Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Yes, I Got Called Away Again...

E-Bay free listing weekend beckoned, and I had to go running as I have so much stuff to sell, and am in desperate need of money right now.  Hence, two more days off of blogging!  And so I am back to square one.  This is hopeless, and I really do feel like giving up.  But I'm not the sort to just give up, so here I am, at 12.22am, just starting to write a long blog entry.  I WILL get this thing up to date someday, by hook or by crook!

September 25th 2010
We went to Homebase to finally purchase a Henry Hoover.  But disaster!  They only had one blue one left on the shelf, and Mum had her heart set on a red one.  And so, I was left to "guard" the last remaining Blue Henry (not sure what I was supposed to do if someone came and wanted to buy him - sit on top of the box perhaps?!) while David went off to ask if there were any Red Henry Hoovers hidden away in the store room.  A bit later, we saw him struggling back up the aisle towards us, proudly carrying a Red Henry.  He informed us that the Red Henry Hoovers were stacked on the end of an aisle by the checkouts.  Yes, hooverS - plural.  There were LOADS of them up there.  So why had he felt the need to pick up such a large, heavy box and drag it all the way across the shop back to where we were standing guarding the blue one?  Surely we could have picked one up on the way out!

Next to Woodberry to measure up the windows for curtains.  We couldn't find any net curtains that Mum liked though - she had fallen in love with some dolphin nets we had seen hanging in somebody's window a couple of miles down the road from us, but we had no idea where they came from or even if they still made curtains in this design.

We headed to Morrisons on Dolly Mix hunting duty but there were still none to be found.  We stopped for Aero McFlurries on the way back but, much to my disappointment, the local rats were not running around the car park to entertain us (being sarcastic there, of course!)

I couldn't stand to wear my hole-y leggings to floor-bed anymore (the holes were just getting ridiculous!), so I decided to dig out my pyjamas.  Unfortunately, as I didn't have such normalities as a bedroom or chest of drawers to keep them in, they were just on the bathroom floor, and covered in carpet beetle larvae.  These set off my allergies again, leaving me coughing up blood with a feeling of a large furball in my throat.  When I came out of the bathroom, feeling really ill, I found David sitting on his "throne" in the middle of the front bedroom, surrounded by his piles of dirty publications and looking at pornography which he hurriedly hid in a file as I passed the door, muttering to himself as I had disturbed him.  "You don't have to hide it, I'm not interested - I feel too ill." I croaked.  He didn't answer me, just kept muttering rude things about what an annoyance I was.  I got downstairs and realised that I hadn't turned the bathroom light off, so I had to go back upstairs to do so.  Normally David would be angry with me for NOT doing so, but tonight it was quite clear that I was unwelcome up there.  Again, the familiar *rustle, rustle* sounds came from the front bedroom as he hid his unsavoury magazines, and then I heard him loudly whisper "to himself", "What's SHE doing back up here?!"  Well, excuse me!  It may have escaped your notice but I live here too!  And I was really poorly with the allergies he had caused by keeping me there so long.  Nice to feel wanted, isn't it?!

September 26th 2010
Back to Morrisons as I was getting really desperate to find those ponies now...but it was pointless.  Then to Carpet Right in Wembley...where David had vowed never to go again after they saw a couple who arrived after us ahead of us in the queue.  But we had to go back and take another look at the vinyl which we hadn't found anywhere else, and anyway, David "hadn't said he wouldn't use the shop, he'd just said that he wouldn't buy from them"!  Uh...there's not much point looking if you won't purchase anything from the shop anyway!  Oh well, he announced that the vinyl wasn't good enough anyway as it didn't have a thick enough wear layer or a felt backing.

After that, he brought us back to Grottsville and went in the bathroom for two hours.  Then, as soon as he heard us dishing up dinner, he came downstairs and escaped to Woodberry, where he stayed for the rest of the day.  The excuse was that he needed to paint my bedroom radiator and write to the lawyer (who he hadn't been in touch with for ages) and lie to him that he had "been on a short break", but I think most of the time was probably spent looking at adult sites on his laptop.

It was another free listing weekend on e-Bay and, much to my surprise, I found that I was able to list more than 100 items!  I was pretty annoyed as I really hadn't bothered the previous day, believing that I had already reached my September limit.  I still managed to list 142 items, but I have SO much stuff that needs to be sold to de-clutter both houses!

Mind you, I'm not sure what point there was to earning money.  I desperately needed cash due to all the money I was giving David for the unsold Dolly Mix Ponies, so I decided to withdraw some money from Paypal.  I asked David for help me as it was my first time withdrawing money from my Paypal account and I was scared of making a mistake and being yelled at.  I wanted to withdraw £500, but David would only allow me to take £200.  And I couldn't withdraw the other £300 at a seperate date as David keeps records of every penny that goes in or out of my current account.  No, I have no idea why he wanted to stop me taking my own money out of the account, especially as most of it would be paid straight to him for Dolly Mix Ponies - I guess he just wanted to feel like he was in charge of the inferior women in "his" household again.  Ugh.

September 27th 2010
Morrisons again, where they finally had some new ponies!  I grabbed the whole box (eleven ponies) excitedly, but guess who I got?  Lickety Split, Glory and all of the second wave apart from one pony...  SNUZZLE.  The very pony everybody still needed to complete their sets!  By this point, I was convinced that Snuzzle must be placed at the front of each box which meant she sold first.  Hence, I had to catch that box right as it arrived on the shelf.  But we had been checking every single day and we'd still managed to miss her.  So what more could I do?!

Then to Woodberry to clear the front room in preparation for the wallpaperer who was coming the following day.  It was only then that David finally showed us the box of wallpaper, and Mum and I realised that we probably didn't have enough of the paper to cover the whole room.  A total nightmare, especially as that wallpaper had now been discontinued.

I also got to see David's hard work of the previous day...

My radiator definitely looked much nicer in pink... not so sure about the paintbrush hairs and bubbles in the paint though!

Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you paint a radiator after dark and rush the job in desperation to get back to looking at unsavoury websites...

We stopped for another Aero McFlurry on the way back.  David asked for an "ice cream CONE" but instead got a COKE. >.<  And my McFlurry was full of dust and little bits of Cornetto.  Considering Cornetto was the limited edition McFlurry offered before Aero was offered, I hate to think how seldom they clean in that place!  On top of that, I realised I could hardly eat it for toothache - it felt as though a filling had fallen out.  Ouch!  Definitely not one of my better McFlurry experiences!

Hasbro updated their own website and the website for The Hub with a clip of the new Friendship is Magic theme tune and a new MLP computer game which didn't work very well on my computer.  Can't say I was keen on the new art style or the tune, but the Canadian voice acting made the show bearable, even if it was not the MLP I knew and loved.  I'd give it a try anyway...

September 28th 2010
I was awoken by Mum yelling at David, "It's 8.15am!"  The wallpaperer had been due at Woodberry at 8am so I'm surprised he even waited there for David to arrive.  He couldn't do anything anyway, as itn turned out there had been a misunderstanding and he thought we were providing our own pasting table.  What???  If we were the sort to have a pasting table and do wallpapering ourselves, why the heck would we be paying for a wallpaperer?!  Well, he agreed to return the following day anyway.  It was probably for the best anyway, as it gave David time to go to the storage depot where he found some more rolls of wallpaper.  At least now there should be enough to cover the living room walls!

I was still suffering with a bad toothache and struggled to eat anything hot, cold or sweet.  I felt another piece of filling fall out during breakfast, and had to book an appointment with the dreaded dentist for Thursday.  My parents didn't seem to notice my pain though, and continued to offer me unsuitable foods like ice cream and iced buns!

In the evening, we went back to Morrisons but there were no more ponies to be found.  The situation was getting really awkward and embarrassing now, with everyone waiting for their ponies just because I couldn't find the elusive Snuzzle!

We even tried Tesco, but there were no Dolly Mix Ponies there either.  Then David stopped for petrol and found the lady in the shop hanging up clip strips full of Dolly Mix Ponies for 20p each!  All the first set (they were reduced as the sweets were going out of date), but what a deal anyway!  I only bought fifteen of them as the lady hanging them up said she was trying to collect them for her granddaughter and I felt bad buying them all just to sell on e-Bay for a profit.
And...I made it!  It's 2am and I can go to bed!  Whoopee!  Now if only I could get that much done every day, I'd catch up in no time at all... "No time at all" meaning about five months, you understand.  Still, catching up in five months is better than never catching up at all, which is what's going to happen if I don't stop procrastinating.  So I WILL talk to you all tomorrow, okay?  See you then!

Thjank you for remaining my loyal readers throughout my laziness!
Desirée  xxx

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