Monday, 21 November 2011

This is Utterly Ridiculous...

I can never hope to catch up with my blog unless I start writing an entry every single night.  But I struggle to write blogs at all while there's no lighting in the only room with a table in this house.  And I have no time to write blogs during daylight hours due to having so much housework and other general day-to-day jobs.  So here I am, straining my eyes and struggling to write.  I will not give up, I will NOT.

August 29th 2010

I set my alarm clock for 6.45am... but it mysteriously didn't work.  Mum claimed she hadn't heard it either, although when I did finally wake up naturally it was quite obvious that she had been wide awake for sometime and was just desperately pretending to be asleep!  And I could have sworn that my alarm clock had moved...  So I do wonder if somebody switched it off before it had a chance to wake me up...

The truth of the matter was that she had been suffering for a migraine for four days and really didn't want to go to the Twinwood Festival, especially considering David's bad temper the previous day.

I did eventually convince her to go, but after all the delays and then getting lost on the way, we didn't arrive until 1.15pm.  Even after we arrived, we discovered that the car park was so far from the Arena that you had to wait for a small, old fashioned bus in order to proceed to the actual venue!

Even when we "arrived" we had to trek down a long mud path...

However, we still managed to have a really nice day (well, afternoon anyway!) despite the weather being really rotten for the most part.  God, the wind was horrific!  And it kept raining.  Happy British Summer, one and all!

Silly sidenote, but I'm playing my Myspace music playlist as usual and "Summer Holiday" just started playing after I typed that!  Yep, totally irrelevent, but I thought it was kind of amusing!  Please point me to a place in this country where "the sun shines brightly" OR "the sea is blue"?!  Certainly not Twinwood in August last year...

I tried to film a few things and the audio is so distorted by the high winds you'd think the people on stage were amateurs!  Believe me, they sounded a whole LOT better in real life!

Besides the main arena, there was a little market selling period clothing/jewellery etc., several interesting sheds filled with wartime exhibits, a couple of smaller stages, dance workshops...  I didn't take a whole lot of photos, but I'm going to be lazy and let the few I did take talk for themselves!

Mum and I were having a lovely time listening to the music (although I admit that it was getting a bit chilly as the day wore on!), but David was getting more and more agitated and finally announced grumpily that it was time to leave.  It was only about 6.30pm but as it was, he "wouldn't get to work until 11pm".  Oh,  horror!  David, it's the WEEKEND and you don't get paid for overtime!  Do they seriously expect him to never have any time off at all?  Funnily enough, it turned out that one of his colleagues was ALSO at the festival with his wife - although we never saw them - but THEY didn't leave early to get back to the office.  You have to wonder how much of it is David's choice to "work" these long hours.  Still, he started moaning at us that it's "not surprising that he's tired", as though it was unacceptable for us to have wanted to stay at the festival for so long. >.<

As it happened, he decided it was "too late" to go to work by the time we got back anyway so he just sulked and sat in front of the TV watching The Proms Rodgers and Hammerstein Concert.  Oh my goodness, Mum and I were in fits of giggles when Julian Ovenden started singing Soliloquy from Carousel.  Don't get me wrong, he is an excellent singer.  But those facial expressions... um... o_0  It's always good to see an actor taking the trade seriously but there comes a point at which you can push it too far in my opinion.

Ah, and I just found the very clip on Youtube... doesn't look quite as bad as I remembered it now, but you can still see why Mum and I would have found it funny at the time!  Crikey, even the wide eyes in the thumbnail demonstrate my point, I think.

August 30th 2010

Another early start for my standards...  6.30am.  Today was the day of the big Bank Holiday car boot sale at Epsom.  The alarm actually worked this time, maybe because poor Mum was still asleep herself!  I went straight upstairs and banged on the bathroom door to try and wake David up but got no response whatsoever.  Mum was finally able to get him up at 7am.

We got to the car boot just after 9am so a good half hour after it had opened.  Hence, I didn't hold out much hope for finding anything as I know lots of toy dealers descend on that place like a pack of vultures.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.

The whole lot cost me a grand total of £4.45.  It should have been £4.35 - Moosel was priced at 10p but I didn't have the right coin and the kid who sold him to me didn't give me any change.  And, being me, I was too embarrassed to argue over 10p. >.<  Usually David would argue for me, but he didn't come in with us as he didn't want to tire himself out before work, did he?  Well, it doesn't matter anyway... I ended up selling him on e-Bay for £8.00 so I call that a good deal.  In fact, I think I sold everything except the two ponies and Cheer Bear.  The latter is still looking for a new home but Care Bears don't appear to be very popular right now.

There was a whole stall of trolls there - box upon box of the things.  Someone selling off their collection, I guess.  But none of the type that Mum likes.  Typical!  There were also a few ponies I left behind - G1 Princess Sparkle without her cape, a wingless Heart Bright, a plush Pinkie Pie from one of those fairground claw grabbing machines and four of the saddest G3s I'd ever seen.  They had been completely coated in black acrylic paint.  It looked like some kid had dunked the lot of them in a vat of it.  Even their hair had black paint in it.  I felt like picking them up and restoring them to the best of my ability as it was so reminiscent of the MLP fanfiction I wrote in my childhood (the stories were basically about a band of evil humans who wanted to customise all MLPs with black paint and black hair... but yeah, but that's another story entirely!), but I didn't feel like giving the smug stallholder any money whatsoever.  What a cheek to even try to sell what is, at the end of the day, a lot of totally butchered toys.  I was struggling to even work out who they were under that sticky mess... Silver Song and Breezie were there along with a pony who could have been Cinnamon Breeze or Princess Peppermint... but I had no clue about the other poor girl whatsoever.

Next to Woodberry via Carpet Right.  We had to figure out which blue carpet would be best for the extension but oh boy, these carpet shops are SO generous with their samples!

Do YOU think this colour would suit the room?

It's just so easy to picture it covering the whole floor, right?

Thankfully not all carpet shops are so protective over their samples so with the aid of another larger sample we were able to make our decision...

Although I honestly have no clue which one we've got... they look so similar in the photograph!

I checked on my ponies and discovered they were getting pretty cold with nobody living there to regulate the temperature.  David's answer?  "Why don't you put them on their shelves?"  Um... besides the fact that there was still a lot of work to be done in the house and I didn't want the ponies covered in plaster dust, how would taking them out of their cardboard storage boxes make them any warmer?

We finally returned to Grottsville to eat breakfast at 3.15pm.  Mum happened to mention that I hadn't been to Morrisons to look for Dolly Mix Ponies for a while and David snapped at me that I was stupid to not have reminded him to go there on our way back.  Well, I was so hungry by that point I really didn't care whether Morrisons had a shelf full of the ponies or not!

Anyway, wasn't he supposed to be at work, not being paid?  Why yes, it would appear so.  His boss rang him to ask if he was at the office (please note, the boss was NOT working or would have known that he wasn't!), so he gave a big long apologetic explanation as to why he wasn't spending his whole weekend there.  Mum got mad and told him he was being taken for a fool working overtime for no extra money.  David then got angry with HER.  "Jacqui, I CAN'T count a couple of extra hours in the evening as overtime!  And there's been at least one Sunday in the last few weeks when I haven't worked at all!"

Mum pointed out that David's job was stopping all of us from leading a normal life.  For instance, the boot sales would all be ending for the year soon, and I'd hardly been to any soon.  "Well, they're not over YET, are they?  Why can't we go to one on the way to Tiptree?"  I had been wanting to go to Tiptree Tea Rooms and Visitor Centre since I love Tiptree jams... but I only wanted to pop in there on the way somewhere else.  I didn't want to make a day trip of going THERE"It's only a shop and cafe really, you know?" Mum pointed out.  "Really?  I thought it was a making thing..."  Nope, sorry David, it's not a "making thing".  Whatever a "making thing" might be... :P

August 31st 2010

Mum and I didn't leave the house.  I spent most of the day going through old Myspace blogs, trying to save all the photos I could and re-upload them.  It was heartbreaking to see how much had been lost at the hands of Tinypic and to see just how much of our lives had been wasted by the whole Sickton/Woodberry palava.

David was working far too hard - he didn't come in until 2.30am that morning and was out again until 9pm ("early", he said!) that night with only about four hours sleep in between.

When he did come in, he told us that the carpet layers were coming on "either Thursday or Friday" - he was too tired to say anymore though so he just rolled around the floor for a while before heading up to the bathroom for the night.

Mum still had a bit of a headache and we were both stressed as the saucepans (or whatever that mystery parcel was that we had missed) had not been re-delivered.  Further stress was caused by an irritating woman on e-Bay who expected me to end a load of items early - including items that already had bids! - who wouldn't take "no" for an answer and kept pestering me with further messages.  Who do these people think they are?!  And, just in case you guys were wondering, no, I didn't give in.  If she wanted the stuff, she could have always, oh, I don't know... placed a bid?

And, thankfully, I think that's it for this boring entry.  It's now 1.30am and I have to get up in a few short hours.  So I probably ought to get to bed if I want to get any sleep tonight!

If I don't write regular blog entries from this point on, please feel free to poke me with sticks.  I'm never going to catch up unless I dedicate an hour or two to it every night!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx