Saturday, 11 February 2012

Lies and False Promises

What pleasure can people possibly find in telling lies and making false promises?  I guess sometimes I'm a little too honest and open about every detail of my life, but it just doesn't come naturally to me to spout utter nonsense and come out with random things that aren't true.  What's the point of inventing things to make yourself sound more interesting?  And why claim you can do things you're quite obviously incapable of doing?  Ugh, I will never understand the rest of the human race...

September 23rd 2010
We went to Brent Cross shopping centre.  We had got some John Lewis gift vouchers and wanted to see what we could "purchase" with them.  But we couldn't find anything that we wanted/needed.  David wanted to buy a Henry Hoover which, admittedly, we did need.  But you could buy those hooves for £9.00 less in Homebase anyway!  "So what?  It would only be gift vouchers we were using!"  Uh...doesn't it rather defeat the object of "saving money" to be spending more money on an item in the first place?

Next we went into Fenwicks in search of soft top socks for David.  They hardly had any of his style though, and he complained that even the ones they did have were not in a colour he liked.  He still bought them though.  Fenwicks is very overpriced in general (in my opinion).  They had some lovely Junk Food t-shirts there with retro 80s character designs, but there was no way that I could afford them at £30 each!  Maybe I'm just used to the slashed prices of TK Maxx though...

Next to Lakeland (where we also had some money-off vouchers!  Mum was determined to "save some money" by spending even more!  David refused to get the oven liner that Mum wanted for the new oven, and we'd waited so long to get there that Lakeland had stopped selling the mixing bowls Mum had been looking at for ages.  So we got some "poach pods" (little rubbery cups which you float in a saucepan of boiling water when you wish to poach an know, instead of reaching into your kitchen cupboard and pulling out the egg poacher.  And no, I have no clue how you're supposed to fish these things out of a pan of boiling water without burning your hands!), some toaster bags (for toasted sandwiches...great considering our toaster's slots are not wide enough for two slices of bread!) and a special expensive duster (because we live in a mansion which we clean three times a day!)

While David was "saving money" by paying for our wonderful new gadgets, Mum and I walked across the car park to TK Maxx.  Somehow David managed to lose us.  We realised he was taking forever to make his way to the shop and wondered if he'd misunderstood us and gone back to the car.  He wasn't there either though.  Then I glanced back at TKMaxx and saw David wandering around on the 1st floor.  He seemed to be staring straight at us across the car park but didn't appear to notice who we were!  So we had to go racing back across the car park.  When we eventually did find him, he told us that he had been "directly above us" the whole time.  Oh, really?  Was he floating above the car then?! xD

We popped into Brent Cross TRU, mainly because I wanted to see what ponies were available these days.  They had the Newborn Cuties set with Rainbow Dash's Mum and shopping trolley.  I really wanted RD's Mum, but refused to support MLP following the release of those dreadful Newborn Cuties cartoons.  Oh, and then there was the little problem that I had nowhere to keep the rest of the set...

"Scootaloo on the Go!" with her remote controlled scooter was listed in the latest TRU pamphlet, reduced to half price!  Ugh, right after I'd finally given in and bought her online at full price!  She wasn't in stock but it was still annoying all the same.

Later that night we went Dolly Mix hunting at Morrisons and I found a full set of the second wave...which meant I could finally finish Snuzan's set.  There were still a LOT of people waiting for that elusive Snuzzle though and it was getting quite worrying by this point.

After dumping us back in Grottsville, David went to Woodberry alone at 9pm and stayed there until 1am.  He gave no explanation as to why he wanted to go over there at that time of night...although one can probably hazard a guess, considering he took his laptop with him.  Ugh.

September 24th 2010

Mum and I were awoken by an extremely noisy, crazy child running around next door, whooping and banging on the walls.  God, if we didn't get out of that house soon, I swore I'd kill those neighbours.

I turned the computer on and started browsing the Arena, where I saw that the main cast for Friendship is Magic had been announced.  The page seemed to take forever to load, and I could hardly read the names by the time it did.  As my brain registered "Tabitha St.Germain", I started screaming almost as loudly as the child next door.  "YES, YES, YES!" and jumping around the room.  At least the supporting cast were not going to be those awful children they pulled together for the Newborn Cuties episodes, nor was the entire cast going to be based in Los Angeles alongside Tara Strong (who, you may have picked up by now, I personally cannot stand).  Yes, MLP would retain some of the talent and charm associated with the Vancouverite voice acting industry and I would certainly be trying to find a way to watch the series.  One problem.  The Hub was not a UK channel.  Would someone upload it to Youtube...or not?

I glanced again at the list.  Ashleigh Ball was there too...I'd wanted to hear Ashleigh in MLP for three or four years.  And Andrea Libman was back too.  But both of them were playing TWO characters?  What the...?  Not that they were not thoroughly capable of doing so, but there were so many VAs I wanted to hear in the show, it would have been nice if the characters were evenly distributed.  Oh well, I guess they blew most of their voice acting budget on Strong, just as I had feared.  Nicole Oliver was to play Princess Celestia...I couldn't help but laugh.  In my head, I had my own ideal cast.  I knew Nicole was the only voice for the princess.  Then the dreadful realisation sunk in... Janyse Jaud was no longer Pinkie Pie.  Sure, I love Andrea's voice work, but she's just not Pinkie to me.  And so, despite the Canadian cast, I swore from that day forth that I would not personally support the MLP line any further.  Even if I liked the toys, I would wait to find them on the second hand market rather than buying them from the shops.  Pinkie Pie does not exist without Janyse, I just wish they hadn't used the name...

Poor Mum was so startled by my excited screams that she came flying out of the bathroom to ask me what was going on.  She "thought I had seen a mouse or was arguing with David"!  Even she was disappointed to hear that Janyse was no longer on the cast.  She'd really grown to love her singing voice...I had trained her well!

David lost the paperwork for his speeding fine and blamed us for "hiding it" (?!), then Mum yelled at me for "making us late to go out by eating breakfast".  Weird, as she was still looking at family history on the internet long after I was ready to go.  Oh, but she "never has a chance with the computer" so that was her excuse.  She used the computer about as much as I did if not more...that's why I was falling further and further behind with my online jobs, such as this blog!

She'd also lost the paper where she'd written what I owed her (she'd leant me some money over the previous couple of weeks as I was so out of pocket with all these Dolly Mix Ponies!), so I just had to do my best to remember and I couldn't remember the exact pennies...then she accused me of "trying to cheat her out of money".  Yep, I had a great day with them both!

David had to go to the bank so Mum and I wandered around the shops in Ealing Broadway.  It was a bit pointless really as I only had £10.88 in my purse, all of which I already owed to David for the latest lot of Dolly Mix Ponies.  We didn't see much we wanted anyway.

Then to Daniels to pick up my desk drawer which they had "fixed".  It looked even worse than before, but David wanted to accept it for a £20 refund.  I said no, they'd have to replace it, and he was not best pleased.  But I was not going to accept a drawer with a big chip taken out of the front of it!  The book of vinyl floor covering samples was back in the shop, but the one Mum and I had fallen in love with before didn't look so good now.  We still liked the pattern but it was very "flat" and didn't look very hard wearing!

After that, we had to return to Grottsville, as Mum was too hungry to continue with the great list of jobs we had to do.

And finally, another of my questions got read on Voiceprint with Trevor Devall and Guests!  Oh my, it's so embarrassing to hear my gushing and rambling, but I do love to hear my name said in that beautiful accent.  So much nicer than the "Diz-uh-roy!" oi'm used ta 'earin', ya knaow?!  Well, it's the Chiara Zanni episodes anyway, and if you really want a laugh, it's at appriximately 1:03:37, I think.  I can't even bear to listen back to it all now. >.<  Listen to it here!  I asked Chiara if she could remember working on Pony Tales and who that mystery man who played all the adult male characters in the show could be.  She couldn't...but said she thought she could remember Richard Ian Cox working on that show.  Well, that's just weird.  His name's been flying around the net for ages in connection with Tales, but there are no characters who sound remotely like him in the show.  Hmm...

And I think that brings us to the conclusion of another fascinating blog.  Hope you enjoyed the read and, e-Bay free listing weekend allowing, I will speak to you all again tomorrow!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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