Thursday, 16 February 2012

Going shopping...

...with only £10.00 in my purse, £6.00 of which is being spent on shipping a parcel.  Let's hope I don't see anything too expensive in the charity shops!

October 1st 2010
I woke up in a terribly depressive state, mainly centering around my thinning hair.  Mum had no patience with me and kept snapping at me for "moping around" and soon a full blown argument began.  Mum was ranting at me that she didn't want to have to "drag all the way to the Ponycon as she hated long drives and didn't know why I had to socialise".  I'd "managed without it the previous year", hadn't I?  It was a "waste of money and I might as well spend it buying ponies online" (yeah, but then I wouldn't get to talk to other pony collectors, would I?!).   To cut a long story short, my Ponycon ticket ended up being torn in half with Mum laughing like a maniac about "Cinderella not being able to go to the ball now" (I think she missed out on playing the evil stepmother in a play many years ago and thought she'd make up for it now!)  How embarrassing - now I had to write to the Ponycon committee and find out if I would still be able to attend with my torn ticket in hand!

I think I was in a particular state as it was hair washing day and I was really dreading it.  As it happened, I didn't lose that much hair anyway and I felt a lot better once it was done.  That didn't change the fact that I was losing my hair though.

In FAR more exciting news, a holiday was booked.  It was official - we were going to America the following May!  Yes, four days after my 20th birthday, I would set foot on the right side of the atlantic for the first time in my life.  The trip covered eight different states and 4000 miles... I was so excited!  Of course, this also meant that my parents expected to have finally moved house by that point.  I only hoped we really WOULD have moved by then and this holiday wouldn't end up being cancelled like the California trip we were supposed to be taking for my 18th birthday.

We went to Morrisons that night and managed to obtain all ten of the second wave of ponies!  At last - another Snuzzle, and another set completed!

We also returned to Park Royal Tesco petrol station.  The manager still refused to reduce the price of the ponies, despite the fact that the sweets had a best before date of the previous day on them, but a member of staff in the shop took pity on David and gave him four ponies free of charge!

October 2nd 2010

Paypal limited access to my account, blocking me from receiving or withdrawing money.  Ugh, how I hate talking on the phone (especially to make a complaint!) and since we didn't have a working telephone at Grottsville, I had to travel all the way to Woodberry to do so.

David was horrible to me, yelling at me and asking why I hadn't rung them yet.  (Uh, because of the before-mentioned problem that we didn't have a phone and, as I don't drive, I had no way to get to Woodberry?)  When I pointed out that we had no phone, he yelled at me that I should have cleared a path to the telephone point by now so that he could get the phone at Grottsville fixed.  But how could I move HIS stuff out of the way?!  He yelled at me whenever I touched it!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.  What was their reason for blocking my account?  Apparently I had "sold too much".  Well, I KNOW I was dealing with a LOT of Dolly Mix Ponies and this was just another of the complications involved.  I still had a lot more of the darn things to shift as well as soon as I could find more Snuzzles to complete everybody's wave two sets and new homes for all the unwanted ponies from the first wave...

But I was keeping a very close eye on my account and knew I was well within my annual limit.  Oh, but "they were giving me a warning that I was very close to my limit".  Huh?  How close?  "About £500.  And how old are you?  You have a very young voice.  Are you really Desirée Alder?"  Ugh, I'm old enough to be capable of knowing when I'm about to cross my selling limit, thank you very much.  And I wouldn't call £500 close to the mark, even with the quantity of Dolly Mix I was buying and selling!  After a lot of arguing, they reluctantly allowed me access to my money.  Thank goodness for that!  Now that I'd finally found another Snuzzle, I needed her new owner to be able to send me the money!

We got a chance to look at the new wallpaper in the front room in daylight.  The air bubble had gone down at least but the streaks of glue between each paper panel still looked awfully noticeable...

We also noticed the wallpaperer hadn't bothered to cut the paper to size around the window frames and had instead roughly torn it.  And he'd got Coke all over the skirting board...

Where do we find them, eh?

We were supposed to be doing some shopping jobs after we left Woodberry, but David took ages to hoover the extension carpet and then went to play with his laptop.  He claimed it "had to do updates" but I could still hear him happily tapping and clicking away, browsing the internet.  Anyway, Mum was getting very hungry by this point, so we had to head straight back to Grottsville for chips.

As usual, I was eating down on the floor with the greasy chip paper lying on the carpet and me crouched over it (great for my digestive system, I'm sure, but I had no table in that place!)  When I picked the paper up, I found a huge woodlous spider hiding beneath it.  For those who don't know, woodlouse spiders are big red and white spiders which, in case you hadn't guessed, eat woodlice.  Now, as you might imagine, to eat a woodlouse, you'd need some pretty big jaws.  These things have a powerful bite.  No, they're not poisonous, but I remember my grandma being bitten by one back in the 90s and she couldn't move her hand for two weeks for the pain...  This was the second woodlouse spider we'd seen in the house at Grottsville within the space of a couple of months (not surprising as the house was already overrun by woodlice!) - I did not like sitting and sleeping on the floor with them, I can tell you!

Well, I was hoping to get a lot more than that written, but it's too late to continue now.  I'll try to write extra tomorrow in order to keep up with my target.  I'm sure you're all desperate to know what happens next, after all.  *Looks at empty seats surrounding stage*  Huh?  Where did my audience go?

Yours in confusion,
Desirée  xxx

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