Saturday, 25 February 2012

All at once everything looks different... that I see you.

Yes, back to the lyrical titles!  I want to get an extra day of catch up blogging into this entry though, so I don't have time to dwell on a related title.  Well, that's my excuse anyway!

October 25th 2010

The Dolly Mix hunt continued...but there were only four ponies left in the latest box by the time we got to Morrisons.  I found another rejected in a basket by the checkout.  They were all from Wave 2 but Snuzzle had obviously already been sold again.  This was hopeless!

Later, we were supposed to be going to IKEA as David had been promising Mum for days.  Mum and I got in the car and David drove off without a word (as usual) listening to the loud car radio.  It was only after five minutes or so that we realised we were heading in the wrong direction for IKEA...David was taking us to Tesco!  Mum pointed this out to him and he said he had no recollection of her even saying she wanted to go to IKEA (!) and thought we were going to Tesco.  Mum said she had no intention of walking around a crowded supermarket at that time of we ended up heading straight back to Grottsville having not been anywhere, and without any shopping for the following day.

I "bought" two Barbie DVDs on  I use the term "bought" loosely as you don't pay for Swapits, you earn them by filling in surveys.  That site has really come in handy for collecting Barbie movies and various other DVDs without having to spend any real money...I've even found a couple of ponies on there (I think I already mentioned one in a previous blog?)

My friend, Caroline, blocked me on Facebook.  She had been offended by the Pinkie Pie banner mentioned in my last blog entry, but I didn't realise this at that point and was quite distressed to think that I had upset her somehow.  Still, that's all water under the bridge and we are back in touch now so all's well that ends well!

October 26th 2010

Back to Morrisons - another box had been put out on the shelf, but it was a box of ponies from wave one.  Three had already been sold during the day did I stand a chance of ever finding enough Snuzzles for everyone while the ponies were selling so fast?  I couldn't stand in the shop all day waiting for the staff to put the new box out on the shelf, could I?!

Then to IKEA.  Mum had decided she liked some white armchairs in the catalogue and wanted to see them in real life - the display ones were FILTHY and showed just how bad they would end up looking.  They didn't look all that nice in the first place actually, but I held my tongue as Mum thought they were lovely.  Well, they were too big to fit in the car with two passengers so we couldn't get one that night anyway....

And finally to Park Royal Tesco.  They were doing a lot of work on the building - one corner of the roof had actually been removed and replaced with a large white tarpaulin.  It was freezing in there (just like being outdoors!) and I'm surprised they'd even decided to keep the shop open throughout the maintenance works.  Anyway, Mum and I were huddled up in coats and shivering away when we realised that David had wandered off.  His mobile phone wasn't working though so there was no way to find out where he'd gone.  We paced up and down by the checkouts, looking up and down all the aisles, but he was nowhere to be seen.  Then, a friendly common-voiced workman approached and shouted at Mum, "Oi fink yer 'usband's up there, lav!  'E's loik a li'l lawst pappy!"  Sure enough, just then David approached from the other side of the collapsing tarpaulin, triumphantly holding a pack of Lucozade.  How the heck did the workman know that David was the man we were looking for, or indeed that we were looking for anyone?!  Freaky...

The leaking toilet cistern was getting worse.  I'm not sure when I last mentioned that little problem on my blog (or even if I did mention it before now), but the plumbers who had supposedly fixed our toilet hadn't done a very good job.  Then again, does any workman we come into contact with do a good job?!  We couldn't flush the loo anymore than we could before they'd touched it and were still having to fill buckets from the sink to do the job.  One problem - the leaking cistern was so bad that we could never move the bucket from beneath it now, and were having to empty it every hour or so. >.<

I set up a petition to get Kelly Sheridan brought back as the voice of Barbie and was actually pleasantly surprised to have 16 signatures by the time I went to bed.  I honestly thought I would be the only one upset by the voice change but apparently that's not the case.  If you haven't already signed, please do so.  I'm still hoping Kelly will be allowed to return as the permanent voice of Barbie in all upcoming movies.

October 27th 2010

Mum walked to the doctor's surgery to pick up a prescription for David.  I tried to make some recordings while she was out but it was hopeless.  I couldn't record my own voice as I was too cracked up with allergies and when I went to record on my cassette tape of various voice actor clips, I realised I hadn't downloaded the clip I needed.  Not only that but the tape recorded decided it was on its last legs and was recording at about half speed.  Agh!

In the evening, we went to Brent Cross Toys 'R Us to pick up the latest free Daily Mail lego toy, and my purse came back £22.37 lighter.  Yes, I thought my pony-buying days were over too, but apparently TRU found some old stock in the store room...including some old American stock at that!

I just couldn't leave behind G3 ponies that I didn't have in my herd, even if it did mean "supporting Hasbro" by buying them.  I'd wanted Ride 'N Go Scootaloo for a long time - there's something pretty special about a bicycle-riding pony! :P

I was thrilled to find the birthday card too, even if it did set me back £2.39 - greetings cards are one of my specific obsessions in the MLP merchandise line and I'd only seen one G3 card in this country before.  I had written to the company who made them who told me there were several different MLP designs...perhaps they were finally making their way into the shops.

They tried to charge us £24.99 for Star Song, as she came up on the system as the So Soft Newborn version.  I really didn't want to have to leave her behind but there was no way I was paying that much for her.  The staff wouldn't believe me when I told them she should only be £9.99 despite the fact that Scootaloo (who, let's face it, is the same pony in the same box, just in different colours) was priced as such.  There had been no price label on the shelf either so all I could do was show them the So Soft Star Song and the price of that one so that they could see their system was registering a different product.

And so I had to run the length of the shop after an incredibly fast member of staff.  Really, this woman had such long legs that one stride to her must have been worth three of my footsteps!  Still, it was worth it.  She agreed that the pony must be priced wrongly and they allowed me to have her for £9.99.

We took a couple of boxes of ornaments to Woodberry and discovered it was very warm over there now that the heating was working.  Too warm.  These extreme temperatures were not good for my ponies.  I wished I could live over there to regulate the temperature for them.

Then we went to Tesco.  I picked up a copy of the Children's Christmas Gift Guide and was surprised to find G3.5 MLPs inside.  This was the only catalogue I'd seen them featured in all year.

I wanted to make a little video to upload to Youtube and promote my Kelly Sheridan petition but I was struggling to find good clips to go with it.  I wanted to get it uploaded relatively quickly, but I also wanted to use the best clips possible...and I just didn't have time to re-watch every Barbie movie ever released.  Ugh, speed or quality?  Decisions, decisions...

October 28th 2010

Mum was supposed to be going to Woodberry to wait for her bed to be re-delivered (oh, did I forget to tell you?  Parcel Force had finally agreed to deliver it again at no extra cost to the seller...nice of them, considering it was their fault anyway!)

But she overslept and when she did get up, David shouted at her and stressed her to death.  In the end, she went out looking extremely addled...and they returned five minutes later.  Apparently, David had addled her so much that she had left her glasses behind.  Now he had no time to drop her at Woodberry (he was going for a job interview, and obviously didn't want to be late) so he would return for both of us at lunchtime.  We just had to hope that the bed wouldn't be delivered in the morning!

So we all went over there at 1pm after his interview.  He was in a good mood for once, certain that he was going to get the job.  It was only a one-off two month job, but as he still had a lot of time in lieu/holiday leave to take, he figured he could go and work for this other company while still keeping the day job, so to speak.  We were pleased for him, of course, and knew we needed the money, but we also knew that nothing would ever get done if he spent all his time off on a different job.  And, in the long run, we needed to move house and get rid of Grottsville in order to save money.

The bed arrived at 4pm, but we didn't get it taken upstairs and assembled that day.  David re-painted the openings between the extension and family history room/kitchen, but most of his day was spent lying on the floor and listening to the radio.

In the evening we went to Morrisons, but there were no more ponies there, and to McDonalds for Rolo McFlurries.  The McFlurries were great but the loud car radio was blaring out the National Anthem at full pelt, making me feel quite ill.  It's enough that I have to exist here, I don't need to be reminded that I am stranded in England, thank you very much!  I think I needed an MP3 player so that I could plug myself into some calming music and block out all David's irritating radio choices!

I was still working on Kelly's petition-advertising video... but even without it, we were up to 84 signatures!  Not too shabby when I'd only posted it on two sites, I thought....

October 29th 2010

Back to Morrisons AGAIN (ugh, this was getting just as boring as it is for you to read about!) but there were only four ponies from the first wave there.  Where were those Snuzzles hiding?!

Then to McDonalds for more Rolo McFlurries (is it any wonder I was gaining weight?)  We knew the limited edition Flurry would be changing in a couple of days though and Mum and I loved the Rolo one so we wanted to get as many as possible!

I had a bath and used my Primark strawberry body scrub...yuck.  Maybe I'd been spoilt on expensive Lush and Body Shop products lately but the Primark scrub really didn't seem as good as it used to feel.  I wished I could find the Inecto coconut body scrub I loved so much but it really seemed as though Savers were no longer selling it.

Mum and I sorted through some of her books, ready to take them to Woodberry.  I made myself really ill with my alleries by trying to help her but did she thank me?  Of course not.  Having seen them for the first time in a long while, she decided she wanted to READ the books and didn't want them taken to the other house where she couldn't get at them.  She wanted to leave them in my "bed" (the opposite end of the lounge floor).  My parents got into another big argument about it.  David said that I "would have to sleep in the bathroom then".  (Where?  On the floor with him or on top of all the trash they kept in the bath?!)

Mum didn't want to hear any of it though.  "Don't hold her up in my face.  You're the one who wanted her in the world.  If she wasn't here, I could keep my books!"  Nice to feel wanted, huh?  It wasn't like I had a nice warm bed to go to.  But now it seemed I had to fight for a patch of dusty floor to sleep on!

David started ranting at me to choose curtains for my bedroom again, saying that I was "causing the delays now".  How many times did I have to tell him I HAD my curtains, second hand MLP curtains that Mum's friend had found at a car boot sale about ten years previously and which I had patiently waited to use in the hopes that one day I might have a bedroom of my own.

I noticed that Caroline had un-blocked me on Facebook and hoped that her blocking me in the first place was just a mistake but I still heard no word from her.  I was really starting to worry now, but wasn't sure what to write to her for fear of upsetting her further...

The third episode of Friendship is Magic aired but I didn't have a chance to watch it.  I was too busy trying to make my Barbie video to promote Kelly's petition.  I had found some nice clips but Windows Movie Maker wouldn't take any video file, it seemed.  Time to think again!

It's far too late for that particular video, of course, but while we're on the subject, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good video making program?  I'm talking about basic things like adding a new soundtrack (like dubbing my own voice over a cartoon clip)/cutting and re-arranging clips etc.  I only have WMM on my computer at the moment and it is very limited in file types it will take.  If WMM is the best program, what's a good software to convert files to a type that is WMM-friendly.

Well, I can feel my words getting more and more muddled and less and less coherent.  I am extremely tired so I'm going to cut off now.  See you all tomorrow!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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