Monday, 31 October 2011

The worst day of the year!

Ugh, call me a spoilsport, but I hate Halloween!  The trick of treaters are out in force and I actually get quite irritated by a lot of posh mothers pushing their little darlings (dressed in a mixture of cutesey twinkly purple cloaks/ghost costumes and tarty red lipstick/fishnet stockings!) to my front door to beg for free sweets.  Even moreso by the gangs of teenage goths moping around dressed as witches and zombies (who are quite old enough to know better), shouting loudly and threatening to "bust our windows in" unless we give them what they want.  Well, excuse me but I'd far rather give any extra money I have (which isn't a lot when you're an unemployed young person with no qualifications!) to charity than to a lot of stuck up yobs who think the world owes them a living... or at least a bucket of candy!

On top of that, the sky is filled with fireworks.  Very pretty, I'm sure.  But while organised firework displays may be okay, I honestly think fireworks should be banned for home use.  People act so irresponsibly, our garden is full of the burnt out remnants of rockets and the trees are covered in posters about missing cats who have been scared off by the noisy things.  I feel so sorry for all the wildlife/pets who live out in the garden and for pets anxiously pacing around indoors while all the banging goes on outside.

August 28th 2010

The Pocketville Dream House was finally shipped out.  Also, got some Wuzzles books that somebody had enquired about weighed.  However, I could have sworn the person who wanted them was in the UK... but it turned out that they were in Australia!  So I ended up taking a risk and weighing the books on our own kitchen scales anyway!

We went to Woodberry to look at the latest blue carpet sample and to download some family history photos that somebody had sent to Mum.  Unfortunately, this blue carpet was no good either.

Next to Ealing Broadway to pick up Mum's new glasses from Specsavers.  We met the nice salesman, Ola (who Mum still insisted on calling "Oaty", much to my embarrassment!) who recognised us and was really nice to Mum, knowing how her new glasses never work properly and how stressed she gets collecting them.  Actually, as it happened, this pair seemed to work well at first... but then her vision went fuzzy as soon as she got outdoors.

David was extremely bad tempered.  It seemed to have started that morning when he'd been unable to find his credit card.  He was convinced that we had thrown it away... then he found it in a different envelope, exactly where he had put it for safe keeping.  By the time we got to Ealing, the bank was shut anyway so that put him in an even worse mood.

I didn't go in The Body Shop or New Look, both of which I had been desperately wanting to have a look around, to save time - and try to avoid any further nastiness - but David went in WHSmith and made time to look at the magazines he wanted to look at.  Oh well, Mum and I had been wanting to look at the new post office (they'd closed down the post office up the road and moved it into WHS) anyway.  It was quite sad really.  The DVD and music section had been cut out completely.  Where is one supposed to buy movies/music offline these days?  HMV have been forced to close a lot of branches, Silverscreen (was that even the name of it?) is no more...  It really seems we're being forced into buying online and it's just not the same somehow.

I did get to pop into TKMaxx on the way back to the car park.  They had the "Welcome to Ponyville" G3 MLP book that I'd been looking for everywhere... but the playmat and little figurines (which were my main reason for wanting the book) had been stolen!  Seriously, TKMaxx is getting worse and worse for this kind of thing.  I have to wonder how petty thieves like that can live with themselves.

David was still in a fowl mood when we got back in the car.  With his hand in a packet of wine gums, he mounted a kerb before we even got out of the car park and the underside of the vehicle made a horrible crunching sound.  Mum and I were talking in the back of the car about where to buy brown paper at the time (I remember the moment vividly!), so David turned on US, saying that he "couldn't concentrate with our constant commentary"!  He gave us an awful time for the next few minutes until he found somewhere to pull over and check the car.  Amazingly, it was okay and he calmed down a little.  He made a public announcement that he was "in a good mood again" but Mum was not in the mood to go to Carpet Right by this time so we just returned to Grottsville.  We had a horrible journey with David (the man in the good mood) screaming at all the other drivers, still with one hand in a packet of sweets on the passenger seat the whole way.  The football was also being played on the radio at top volume (as usual), and since I had a blinding headache that day, it was not the most pleasant experience.

Apparently David was not the only person in a bad mood.  When we arrived back in Grottsville, we were confronted with a mini traffic jam filled with bad tempered drivers honking their horns at each other, even though they could all clearly see that nobody could move!

As soon as we walked through the front door, David moved to his regular place on the landing and went to sleep... leaving us with no dinner (as he had promised to walk across the road to get us some chips).  Sometime later, Mum dared to call him and he asked if we were "waiting to go out" (er, where did he think we were going by that time of day exactly?)  When we reminded him that we were still waiting for dinner, he snapped that he "thought we'd have eaten an hour ago"!  He then reluctantly went and got us a small portion of chips.

Soon after dinner, more arguments ensued.  Mum asked David why he was in such a bad mood, and he replied, "Well, I was in a bad mood about the car until I'd seen what had happened to it, wasn't I?"  Yeah, I'm sure you were.  But why were you in a bad mood before it even happened!

The argument then followed the same route as always.  "We're out all the time!" (it was too late for him to go to work by the time he'd woken up and bought our chips!)

"So what do you want to do?  Stop doing anything for us and just go to work seven days a week when they don't even pay you for ovetime?" Mum asked.  "Yes, I do!" David stated.

Apparently, we'd "been to the carpet shop 63 times over the last three years and Mum still hadn't decided on colours".  Weird, as all I can remember is Mum keeping on and on at David that she wanted to go looking for carpets but him never taking her to do so.  And more to the point, why the heck would we have been looking for carpets three years earlier (in 2007), when David didn't even get building work started on the house until May 2008?!  Also, we did know all the colours we wanted, it's just that we were struggling to find some of them in shades that matched the wall colours!

A third animator for the new MLP TV show appeared on the MLPArena.  This was really starting to look fishy to me.  I knew the new style was quite different to anything we'd ever seen before.  I almost wondered if Hasbro were worried about the way us old time collectors might take it and were bribing people who worked on the show to talk to us about it and tell us how good it was before it was even released!  Looking back, I guess this was the first time Vancouver-based animators had worked on a MLP show, and I've always said the guys who work on animated shows in Vancouver are far more "out with the fans" than anyone in the US.  Not to generalise, but it honestly does seem that way!

I threw a question out to her asking about the cast and whether any actors from previous MLP incarnations were still working on the show.  I doubted I'd get an answer as A) nobody was allowed to say much at that point, and B) I wasn't sure how much the animators might know about who was working in that department anyway.  But hey, I was still hoping against hope for a predominantly Canadian cast (and specifically for Janyse to continue as Pinkie) and it was driving me crazy having to wait for an official announcement.    It was worth a shot, right?

And finally, someone (*CoughLouisaCough*) sent me a link to this Youtube video:

Thank you, dear.  I'd been looking for this for months and months, if not years.  Gave me a good giggle, I must say.  And not just due to the ridiculously forced content of the video ("Hey, kids - we like composting and we're cool rapping kids like YOU!  Come and compost your kitchen waste with us!"  Oh my God, so early 90s!), but for the boy in it.  Oh, come on!  How can you resist that gorgeous accent?  And it's always fun to see my very favourite actor in anything, even if it is a silly, rushed educational video about compost!

Kind of sad that the person filming this was obviously a fan of Jewel Staite and cut out some of the very parts I'd have loved to have seen, but still, this is the only copy of this video I know of so I'm just glad to have got to see any of it, despite the bad quality.  Of course, if anybody knows where I can find the full video (complete with clip of our little solo rapping star) in higher quality, I would be eternally grateful. :)

Crikey, that was an even longer entry than I had imagined.  And the next day is even worse, so I think I will leave it there and start writing again tomorrow.  Ugh, I'll never catch up at this rate, will I?!  But still, I guess even the little I'm doing now is better than just leaving my blog for weeks on end between writing anything!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Snails in the hall...

Please tell me why David thought it was a wise idea to bring garden waste into the house and dump it in the bin in the hall.  The place is now crawling with snails and I have to keep going and putting them back out in the front garden! o_0

August 25th 2010

David came in at lunchtime to go to Tesco.  We picked up the new Christmas catalogue which did have a MLP section in it, consisting of a range of G3.5 "Alien Ponies" (as I called them)... Oh well, at least the G4 Aliens hadn't hit us yet!

He didn't have time to take the Puppy in my Pocket Dreamhouse that I had sold to the post office again though.  Highly embarrassing, but there was no way I'd walk down there since Scar Face and his gang had followed me home that time!

I spent most of the day seeking out Pony Tales screenshots on Youtube for  It was harder than I'd imagined - I wasn't sure whether to pick out shots where you could see the ponies' symbols, or close-ups of their faces!  And I could find no clear shots of some of the main characters at all!  I did eventually manage it, but it took several hours.  I wanted to do the show justice though (knowing Tara Strong was going to be on the new show, I could just see FiM ending up on the site but not Pony Tales and that just didn't seem fair!), and I think I found some really nice ones in the end.

I told the admins over there that I'd start work on the original series and G3 movies after that, but I'm ashamed to say I never got round to it. :-/  I think they've done it all now (and probably a lot better than I would have done), but I still feel awkward... and embarrassed about showing my face around the site again to contribute anything else.  Ugh.

The mail didn't arrive until 7.20pm and even when it did, it was brought by a very peculiar postman who stormed up the path having a loud, animated conversation with...well, I can only presume with himself since there was nobody with him and he had no mobile phone or other communication device. o_0  The previous day our mail had been delivered considerably earlier but had included a birthday card for the young girl next door.  Of course, we had just posted it through the correct door but it did make me wonder how much of OUR mail was going next door as I knew our neighbours wouldn't return our mail to US.

August 26th 2010

A different postman knocked on the door extremely early (maybe he wanted to make up for the delays of the previous day?) with a large box... presumably the blue saucepans Mum had bought on e-Bay.  I couldn't go to the door though as I was still in my pyjamas.  Mum got angry as she thought I should have gone to the door anyway.  "Okay then, why didn't you go?" I asked her.  "Because I don't WANT to go, I admit it!  And the sleeves are falling off of my jumper!" she answered.  Well, we were both dressed in rags actually, but that didn't stop her expecting ME to go to the door!  Why would I want the embarrassment of facing someone in such tatty clothing anymore than her?  And she was the one who ordered the saucepans, after all!

Actually I would say she'd got out of bed the wrong side that day... only we were still sleeping on the floor so I don't know how that would be possible.  I pointed out that I didn't want to face a "perverted postman" in ripped clothing.  Okay, so that may not have been a very fair thing to say about someone I don't even know... he could have been a perfectly nice bloke for all I know.  I guess we were just arguing and it came out of my mouth!  But she decided to start screaching at me defensively about the postman (Huh, does she know him personally then?  I'd never even seen him before that morning!)  Apparently I "had no right to call the postman a pervert and I should take a closer look at my friends as they are the real perverts!"  Um...  Now the argument was just getting absurd!  She continued, "But never mind, you don't need two years in Vancouver now that you won't be studying there (making it quite clear WHO she was calling a pervert... AGAIN!) so we can just stop off there for a couple of days if I ever get to go on my wildlife cruise up the Inside Passage.  Surely that would be long enough in that DIVE to satisfy anyone!"

Now my hackles were really rising, especially as I was already in a deep depression, caused by the fact that Ealing College were enrolling again starting that day.  This was my last year to enrol for any courses there and we STILL weren't moved near enough for me to be able to get there every day.  So to bring up my dream theatre course which I had only given up on in order to get a more practical academic education in this country was just asking for trouble.

Our argument continued for quite a while and somehow the subject got turned round to e-Bay... I guess something to do with no education meaning I can get no job meaning my only source of income is internet sales... or something.  It was quite a wild (and stupid) argument!  Still, it's bringing us a bit of light entertainment for this blog entry now so I guess it served some purpose.  Anyway, apparently I would "still get something out of moving as I would be able to walk to a post office from the new house" (hardly any comparison to getting a proper education, job and life now, is it?!)  Oh, and I "have a f***ing cheek  to list things on e-Bay when I can't wrap things up myself"!  Charming.  Actually I DO pack most things up myself.  I had only asked David for help with cutting down that one box because the cardboard was THICK and I knew I'd never be able to cut in a straight line. >.<

That night we went to Morrisons and got another five Dolly Mix Ponies.  Much to my dismay, they were all from the first set (however was I going to find homes for all of these surplus ponies?  I could see myself ending up seriously out of pocket thanks to offering to help so many people to get the second set!) but at least two of them were the new Minty and Mainsail so it wasn't quite so bad as it could have been!

August 27th 2011

I had a bath and washed my hair - the postman returned with the saucepans while I was in the bath but Mum still didn't go to the door, of course.  I was really starting to worry that they would be returned to the seller.

Later some shelves (which Mum had also ordered on e-Bay) arrived.  I couldn't go on watching these parcels being taken backwards and forwards so as soon as I saw the postman walking up the path I ran to the living room door to wait for the doorbell to ring.  Hence, I only had to walk a short way up the hall to the door and did not take long to answer at all.  Still, as I opened the door, the bloke was ALREADY WALKING AWAY and looked quite shocked when I called out after him.  "Ow, yer in!  That's a surproise!" he cried arrogantly, in a common voice.  He threw the parcel at me (almost knocking me over in the process) and got me to sign for it.  "Lavlay!" he said when I'd finished and walked away again.  Seriously, what is with all of the delivery men in our area?!

Mum decided to "help me" by looking up Feltham College, another college that was enrolling the following week and that I wouldn't be able to get to from Grottsville anyway.  Oh well, I guess she was trying.  The trouble was the Woodberry delays had caused another year to be lost and my options had been sharply reduced because of that.  It was extremely worrying, but there wasn't a lot I could do about it except try not to think about it.

That night David and I went to Tesco.  But I didn't say anything about that fascinating trip in my blog notes and I must say one trip to a supermarket is pretty much the same as any other to me (a horrifying fact to all you die-hard supermarket fans, I'm sure!)

Aaand, I think I'll cut off there.  I like to do cover four days catching up in each blog, but the next one is a long one and so long as I actually DO four days' worth of catching up in the next entry, it will take us neatly to the end of August.  And then I'll only be, oh, fourteen months behind?!  I swear that once I do catch up with this thing, I will never get behind again.  Hmm, where have I heard that one before?! ;)

Thanks for remaing my loyal readers!
Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Friday, 28 October 2011

Not sure if you'll see this in time now...

...but thought I'd say it anyway (again).  Have a safe journey and enjoy yourself next week!  I know you've been going through a lot lately so if anyone deserves a break, it's you. :)

That said, back to catch-up blogging!

August 21st 2010

We went back to Uxbridge to return the broken "Paint Your Own Ponies" set.  We had to queue for sometime as the woman in front of us was arguing with the shop assistant.  She wanted to return a hoodie which she claimed was "brand new - she'd only tried it on once and found out it didn't fit".  Slight problem - it was now missing its tags, had a stain on the front and was covered in hair!  Eventually she gave up and realised that they wouldn't accept the garment back... well, can you really blame them?

Luckily, they accepted the broken pony back with no trouble at all (they didn't even check inside the box - I probably could have kept the two non-broken ponies and they wouldn't have even noticed!) and told us for future reference that we could have taken it back to any (nearer) branch of TKMaxx!  Agh!

Then we went to Woodberry to look at carpets.  Mum liked the pale green one that we had picked out for the hobby room, but neither of the pinks for the living room were to her taste.

I also got to see my new desk for the first time (it had been delivered during the week but David had gone to Woodberry in his lunch break so I hadn't been there when it arrived).  It actually looked really nice.  Nicer than I expected for the price really.

And here it is in its final resting place (um, maybe not the best choice of words there!) under the window...

There was a slight snag though (isn't there always?)  The desk had a large chip taken out of the front of one of the drawers, so I needed a replacement drawer.  Can't something just arrive UNdamaged for once?!

We didn't check the sofa and armchair in the extension (didn't want to unpack fabrics while the place was still so dusty and basically still a building site - oh, what a mess!) but they were really badly packaged so we feared the worse as far as damage was concerned.

I managed to sell my old Puppy in my Pocket Pocketville Dream House - I only got a couple of quid for it but I was still pleased to clear the space without having to throw it away.

Finally we went to Carpets4Less, hoping to find a nicer pink carpet... but a rather pushy sales assistant with an extremely loud and common voice forced us out of the shop.  Sorry, but I just can't think straight with somebody trying to force me into a sale!

We didn't get to Smyths in search of the Animated Pinkie Pie plushie again as David refused to go without printing off some kind of voucher from their website.  Basically, it guaranteed that if the toy is not in stock when you get there (and the website claims it is), they'd give you a voucher for the value of the toy... or something like that.  Not sure if they still offer that deal.  All rather silly, as the site claimed there were at least three in stock so they were unlikely to sell out that fast and we didn't know of anything else we wanted in the shop anyway!

Our neighbours at Woodberry offered to buy our old back door for their garden shed.  Er... why would you want a glass door for your garden shed?  As it turned out, they must have decided against it themselves as they never got back to us about it again!

August 22nd 2010

We went to Ealing Broadway to pick up Mum's latest pair of glasses.  The drunks of Grottsville were out in force, staggering about outside our house as we left... and this was in the middle of the day.  Mind you, our neighbours - the Lebanese family next door (the ones who screamed at us that their house was their keeengdom which meant their children were allowed to smash our adjoining fence!) and the drug dealer two doors away - had been having a noisy drunken party all night long so maybe that's where a few of these disgusting people had come from.

Later we went to Smyths and I got to see the Animated Storyteller Pinkie Pie.  Alas, judging by her demo, she was not voiced by Janyse Jaud but by a very bad imposter so she did not join my collection.  I will not take any fake Pinkie Pies in my herd!

I made a recording of her demo to share with you all just so that you could hear the dreadful impersonation of Janyse.  I would love to hear/see her in "play mode"... especially as she supposedly sings a few of G3 Pinkie's songs which Janyse sang originally.  I wonder if Hasbro got the impersonator to re-record those songs or if they included some of Janyse's old recordings?  In which case, they included two voices on the same toy?  Please, if anyone actually bought this pony and wouldn't mind sharing some films or audio recordings with us, I would love to see them!

We also went back to Woodberry and for a tour of several carpet shops, but we didn't make any real progress.

August 23rd 2010

An exciting trip to Tesco was the highlight of my day.  Oh well, we did get another tub of Green & Black's ice cream while it was on the special offer!

According to my blog note, I apparently spent the day listing stuff on e-Bay and "getting more and more annoyed about the fake Pinkie Pie and how everyone on the internet was saying how cute it was"!  Weird, as I don't really remember many people saying it was cute.  Most people didn't even like G3.5 ponies - in fact, I thought it was only myself and a few other hard core collectors who even continued to buy them!  Oh well, I guess at that time I was still hoping poor Janyse would keep her job as the voice of Pinkie Pie and that was my first indication otherwise.  *Sighs*

David was in a fowl mood, snapping at Mum for not having already sorted out all of the carpets (well, how was she supposed to do that when she doesn't drive?  She HAD been getting David to take her to as many shops as possible!)  Meanwhile, what was HE doing?  Watching the TV, turned up to the highest possible volume and driving us absolutely crazy as we had no other room to go to.

I asked him for a little help cutting down a box in which to send the Pocketville Dream House I had sold and he advised me to wrap it in a black rubbish bag.  Charming.

August 24th 2010

We went to Allied Carpets to order the carpets for the bathroom and hobby room.  Even though the carpet we really liked for the hobby room had been discontinued, Mum decided to just accept her second favourite. (Did someone say she wasn't trying?! *CoughDavidCough*)  David kept the bloke in the shop talking for thirty minutes after closing time, and thoroughly embarrassed us!  The bloke pointed out to David that he looked very tired - I'm not sure if he was just desperately trying to get rid of him, or if he was genuinely concerned.  David DID look tired... but then it's not surprising when, on top of working ridiculous hours, he sat up all night reading Mills & Boon books and looking at other unsavoury publications.

Later we drove to Morrisons - that trip turned into a total nightmare.  We nearly ran out of petrol (and I hadn't even brought my coat should we be stuck waiting for the AA for hours!) so David had to dash straight to the petrol station... and by the time Mum and I had made our way across the car park, they were closing the doors and wouldn't let us in anyway.

Apart from that I had a bath and attempted waxing my legs (ha, you all really wanted to know that didn't you?!  Must have been a really boring day for that to end up in the blog notes) - ouch!  But still, at least I was getting used to it by this point.  It was just my sensitive dry skin that was causing a problem.

I had got no bids on my e-Bay items whatsoever and very few watchers.  Depressing, as I'd done so well the previous time and I had so much stuff I needed to clear out of the house!

And finally, David got a letter to say he'd got a ticket for speeding... on the very same day he's scratched the side of the car on our gatepost.  His concentration must have really been on the road that day.  It makes me feel so safe in his car, I must say...

And yippee!  Another four days worth of blogging are complete!  Of course, it's now 1.15am and I have a horrid hospital appointment at 11am so I'm going to get very little sleep now, but at least the blogging catch-up is back underway! :)

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Desirée  xxx

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Another two days of nonsense from 14 months ago!

August 19th 2010

I spent an hour or so attempting to sing "I Hate Men" from Kiss Me Kate.  Ah yes, the theme tune to my life (only jokingly, of course!)  Unfortunately, it's not really a song that I am able to sing, especially while suffering from such severe allergies!  However, a friend had challenged me to sing it, and I cannot resist a challenge.

The result was less than pleasing to the ear but I like to think I have improved enough in the past 14 months that this is not a fair representation of my singing/acting ability (my recording equipment and breathing problems were certainly not helping either...not to sound like a bad workman blaming his tools, of course!)  Anyway, I'm willing to share it with all you lucky people out there in name of a good giggle.  Well, I have to increase my blog viewing numbers somehow, you know?

I spent another couple of hours submitting MLP credits to  If you have even the slightest interest in voice acting/animation, check it out!  It's a very interesting site filled with a lot of great (usually accurate, certainly moreso than IMDb anyway) information.

David went to see the lawyer.  He didn't even offer Mum or myself the chance to go so goodness only knows what was said between the two idiotic, stammering men!  All that can be said is that it was a rather glum David who returned... the lawyer apparently didn't hold out much hope for us beating Sickton.  Oh, and David forgot to even mention "Mad Emma" Renton, Sickton's gardener friend who ran off with almost £4000 of our money!

Mum was disappointed that she didn't get to go to her local family history meeting again, but David had to see the chiroprac...I mean, the chiropodist (!) to have his bad toenail removed.  Mum asked what she (the chiropodist) was like, meaning was she good or bad at her job and whether it had been very painful to have it done.  David's response?  "She was a very posh Indian lady called Natasha who wore a white high neck jumper with a coat over the top".  Good to know you were taking so much notice, David!  But then absoring every physical detail of every woman who ever crosses their path is what men do best, right? >.<

A trip to Queensbury Morrisons late that night turned up another six Dolly Mix Ponies priced at just 99p each.  No more Snuzzles though!  At this rate, it seemed as though everyone would end up with only nine out of ten ponies!

Hasbro uploaded a commercial on The Hub's website showing clips of some of their upcoming shows, including the new MLP show.  The only "speaking part" was a tiny clip of Applejack yelling "Yee-ha!" though and I'm afraid to say I really didn't recognise Ashleigh Ball at all at that point!

August 20th 2010
Back to Queensbury Morrisons where I got another nine Dolly Mix Ponies which I just snatched up greedily without even trying to hold them up to the light/see who was in any of the bags...  Oh, horror!  They were all from the FIRST SET!  The only pony missing from the set was Lemon Drop (the one I had already been struggling to find!)

It wasn't all bad news though - Minty and Mainsail were the new versions (with corrected hair colours) who I still needed for my own collection, and lots of other people had been asking me to find for them.  So at least my own set was complete now, and there was a chance of finding these variations for the other people who still needed them.

And a couple of comparison photos of the two different versions for those who aren't familiar with Dolly Mix Ponies...

There were still no Dolly Mix Ponies at all at the other branch of Morrisons we tried that evening.

When we got back, we discovered a drunken couple standing right outside our gate with an enormous empty bottle. (I have no idea where one might buy such a bottle - it looked like it should have come from a massive window display!)  I was shaking as they glowered at us - I absolutely hate the drunks of Grottsville! - and then their vicious-looking dog ran into our garden and began circling the car like a hungry wolf.  God, it was terrifying.  They didn't even call the dog away from us so we just had to sit there as it growled at us through the windows.  Eventually, after what seemed like hours (but what was probably more like five minutes) the couple moved on and their dog followed behind them.

I washed my hair and discovered something really nasty under my clean towel...

What the heck?  A pair of leggings went that mouldy over three or four days?  I knew our bathroom was damp but even I didn't realise it was that bad!  Oh well, they had been well worn so I guess it could have been worse but it was still a nasty shock!

"Fake Tan Man" (the rude courier) brought the purple light switch covers that Mum had ordered.  He didn't even bother to ring the doorbell this time though, and just thrust them through the letterbox in a bad temper!

I got pretty annoyed as Hasbro continued the hype about Friendship is Magic, claiming it was the "first MLP TV series since 1986" .  Well, excuse me?  Does My Little Pony Tales not exist then?  Or was it just not part of the MLP line?  They announced that the new unicorn pony (the one that everyone was calling a Glory-Sparkler hybrid) was to be named Rarity.  Oh, how original!  They couldn't even spare the money to copyright a new name for their new MLP generation! >.<

My Swapitshop MLP arrived.  The photo had shown a Mountain Boy Pony (I wasn't actually expecting to get one of those, of course, but one can always hope!), but the actual pony was far less exciting - Dolly Mix Toola Roola.  Well, she was very different to my original Toola... her colours are totally different!  I think the colours of the Core Seven Dolly Mix were all altered for a later wave or something.  There seem to be variations of all of them out there.

The lawyer wrote and said he could forsee problems with any court case due to us bringing in other builders since Sickton had walked off the job.  Of course, the guy from RIBA who had supplied those builder had insisted that wouldn't be a problem...  Still, only time could tell.

I had been checking the Smyths Toy Shop website every day waiting for the Animated Storyteller Pinkie Pie to come into the shop.  Finally the website said that they had two in stock... but I couldn't get there until the following day or even Sunday.  I just had to hope they still had one in stock.  After all, I didn't want to reserve one.  I didn't even want to buy the pony unless Janyse Jaud had recorded its voice!

And I think that's just about it for those two days!  I really need to get cracking on this blog updating... if I fall any further behind, I really think I'll just bin the blog notes and start from scratch.  Of course, that would be rather sad after I've spent so long writing them out... but it would be a lot more practical than trying to catch up now, I think.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

If you only knew what I'm going through...

I've taken more than seven weeks off of blogging again and I'm still using the lyrical titles?  Well, we just know how boring the content of this entry is going to be then, don't we?!  I see I lost a follower too...but somehow I feel that was nothing to do with my absence or the boring content that would no doubt be brought by my return.  Please return now?  You know you're one of my favourite readers and that "I Can't Smile Without You"!  (Sorry, I promise I'll stop repeating the cheesy lyrics being played through my headphones now, otherwise I won't stand a chance of ever catching up...not that I stand much of a chance now that I've let my blog get this far behind anyway!)

August 17th 2010

We went to the exciting Allied Carpets (didn't I tell you this was going to be a boring entry?)  Strangely, the bloke who worked there not only remembered us, but every room at Woodberry and almost all of the measurements of the carpets we needed without even looking at his notes! o_0  Is it possible for a human to have a memory like that?  Does he remember everybody's house, or just ours?

Actually, the trip was rather interesting... well, as interesting as a trip to a carpet shop can be anyway.  Not only did we get to meet the fascinating (creepy?) Magic Memory Man, we got to see a carpet sample which a pigeon had, um, obviously mistaken for the bathroom.  How on Earth did a pigeon get into the shop anyway, let alone stay in there long enough to walk (and poop) on the carpets?

Anyway, we picked out a couple of pink and green samples to try at Woodberry and found the perfect brown carpet for the bathroom.

David got on the phone to Freddie (the fireplace tile maker) again, still hoping to obtain a copy of the letter in which Sickton said he was no longer willing to pay for the replacement tiles.  He didn't get one, but did at least get a bit more information out of Freddie.  Sickton wasn't paying as he "no longer works for us".  Uh... but he'd walked off of the job more than 18 months before... certainly long before he'd agreed to pay for the replacement tiles!

The receptionist at our doctor's surgery rang up to speak to Mum.  Of course, with us having no home phone, she rang David's mobile... but refused to speak to him regarding "a patient's confidential information".  So Mum had to wait for David to come in from work before she could ring them back, by which time (being Mum) she was having kittens wondering what they wanted to say to her.  As it turned out, they just wanted to tell her that her appointment had been postponed as her doctor was off sick.  Why on Earth couldn't they have told David that much and put Mum out of her misery?  Especially as David himself had been the one to make the appointment!  The date and time of an appointment is hardly private information about the patient when you're talking to someone who lives with her.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we have rules regarding patients' privacy, but it seems a little extreme as all the receptionists know my parents well (and knew we had no home phone).  They could have at least said, "Don't worry, it's nothing serious". >.<

David's bad ingrowing toenail had been getting much worse over the past few weeks and he finally decided it was time to get something done about it.  One small problem - we didn't know of any chiropodists in the local area, so he decided to check the Yellow Pages.  Soon he found one he liked the look of and gave them a call, walking to the porch so as to get better reception on the mobile and some privacy.  In the latter case, it was rather pointless as Mum and I could still hear every gruesome detail he was giving the bloke on the other end of the phone about his bad toenail.

"So I really need to get it seen to as soon as possible and get it cut down," he said.

There was a pause.

"Oh, I SEE!  So you're a CHIROPRACTOR!" David laughed.  Okay, I know the writing in the Yellow Pages is small but how does someone come to make that mistake?  Poor soul on the end of the phone needlessly being put through all the details of David's decaying toenail...  David did manage to find a real chiropodist after that though, and thankfully not when he had decided he needed someone to take a look at his spinal problem!

August 18th 2010

David had to change the company car so Mum and I got to have a wander around the shops in Uxbridge.  We found two of the G3 "Paint Your Own Ponies" sets in TKMaxx reduced to a very low price so I picked them both up as I'd been looking for some to actually paint.  Unfortunately, upon opening the boxes, I discovered that one Rainbow Dash had only three legs.  So obviously that set had to be returned.

We stopped at a Tesco petrol station on the way back and I picked up a couple more Dolly Mix Ponies; Minty (with yellow tail) and the elusive Lemon Drop.  Finally I had completed the first set for my friend!

We had a tub of Green & Black's ice cream which was a nice treat.  Much as I like Green & Black's chocolate, I think I still preferred the Haagen-Dasz ice cream.

David was not in the best of moods about Mum wanting ice cream at all.  He was claiming to be broke again (despite continuing to bring in large quantities of books and magazines for himself) and had just charged her for all kinds of ridiculous things - light switch covers (surely those should have come out of the loan he took out for Woodberry's renovations...well, if there was any money left after he'd given it all away to cowboy builders who remained un-challenged!) and even the postage on the gift he'd bought her the previous Christmas!

I had a simply awful dream.  My friend (not anyone I really know, by the way!) was urging me to move into a bungalow - she made out she was doing me a favour and had bought the place outright for me.  But when I got in there I discovered that the whole place was painted in bright yellow and had black carpets and that there was an evil Siamese cat named "Faith" who lived there who would scratch and bite anyone she came into contact with at every opportunity.  Over the course of the dream, "Faith" became a human baby who I was being forced to look after and raise by myself, meaning I couldn't get a job or emigrate until the kid grew up and moved out.  My "friend" insisted that the baby was mine even though I knew it wasn't.  She even went to the bother of going to some kind of concert (and bringing "Faith", who I had disowned by this point, also giving up my bungalow in the process!) and raising huge banners with my name and some bloke's name - the bloke was apparently her brother or something - insisting that the child was ours even though I'd never even met this guy.  Soon the whole crowd at the concert was jeering at me about what a heartless person I was to disown "Faith" and leave my "friend" (who was obviously the true mother) to look after her.

Can anyone say "disturbed"?  I just couldn't sleep properly on the floor!

Ugh, and then my blogging downfall.  Myspace "simplified" their privacy settings, meaning either my blog had to go private or my photographs had to go public.  Neither suited me.  So I ended up pondering what I should do for weeks and months on end before eventually giving up my Myspace, moving all my blog entries to Blogger and, well, the rest, as they say, is history.  Maybe someday I'll actually catch up.

But right now, I have to leave you again.  It's well past midnight and I really need to get some sleep.  Maybe now I can finally get back into the habit of daily blogging and actually get somewhere near to catching up in the next few months?  We'll see...

Thanks for reading!
Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx