Saturday, 27 August 2011

Saturday Food Poisoning?

How come David suffers from "food poisoning" every single saturday?!  It's no wonder that nothing ever gets done and that Mum and I get so stressed, is it?  Today we didn't even see him until 4pm as he was "too ill with his stomach" to come downstairs before then!  If he really does suffer from this much food poisoning, how come it never happens any other day of the week?

August 9th 2010

Things were not looking good in Grottsville.  It was horribly hot and stuffy and the terrible lighting in the lounge was giving me an awful headache.  Not to mention the fact that I was unable to breathe due to not leaving of the allergy-filled house the day before.  I was seriously starting to think that if I didn't get out of that house fast, I wasn't going to live to tell the tale.

I tried to do a little exercise, running on the spot in the middle of the living room which was the best I could do in that area.  But even that caused me to fall asleep on the floor for 90 minutes!  No, I was not well at all, but still David refused to do anything towards moving house.

It was a very boring life that Mum and I were leading in that prison cell.  Nothing of interest ever happened in our own lives really so we were left gazing through the window at the world on the other side of the glass for some form of entertainment.  And with all the suspicious characters who lived in Grottsville, we were rarely disappointed.

Our neighbour Hussein's car was clamped.  It seems he was supposed to still paying off for it, but kept failing to make the payments.  But not to worry, Hussein is a crafty man.  As soon as he saw the guy clamping his car, he dashed out into his front garden, threw his arm around the bloke's shoulders crying out, "Good afternoon, my friend!" in his thick Lebanese accent, before launching into a great long speech (still in "friendly" attitude) about how he had fallen into some financial troubles but he would pay "as soon as he could" !  Wow, that Hussein has the gift of the gab!  Twenty minutes of "friendly" talk later, the car was unclamped and they were cheerily waving goodbye to one another!  As soon as the guy drove off, Hussein walked back to his house, shaking his head angrily and muttering insults about the bloke to himself!

David came in at lunchtime to post two of my e-Bay parcels (he had to come past the house on his way to the garage where he had to get the company car exchanged due to the scratch on the door that he'd caused by bumping into the gatepost a few days previously).  While he was there, he asked us to cut short the sticking plaster on his finger (he'd also injured his hand when he'd fallen over in the alley and smashed his nose).  Mum was having a bad day with her eyes and couldn't see well enough to cut anything, and I literally couldn't use the only pair of blunt scissors that we had in the house... well, the only pair David hadn't lost anyway!  So I was accused of "not caring" about him... good coming from the man who was leaving me in a house that he knew was making me sicker by the day!

In the evening, we went to Woodberry to drop off my G3 pegasi plushies.  Well, we couldn't leave them in Grottsville with the carpet beetles.  Having said that, we discovered that Woodberry was full of moths!  It was also extremely hot in there due to there being nobody there to open the windows.  Not a good enviroment for my poor ponies who had already been evacuated from Grottsville due to the beetles!

We also went to Tesco.  We were supposed to be going to Morrisons in search of the new set of Dolly Mix Ponies that had been found there, but it was too late by the time David came in from work.

August 10th 2010

David came in at 4pm to see those three grumpy workmen about our front wall that they had messed up.  However, they refused to do anything as they'll "never get the perfect finish that he seems to want".  Perfect finish?  May I just remind you of the mess they had made of our wall before?

So it wasn't like we were complaining for the sake of it, or demanding a "perfect finish"!  We just wanted a wall that was a uniform colour really!

A really nasty delivery man came with Mum's latest lot of shelves.  I'd guess he was about 55-60, but he acted far younger.  To be honest, he was gross (and that's putting it politely).  It was POURING with rain and had been all day and yet he turned up wearing nothing more than a vest, shorts and sandals.  Actually, I lie.  He also wore a great deal of cheap fake gold jewellery... and a TON of fake tan.  He looked like a thin, wrinkly carrot that should have been left shrivelling up in the bottom of the fridge.  And he had an attitude to match.  He rang and rang the doorbell in a bad temper as I scurried from the lounge to the front door.  "Oh, you're in - that's a result!"  WTH?  It didn't take me that long to get to the door!  Then he gave me that little electronic device they carry - you know, the one where they ask you to sign the screen.  I turned it the right way round so as to sign my name the right way up.  "NO, THAT WAY UP!" he yelled at me.  "Don't want you pressing any buttons!!!"  Okay... o_0  Very professional service, I must say.  Another reason to get out of Grottsville... I didn't want to go to the door to "Fake Tan Man" again!

We went to Acton Morrisons in the evening in an (unsuccessful) search for the new Dolly Mix Ponies.  I actually fell asleep in the car on the way back again.  I knew my health was deteriorating fast but what could I do?  That morning I had woken up with a terribly sore throat and the feeling of something stuck deep down in my throat.  After about thirty minutes of coughing in the bathroom, I produced a large hard pellet of phleghm (sorry if this is too much information for some of you!) which had flown across the bathroom.  But did David care about my state of health?  No, of course not.  He was more bothered that I had coughed up the pellet "where he had to sleep".  Well, how about getting us moved into Woodberry so that none of us were sleeping on the dusty floors at Grottsville?!

August 11th 2010

We went to Tesco, and a fun time was had by all! (Not.)  Well, we did get a small tub of Haagen-Dasz ice cream (which was currently half price) as a treat.  As you all know, we had no freezer in Grottsville so ice cream was a rare treat unless it was the McDonalds variety.  But even that had to go wrong when I bent my spoon in half trying to divide the ice cream between my parents and I!  Very nice ice cream though!

Freddie (the one who was supposed to be making replica fireplace tiles) wrote to tell us that he had heard from Sickton (who was supposed to be paying for said tiles) who had now announced that he had no intention of paying for the work to be done after all!  How can people do that?  However, Freddie refused to give us a copy of the letter in which Sickton had said this (as he "didn't want to get involved") so there wasn't much that we could even attempt to do legally.

On top of that misery, another thing had been added to the list of "reasons to get out of Grottsville".  I walked out into the kitchen just in time to see a mouse jump out of the rubbish bag and run under the defunct freezer.

I was going through one of my phases of depression - I felt fat and ugly and had this nagging feeling that something was wrong with my hair.  I did feel that I was seeing a bit more than usual falling out and was convinced that it was getting thinner.  But I put it down to general low self-esteem and the fact that my hair was too long and straggly which made it feel generally unhealthy (it hadn't been touched since my late Grandma had trimmed a little off when I was nine!)  But I knew of no decent hairdresser who could cut it so I just tried to ignore it.  I was still overtired too, and fell asleep on the armchair (which we'd just recently cleared of clutter for the first time in about ten years!) for over an hour again.

Mum and I both went on e-Bay and bought cheer up presents for ourselves.  Mum bought herself another three Dam trolls for her collection, while I bought another plushie MLP; this time it was Minty, another pony I believe was originally a fairground prize.  I wasn't going to bid but I know she's pretty sought after and doesn't come up for sale too often.  I managed to win her for £5.08 including shipping which I didn't think was too bad.  And I did manage to resist the temptation to bid on the HUGE Shenanigans fairground prize plushie.  I knew I had nowhere to keep such a big plush toy, even if she was very cute!

August 12th 2010

We went to Woodberry to drop off the latest shelves (the ones that "Fake Tan Man" had delivered) and hang up some moth deterrents on the doors of the rooms containing ponies/plush toys.  We didn't want the insects to take over in that house before we'd even had the chance to move in!

There was supposedly a meteor shower, but I didn't see any shooting stars which was a little disappointing... especially as we were getting a running commentary on the car radio of everyone else who was seeing them across the country!

My fear of thinning hair continued - it just seemed "dead"; straggly and ugly.  I was feeling so depressed, tired and generally run down.

Mum was having a bad day too, specifically with her eyes.  She'd woken up and not been able to see anything through the "black splotches" that were floating everywhere.  At least it forced her into finally agreeing to go and see an optician the following saturday.

And that's just about it for August 9th-12th 2010.  I'm falling further and further behind... I really need to get cracking with this blog, or I'll never catch up!

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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