Thursday, 12 January 2012

More ramblings from the year before last...

Yeah, I can't believe I've got so far behind either!  But I'm determined to change that and catch up...somehow.

September 17th 2010

David finally came out of the bathroom at 2pm when we went to Waterforce (a local bathroom shop) to look at fittings for the new taps in Woodberry's bathroom.

Then onto West Ealing where we got some jigsaws in 99p Stores for my nephew and nieces as "extra" Christmas gifts to go along with their main presents.  The real reason to go to West Ealing was to get in the PDSA charity shop where Mum had seen some calendars and similar items she thought would make nice Christmas gifts for people.  But the shop was closed for lunch!  Just across the street, there was a HUGE charity shop set to open where a clothing store had closed down a few weeks previously.  They were obviously still in the process of setting up (although there was nobody currently working inside) and the signs in the window didn't say when they would open for business.  But the windows were full of toys, including lots of 1980s Care Bears with 50p price tags already attached!  Ugh, so annoying - they were so close but there was no way to buy them!  They had the cutest plush unicorn who I would have loved to have brought home with me sitting on an armchair in the window too.  But again, I had no clue when the shop was going to open and since I had no way to get there from Grottsville, I knew the chances of being there just at the right time to snatch up those Care Bears were very slim.

Next to Ealing Broadway to buy Dove grey paint.  Mum and I had a wander around the other shops while David bought the paint.  I bought a nice Daisy Duck t-shirt in TKMaxx for £7.99, then we walked around the charity shops.  I saw Applejack in the FARA Kids shop, but there was no way I was going to rescue her with a price tag of £1.20 around her neck!  We had just gone into the Oxfam Music shop (where I wanted to have a look at the old VHS tapes and DVDs) when David rang us up and ordered us back to the car park.

We headed to Carpets4Less after that but Mum no longer liked the vinyl she had seen before and we couldn't find any carpets for the remaining rooms that needed them.

Finally we went to Sainsburys where Lucozade had been on sale at a much reduced price earlier that week, but the offer had ended.  (Wow, this was turning into such a successful shopping trip!)  Mum got annoyed that we had "lost money" by not getting there earlier in the week when David was busy at work, declared that I was "in a bad mood" (it's always got to be me, hasn't it?!), and stormed out of the shop!

I had a bath in the evening and ended up missing the chance of going to McDonalds for one of my beloved Aero McFlurries.  In actual fact, I'm pretty sure that if I had been available to go to McDonalds, David wouldn't have even offered me one.  Well, whatever.

September 18th 2010

It was a lovely sunny day but we didn't go to the big car boot sale in Denham so as to "make progress with Woodberry".  But David wasted the morning in the bathroom anyway.

A pair of noisy men from British Gas arrived in our garden, demanding to come and check the meter under the stairs.  David was in the bathroom talking to himself (!) when they rang the doorbell and took ages to go to the door.  There was no way that I was going in his place though, with the house in such a mess.  I knew they couldn't even get to the cupboard under the stairs past all the piles of junk!  Anyway, David agreed to have them in the following Wednesday.  I got upset about the dust that would no doubt be disturbed and make my allergies even worse and people coming onto our filthy premises.  It's so humiliating for someone who longs to live in a clean and tidy property.

Anyway, David couldn't understand my concerns or my embarrassment and spoke over the top of me at Mum, "What is wrong with her?"  Well, maybe if you listened to her, you'd know what she was saying! >.<

Well, at least they'd got him out of the bathroom anyway, and he went and "made progress with Woodberry" by buying a can of paint.  Yep, that was the extent of the progress.

After he returned, we all went to Woodberry to collect the carpet samples, then onto Carpet Right to order the "California Dreams" carpet for the front room.  Mum also found some vinyl she quite liked for the hall.

Then we drove all the way to Isleworth in search of a shop our neighbour at Woodberry had mentioned which supposedly sold edging stones of the kind we wanted along the side of the front garden path.  But we couldn't even find the shop, much less the edging stones!

David, our resident master driver, convinced himself that he'd driven through another red light and decided to "go back and check".  He was so stressed about the red light (which, it turned out, didn't exist) that he swerved straight in front of another car causing four or five other drivers to honk their horns at us.  Did you say you were a rollercoaster fan, dear reader?  Come take a ride in David's car - all the thrills and twice the danger without the fare!

We went to two different branches of Morrisons but there were still no new Dolly Mix Ponies to be found.  In fact, another box of the first set had appeared.  I hid it at the back of the shelf along with the other one (which the staff had obviously still not found).  I just had to pray that the next box they put out on the shelf would be from the right set!

When we got back, we found the pavement outside our house was being dug up and there were fences everywhere, making it very difficult to reverse into our own front garden.  Hussein, our oh-so-friendly neighbour who had recently broken our fence and said he had the right to as it ran alongside part of "'is keengdom" (back garden) appeared from nowhere with a smirk on his face - obviously enjoying seeing our struggle - and sarcastically offered to stop the traffic for us.  David politely declined.  Later, Hussein knocked on the door to tell us AGAIN that if we wanted to leave the house he would stop the traffic to help us.  Uh... maybe he was serious?  But why would he want to help the people he hated so much, and how did he think that HE could stop the traffic anyay?  He hardly looked like a policeman!

I'd had a Lullabye Nursery standing on the table in the porch for years and finally decided to move it into the lounge and clean it up.  Oh, it was a tragedy.  That Lullabye Nursery was in BEAUTIFUL condition when I bought it - it came as part of a collection of twelve ponies I'd bought back in 2003.  All the ponies looked like they were fresh out of the packets, and the Nursery was a stunning white with a PINK roof, the stickers were bright and clear, and it even still had the bow (with perfect elastic) still on the roof.  I had nowhere to put it but David was supposedly clearing his dirty newspapers out of Emma's old bedroom so that I could have my own room "soon" so I just put it in the porch "in the meantime".  And the rest, as they say, is history.  I did try to cover it over to stop it fading but it didn't work - the porch is so bright with extreme temperatures.  Now I have a yellowed nursery with an orange roof and white stickers on two sides.  The two sides that were against the wall are still as perfect as the day I bought it, just to remind me of the beautiful playset I once had.  Ugh.

Worse than that, when I moved the Nursery, I discovered that Mum's precious table had been scratched to bits and even looked water damaged (?) in some places.  Well, admittedly, I was only 11 when I got that Nursery and still played with my ponies sometimes.  In fact, I kept my early G3s in it and a Show Stable (which was also kept in the porch and faded, but that wasn't in such good condition to begin with) and would carry them out in the garden like that during Summer 2003 and 2004.  Maybe they got wet out there and damaged the table that way.  Well, however the damage was done, I was mortified and didn't even have the courage to tell Mum that evening.  So I just dumped the kitchen towel covers I'd had over the Nursery for years back on the table to cover the damage for now...

Hasbro were supposed to be releasing trailers for The Hub and I kept refreshing the Youtube "recently uploaded" search page hoping somebody would upload one and I'd get a clip of some of the MLP voices... but nobody bothered to upload them.  Hilarious to think about now, but The Hub was still not big news at that point and it was a struggle for those outside the US to find any information.

David went to work all evening to use his computer (no idea why... *Rolls eyes*).  Mum's hot water bottle had leaked on her the night before so David had tightened the a point that Mum and I could NOT get it to budge at all.  Hence, Mum was freezing all evening and waiting for David to come in and open her hot water bottle for her!  When he eventually did come, he brought Aero McFlurries with him as a nice surprise for us.  Well, it was a nice surprise... for me anyway.  I'm not sure my freezing mother was so pleased!

September 19th 2010

Mum and I didn't leave the house.  One of Peter Grant's workers went to Woodberry to clean the wallpaper paste off the ceiling at 2pm and David stayed there "supervising him" (playing on his computer) until 10pm.

I tried to make some recordings, and scared myself when I realised just how bad my breathing problems had got.  I got terribly out of breath and couldn't sing a note as my voice kept cracking.  Horribly distressing for me, bearing in mind how desperately I had wanted to go to Canada for two years for that theatre course.  Instead of that, here I was stuck in England with my voice and general health deteriorating rapidly and no way out.

I decided that even if I couldn't get out of that house and away from the carpet beetles, I had to get my plush ponies out of there.  But even that turned to disaster as I battled to climb over David's rubbish in my way.  I ended up falling flat on my face, twisting my ankle and scraping all the skin off my right hand in the process.

September 20th 2010

I overslept (well, is it surprising after all the excitement of the previous day?!).  David went to dump a couple of bags of rubbish at the local landfill, and sneakily saved a box off the top of a skip which was just the right size for one of the Keypers I was selling on e-Bay.

What?  It was clean, and better it was recycled once more than it went straight into the landfill, right?

We spent the afternoon at Woodberry, waiting for a man to come and measure up for the vinyl to be laid in both the kitchen and hall.  Quite boring really.  I would have liked to go out for a walk, but I couldn't very well with only 39p in my purse!

When we returned, we struggled to find anywhere to park again, thanks to the gas works going on outside.  I got angry when I saw "Scar Face" leering at me and cursed him, telling him he was a "f***ing pervert" and sticking two fingers up in his direction.  Sorry, I don't make a habit of swearing or making rude gestures at people but that creep needed to be told.

After dinner, we went out again.  On the way out, the loud men from British Gas approached us and rudely asked if we were "red-ay faw Wens-doy" (obviously laughing at the state of the place and the fact it took us so long to clear a path to the cupboard under the stairs.  Ugh.)  Then they laughed at Mum as she trod in some tar they'd spilled in our front garden.  Charming people.

Anyway, we finally got in the car, me pointedly ignoring the offending workmen and holding my head high.  We were attempting to get to Brent Cross shopping centre and specifically to Lakeland across the street from the centre.  But the traffic was too bad.  We tried to make a diversion and go round the backstreets but people kept overtaking us and wouldn't let us pass.  So we just got stuck in a long traffic jam for nothing, and turned back as the other bad tempered drivers would allow us to do so.

We did get to IKEA, but we had to rush around as it was getting late by this point, and Mum didn't like the chairs or cabinet we went there to look at anyway.  After that, we headed to Morrisons again, but there were still no more Dolly Mix Ponies and the price label had been looked as though they were going to stop selling them, and I still had all these people depending on me to find the ponies for them!

David wanted to buy some salad cream while we were there but apparently couldn't decide which sort he wanted.  I picked one up (the one he usually has) and was told he wanted a different brand...  But upon picking that one up, he snapped at me that he wanted "THAT ONE!" (the one I'd picked up in the first place)  My goodness, make your mind up!

Then he decided that he wanted to buy some reduced price, out of date chicken...  Fair enough, if you want to risk your health on that smelly thing, go right ahead!  When we got back to the car, my nose started to itch and Mum asked me what was wrong.  "Chicken!" David answered for me.  Uh, did wreak, but it was not the cause of my allergies!

It was quite late when we returned but "Scar Face" and his minions were still gathered around the bench at the end of the street, drinking.  It would have been a perfect postcard photo of Grottsville if only I could have snapped a shot.  "Scar Face" (the leader of the gang) sat in the middle of the bench with two bags of beer on either side of him.  The rest of the gang were gathered around the bench, leaning on the back of it or kneeling on the pavement looking up at him.  They all turned and glared at me as we drove past.  I guess they didn't appreciate me swearing at their leader...

And that brings us to the end of another rushed, incoherent catch-up blog!  Please don't lose faith in me, dear readers!  If I can just catch up (or learn to write at an earlier time of day when I am more awake), I'm sure the quality of my writing will improve again.

Thanks for remaining my faithful readers,
Desirée  xxx

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