Monday, 26 December 2011

Someday soon we all will be together if the fates allow...

"Until then, we'll have to muddle through somehow..."

Well, this has been a cold and rather lonely Christmas.  However, thanks to a few of my amazing friends, it certainly was a much happier one than I had predicted.  If any of you are reading this, thank you again for your lovely cards and gifts.  I only pray that someday we all really will be closer together...

September 9th 2010

David came in at lunch time and took us to Woodberry to see the carpet fitter who had to measure the extension, family history room, stairs and landings in preparation for the next set of carpets.  I took the opportunity while we were over there to make my first ever v-log regarding my orthodontic treatment.  I think most of you have probably seen them all by now, but for those who haven't, this should give you a good laugh...

I don't look that bad in real life, I swear.  Even Mum says I look really ill and don't really look like myself in this video - my skin looks yellow due to bad lighting and my eyes... well, let's just say I look a bit like a crazed ogre.  Still, it makes me sad to look back on this now and see how much hair I still had at that point.  But that's another story...

After the carpet fitter left, Mum and I walked to West Ealing which was not a very pleasant experience.  The place was filled with exactly the kind of young men I can't stand who kept stopping in the middle of the street to leer at me, and on the way back we were scared by a mad woman on the other side of the road who was shouting random racist insults at nobody in particular as she walked along.  Wow, and I thought there were less nutcases around this area than in Grottsville.

David picked us up at 7pm and took us to Carpet Right to order the carpets for the measured rooms.  The sales assistant was a very nice young lady, if a bit daft, but she spoke with such a thick common accent that I could hardly understand what she was saying.  David was in an unpleasant mood though, and kept correcting her.  He accused her of overcharging him (which she hadn't) and kept fishing for a discount (as if she was in a position to give him one even if she'd wanted to!)

Then we went to Hounslow Asda to look for Ponyville Ponies which somebody had found in Asda priced at 50p each.  There were none to be found though, and they only had the first set of Dolly Mix Ponies there, so the pony hunt was an unsuccessful one all round.

After that, David dumped us back in Grottsville (where my allergies returned - wait for it - within five minutes!  And no, that's not an exaggeration.  I needed to get out of that place!) and returned to work.  Mum yelled at him that he would "give himself a heart attack" if he continued like this and he snapped at her that "she was the one giving him a heart attack by keeping on at him". *Sighs*

September 10th 2010

I had an exciting trip to Tesco (well, it was pretty exciting after so many days hardly leaving the house at all!)  It wasn't a very pleasant or successful shopping trip anyway - all Quorn products were supposedly on a 3 for 2 offer but when we got to the checkout we were told that the chicken-style slices were not included, so I had to run back and exchange them.  I wish they'd make the terms and conditions of their offers clear on the shelf signs rather than waiting until you get to the checkout to tell you!  And we couldn't buy any cabbage at all as they were all full of dead flies.  Yuck.

There was a gang of old drunks standing outside the door begging everyone for cigarettes - I was surprised that the security guard wasn't attempting to move them on... then I realised he was actually talking to them in a friendly fashion!  He obviously knew them and was happy for them to stand outside the shop and harass the customers.  Wow...

And finally, Mum was annoyed as she had told me to "get her something nice" so I got her strawberry trifles, but apparently "something nice" is code for "something I can eat for tea as a substitute for plain bread" (like a bun or a roll) in Jacqueline language.  Well, why didn't you say so?

I was so tired from so many sleepless nights on the floor with my allergies that I kept tripping over in the shop too.  David didn't even notice until I really almost fell flat on my face and cried out, then he snapped at me, "What's up?  Your teeth don't stick out!"  Huh?  My ugly teeth weren't making me fall over!

I had a bath and got extremely distressed by my hair loss again.  But I was still convinced that it was just generally unhealthy and that my problem could be cured with a haircut.  I just needed to find a hairdresser I could trust...

I listened to the latest episode of "Voiceprint with Trevor Devall and Guests" which really cheered me up.  Although I was sad to hear that Tony Sampson has left the voice acting business - I have been a huge fan of Tony since my childhood (I first heard him as the voice of Teddy in My Little Pony Tales) so I will be sad to never hear him in anything again.

Sam Vincent mentioned the fact that he had been working on a "revamp of a very popular 1980s show" and my heart skipped a beat, thinking immediately of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Perhaps the cast would still be Vancouver-based, after all, with Tara Strong just being a cast in the lead role as a "big name" in the voice acting business.  And I had always wanted to hear Sam Vincent in MLP... hearing his voice in the show might even allow me to ignore the fact I hated the art style!  But, alas, as I discovered later, Sam was actually talking about Voltron Force... I do believe I've heard him as a guest star in FiM a couple of times though.

September 11th 2010

Despite it being a saturday, I woke up at 9am to the sound of David leaving for work.  Having been on the floor for so long, I had an awful chest pain...probably the worst yet.  I was in a terrible panic and cried out from the pain but again was ignored.  I guess I had become like the boy who cried wolf... I'd been growing sicker for so long that now it was getting really bad, nobody was taking me seriously.

David came in at around 1pm to take me to the post office in Ealing Broadway in order to ship the three Puppy in my Pocket playsets that I had sold.  He claimed that he had plenty of time to spare having already given his employers so many hours of unpaid overtime over the past few days, but for someone who was "not in a rush" he was shouting and screaming at all the other drivers to move faster and muttering angrily and impatiently about the football.

He told me I "could go in any shops I wanted to" but I was rushed through HMV and was not allowed time to queue up and buy a t-shirt I fell in love with in TK Maxx.  He then dragged me straight back to Grottsville without doing any of the other jobs he promised to do.

He gulped down a slice of bread and butter and quickly called around the door, "It's too dark to look at carpet colours, isn't it?"  He didn't wait for a reply before dashing back to work without even getting us any chips for dinner.  He was still there at 2am when Mum and I went to sleep...

September 12th 2010

It was a lovely sunny sunday, but there was no chance of a boot sale.  David spent most of the day at work again.  He did come home briefly to take me to Queensbury Morrisons on a Dolly Mix hunt.  It was no good though - there were just two boxes of the old Dolly Mix Ponies which I left there.  How was I ever to complete these sets for people?

And then to Woodberry to look at the carpet samples we had.  I had to use the bathroom there and David (who was still "not in a rush") kept calling me angrily.  By the time I managed to get back downstairs - a whole five minutes later - the carpet samples had been rolled up and put back in the car so I never even got to see them!

Then he rushed us back to Grottsville before taking off back to work for the rest of the day and night.

My breathing troubles were getting worse and worse.  I was wheezing each time I breathed out now, but David chose to ignore me and still failed to see any urgency in moving house.  I was really beginning to think that I might die in Grottsville while David continued to work for no money and caused more and more delays.

Mum rang him up at work to tell him that he HAD to get a move on and get me out of that place.  But he just made some nasty comment (which he later claimed was a joke) that "perhaps he'd die and leave me some money, then I'd be happy".  Why would I be happy?  I don't want anyone to die, and money would be no good to me.  Certainly not the amount he has to leave anyone!  As I say, I was far more concerned that I would be the one to die before I ever got anywhere.  Anyway, he got rid of Mum after five minutes.  Apparently, her phone calls are "the reason he's always out so late"!

I listed a lot of stuff on e-Bay and discovered that one of my "non-paying bidders" from the last set of listings HAD paid two days previously, but I hadn't received an e-mail notification for some reason!  Well, at least I learned a valuable lesson - you can't trust Paypal to send notifications so you must remember to check your Paypal account as well as your e-mails!

And there you go, another blog written.  Phew, if I keep up at this rate, I should catch up in about six months!  If I disappear again, give me a kick and demand another entry, okay?

Best wishes, and thanks for reading,
Desirée  xxx

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sleep tight tonight...

"Christmas day is almost here, morning light is oh, so near..."
Aww, childhood memories!  I always had my photograph taken in front of the Christmas tree with my stocking and a toy carrot (don't ask!) on the night before Christmas, but we haven't even had a tree the past two years and my stocking is hidden away at the storage depot so the tradition could not continue.

By the time this is published and people are reading, it will be/have been Christmas day for most of us.  So MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY!  I hope it brought everything you wished for and that you got to spend plenty of quality time with your loved ones.

September 7th 2010

An exciting day spent indoors.  David hadn't come in from work until 3am that morning and had, of course, disturbed Mum and I by opening the door and letting the icy breeze sweep through our floor-beds.  He woke us up bright and early in the morning too to ask Mum for more details on the ponies we had bought at Sainsburys the previous day (Mum had decided she wanted another set to give to Abigale and Kiera for their birthdays).

I panicked when I woke up and realised I couldn't breathe as my nose and throat were completely congested again thanks to my terrible dust allergies.  I cried out (although it sounded more like a gurgle really) in distress but David only shouted cheerfully over the top of me, "See you!"

I had a quick bath and used the Body Shop mango body scrub I had bought for myself in Watford a few weeks previously.  I would recommend it but it was rather oily.  Probably a better product to use in a shower where it's easier to rinse off the oily residue...but then I think that's the case with most sugar-based body scrubs!

I spent most of the day trying to save what photos remained in my old Myspace blogs.  I was still upset to see just how many pictures I'd lost due to them being deleted by  I'd never use them as a photo host again, that's for sure!

We were in desperate need of shopping and had no tea - yes, we'd picked up the essentials like bread and milk at Sainsburys the day before, but we couldn't carry everything (like heavy drinks and tins, for instance) back by hand.  David didn't bring the shopping he had bought on his way to work back at lunchtime as he had promised either.  But then it transpired that he'd only bought Lucozade and the two ponies anyway, so even if he HAD brought the shopping, we still would have gone hungry.
He was in a fowl mood.  He rang Mum from work specifically to start an argument, it seemed.  First he was ranting at her for daring to mention going searching for carpets as she "knew we couldn't afford a carpet for the front room", then he changed his argument and started ranting at her for not having chosen a carpet colour yet!  She has "caused all the delays by not choosing colours yet"... but he never had time off work to go to any shops and look for the remaining carpets!

He said we should "live over there and sit on and eat off of the floor". (As there was no furniture there).  Well, how can you sit on an un-carpetted floor for any length of time?  Oh, and Mum "never goes shopping herself"!  Well, we had been shopping just the previous day.  Mum had a terrible chill from walking home in the rain to prove it!  This is another reason Mum and I usually avoid doing anything.  The more we prove we can do for ourselves, the more he resents doing anything for us.  And it's so much easier for him to get the shopping with his car than it is for us having to walk and carry it all by hand.

I forgot to set the timer to record Steve Lus on Five Live's "Up All Night"... And I do so love my weekly Canadian news round-up (not that I don't listen to the CBC news all week, of course... and it couldn't be anything to do with getting that gorgeous accent on tape for posterity, could it?!)  Anyways, whatever my reasons for taping it, I forgot to do so.  But Mum realised I could listen to it on the BBC i-player.  So thank you, Mum!

I started watching the English dub of Hamtaro on Youtube.  It was in nasty quality and there were a lot of episodes missing though so I ended up giving up on the series some weeks later, deciding I'd wait until I could afford a DVD with the entire series in higher quality.  I still haven't got around to saving up and doing so yet though!

September 8th 2010

Mum was stressed out (it's always worse the days we don't leave the house), and decided to take it out on me, keeping me awake until 2am.  I don't remember how it started - I think I was depressed that I had missed my last chance to get into Woodberry's local college and was worrying about my future as usual.  I seem to recall saying something to myself along the lines of "I've got to get out of here!" as I settled down on the floor, fully believing that Mum was already asleep.

But apparently she wasn't.

"I don't need to hear this from you - you don't know the half of it!"  She then went into a great string of financial details about how we were too broke to move house (obviously David had set her off worrying by complaining that we couldn't afford a carpet for the front room).  She then started putting me down about how I was just a "silly little kid who didn't understand money" and explaining to me what a mortgage was (as if I didn't know?!) in a derogatory fashion.  It actually turned out that I knew more about our mortgages and the loan David took out to get the work done on Woodberry than she did which infuriated her further and set her off screaming at me for another fifteen minutes or so. o_0

As I finally put my head down on my pillow in a desperate attempt to try and sleep, I lost a small handfull of hair and started worrying about that again...  At that time I figured it was probably a combination of stress (well, my stress levels were higher than ever after all that shouting!) and ill health from continuing to sleep on the floor in all this dust.  "What have they done to me?" I cried to myself.

"'THEY' haven't done anything to you!" Mum yelled.  "You're 19 - you can bl**dy well go if that's what you want!"
"Go where exactly?"
I said, bearing in mind my lack of education and qualifications.

"Anywhere!" she snapped.  "Sleep on the street until they give you a flat - plenty of people do it!"
"Oh, for God's sake!  I can't do that - I'd never have the chance to emigrate if I had that on my records!"  And anyway, why SHOULD I end up sleeping on the streets when I know I could have got a decent job if only I'd been permitted a chance at education like the rest of the population?

"So what are you going to do?  Wait for David to pay for your education?!"  Well, there really was no answer to that - I don't expect anyone to pay for my education even if it is their fault that I didn't get it for free like any other teenager, and I don't know where to go to get education at my age anyway.  So I just remained silent and cried myself to sleep again.  Whatever is to become of me?

Even after I'd got to sleep, I was disturbed once again.  David came in at 3am again and it would appear that Mum was still awake and lying in wait for him.  I was awoken by shouting and smashing in the hall as she dashed out there, yelling at him and fell flat on her face!

I was already full of allergies and feeling physically sick with all the phlegm by that point and I couldn't get back to sleep.  A wonderful night all round really.

We didn't leave the house again that day.  Wow, what an exciting, happy blog entry this is turning out to be!

I found this Fairy Tails Birds commercial on Youtube and gosh, the singer sounds so familiar.  Mum wondered if it was Janyse Jaud but I don't believe Janyse was doing voice overs that long ago.  Opinions, please?  Does anyone else recognise her?

And I think I shall sign off on that note.  It's the early hours of Christmas morning, I wanted to have a bath and now our heating has packed up so there will be no hot water.  Why does it always have to pack up on a public holiday?  I fear we're all going to freeze to death tomorrow now!  Hope your day turns out better than ours!

Best wishes, and thanks for reading,
Desirée  xxx

Saturday, 24 December 2011

It seems I spoke too soon...

So much for setting me free.  The people around me have once more decided that everyone in the outside world is evil and dangerous, especially those who talk about getting me out of this dump.  Apparently the mere mention of such a thing is "threatening and overpowering" behaviour.  How can someone so "horrible, little and ugly" have the cheek to say such things anyway?  Well, for your information, I have never been one to judge people on appearance and instead choose to look at what's in their hearts.  Also, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is it not?  Oh well, how lucky for them that my hair loss is getting too bad to even meet up with anyone - you can feel content in the knowledge that with no education and a bald head, I will have no choice but to sit in this dark prison forever.

But God, I'm lonely right now.  It's two days before Christmas, but it sure doesn't feel like it.  My parents are both asleep on different floors and snoring loudly.  We have no decorations besides those I've been allowed to put up in my bedroom and we're not even supposed to mention Christmas.  Each card we receive is thrown in the bin with utter disgust and the two gifts Mum was given by old friends were opened immediately, re-wrapped, and exchanged between those same two friends!  She doesn't believe in giving or receiving gifts anymore.  I am thankful to my wonderful friends (including the "threatening and overpowering" one!) for the gifts they have sent me - I have not opened them yet, in order to exchange them and send them back to different friends (!) so I don't know what lies beneath the pretty paper and it honestly doesn't matter.  It sounds cliché but it really is the thought that counts to me and I truly appreciate your kindness.  Your gifts are standing in my room below my tinsel-adorned shelves and they remind me that yes, Christmas is going ahead outside of this house, and the spirit of the holiday season is still alive as families and friends gather together to spend time with those they love.

I kind of wish I'd done as I wanted to and booked myself into a hotel in Vancouver over the holidays now.  Of course, I'd still have been desperately lonely as I wouldn't have been rude enough to put myself on my friends in the middle of a big family get together, however often they insisted I was welcome to do so.  But at least I could have walked down Davie Street, "crossed the line" and "put myself at risk" by popping into that clothing store today as I have dreamed of doing countless times over the past four years... <3

My God, my blog is becoming an outlet for mushy nonsense!  I'll have to rename it "Desirée's Glorified Romantic Novel" before too long!  Maybe David will even add it to his Mills & Boon collection!  Nah, take that back.  I draw the line at writing explicit stuff to draw the crowds.  And the lack of that content makes me "inexperienced, naive and vulnerable around men", you know?  (It couldn't be that I just don't obsess about that stuff like other people seem to, could it?)  But don't worry, a young English boy of my own kind of age will cure that!  Well heck, I actually feel far more intimidated by these rowdy, sex-mad youngsters than I do by real men... but whatever.

Sorry, I've had a bad couple of days.  Onwards with the catch-up blogging!

September 5th 2010

David finally went to the launderette.  And here we have a perfect example of why I hated using that place and why my clothes always came back feeling dirtier than when they had been taken down there...

That yellowed thing was wrapped in my sock (as was the hair but I realise now that was my own which was starting to shed at an alarming rate).  Mum tried to convince me that it was "just a piece of sweetcorn" but it looked suspiciously like a tooth to me.  It was also rather hard to be a piece of soggy sweetcorn.  Another thing of a similar size and shape flew out of the bag and straight down the bath's plug hole when I pulled another item of clothing from the laundry bag...  Creepy.

We briefly stopped by the annual festival at one of Woodberry's local parks - it was a lot bigger than the previous year with lots of stalls selling both new and second hand goods, a dog show and various other events in the "arena", pony rides for the kids and a large Dalek rolling around chasing everybody!  You know, all the things you'd expect at a small festival of this kind.  Mum kept well clear of one of the tables as she recognised her old friend's son desperately trying to sell copies of the book he'd just written.  God, he was running after people and harassing them, practically demanding they buy one!  Talk about desperate!

There were some adorable fakie MLP keyrings on one of the tables but I realised I didn't have space to keep all the stuff I already have, without bringing more junk in on the scene!  It was hard to resist at only 10p each though!  There were also some 1980s Care Bears placemats there at 75p a piece, but I have a few of those already that I haven't been able to sell.  Plenty of interest, but it costs so much to ship something of that size.  Oh well...

Then we dashed off to Carpet Right.  David got in a bad mood about standing in the queue as he became convinced that the staff were serving people who had arrived after us before him (they weren't, it was just one couple who were taking FOREVER to figure out which carpet they were trying to order...)  Anyway, he stormed out of the shop and refused to order the blue carpet for the extension or even look at the maroon carpets Mum and I were considering for the stairs and landings.

He rushed us back to Grottsville, revealing the real reason he was in such a hurry.  He had to get back to work as Gary (one of his colleagues) kept calling him, wanting help.  In fact, even between the festival and carpet shop, he had made us sit in the car outside his office while he took some figures into Gary... not a pleasant experience, not least because Mum and I both got terrified by a frosty faced red-haired woman who was staring at us from the opposite office window.  She was dead still and just kept glaring and glaring... then we realised that she was a cardboard cut-out!  Ahh, so now we know why she looked so spooky and non-human.

My allergies were getting ever worse and I also had a bad headache for the best part of the day... for that reason, I was quite glad that we had been rushed away from the park festival.  Loud pop music being played through huge speakers is such a great cure for a headache, right?

September 6th 2010
Mum and I walked to the post office early in the morning (if just to prove we weren't "too precious" to do so!) to post three e-Bay parcels.  But I was so scared about Scar Face and his cronies appearing at the window as they had done the last time I'd been to the post office that I forgot to request proof of posting.  Thankfully the three parcels got to their buyers safely, but it was yet another huge cause of stress at the time.

Then, since we were already out, Scar Face hadn't appeared, and David never had time to do the shopping for us as he was always at work, Mum decided we should walk all the way to Sainsburys to buy bread and milk.  I'm pleased we did though as I found these two reduced to £3.89 each...

I was not a huge fan of G3.5s for most of the time that they were in the shops, but once the G4s were announced and I realised I liked those even less, I was rather sad not to have got more of these for my MLP herd.  So it was nice to be able to pick up a couple relatively cheaply.  I love Super Long Hair Rainbow Dash - I think she's probably my favourite G3.5 in my collection!

There was a horrible rowdy gang of young hoodies gathered in the Sainsburys car park who I really didn't like, but at least Scar Face didn't make his appearance across the road until after we got back.

The heavens also decided to open on our way back from Sainsburys and we got soaked to the skin.  Even the ponies' boxes got drenched (I'm surprised you can't see more of the water damage in the photos - thank goodness I'm not a MIB collector!)  Truth be told, I was quite relieved to have a refreshing shower though!  I refused to leave the house in that area without wearing a heavy coat due to all the perverts staring at me and I had well and truly overheated practically to the point of collapse!

Well, that wasn't too successful - only about half of what I'd hope to write in a normal blog entry!  But it's really late (or should that be early) and I'm going dizzy with tiredness so I'm going to sign off now.

I will blog again tomorrow though, I promise!  It should help to get me through the "Christmas blues" I always seem to experience at this time of year!

Thanks for reading, guys, and happy holidays!
Desirée  xxx

Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Greatest Sacrifice...

"She needs to escape even if I cannot..."

It's hard to let go of someone you're close to, be it your old friend when you move on to other things, a sick pet when you have to have him or her put to sleep, or your own child when they leave home... or maybe a mixture of the three since I always considered my pets to be both my best friends and my children!  And yet sometimes the kindest thing you can do for another living creature is to acknowledge when it's time for that parting of ways; stop holding them back and allow them the freedom they need to grow.  That's true love.

Ugh, enough of the mushy stuff...  After another month off, I really need to get cracking with catch-up blogging!

September 1st 2010
Mum and I didn't leave the house.  Wow, this blog is off to a fascinating start!  David was continuing to work ridiculously long hours for no extra money which meant we also suffered.

When he eventually did come in at 11pm, he turned straight around and went to Asda alone to buy new shirts as he "has nothing to wear".  In other words, he wanted to save money by going to the launderette less often.  But I was already down to two extremely raggy t-shirts which were even remotely wearable (the sleeves had actually fallen off of most of the others! o_0) so I needed them washed at least weekly!  We needed to move house so that I could start wearing my nicer t-shirts (I refused to send those to the dirty launderette where everything got covered in oil and other nasty things, plus it really didn't seem right to start wearing nicer clothes for everyday while I was still living down on the dirty carpet beetle-infested floor!) but David just couldn't seem to see any urgency in anything other than doing unpaid overtime for his crooked employers.

Meanwhile, I was getting sicker and sicker.  My allergies were horrendous and I felt so ill that I couldn't even think straight.  In fact, I ended up walking right into the bathroom door...then a big lump came up on my forehead!  Yes, it sounds funny in retrospect, but it wasn't at the time, believe me.

We had a letter from Parcel Force to tell us that the missing saucepans had been taken back to the depot.  What?!  Okay, we missed them once, but they hadn't even attempted to re-deliver them!  Oh well, at least they weren't lost.

Starrypawz posted a thread on the MLP Arena which was of particular interest to me.  She had seen a kiddie carousel at a travelling funfair with two MLP toys on it...
Hope she won't mind me sharing her photos here.

Okay, as is so often the case with these kiddie carousels, the toys obviously started their lives as coin operated rides.  Well, since coin operated rides are a big interest of mine alongside MLPs, I would have been very interested anyway... but my interest peaked when I realised I recognised these very ponies...

These photos were taken at Adventure Island in Southend-on-Sea in September 1996.  Okay, so some of you are probably thinking, " these ponies are painted in the same colours as the ones on the carousel?  So what?  How do you know they're the same ones?"  Okay, I can't prove they're the same ones but there are some pretty good indications that they are.

First off, most of these MLP rides were made by The Kiddie Ride Co. here in London.  They made them in two different colour variations; pink with blue hair and Starlight's symbol and blue with yellow hair and Sweetheart's symbol.  The pink one seems to be more common in this country, while the blue one seems more common overseas (these rides were exported to the US and Australia in quite large numbers).  From what little I have been able to find out about Kiddie Ride Co., the company were not in business for very long and only manufactured rides between 1993-1995.  Although I have not been able to find any conclusive evidence of what happened to them, a lot of their rides magically began being manufactured by Jolly Roger Amusement Rides in the mid-90s so I'm guessing JR took over KRC in some shape or form.  I have no photographic evidence, but when I began taking more notice of who maufactured coin operated rides, I distinctly remember seeing the JR plates on the two Southend MLPs.  There was a year written below the logo on the base too...either 1995 or 1996, while all the pink and blue MLP rides have a 1994 copyright date.  The Southend ponies were the only non-pink/blue MLP rides I ever saw, and disappeared from Adventure Island around 2003/04.

Secondly, take note of the other toys on the carousel...  Now have a couple more photos taken at Adventure Island in September 1996 and September 1997 respectively...

I have no individual photo of him but you can see Donald Duck in the background of some of my photos too.  I believe I can see a little boat alongside Donald too which looks very much like a boat named "Little Duke" which gave me many a happy ride at Adventure Island during the 90s.  I think we can safely say that this kiddie carousel was a retirement home for some of my coin operated "old friends" from Adventure Island!  I only wish that I had got the chance to see it with my own eyes...  I think I would have cried a few tears of nostalgia there!

The original thread can be found here:

Ahem... I got a little carried away there, didn't I?  Sorry, guys!  Back to the story!

I found out that the rumours flying around regarding the latest Barbie movie, "Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale" were horribly true.  Kelly Sheridan was no longer the voice of Barbie and had been replaced by an AWFUL impersonator, Diana Kaarina.  WTH, Mattel?  I could understand "changing the voice to move with the times" if you really wanted Barbie to sound different for some reason - this wouldn't be the first or last time that had happened.  But Diana is so obviously trying to impersonate Kelly and failing dismally.  I mean, if you want Kelly's voice, wouldn't it make sense to, oh, I don't know, continue hiring Kelly?  Apparently not. I really couldn't believe the atrocious sound I was hearing.  I wouldn't have even continued listening except for the fact that they still had some other wonderful voice talent in the movie...Tabitha St.Germain, for instance.  She stole the spotlight with her role as Alice and left Diana looking (or should I say sounding?) like an amateur.  But seriously, in comparison to previous Barbie movies, Fashion Fairytale looked and sounded like a cheap immitation.  The animation had really gone downhill - it looks "clunky" somehow and don't even get me started on Barbie's face!

Mum and I did some clearing up.  She cleaned the kitchen cupboards out - most of our kitchen cupboards weren't even filled with kitchen appliances or food-related items, just random junk which had nowhere else to go!  I cleaned up two MLP Show Stables (which, in case you were wondering, were part of the junk in one of the kitchen cupboards!) to sell but I haven't been able to re-home them as of yet.  They do have some accessories but neither is complete or in particularly good condition.  I don't have a set price in mind for them though, so if you want one of them, please make me an offer! (Yes, shameless advertising, I know, but I really need to get rid of these things!)

I've had them both since my childhood so I'm quite sad to be selling them, but I have nowhere to store them so I have to let them go...  Please somebody, give them a good home!

And, just for laughs, here's an example of how men never seem to be on the same wavelength as the women they're talking to.  A short snippet of conversation between Mum and David...

David: "I want to get to the place where we can have two or three nights away!"We both assumed he meant Woodberry - we couldn't leave Grottsville overnight without risk of somebody breaking in, after all, so moving house would finally allow us to be able to go away for the night.  Yes, David was finally taking things seriously and actually WANTED to get on with moving!
Mum: "So do I."David: "What place?" (Um... YOU were the one who mentioned it, so you must know what place you're talking about!)
Mum (speaking in a puzzled tone): "I don't know, you tell me what place."David: "York."
Ahh... I might have known you were just fantasising about a place you'd like to go for two or three nights, rather than thinking sensibly about how to get to a situation where we might be able to actually go there, David.  Why York, anyway?  How random!  What on Earth would he want to do in York for three or four days?!

September 2nd 2010

David very unwillingly took me to Morrisons.  Apparently I should "go on the bus".  Well, not only would I not leave the house from Grottsville since Scar Face had followed me home that day, but however much would it cost me to take three buses each way to Morrisons?  I could kiss goodbye to any profit I'd be making on the Dolly Mix, and I'd probably have lost a lot of money too.

Well, it looked like I was going to lose money on these things anyway.  I ended up with another thirteen duplicates from the first set and not a single pony from the elusive second set.  How was I ever going to find enough for everyone who had asked me to get them a set?  And whatever was I going to do with all the surplus ponies from the first set?!

Then to Woodberry in order to clear the hobby room and bathroom in preparation for the new carpets to be laid.  David started another of his crazy arguments while we were there.  Why did Mum want to "waste money" by getting two sofas, one for the extension and one for the front room?  Why couldn't she just drag it between the two rooms each time she wanted to go and sit elsewhere?  Yes, seriously, he said that.  That's my crazy father for you.

All my e-Bay listings ended and I learned an interesting fact - Wuzzles books attract lots of unwanted attention from some of the strangest people on the planet.  Firstly, those women in Australia who I mentioned before in this blog.  They wanted to buy all of my Wuzzles books for their pregnant friend who apparently wanted the books for her newborn baby... they went to all the bother of asking for combined shipping and getting us to take the books to the post office to be weighed, responded saying they were still interested and thank you very much for all my help, blah blah blah...then they didn't bid on a single book or even write to me after the auctions ended to say "Oops, we forgot the auctions - do you still have any of the books?" (which I did have, by the way)

Then, seven minutes from the end of the auctions, a very strange man in Northamptonshire who went by the name of Shane decided he wanted to know what combined shipping would be on two of the books!  I dashed to get a quote, discovered that I could ship a second book in the same envelope for no extra cost and quickly wrote back to tell him so.  His response?  "ok...thank you!"  But did he bid?  No, of course not!  What the...

According to my blog notes, I "only sold fifteen items" which was the lowest ever total but "better than nothing".  Gosh, Desirée, don't get greedy!  These days I'd be happy to sell fifteen items!

Mum and I both had baths...seperately, may I add!  I used my Lush Butterball ballistic.  Ugh, never again!  I wouldn't say I disliked it (I loved the scent and it was a lovely relaxing bath) but it was so oily - not to be too graphic, but let's just say my razor was rendered useless by all the oil trapped in the blades! - and it stained the bath.  I actually ended up having to empty and re-fill the bath as the water was just too oily...and then there was no hot water left!  I also found a stray piece of cellophane inside the ballistic.  How did that get there?!  Not one of my favourite Lush baths, I must admit...

September 3rd 2010

David refused to turn the TV off until 2am meaning we couldn't go to floor-bed until after that.  He was in a bad mood with us for asking to go to floor-bed even at that time and went out to work without even speaking to us in the morning.  This caused us to oversleep and when we finally did wake up at 10am, I was totally unable to clear my airways due to my severe allergies.  Sure, I was getting extremely overtired from never being able to get a full eight hours sleep but it was still better to be tired than to have that awful panic when you wake up and realise you can't breathe.

He did come back from work at lunchtime to take us to Woodberry so that we could oversee the laying of the carpets in the hobby room and bathroom.  But even with us being there, the idiots managed to scratch all the skirting boards with the underside of the carpets and get two huge handprints on the walls!  Is there not one competent workman in this country?

I walked to the three charity shops around the corner for a breath of fresh air.  The trip was not very successful as I got spooked by two very loud and rowdy thugs who I became certain were stalking me.  In fact, I actually stayed in one of the charity shops until they had passed!  And I got approached by a creepy little kid who kept telling me how much he liked flutes and asking me if I played the flute and telling me how he liked flutes and asking if I had a flute, and telling me how pretty flutes were, and asking me if I'd ever seen a flute and...  Yeah, you get the idea.  And all with an expression on her face that made you think she was going to eat you.  Where were her parents anyway?  Well, on a happier note, I found a troll for Mum's collection.  It wasn't a Dam one, it was made by Uneeda... It has orange hair and wears a weird little hand-knitted dress.  But still, it was a troll and it's the thought that counts, right?  Mum certainly seemed happy that I'd thought of her anyway.

Anyways, back to the carpets... I guess you'll be wanting to see those, right?  Well, the photos I took are not very fair representations of the colours anyway... it was a VERY bright day and the bathroom is such a small room that it was hard to stand back far enough to take photos.  But you can see what photos I did take if you like...


Hobby Room

After the carpet layers had left, Mum and I went for a walk in the park.  It was nice just to take a stroll and see the birds for once, something we didn't have the opportunity to do in Grottsville.  But Mum didn't enjoy herself as she realised her eyesight had declined to a point where she couldn't see the ducks on the pond and she started getting stressed out and ranting at me how I was causing her too much stress.

Basically, as you know, I had decided that I would have to go through with the orthodontic treatment complete with drastic jaw surgery... but there was no way I could go through a procedure like that while I was still sleeping on the floor and suffering from all these breathing problems.  Inspired by the lovely and talented Kelly Sheridan who was making a series of very informative v-logs about her own orthodontic treatment, I had decided to make my own series of v-logs covering my own orthodontic treatment.  There was nowhere to film myself in Grottsville so I was going to make the v-log while we were over at Woodberry...but I didn't get round to it.  Anyway, I happened to mention the v-log to Mum and she went wild.  She knew very well that I was just waiting to move house to go ahead with the treatment and yet the mere mention of it reduced her to screaming, panicking, yelling at me levels.  So basically the whole walk was ruined as a result.

I was so run down with all my allergies and the health problems that went with them by this point that I was totally exhausted after the long day at Woodberry.  But Mum insisted I went to Tesco with David at 11pm that night to "help him".  I don't know how he managed to keep such long hours - he was also sleeping on the floor, after all, but I guess he didn't have the breathing trouble that I had.

I wanted some help with packing my e-Bay parcels when we got back but - guess what? - David was "too tired" to help me so the job would have to be finished the following morning...

September 4th 2010

David had a morning off work to take Mum to the doctor.  There was a huge list of jobs to be done, but he had absolutely no interest in getting any of them done.  He just sat in the loo until the very last minute, then drove Mum to the doctors' surgery in a rush.  The doctor had more cheerful news, telling Mum that she has grade 3 arthritis and "the knees of a 75-year-old"... Oh, and she'd gained 9 kilos in a year.  Well, how was she supposed to lose weight in an area where she couldn't exercise?  And how is a woman with arthritis supposed to continue sleeping on a hard, cold floor.

David went all the way to the Parcel Force depot to collect the saucepans...but he decided the queue was too long to bother!  Well, by the time he had to drive back there a second time, he might as well have queued up in the first place!

He did post the seven e-Bay parcels I'd managed to get packed up anyway.  It turned out that I had underestimated on the shipping costs for some Happy Meal Toys and I actually ended up losing 22p on them!  Agh!  And then, feeling as ill as I did, I became convinced that I had shipped a parcel to the wrong address.  After about half an hour of panicking, I realised that it was the parcel that David had addressed so that was why I didn't recognise the address.

Then he took us to Woodberry to pick up the chipped drawer from my desk and took it back to Daniels.  They wanted to give us £10 compensation and for us to accept the damage, but I refused.  It was a huge (and very noticeable) chip right in the front of the drawer.  David was angry with me for refusing their "generous offer" and made it quite clear that he disagreed with me... all highly embarrassing.

He was in a fowl mood by the time we got back to the car.  "Look at the time - I'm going to be late to work now!" he yelled, and dragged us straight back to Grottsville.  So he obviously didn't have time to go to the launderette again. (He did have time to spend another hour in the bathroom though!)  I was getting desperate now.  I didn't even have any clean underwear to wear.  But apparently that was my fault too.  "You won't do anything - you won't go to the door and you're both too precious to walk up and down the road!"  Well, I admit I hated going to the door dressed in these raggy t-shirts which were literally falling off of me, but I still DID go to the door.  Yes, I'd missed the saucepans but that was a one off.  And Mum and I had been walking to the post office up until Scar Face and his cronies had followed me home that day.  There was no way I was walking anywhere near those creeps again after that.  I pointed this out to him and he said that he would "drive me to Woodberry one lunch time so that I could walk to the post office".  Uh... well, if you were going to drive all the way back here, wouldn't it be easier to just walk into the post office yourself?  Crazy man.  And we have "never walked to the launderette ourselves".  He seems to forget that after the washing machine broke back when I was nine or ten, I carried the heavy bag of laundry to the launderette all by myself twice a week.  That went on for three or four years, then he decided he wanted to cut it down to once a week and I couldn't carry such a heavy bag (and Mum has never been good at carrying things).  I reminded him that he had to postpone my orthodontist appointment AGAIN as it was coming up in a week and we still weren't moved so I obviously couldn't go.  "Why not?"  he asked, seeming genuinely puzzled.  Could he really not see how ill I was in that place?

In another bid to save money, David had decided to bulk buy milk while it was reduced.  It was dated August 26th and was beginning to really stink... but I still had to get through five pints of it!  Yuck.  Next time why don't we try cutting down on the Mills & Boon collection in order to save money, eh?

Phew, and that just about covers those four days!  Now please, guys, kick me if I don't get another blog written tomorrow, okay?  I'm sixteen months behind, for goodness sake!  I really need to get into a routine of writing at least this much every day, or I stand no chance of ever catching up!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx