Monday, 20 February 2012

Far longer than forever, I'll hold you in my heart...

It's almost like you're here with me, although we're far apart...
Yep, another lyrical title!  My life is dull and lacking inspirational at the moment...not that we're blogging about the present day anyway.  Yes, we still have the 16 month catch up journey ahead of us.  Saddle up, pals - it's going to be a long ride.  Are you ready?

October 9th 2010
Mum's e-mail account was hacked.  Well, I say it was "hacked" - it was such a strange case that if I didn't know Mum better, I'd say she had gone a little crazy and decided to write weird, offensive letters to everybody in her address book.  Okay, we've all heard of cases where you send yourself and everyone on your friend list cut price offers on viagra.  And even people who hack into your account to write a random message consisting of nothing but cursing to a random person in your address book.  But this "hacker" did neither of those things.  Instead, they wrote extremely personal messages to my sister and to Jill, Mum's close e-friend.  It was as though somebody had been stalking her for days watching everything she wrote to Emma and Jill, just so that they could write offensive stuff that really looked like it was written by Mum.  But how could they when Mum deletes all her messages as soon as she has read them?!

Sadly, I didn't keep copies of the messages Mum showed me, but Emma had one which was written as though Mum had meant to send it to David but had accidentally sent it to her instead.  The message was moaning about Emma and her hairdresser friend (the one she was supposed to be getting an appointment with for me), and how she was too expensive and wouldn't do what I wanted her to do anyway!

Then Jill had one which accused her of saying Mum was fat.  To be precise, "Why do you think I'm fat, you f***ing cow?!"  I don't remember the details but this was also a twist on something Jill had said a few days earlier.  Then the "hacker" had written to both of them a second time with a more hacker-style message "F*** OFF!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!"  Then again, if it really was Mum who had sent the strange messages perhaps she wanted it to look more authentic?  I know Mum was very disturbed at the time, but it was all rather strange.  For instance, if that happened to me I would be mortified, wondering who had been reading my e-mails and stalking me with such interest.  But Mum just laughed it off and got me to change her password like nothing had happened.  Weird...

We went to Woodberry and saw the two new carpets - my photos are not very good, but you should get the basic idea anyway!

Mum HATED both carpets when we walked through the door, but she changed her mind and decided she loved them five minutes later!

We finished assembling the grandfather clock while we were there...

(Wow, I was on a roll with my photography skills, even cutting the top off of the clock!  Admittedly, I still had a broken camera with large cracks across the screen stopping you from seeing the subject of your photograph, but even so...)

...and assembled Mum's desk in the newly carpetted family history room.  I didn't take any photos of the desk for some reason.  When we took it out of the box, we discovered that it was chipped but, as with the ripped sofa, it was too late to return it so we'd just have to learn to live with it.  A bag of sillicone gel had burst inside the box and spread all over the desk.  David cleverly rubbed his eyes after touching the gel.  Ensue shouting and complete panic as Mum became convinced he was going blind.  Did I say my life was dull?  Take that back, if there's one thing my life ISN'T, it's dull.

One of the mini drawers in the upstand was jammed shut, so David started trying to force it out.  Mum said that he should use candle wax to get it to move as her grandad used to do.  My parents spent some time debating whether they had to warm the wax up before using it...until I pointed out that if they warmed it up, it would cool and seal the drawer shut permanently. >.<

Then David noticed two little hooks on the back of the upstand (used to secure it in its packaging) and became convinced that it wasn't supposed to sit on the desk, but was instead supposed to hang on the wall above it. o_0

Next to Uxbridge to buy some nuts and bolts (don't remember what for, but that was our reason for going there).  I fell in love with some G3-pose MLP fakies in TKMaxx but couldn't afford to buy them.  I also saw some really nice clothes but David had announced that we couldn't use the washing machine at Woodberry until the taps were replaced, and I couldn't risk sending anymore nice new clothes to the launderette where everything came back stained with oil and filled with yellow teeth!

I did get some Dreams body lotion at The Body Shop.  I love "Dreams"!  The perfume is one of my favourites, but this was my first time trying the body lotion.  It's lovely, by the way (just in case you were wondering), but the scent is a little overpowering when you first use it!

October 10th 2010
We went to the storage depot to have a look at the furniture we had in there/try to figure out where it would fit at Woodberry.  But the rooms were so cluttered that we could hardly get to the furniture to measure it.  And, worryingly, it seemed that the wardrobe Mum's great uncle's father made (confusing, huh?) would not go back up the stairs now that there was another flight of stairs above.  Well, we weren't going to get rid of it, but where would it fit downstairs?!

We went to Morrisons on the regular Dolly Mix hunt too.  There were two partial boxes there, but all from the first wave.  Aside from the fact that I was broke and really needed to get the money back for the ponies I'd had to buy so far, I did feel sorry for the people who were still patiently awaiting the elusive Snuzzle!

On the way back, David drove a strange way, parked in Tesco car park and went into the shop...all without saying a word to us who were sat in the back of the car the whole time!  It transpired that he wanted the free DVD that was being offered with the Daily Mail but is it really normal to drive your family to an unknown destination for an unknown cause?!
Mum was still talking about Matt Monro and her memories of him.  She told us that his stage name was a joke, as Monro is an anagram of "moron" to which David retorted, "Well, he's the moron then, because "moron" doesn't have an 'E' in it".  Uh, neither does Matt's "Monro", David.  So doesn't that make you the moron?!

Next to Woodberry where we not only found that the living room door had not been cut properly and so was damaging the new carpet every time it was opened or closed, but no less than 32 wasps, some alive, some dead.  So where had that lot come from?

It was the day of the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" preview on the new Hub TV channel.  I was desperate to see the latest incarnation of MLP, but the video didn't get uploaded to Youtube so it seemed I'd never have the chance to know what it was like...  Pretty much like some of the more recent G3 videos I hadn't got to see as they were only released in the US.  Oh well...

October 11th 2010

I didn't leave the house.  To be fair, David did offer me an exciting trip to Tesco, but I didn't fancy changing my clothes (which meant pulling my t-shirt over my thinning hair) for such a boring outing.

Pensivepine uploaded the new MLP cartoon to Youtube...just as I'd hoped she might.  Well, I was glad I got to see it anyway...but I hated it.  The animation style was just NOT My Little Pony.  They looked like Powerpuff Girls on four legs!  Tara Strong sounded as awful as ever, with a kind of stilted way of speaking...almost as though she was copying her lines from someone else...  And don't get me started on Pinkie Pie.  That thing was not Pinkie Pie.  Don't get me wrong, I love Andrea Libman...just not as Pinkie.  If they'd made it a totally original character, I might have liked it.  But I was a huge fan of G3 Pinkie, and she will never be the same without Janyse Jaud.  Cathy Weseluck as Spike?  Hmm...well, again I love Cathy, but something just didn't gel.  She can do really good male voices (think Near in Death Note), but Spike wasn't one of them.  Even Mum commented on it when she heard it from the other side of the room.  "Who's that strange sounding woman?"  Again, maybe we're just too used to Charlie Adler's version.  I was thrilled to hear Nicole Oliver as Princess Celestia though - I think I squealed when she started narrating at the start of the episode.  I knew she was the only suitable voice for the princess, and I was so pleased to see a character correctly cast (as far as my brain was concerned) for once!

David was in a forgetful, bad tempered mood and kept yelling at us.  Mum was, admittedly, ranting at him and asking for measurements for the proposed coat cupboard at Woodberry.  David said he didn't have any measurements. Mum reminded him that he'd said he did have measurements.  "Well, I must have LIED!" he yelled back, and retired to the bathroom with a Mills & Boon book.

I was in a terrible depression regarding getting out of the country.  I knew I'd missed my last chance to get into Ealing college, so where was I going to get an education now?  And with my crooked teeth and hair loss, I couldn't rely on my Canadian prince charming coming along to sponsor me and get myself out of here that way... I wanted to be independent anyway.

October 12th 2010

I woke up with a feeling like I had a tight hula hoop wrapped around my chest, restricting my breathing.  I couldn't even talk.  David didn't seem to notice though and came into the lounge shouting at me, asking how much I still owed him for the latest Dolly Mix purchases.  When I couldn't find my voice to croak out an answer, he got angry with me as though I was trying to be dishonest by keeping his money or something.  My allergies were really bad - I felt sick all the time with lumps of phleghm and blood-stained muck in my throat.  It was horrible and I do wonder what lasting damage living in those conditions did to my system.

He had the day off work, but he went to Woodberry alone while I was still in the bathroom desperately trying to clear my airways and stayed there all day long.  He saw Mark and Sarah, our neighbours, and took them in the house... not sure why.  Usually he's an anti-social so-and-so.  Then again, I guess we weren't there, and he did so love to socialise behind our backs, knowing that we were sheltered and alone in Grottsville.

We went to Morrisons in the evening, but no luck.  They still had 13 ponies from the first wave so they were hardly going to put any of the second wave out on the shelf...

And, as my vision is going blurry and I am falling over with tiredness, I think it's time to stop writing and go to bed.  I really need to get into the habit of writing these earlier in the day when I might actually be able to write coherently!  Then again, at least I AM writing most days now, which is an improvement.  I might catch up by 2015!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Desirée  xxx

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