Wednesday, 22 February 2012

What is happening to this country?

We took a drive to Waltham Abbey today and I couldn't believe how rundown this country is becoming.  So many empty shops, so many boarded up, vandalised houses...  It was like we were driving through ghost town after ghost town.  Quite disturbing

Anyway, I'm rambling about the present again when we're supposed to be hopping into the Tardis for a quick trip back to 2010!

October 17th 2010

We went to the storage depot to move the table and chairs out in preparation for the removal men to collect them.  It was the first time we'd got right into the room since they'd moved our stuff and my goodness, it looked like they'd taken so much care on moving our furniture so as not to damage it.

Seriously, it looked as though they'd just thrown our stuff in the room willy-nilly, trying to cram as much as possible into a small space.

We moved some of the smaller stuff out of the way to our other storage room (where David keeps his Mills & Boon collection), but then came across another problem.  Not only was only one elevator working, but when we reached the upper level, we found that there was hardly any lighting in our corridor.

David went to complain and was told they had an electrician coming to fix the light next week.  In the meantime, he'd just have to use a torch.  Well, a torch was a LOT of use in these conditions, wasn't it?

Still, we somehow managed to get what we wanted out of the room and move stuff around.

Then we headed to Woodberry to hoover the carpets and wash the tea trolley which we had just brought there from the storage depot.  I found a small stain on my bedroom carpet - I have no clue how it got there, but I was understandably upset considering I hadn't even got to live in the house yet!

I finally managed to sell my MIB Lion King Jungle Babies Zebra which had been in the cupboard since somebody bought me a duplicate back in the early 90s.  I was thrilled to find a nice new home for the poor little unwanted thing at long last (yes, I'm a sentimental fool at times!), but then the buyer paid in euros instead of pound sterling. >.<  It wasn't much of a loss, and I didn't have the heart to tell her she'd messed up as she seemed like a really nice, genuine person who was thrilled to complete her set with this zebra, but it still reduced my excitement at selling the thing!

Kelly Sheridan said there was a possibility of Mattel re-considering their decision of replacing her as the voice of Barbie.  I kept my fingers crossed and continued to work on petitioning and raising awareness online.  Nothing personal against Diana Kaarina (well, except that she doesn't put the same spirit and enthusiasm into her voice that Kelly does), but she isn't right for Barbie...

In the evening, I spoke to Grace on MSN.  I hadn't spoken to her since March so it was really nice to hear from her again.  *Waves at Grace if she's reading this - the blind bag ponies are tucked out of harm's way in the front bedroom eagerly awaiting their new home! ;)*

David had returned to Woodberry while we were eating our dinner to use the laptop.  He had promised to take us to McDonalds for Rolo McFlurries, but when it reached 10pm, I gave up on him and ate my tea.  Just as I was finishing my last bite, he rang to say he was bringing the McFlurries in with him!  Agh! >.<

October 18th 2010

Back to the storage depot for 10am to meet the removal men.  They seemed incompetent at first but they did manage to move everything without damaging it.  Not a lot to say about the move really, so I'll just give you a few snapshots...

At the storage depot (not sure what Mum's turning her nose up at!)

Removal van outside our house

Various photos taken around the house...

Mum decided this wardrobe was too big for her room and moved it to David's room herself (uh...who said he wanted it?!  Oh, but it's okay, she announced she would be mainly filling it with her clothes anyway!)

This chest of drawers was made by Mum's Great Uncle's dad for my grandparents' wedding.  Grandma painted it and put that piece of old fashioned wallpaper on the top.  It needed to be re-painted but I wanted to take these photos of it the way I remembered it...

Mum was quite worried that several boxes of small ornaments hadn't turned up including her cruet and egg cup collections.  Then I opened up the old TV cabinet and found all this inside...

We'd had no idea that there was anything inside the cupboard so hadn't even put any extra packaging around the stuff!  Thankfully it all arrived in one piece anyway.

And, not directly relating to the move, but taken the same day... This is Mum's desk (the one I mentioned assembling in my last blog - the upstand is still underneath it in this photo as David was still convinced it should be hung on the wall above the desk!)

There was still quite a bit more furniture that needed to be moved and the removal men asked when we would want them back.  David turned to Mum and asked, "When do we want to move the next lot, Jacqui?  In a month?  Earlier?  Later?"  WTH?  He was still thinking in terms of "a month here, a month there"!  Wasn't he tired of all the delays himself by this point?!

My ponies were freezing in my bedroom, but we couldn't turn the heating on at Woodberry until the taps were replaced and David refused to look at new taps.  And there was a cold spell supposedly coming up.  I was worried what long term damage all these extreme temperatures could be doing to the ponies' plastic.

We stopped off at Savers in Ealing Broadway on the way back to Grottsville so that I could get some Nivea cleansing wipes, Inecto coconut hand cream and facial scrub.  I don't really like the Nivea wipes as they tend to dry out my skin over long periods of time, but it really seemed as though Savers had stopped selling the Inecto wipes, body scrub and moisturiser again.

We went to Morrisons in the evening but there were still no more Dolly Mix Ponies.  Then I came home and spoke to Grace and Elisabeth via IM.  It's nice to have e-pals when you are lonely - thank you for always being there for me.

October 19th 2010

We didn't leave the house.  David had promised to take us to IKEA but he didn't come home in time.

I'd had a horrible nightmare based on a filthy TV show David had been watching the previous night.  God knows what programme it was - it seemed like a perfectly innocent period drama at first, then it turned into a lot of rude badly actred rubbish about women being abused and peeing on men.  It was horrible to see David's face as he watched the show, really getting into the violence with a kind of wide-eyed, excited look.  Is it any wonder I can't bring myself to trust men having grown up with that?  Then he left a load of dirty tissues all over the bathroom floor where he slept which I had to pick up when I got up there in the morning...ew.

Following this, Mum decided to clear the bathroom.  I did try to help her but very soon got out of breath and had a bad nosebleed while trying to clear the dusty rubbish out of the shower.  I was still suffering with bad chest pains and blocked airways in the evening.

What was all the dusty rubbish in the shower, you ask?  Well, apparently I was once incapable of throwing anything out and thought it was a good idea to keep every bit of packaging from every MLP item I ever bought.  I HAD already downsized my packaging collection a LOT, but I was still left with all of this...

I had a ton of the plastic bubbles from G2 packaging which I just couldn't bear to throw away.  I asked around on the Ponycon forum to see if anybody attending the con would want them and Bigmlpfan said she'd take them.  Well, thank goodness for that!  At long last, I could get rid of the packaging without feeling bad about just throwing it away.

(Not surprising I was suffering with dust allergies while I was surrounded with all this rubbish, is it?!)

She said she'd take any G3 packaging I wanted to dispose of too, so I got to work cutting down the remaining packaging to a far more manageable pile in time for Ponycon.

October 20th 2010

David left work at 4pm and took us to Acton.  Ugh, Acton is such a rough place these days filled with unsavoury people.  I almost walked under a car as a drunken gang staggered around me shouting at each other loudly.

We were going to the large Savers store there in search of the Inecto products I so desperately needed.  The shopping centre floor was crazily highly polished and Mum and I almost slipped over.  Well, it was worth it anyway, as I managed to get the much-loved facial wipes and moisturiser.  There was still no body scrub to be found though.

The shop assistant embarrassed me by commenting on my purchase, "All coconut, eh?  You like coconut?"  I don't know why I got embarrassed but I was always so self conscious about my crooked teeth, I hated talking to people and it made me feel awkward when random people tried to strike up conversations like that.

We walked through Morrisons on the way back to the car in search of Dolly Mix Ponies but there were none in the didn't even look like they had ever been in this branch as there was no place on the shelf for them.  When we got back to the car, it transpired that David had already been in the shop to look for them anyway!

We headed back to Grottsville and had chips for dinner, then David got in a fowl mood for no apparent reason and fell asleep on the landing.  He had made some pretty hurtful comments and upset Mum so we didn't get out of the house again in the evening as planned.  Mum denied that this was the reason we hadn't gone out, she said it was because it was too late by the time she woke him up and it had only got that late because I had been talking to Elisabeth on MSN again.  Well, excuse me...I am so sorry for having any kind of social life even online.  I'm sure she would have understood if I had told her you wanted to call David earlier, but YOU were putting off calling him as he was in such a bad mood!

Also, my "stupid beauty products" were the reason we hadn't got to Waterforce to look at new taps.  Well, that's news to me.  David only came home in the first place so as to get my "stupid beauty products".  He would have still been at work otherwise!

Once he was awake, David went to Woodberry alone "to warm the house up" with a small electrical heater in his bedroom while he played on the laptop.  He stayed there until 1.30am...

And so concludes another four-day catch up blog.  We're getting there.  Extremely slowly but we ARE getting there at long last.  Tune in tomorrow for a report on Ponycon 2010 among other stories!

Thanks for reading, guys!  Love you all!
Desirée  xxx

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