Friday, 17 February 2012

After the rain goes, there are rainbows...

I'll find my rainbow soon...

Yep, we're back to the lyrical titles!  And Disney at that!  >.<  Hopefully the content of this blog isn't so unoriginal!

October 3rd 2010
Back to Woodberry to clear up the front room and family history room and unpack and assemble the sofa/armchair and grandfather clock which had been lying in boxes on the floor for months.  David cut his hand on a blade which the useless wallpaperer had left lying on the floor and then dropped the grandfather clock on the floor by hastily trying to open the box and snatching it out of my hands.  Thankfully, it didn't smash.  We discovered that the floor wasn't level so it didn't stand straight either though!  We ended up propping it up against the wall on top of a piece of thick cardboard and it was still wobbling worryingly.  We didn't get it fully assembled anyway, but here's a photo of it the way it was when we left it...

Then we opened the sofa... and discovered a tear in it.

But we'd had it far too long to be able to return it now, so that was just another imperfection we'd have to learn to live with thanks to the endless delays.

Well, tear or not, at least we had somewhere to sit at Woodberry now...overlooking the magnificent weed pile in the garden!

The place was just starting to feel homely at long last...only four years too late!

We visited my sister in the afternoon.  It was the weekend of my eldest niece's 6th birthday so we had to drop off her gifts.  It was nice to see the kids, although as noisy and headache-inducing as ever.  I really don't know how anyone survives with that many children running around them on a daily basis...I think even one or two would kill me!

Poor Abigale had fallen out with her best friend and was dreading spending her birthday at school but she seemed to enjoy spending time with me anyway... she said that was "the best birthday present she could ask for"!  I took lots of photos but nobody stands still for long enough to take any nice ones really.  Here's a few of my favourites though (yes, they really are the best of a bad bunch!)...

I was a little upset to see that Kiera had scribbled on Triple Treat, the pony I had given her a while before... but I guess kids these days just don't treat toys with the respect that I was taught to treat mine with.  Allan and Abigale are always saying the younger kids smash their stuff to bits and deface it with ink scribbles... Now I had witnessed the destruction first hand!

Poor little thing. >.<

On the subject of ponies, Emma surprised me with some curious fakies that she had picked up during their trip to Menorca the previous summer.  No, the actual ponies don't look much like MLPs, but the packaging sure is interesting...

My Little Ponies by "Lika-bility", eh?  Cute little things, aren't they?  Apparently the toy shop there was packed with fakies - "ponies that looked like MLPs but weren't in MLP packaging and different ones that didn't look like MLPs but had MLP written on the boxes", to quote my sister.  But they were pretty expensive...I wish I'd got to see them at least.  I love MLP-style fakies!

We watched Matthew Broderick on Who Do You Think You Are? that night.  I'm a big fan of Matthew's singing so it was interesting to know a bit about his heritage...  Mum pointed out that he sounds a bit like Neil Sedaka when he speaks.  Ah, so maybe that's why I like him!

October 4th 2010
Back to Morrisons on the usual Dolly Mix hunt.  But there were no ponies to be found and, worse still, the price label had been taken off of the shelf again.  I hoped they weren't going to up the price again or take them off sale all together.  I still had so many sets to complete!

We needed some shopping and thought we'd pick it up at Morrisons for once rather than going to another shop.  Ugh, never again.  The bananas were twice the price of Tesco or Asda and the potatoes were full of worms and other nasties!

I made an e-card (or should that be e-picture?) for Abigale's 6th birthday as I felt so sorry for her having to face her ex-friend at school.  It wasn't very good, but I was still pretty proud of myself - I only have MS Paint to work with, and I'm useless with it.  This was definitely one of my better efforts!

A man was supposed to be coming to check the gas meter but didn't give a time so Mum had to change into her good clothes and sit to attention for hours.  And guess what?  He didn't show up.  We didn't get the dinner either because we thought he'd come in and interrupt us, and Mum ended up going dizzy with hunger.  Oh, but it's okay.  He rang David at 7pm and announced that he'd be coming on Friday instead.  No set time again, of course.  So we could just go without dinner another day and Mum could get even sicker, right?

October 5th 2010
Back to Morrisons again, but there were still no ponies...and still no price tag on the shelf.  Oh well, at least we got some dry hair shampoo which we hadn't been able to find in Tesco.  My hair was going through another bad phase - it kept falling out and was very greasy to the touch.  I was just so scared to wash it, although I do wonder if the dry hair shampoo makes things worse by clogging the follicles.

Norman Wisdom passed away - Mum was a huge fan of his, and was rather upset.  I'm not sure if she was more upset about his passing or the fact that his funeral would not be televised though.  She "does like a good funeral", as she puts it!

Also, some (insert suitable rude words here) set fire to Hastings Pier, which upset me greatly.  As someone who is devestated by the loss of the great British seaside, I had been following the plans for redevelopment of the pier closely.  I still hope they'll do something with it, but so very much was lost in that fire.  We'll have no piers left at this rate!  Anyone would think these arsonists wanted to make their own country completely worthless.  The seaside atmosphere was the one and only thing I used to love about this country that I thought I would miss if I ever got the chance to emigrate (and believe me, I only saw the very tail end of it - oh, what I'd do to go back in time and visit any British seaside in the 1950s or 60s!), but everything that WAS left of that spirit is being destroyed bit by bit.

Having not taken me back to Woodberry to help finish assembling the grandfather clock, David decided to go there in his lunch break.  Stupid man.  It was a two-person job so he couldn't do it on his own anyway.  He just panicked because the carpet layers were returning the following day and all the breakable bits of clock were still scattered across the floor.  He ended up shoving the pieces under the sofa!

Ugh, I'll never catch up with this blog.  This took me three hours to write, not because I'm a slow typist but because the computer is on its last legs and keeps locking.  I'm really trying to catch up now but it's not working very well, is it?

Well, I'll be back tomorrow anyway, however little I end up writing (and however my writing descends into semi-conscious rambling as I get more and more tired, as I am right now).  See you then!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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