Friday, 19 August 2011

What is it with my luck?

You just solve one problem, and a worse one springs up.  It gives a whole new meaning to the old "take one step forward and three steps back" saying.  I think I'm destined to be forever miserable one way or another!

August 5th 2010

David went to Woodberry at lunch time to supervise the removal of the shed.  (Rather ironic, considering Mum had now decided she didn't really dislike it that much anyway!)  He had decided that he would try to sell it but, having never given me any time at Woodberry to go out in the garden with the camera, we had no photograph of it.  So he took a picture with his phone and texted it to me as I "knew how to download it".  Uh, no, I've never even taken a picture with my phone, much less downloaded it!

He also picked up a couple of parcels which we had missed while we were in Hayling Island the previous day and shipped out a few of my e-Bay packages.  Some people still hadn't paid though, and I didn't have enough packing materials for the people who had.  I had underestimated shipping on one of the parcels for £1.70, and also discovered that bubblewrap cost a lot more at the local storage depot than I had thought (£4.00 for a small roll!)  I still managed to make a profit though.

As for the parcels we had missed?  Well, it was yet another set of shelves, and my plush Pegasi ponies!  So much for £8.99 shipping - it actually cost the seller £3.58 and the ponies themselves were packed in a dirty, ripped cardboard box inside a black rubbish sack!  Wow, and I worry about charging people too much and have my star rating marked down on e-Bay if I charge 20p more than the actual shipping costs!

An exciting trip to Tesco was the highlight of my day.  I was disgusted to notice the security guard along with another male member of staff gawping at (and loudly commenting on) a smartly dressed woman as she walked out of the shop (with her boyfriend/husband, no less).  Excuse me, guys, but this is no way to behave towards a lady.  You might think it's an every day thing, but "bird watching" should definitely be kept to the feathered variety!  And, under no circumstances, should you be so darn OBVIOUS about it.  We're walking around and trying to get on with our day to day lives, we don't need you discussing your opinion of us and whether you think we're physically attractive or not!  Gross...  The lady in question didn't seem to notice (they started talking about her after she was already walking away) but I let them know my opinion.  Believe me, if looks could kill, those two guys would have dropped dead on the spot.  I was almost embarrassed to go back after that... but why should I be?  I just believe that everyone has the right to walk around with total strangers discussing our appearances behind our backs!

We bought a box of Cornflakes while we were there specifically so that I could pack one of my e-Bay items in the box... then we realised we'd bought the wrong size anyway!

August 6th 2010

We finally had a new sidegate fitted at Grottsville.  Remember how a vandal had attempted to kick down our old one?  David had to go down the alley before work and unlock the sidegate as Mum and I refused to go out there with the rats running everywhere...

We were awoken very early by David running into the lounge, saying that he had "broken his nose".  It transpired that he had fallen flat on his face in the alley.  Fortunately, he hadn't actually broken his nose, but he had smashed it pretty badly and cut it right where his glasses sit (which meant they kept rubbing the wound).  He was lucky he didn't smash his glasses actually...  He had a plaster on his face for a good few weeks after that!

The bloke came and removed the old sidegate at 10am... then he went off for lunch and didn't return for a few hours.  Thank goodness we were in the house!  The bloke had no idea that the house wasn't totally empty and left our alley completely exposed for anyone to walk down there and get to our back garden (with an unlocked back door!)

When he finally returned, the postwoman arrived at the same time and rang the doorbell.  There was no way that either Mum or I could go to the door though, as we hadn't been out to see the sidegate bloke all morning.  "The doorbell must be broken," they decided.  I can't remember what happened now, but I think the postwoman gave the sidegate bloke our mail to keep safe... and he left it on our doorstep when he finally left!  Very safe indeed, I must say.  Again, thank goodness we were in fact just in hiding inside the house.

After all of this, it got too late to have a bath before dinner... Then Mum wasn't hungry so she delayed getting the dinner anyway... Then she suddenly did get hungry so we had to rush to get the dinner and ended up with cold baked beans as she couldn't wait to heat them up... (yes, I lead a crazy life!)  By this time, it was pretty late so, having had a bath, my hair was too wet to go out that night looking for Dolly Mix Ponies (we were expecting the second set to start showing up soon, and as well as wanting to get a set for myself, I had promised a lot of people that I would try and get a set for them too!)

In fact, we didn't leave the house all day long, so didn't actually get to see the new sidegate that day... but I did take this photo a couple of days later and may as well post it here for illustration purposes!

I asked "Sibsy" on the MLP Arena (Sabrina Alberghetti, storyboard artist for Friendship is Magic) what she could reveal about the voice actors for the new series.  Would Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash be keeping their original voices?  She told me that she "believed all the voices were new"... I'd suspected this anyway, but it was still sad to hear it coming from someone who was working on the show.  Janyse Jaud WAS Pinkie Pie to me.  And I had no clue if they were going to even keep a Vancouverite voice cast at all at this point.  The future of western Canadian voice acting seemed very bleak all round really.

August 7th 2010

The entire morning was spent packing up e-Bay parcels (and I still didn't manage to get one of the items packed up!), then David and I walked to the post office to ship them out.  "Beer Can Man" and "Scar Face" were not there, thank goodness.  Mind you, David (complete with plaster on his nose) looked as though he had been in a fight with Scar Face himself!  I was so nervous about those two perverts showing up and following me home again that I forgot to hand one of the parcels in and we had to go back to the desk!

Then David and I went to Ealing Broadway to pay in a cheque.  I finally got some new underwear at Primark too while David went to Waterstones.  I picked up a couple of pairs of tights on clearance at 50p each too... well, I was still hoping to get my life turned around and start wearing more feminine clothes like skirts and dresses, and having NEVER worn tights before I had no clue about what to buy.  So I thought I'd pick them up while they were so cheap and test the size at least.

And finally to Tesco where I felt each and every MLP Dolly Mix packet!  But it appeared that all of the ponies inside the "surprise bags" were still from the first set.

August 8th 2010

Mum and I didn't leave the house again.  David was in the bathroom ALL DAY (well, not quite... he came downstairs twice to get a drink!), then he trotted off to "work" at 6pm.  How come he doesn't have to keep going to the loo once he goes to work?  I guess he doesn't have his Mills & Boon collection to keep him entertained in the bathroom at the office!

He did finally go to the launderette before he went to work... our clothes returned dirtier than when they had gone down there, absolutely covered in dust, fluff and hair!  Why wouldn't David just hurry up and learn how to use the washing machine at Woodberry?  We could save a lot more money that way too!

I packed up two more e-Bay parcels, but two people still hadn't paid!  It puzzles me that people buy things on e-Bay then don't pay for days on end... or sometimes don't pay at all.  I usually pay immediately after purchasing something.  I'd never leave it more than 24 hours anyway!

I had an odd dream about a tortoise holding onto my arm that I just couldn't shake off.  I guess it was really attached to me!  Not sure what would cause me to have such a random dream though.  Still, a disturbed mind always causes my brain to act peculiarly!

Someone on the Arena found the second set of Dolly Mix Ponies mixed in with the first set.  Wow, I wasn't too far out with my guess that the second set should be in the shops after all!  But what I hadn't reckoned on was the two sets being mixed up...  I should have figured it out, considering they were technically all part of ONE set of twenty, and the first ten were released prematurely.  I guess The Little Factory hoped to force people into buying more of the first set this way too!  Still, how on Earth was I going to complete the ten or eleven sets I had promised to find for people?!

Sibsy told us that the yellow pegasus in Friendship is Magic was called Fluttershy.  Well, good, I was really starting to worry that she was actually going to be called "Posey" - I didn't want anymore G1s involved in this strange-looking new series, and certainly not my Mum's favourite pony.  Posey has become a household name thanks to one that Mum "rescued" from a charity shop many years ago (long story, but it seems I had missed the pony even though I'd just been through the entire toy bin... then Mum saw her sitting right on top of the bin staring at her!  So Mum adopted poor Posey as her pony!)  We have a very set idea of her character and I wouldn't have liked to have seen her changed for the new series.  On the other hand, what the heck?  Fluttershy was a G3 name!  Couldn't Hasbro have at least got some original names for their new TV series?!

Sibsy also admitted that she didn't really know who the voice actors in Friendship is Magic were or if they were new people or not.  That would have restored my faith in the series a little... but on the same day, Hasbro announced that Tara Strong was going to voice the main character in the series.  God, anyone who knows me will know how much I hate Tara Strong.  For years, I have dreaded her getting a part in MLP, and while the series remained entirely recorded in Vancouver, we were pretty much safe.  Strong is one of those VAs, one of those Californian-based VAs who are no more talented than (and in many cases not even as talented as) the VAs up in Vancouver but somehow make "names" for themselves - usually through friends and associates - and end up making FAR more money on the back of that "name".  It's one thing that I really hate about the voice acting industry.  The whole Californian lifestyle (specifically in the entertainment industry) can be very much based on materialistic values.  If you're no longer young or beautiful, you're thrown into the gutter to make way for the next five-minute star.  Who cares if they can act/sing/dance as well as you, they've just got to be attractive to LOOK AT!  That's wrong at the best of times, but for appearance to even be taken into account in the VOICE acting industry is just wrong.  And yet I've heard of these things happening in LA so many times.

Anyway, I guess it's just a personal thing with me.  Tara Strong is kind of like one of the "mascots" of that Californian voice acting industry.  She seems to get into everything based on who she is and who she knows rather than being based on her own talent.  Did it ever occur to anyone to wonder why the rest of the cast is based in Vancouver (where auditions would have taken place), while the main character is played by someone in LA?  This is pretty commonplace in modern cartoons.  Companies like Hasbro like to have a voice acting "name" at the top of the cast list while the rest of the cast can be the talented "nobodies" up north.  Take note of how Strong (who gets her name plastered everywhere in connection with FiM) does only one voice in the cartoon, while Tabitha St. Germain and Cathy Weseluck do countless additional voices for which they never even get accredited.  Tabitha could have probably carried the series all on her own with her vocal range (I've heard her voice the entire female cast in other shows with no problem at all. I didn't even realise it was her until I saw the credits!)  Now let's see the "famous" Strong do the same thing...

Oh, and did I mention that Tara Strong and Lauren Faust apparently know each other pretty well in real life?  Just a bit of food for thought...

And on that note, I shall shut up before I get myself in trouble!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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