MLPs), but they were grossly overpriced.  A bashed up mini fakie (the kind you get at Matalan on a card with two others for £1.00) for 60p, anyone?   Or would you prefer a Bratz pony with no hair for £2.70?!  No, I wasn't keen either, so I left them there.

I opened an ISA and David shouted at me for messing up the form (I hadn't), demanding that I let him fill in my details.  Then he messed it up, not once but twice!

Next to TKMaxx, where I saw two nice black t-shirts... but I was short of money and since I had no black shoes to wear with them, I left them there.  I saw a different MLP sticker book in there too, but I have far too much pony stuff so common sense prevailed!

I was saddened to see that Apple Snow were closing down. Yes, it's a cheap and nasty clothing shop for the most part, but I did get a really nice coat in there for a fiver about three years ago.

I also won a pony on a funny website I belong to where you earn points for swapping things/completing surveys etc.  The photo on the listing showed Sunburst, the Mountain Boy Pony, but I knew that wouldn't be the pony I'd get.  It's kids who trade their stuff on there really, so it's not very reliable.  I figured it was free (in monetary terms at least) though, so it was worth taking a gamble!

August 15th 2010

Back to Woodberry to look at colours for the openings between the kitchen/family history room and the extension but we didn't really get anywhere.  Mum hated all the colours we looked at and didn't think anything went very nicely with the other wall colours.  David started clearing weeds from the front garden, AFTER shutting us out of the house but BEFORE letting us into the car.  So Mum got really tired having to stand on the spot and wait for him.

Then to two different branches of Homebase in search of floor tiles for the hall in their 15% off sale...but, alas, there were none to Mum's liking.  We had a look at the taps while we were there too, as Mum still wanted to replace the ugly modern ones that Sickton had chosen for our bathroom.  But David declared that they were "more expensive than he had thought" and promptly left.

Finally we went to Allied Carpets... but David had forgotten to bring the wall colour boards!  It was so near to closing time that we didn't have time to go back and get them so the trip was rather pointless.  David went and asked the staff for their opening times... if only he'd told me what he was doing, I could have saved him the embarrassment by pointing out the huge board showing their opening times on the door which would have answered all of his questions!

In the evening, he went to work, but not before making Mum cry again.  Apparently she is the reason that he is always late to work (not the hours he spends in the bathroom), as she "always wants to talk to him for five minutes before he leaves the house" and we're "always out".  Well, excuse me.  I'd hardly say that we were "always out".  We were just eager to get Woodberry finished, especially with me getting so ill in Grottsville, but I guess doing anything towards moving house was a waste of time as far as David was concerned.

August 16th 2010

Mum's Christmas gift to me arrived.  Yes, you heard that right... a Christmas gift.  Mum wanted to "get it out of the way" when she saw something cheap on e-Bay.  Gives a whole new meaning to getting your Christmas shopping done early, eh?!  I was lucky to get it at all though - not only was it badly packed, but we had a very unfriendly new Hungarian postman.  At least I think he was Hungarian... as I started to open the door, he literally threw the pile of mail AROUND the half opened door and I just managed to catch it against my chest as he said a hurried "Thank you." and went on his way!  I never even got to see his face, but he sounded Hungarian!

Anyways, more importantly, what was this mystery Christmas gift? (Yes, I was allowed to open it.  I was told to check its condition so that I could leave feedback for the seller on Mum's behalf!)

Meet Cotton Candy, my second porcelain MLP.  My first was Cherries Jubilee, who Mum had bought for my birthday.  To be honest, I think Mum has a soft spot for these herself and likes to collect them under my name!  They are very, very cute, even if they are super fragile and hard to look after!

In the evening, we re-visited two branches of Morrisons - Hatch End still didn't have any Dolly Mix but we did get some "fruity iced buns".  I'm still not sure how they got away with calling them "fruity" though.  Each one had a grand total of four tiny sultanas inside.

We had more luck at Queensbury where I found nine more Dolly Mix Ponies (priced at just 99p each rather than the usual £1.49!) including the elusive Snuzzle, who completed my own set.

But I still needed LOADS more of the little things for everyone on my waiting list, so the "Grand Dolly Mix Hunt" was far from over...

I took photos of the coin operated rides while we were there too, despite getting some very strange looks from the security guard!

But honestly, I hardly recognise these things as coin operated rides in comparison to the things I used to ride when I was little!

And now I think it's time to draw this blog entry to a close... this plaster on my finger is really making things difficult and getting on my nerves!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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  1. I had the same feeling about modern rides... It's just not the same...