Sunday, 19 February 2012

Am I a Magnet for Stress?

Seriously.  Now a rather well-known member of the pony community has turned around and decided to try and scam at least three people including myself.  Please, guys, if I've sold to someone, even if it's your highly trustworthy best friend/sister/next door neighbour (or even your best friend's sister who just happens to live next door!), don't deal with them.  I seem to bring out the worst in people!

October 6th 2010
We took another Dolly Mix expedition to Morrisons - there were eight ponies there but they were all from the first wave so no use to me.

My e-Bay items ended.  I got quite a few more bids than expected and ended up selling all this stuff...

Thankfully I was still within my Paypal selling limit though!

The last two carpets were laid at Woodberry (just the vinyl in the kitchen and hall to go now!)  The intention had been that David would collect us from Grottsville and drop us in West Ealing, then we'd walk back to Woodberry...but the carpet layers didn't bother to inform David that they were on their way in time for him to get us.  So we didn't get to see the carpets in place either.

October 7th 2010
David came home at lunchtime in order to have his flu jab so he dropped us in West Ealing and posted some of my e-Bay parcels for me.

The new charity shop (with those tantalising 1980s Care Bears sitting in the windows!) was still not open and the tea towels that Mum had seen in the PDSA charity shop (which she had thought would make nice Christmas presents, and were the main reason for her wanting to go to West Ealing) had gone up drastically in price.

I found a G3.5 Rainbow Dash in the PDSA shop for £1.00 and couldn't resist buying the poor little thing...

Silly, really.  She was a duplicate and I know I have to sell all my duplicates anyway, but sometimes their little smiling faces just get to me and I can't force myself to leave them behind!  She was in near mint condition following a bath and hair conditioning.

Speaking of hair, I had a bath and washed my own.  I got in a terrible state about my hair loss problem again - it was becoming more and more obvious that my hair was thinning out.  The strange thing was that I really didn't seem to be losing an unusual amount when combing/washing it, so it seemed like the problem was that there was less new hair growing.  It was absolutely mortifying and horrible to feel so helpless.

I was keeping a close eye on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Wikipedia page, looking for any other updates about voice actors in the show.  Okay, we had the main cast now, but I still wanted to know who else might be in it as additional characters.  But, ugh, there was some annoying child named "Victoria Cook" who kept trolling the page and deleting the cast/replacing their names with her own!  Every time I corrected her, she'd come and change it back.  Aaaagh!  I'd always been able to keep the MLP pages on Wikipedia relatively correct and factual before now and, as someone who gets irritated by the slightest little mistake being spread across the internet on a subject that's close to my heart, I was infuriated by this little troll.  Well, as things turned out, I'd soon have more important things to worry about in the online MLP community than a child putting her own name on the cast list of the new TV show...

I had a terrible hour or so with my allergies, completely unable to breathe, however much I blew my nose.  Then a lone carpet beetle emerged from the laptop keyboard.  Ugh.

Mum's old penpal - who also happens to be Emma's aunt - wrote and told us that Emma's half brother (no relation to me, may I add - he's Emma's father's son) was in a Moroccan jail for drug smuggling.  Nice family.

October 8th 2010
I spent most of the day looking for MLP screenshots for  But I couldn't find any that were good enough really.

The man came to check the gas meter (yes, he actually showed up this time) and Mum had to see him, despite her embarrassment regarding the cluttered house.  He was very bad tempered and neither of us could understand his accent very well.

I was going to get some spaghetti on toast for tea.  I got as far as grating the cheese, then realised we didn't have any I ended up with a cheese sandwich instead.

In the evening, we went to the Mermaid Theatre in London to see another episode of "Friday Night is Music Night" being recorded.  This was a Matt Monro special which was a real treat for me as Matt is one of my favourite singers.  There were various performers singing Matt's songs, including his son (also named Matt).  His daughter Michele was there too, handing leaflets around to advertise her new book about her dad.

My grandad was good friends with Matt Monro and played saxaphone on some of his records.  Mum remembers having to play with Matt's children while he was practising at their house!  She clearly remember Matt's other son, Mitchell, who apparently damaged her rocking horse and has held a grudge all these years.  She intended to approach him and tell him off all these years laters but sadly (or maybe thankfully in the name of peace?) it turns out Mitchell passed away in 2004 so he obviously wasn't present.  Mum chickened out of talking to Matt and Michele at the end of the show too, as it happened.

Anyways, back on topic, it was a great show, and always a thrill to me to watch these things being recorded, although the experience was a little tainted by a couple in front who kept kissing and making us all feel thoroughly sick.  Call me weird, but I find it a little disturbing to see people kissing so, uh, passionately over and over in a public place.  Maybe once or twice, but when they continued to do it every few minutes throughout the show... yuck.  It got so bad that even the people sitting around us were feeling the need to divert their gazes from the offending couple!  If you're quite obviously making everyone in the audience around you feel uncomfortable, don't you think it's time to cut it out a little?

Everyone was quite tightly packed in too as it was a popular show, so the whole place stank of sweat, bad breath and chicken sandwiches that somebody had smuggled in (despite the "no food or drink" rule!)  Fun, right?  Matt Monro Jr. was not a particularly good singer either, and even forgot the lyrics a couple of times (!), but the rest of the show was extremely good.  I'd tell you to listen to it on the i-player but considering this was over 16 months ago now, that would be a little pointless!

Maybe one day I'll catch up and actually be writing some more up to date stories.  Until then, you will have to endure the 16-month-old nonsense!

Thanks for reading, everyone, and I'm so sorry for any mistakes that have crept into this entry!  I really can't think straight at the moment thanks to a mix of tiredness and stress...

An-extremely-tired-Desirée  xxx

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