Wednesday, 28 March 2012

As The Daylight Fades...

...I start blogging.  Of course, I don't have time to finish this entry now so I will probably end up publishing it in the early hours as usual, but at least the first half might be a little more coherent than usual!

November 20th 2010

I didn't wake up until 10am.  Well, that's not too surprising considering the stress of the night before and how I had stayed up so late packing parcels!  I would probably have felt better for the extra sleep but my breathing troubles were terrible due to being on the floor for so long.

The remainder of the morning was spent wrapping the rest of the e-Bay parcels.  David walked across the road to the post office to ship them for me, before heading back to the bathroom for another two hours.  At around 2.30pm, we left for Wickes en route to Woodberry.  David left us in the car at Wickes, without even asking me what kind of screws I needed.  Luckily he guessed correctly and got the right screws so I spent my time at Woodberry changing the cupboard door knobs while my parents re-hung the living room door (again!  We'd left it off of its hinges up until that point in case we had decided to get a replacement window pane cabinet).  I had just enough time to notice that my little G2 beanie Dainty Dove had faded in her crate by the curtain-less window in my bedroom before I was whisked back to Grottsville as Mum was concerned that the house would have been broken into for some reason!

David went to the launderette and I got upset as one of my t-shirts really needed to be washed but there was no way I would send it to that dirty place...they always came back dirtier than they had been when they went down there!  All of my "going out" clothes were practically black with filth (hand washing was impossible in the slum where we lived as the sink was filthy, and I had nowhere to hang dripping wet clothes!) and yet we still weren't moving where there was a washing machine.

I was also quite distressed about the spots which kept popping up on my back...I had guessed they were insect bites but they were getting so widespread that it seemed most likely that acne was the cause now.  They were so painful when my clothes brushed against them and so ugly to look at.  I felt a lot better after I had a bath and scrubbed my back...but then I did my daily exercises which rather ruined the effect!

The (bad) wallpaperer rang up to ask for his money as Peter Grant (his boss) hadn't come back to us for money and so hadn't paid the wallpaperer.  David announced that he intended to pay the "poor wallpaperer" directly.  WHAT?!  Without even so much as a receipt?  You must be mad!  Did it not even occur to him that Peter Grant would come back to us and ask for a second lot of money?!

I watched the latest episode of Friendship is Magic on Youtube.  The popularity was really building up by this point but I was still failing to see what was supposed to be so special about the show.  It just looked like any other silly modern cartoon to me, and certainly not MLP.  I mean, seriously, how are these things in any way supposed to look like ponies...EVEN G4s?!

More like a giraffe and some kind of ugly four-legged goblin!  Not to mention Snips and Snails (the characters in the screenshot above) are horrific Canadian stereotypes who say "What's that all aboot, eh?" and the like.  Did I mention they are also depicted as being extremely annoying and a bit thick?  Then again, just about ANY character on the show who is not based on your typical white American is shown as being inferior in one way or another and/or is only included for comedic appeal.  At least in the older generations, the ponies never had a definite race.  They're PONIES who live in a magical world on the other side of the rainbow, for crying out loud!  Why WOULD you have American, Canadian, English, African, or any of the other Earthly nationalities that keep popping up on the show in places like "Fillydelphia" and "Ponyville"?  Well, at least there were still decent voice actors in the show - these two guys were voiced by Richard Ian Cox and Lee Tockar, and Kathleen Barr had returned to MLP as the voice of Trixie.

I was too tired to go pony hunting at Morrisons in the evening - sleeping on the dusty floor was really taking its toll on my health now.

November 21st 2010

We went to Greenford in search of wrapping paper and a Christmas card for my nephew.  No luck, but we did get some big fake Lego sets for him in one of the cheap shops there, as well as a cute little diary and a reduced price "Twilight Pony" (and a couple of Twilight Ponies' plushies) for myself.  I'd had my eye on the Twilight Ponies for a while so it was nice to find them at a decent price!  We did take a look in the charity shops too, but the only MLP item was a G3 "Dancing in the Clouds" video which I left where it was.

Then to Acton, still searching for the things we needed for Allan.  We managed to find some nice wrapping paper for a 9-year-old boy and also picked up some more Inecto Coconut hand cream and body lotion in Savers while we were there.

I got out of breath running back to the car (David pulled up on double yellow lines across the road in the shopping centre) and went a bit dizzy.  Acton is such a rough area, and I hate men so much anyway that I became convinced some nasty-looking thug was about to get into the car (!) I slammed Mum's door shut.  Mum was not best pleased about having to open it again to get in!

Then to Woodberry to clear up in preparation for the tilers who were coming the following day.  I felt really ill but still did my best to help.  David didn't think I was doing enough though and moaned, "Nobody does anythink!  I have to drive around doing everythink for Christmas!" often is it that we have to go Christmas shopping?!  We ourselves had agreed not to exchange gifts or put any decorations up this year so what else was he doing towards Christmas, for goodness sake?

It became apparent WHY I was feeling so ill when (sorry if this is too much information) a huge clump of brown dust-filled wax came out of my ear, causing an earache.  No wonder I had been so dizzy!  Suddenly everything was extremely loud, but my parents continued to shout and completely ignored me as I quietly asked them to calm down and leave me in peace!

Finally to Topps Tiles to pick up some edging strips (yes, David loves to leave everything until the last minute!)  A couple brought a dear little jack russel terrier into the shop while we were there...but I felt a bit nervous when he started barking and barking at something under one of the shelving units.  I guess it was a mouse but I could have done without knowing it was there!

David was horrid to me, yelling at me for "carrying my bag everywhere with me"!  Well, what did he want me to do?  Leave my bag at home (in which case, what would I have used to pay for the stuff we bought in Greenford and Acton?) or leave it in the car (unguarded, with all my money and valuables inside!)?  I carried it on my arm so it didn't stop me from holding the edging strips - or whatever else David wanted to load into my arms - anyway, so I really don't know why he was complaining.  Oh well.

And there I go again.  It's 2am, I can't keep my eyes open and my blog turned into a lot of incoherent drivel...and not enough of it either!  I'll write more tomorrow, I promise!  Even writing this much has to be better than nothing!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Well, this is a lost cause.

I'm just about at the point of quitting this blog, or at least skipping ahead to the present day.  I never seem to have a chance to update - it was another free listing weekend on e-Bay (much to my surprise as they only had one last weekend!), so that's where my weekend went...  No excuse for Thursday or Friday other than general excessive spring cleaning and a lot of pain...but that's a modern day story and, having got this far, I'm not giving up just yet!

November 17th 2010

We went to Woodberry while a technician came to "fix" the window pane cabinet.  Yes, we decided to settle for a repair as it was just far too much hassle to get a replacement.  Their idea of a repair was to draw over the scratches with furniture crayons and to rattle the cabinet about a bit to "fix the door".  Well, it did look a lot better and, by some miracle, the door did close properly afterwards.

I tried to fix the handles onto the drawers under my bed but, just as I had told David, the screws that had come with the handles were far too long so the washers he had bought were a total waste of money.  It was new, shorter screws we needed.

Mum started unpacking boxes, and discovered that some of her aunt's treasured teacups were missing.  The saucers were there, but the cups were nowhere to be seen.  Mum got terribly upset, convinced that she must have thrown the cups away due to her bad eyesight and David was really nasty saying that she "shouldn't do anything if she can't do it properly".

I finally got my "Bring Back Kelly Sheridan" video uploaded to Youtube.

Was it good enough to be worth the wait?  No.  But I was pretty proud of myself, considering the fact I hadn't been able to use video clips and had to save each scene screenshot by screenshot.  The petition still only had 233 signatures at that point, but Kelly posted this on her Facebook fan page which made it worth all the hard work to me.  I was positively glowing for the rest of the day!

And...all my e-Bay items ended.  I sold 36 items for well over £100 which was my best ever.  So, all in all, I had a pretty good day.

November 18th 2010

We went to Morrisons.  There were eight ponies on the shelf which were obviously from the second wave...I was really getting into debt with these things now though so I attempted to feel through the bags to figure out which ponies I would be buying.  I felt out the two unicorns and left those behind but the shop was closing by that point so I had to buy the remaining six.  And...there was no Snuzzle anyway!  However, there WAS another Heart Throb who had obviously replaced one of the second wave ponies again.  I only hoped they weren't going to start replacing Snuzzle with a pony from wave one!

Mum decided to clear all of my old board games out of the library.  My health had declined to a point where just lifting all the heavy boxes into the living room and photographing them left me feeling really ill and totally exhausted.  I guess they were very dusty and covered in carpet beetle remains too, which made my allergies worse than ever.  Mum just yelled at me when I said I needed a break though, reminding me that she felt ill too, and I "kept forgetting she was 35 years older than me but she still manages to keep going"!   Yes, well, she wasn't suffering from bad chest pains and breathing trouble, was she?

HOW did she think I could photograph them, check if they were complete, and move them all out of the living room (where I had to sleep on the dusty floor - which had just become even more dusty, of course) before bedtime anyway?

(Yes, I was probably the most spoilt child on Earth!  Sadly, my parents never took the time to play with me so most of these games are untouched as I had nobody to play with)

Because of the stupid timing of all of this, we didn't get the e-Bay parcels wrapped up.  I was so weak and dehydrated by the end of the day that I ended up breaking down in tears.  Then, of course, I had to lie down on the floor right where all those dusty games had been which made my allergies even worse.  I was seriously concerned that I would suffocate in the night.

November 19th 2010

Well, I didn't suffocate but I felt like I was at death's door.  I felt as though I had flu, exhausted with a runny nose (ended up using half a tissue box again!), sore throat, nosebleeds, chest pains...the lot.  Still I managed to spend the day hard at work packing up e-Bay parcels.

I had a nice relaxing bath in the evening and strangely my breathing cleared up a little (perhaps it was the steam?!)  The cheap Inecto coconut body scrub was lovely as always but the overpriced Lush Butterball ballistic was greasy and not only stained the sides of the bath, but stuck the scrub all over the sides of the bath too...leaving me with another little cleaning job!

David decided it wasn't worth going to Morrisons as there had been "four or five ponies left yesterday" (actually, there were only the two unicorns I mentioned) so they "wouldn't have re-stocked yet".

We went to Tesco instead.  Mum wanted new socks but we discovered that they no longer made her style.  I did get some for myself though.  And we found them giving away free baguettes.  David spent ages picking one for himself, measuring them and holding them up against each other to find the largest!  Then he told a cashier that a woman behind was "stealing them".  Well, there was actually no limit on how many you could take - they just wanted rid of them.  And she only took three anyway.  Perhaps she had a large family?  Unlikely, but let's give her the benefit of the doubt!

There were some very suspicious looking men hanging around the cash machines so I convinced David to leave them.  He was trying to set up a second Paypal account but Mum had already looked online and found out he hadn't received his verification money anyway.

We returned to Grottsville and picked Mum up.  Just while we were in the house, a gang of drunken youths appeared over the road.  One was peeing against the wall of the tyre shop opposite.  They were a most unsavoury bunch and I was a little concerned they'd break into the house if they saw us leaving it empty.  Still we went to Woodberry to get a padded envelope for one of my e-Bay items.  It looked too small though so Mum and I had to sit in the car park outside David's office while he collected some more envelopes...which turned out to be exactly the same size anyway!

It was ridiculously late by the time we got back, but I still had to resume work on packing e-Bay stuff.  I asked David to help me with cutting down a box (one item out of thirty-six, remember?), and he yelled at me.  "Why is it always up to me to do everythink?!"  What a nice, helpful man!  He left me to do everything else while he watched Children in Need anyway.

Mum got annoyed that I was keeping her up so late.  She ended up knocking her childhood chimp toy on the floor (he didn't break, thank God!) and yelled at me that "I was the one who wanted to sit up all night to wrap parcels"!  Uh...I wouldn't say I wanted to exactly.  But it did take a long time when I had no table to do it on and I had nobody to help me either.

What had really caused her angry outburst?  She had stressed herself to death with a sudden indigestion attack, convincing herself that she was "having a heart attack" by coughing persistently and breaking a sweat in panic.  Then I gave myself indigestion too.  Basically I got a sandwich for myself which was when David finally agreed to help with cutting the box down and he got angry with me for getting something to eat instead of getting on with the work.  So I practically swallowed the sandwich whole.  Ugh.

The day ended in a nice argument between my parents.  Some highlights included Mum asking when David was going to take the time off work that he was due.  He said he couldn't take it off as he was too busy working overtime...meaning he was due more time off in lieu which he would never have time to take!

The bloke who was supposed to be coming to put the tiles up in the kitchen on Monday had left an answerphone message on David's phone asking him to confirm Monday was still okay, and David was seriously shocked when Mum asked if he had rung the tiler back.  "Oh, do I have to tell him he can come?  I thought I'd just have to ring back if there was a problem!"

The lawyer wrote another rude letter to David too, asking if he still wanted to proceed as he hadn't heard from him for so long.  No wonder nothing ever moved forward!

The mattresses were coming on the 29th...perhaps then I would finally be allowed to sleep at Woodberry and get away from the allergens of Grottsville.

I think I'll leave it there.  I would have liked to have got to the end of the 20th at least, but it's gone 2.30am and I'm so tired that I can feel my words are making no sense.  PLEASE grab me if I neglect this blog again.  Throw rotten tomatoes at me or something.  Just get my attention and tell me to write another entry.  I MUST get this thing up to date!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Thursday, 22 March 2012

"Mother Knows Best!"

As my own Mum keeps telling me.  Usually I'd say she were right, we could all do with listening to our mums more often but certain things she says hit raw nerves.  I've been talking to a certain someone online almost every night for four and a half years.  We have developed a special bond which I know I personally will never feel for anyone else (that sounds like a childish thing to say, but if you got inside my head and saw my pure fear and loathing of most men, you'd know I'm not the sort to let just anyone into my life...I have never had a boyfriend, have never felt the slightest bit interested in a relationship with anybody, and don't expect those feelings to change anytime soon).  Now he wishes to meet me.  Well, certain health issues have stopped those plans anyway, but I am so depressed about it all and keep breaking down as I know he should be here right now.  Instead of that, I know it is unlikely we shall ever see each other in real life now and I will spend the rest of my life alone wondering about what might have been...because I sure as HECK couldn't settle for second best unless I had at least tried it with this guy.

Anyway, Mum says that "internet people are not real people" even if you do talk to each other on webcam for two or three hours every night.  So she threw a big tantrum, yelling at me for wanting to "run off with some bloke I've never even met".  WTH?  I thought the whole point was that I wanted to meet this guy for three weeks, not "run off with him".  It's hard when you live in different countries but you have to break the ice and meet up sometime.  Anyway, then she flipped that I "couldn't just meet him as I'd be raising his hopes".  What?  How am I raising his hopes if I wanted to meet him with the intention of getting to know him better?  We both understand there's a big chance we wouldn't get along in real life, but how are you ever to know unless you give it a try?  I'm not as stupid as she seems to think.  Of course I wouldn't run off with someone I'd never even met, but you can't spend your life not meeting people just in case you don't get along and it's a disappointment.  What's there to lose?  I'm sensible, I trust this guy.  If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but at least we'd KNOW it hadn't worked and could move on with our lives.  Mum seems to be so scared of disappointment (or rejection?) that she thinks it's better to just coat yourself in protective cotton wool and never talk to anyone in the outside world.  Perhaps I should just curl up in the corner and die.  After all, simply opening my mouth could upset some random person who wanted to become my friend/partner/neighbour/pet guinea pig if it didn't work out!

Or maybe it's just a ploy to stop me talking to any member of the opposite sex other than her stereotypical "perfect man".  That is, a tall, rich, handsome, "pure English" boy of exactly the same age as myself who lives locally, goes to work and keeps me at home as a quiet little housewife with 20 darling grandchildren for her.  Ew... Maybe I really SHOULD just curl up in the corner and die.  Anything is better than that!

Anyways, enough of my ranting.  Having ignored this for another two weeks, I should be catch up blogging before I fall any further behind than I already am.

November 15th 2010

David dropped Mum and I at Woodberry to try and clean the place up a bit, but Emma happened to ring and Mum spent the entire time on the phone while I battled up and down with the vaccuum cleaner and various cleaning products on my own!

Nick was claiming that he had e-mailed us every single day throughout Emma's illness with her news...well, it's not like Nick to lie, but we had certainly never received those e-mails.  I guess he just got too busy and stressed out to send them.  What mattered more was that Emma was home and well again.

I managed to hoover the extension, family history room, hall, stairs and my bedroom before it got dark, but it wasn't enough.  The rest of the house needed to be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise Woodberry would become as much of a dusty slum as Grottsville.  I took a break about halfway through the hoovering and walked up to the charity shops around the corner.  I was really sick by this point though and it probably wasn't a very wise idea.  The pavement was slippery and there were some horrible schoolboys walking behind me, laughing at me because I kept almost slipping over.  At one point, one of them whispered at the other (loud enough for me to hear, thank God!), "Go on!  Get her!"  I turned quickly and saw the boy pushing the other kid ahead of him, urging him to push me over.  Thankfully, as soon as they realised I was onto their game, they left me alone, but it was terrifying when the roads were so icy and I felt so ill.  What is with kids these days?

I got yet another letter from the NHS, urging me to get my free chlamydia test.  Gross.  I already wrote and asked to be taken off of the mailing list as it's not something that affects me personally (obviously), and yet they continued to waste money sending letters to me (and no doubt countless other young women with no sexual history).  It just makes me so mad when there's so little NHS funding.  They had my brother-in-law driving my extremely sick sister to a different hospital as there was no proper transport available for her and once she got there, she was treated dreadfully with no staff available to even keep an eye on her most of the time.  They were trying to force me into a cheaper orthodontic procedure even though there were countless risks involved.  But they waste all that money sending letters around and trying to help irresponsible youngsters.  For God's sake, if they're old enough to be getting into relationships on that level, they're old enough to take responsibility, go to a doctor and get a testing kit themselves!  I wrote as much to the e-mail address on the letter.

My Boots parcels were redelivered in the evening.  David went to the door, and I went crazy...panicking that the contents would be listed on the outside of the box (yes, I know it sounds stupid, but I was really concerned about my parents finding out about the Smooth Skin system!)  I ended up going to the door alongside him (!), making an utter fool of myself in front of the courier, grabbing the boxes and hiding them in the back room, ready to open the following day!

After that, we went to Morrisons but there were no Dolly Mix Ponies to be found there.

November 16th 2010

I opened my Boots parcels...everything was present, but I didn't have a chance to check the Boots Smooth Skin System in private, so I still had the worry of whether it would work or not.  Now I had the slight problem of where to keep it.  After all, I had no bedroom of my own, so where could I hide such a large machine where my parents were unlikely to find it?  I settled on the old communal bedroom, tucking it down on the floor next to my old cot.  Nobody would ever look down there!

I spoke too soon.  I found a bag of unsavoury publications belonging to David and showed them to my mum, at which point she decided it was time to do some clearing the communal bedroom!

While clearing up, she discovered that one of her elephant ornaments (which had been sitting on top of the chest of drawers at the bottom of the bed for years) had been chipped, and blamed me as that's where I went to make my recordings.  Funny, as there was no broken piece there...proving it must have been broken before it even got put up there.  She washed and packed up a lot of ornaments that had been sitting on the windowsill up there too.

I worked on my Bright Back Kelly Sheridan video.  It was taking so long with Windows Movie Maker but it was finally almost complete...just the credits to work on now!

In the evening, we went to Morrisons on the Dolly Mix Hunt.  Mum and I were a bit reluctant to leave the house as there was a gang of violent-looking youths lingering on the corner opposite but David assured us that they were "just drunks".  We still felt the need to check the house after we had finished at Morrisons (where there was only one lone Glory, by the way) where we found the youths had smashed and torn up the poster and advertising board directly opposite our house!

We still went to McDonalds for Aero McFlurries though, before returning to Grottsville to deal with my e-Bay questions.  One problem: the internet (as well as the On Demand television) had mysteriously cut out so I couldn't answer any e-mails at all.  Oh well, at least I got an early night.

Which is more than I can say for tonight!  Yet another late night (or early morning, if you prefer) and hardly anything done.  What a boring, badly written blog this was to be sure.  Don't worry, hopefully I can get back into my stride tomorrow.  Yes, I do intend to keep updating on a nightly basis this time!  No more two week breaks for me.  I promise!

Thanks for remaining my loyal readers!
Desirée  xxx

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Time for a post-midnight snack...

...and a post-midnight blog!  Where do the days go?  I'm always so busy and yet nothing ever seems to get done, blogging being no exception.  I don't know how far I'll get with this, as I really don't feel well enough to be sitting up all night again, but I'm determined to write something on here each night!

November 13th 2010

Mum's cousin Katie sent her usual pretentious bunch of flowers in time for my late grandma's birthday the following day.  Mum and Katie don't get along so well, but Katie was pretty close to Grandma.  We were a bit puzzled when Katie didn't send any flowers for Grandma's funeral, but every year since she has sent a HUGE bunch of flowers in her memory.  Of course, Katie is VERY rich so this probably doesn't make too big a dent in her wallet, and it annoys Mum no end as she HATES arranging cut flowers (I believe Katie knows this too!)  And we had nowhere in the slum in which we were living to display flowers nicely.  Mum usually puts a vase by the urn of Grandma's ashes on the kitchen shelf as she "doesn't like to let her down", then the rest are taken to the cemetery and placed on Mum's grandparents' graves.  This year, however, Mum decided to give them to Emma as a "get well soon" gift.  She knew Grandma would have liked that.

We went to Ealing Broadway.  I was really ill with my allergies by this point (I know I keep saying it to a point that I'm probably becoming like the boy who cried wolf, but I was getting dangerously sick with both the breathing problems/chest pains and sleep deprivation of having nowhere but the dusty floor to lie) and my ears were clogged almost as badly as my nose and throat.  I don't know what happened, I guess it was a combination of not being able to hear properly and being overtired, but I just went dizzy as we were walking through the central square of the shopping centre and my legs gave way under me.  I fell to the ground heavily, twisting my ankle and smashing my knee.  It could have been worse - I think my pride was hurt more than anything else as people around me stared at me on the ground.  Mum helped me up, blaming it on "the funny way I walk" (?!)  David just kept walking, embarrassed by my "clumsiness".  Nice people.  Could they really not see how sick I was getting?

We went to the building society who admitted they're giving us the wrong interest rate.  But, even though we had reported it, they couldn't sort it out until our ISAs mature - then we'd have to go through the regular complaints process.  I guess they hope that people will forget to complain at the end of the term and they won't have to give as much interest.  Check your interest rates, guys!  I swear they're all on the fiddle these days.

After that, we had a quick wander around the shops.  We went in Savers, but they still didn't have the Inectio body scrub.  I did get some more of the hand cream though as I wondered if that too would be going out of the shops again soon.

Then to the FARA Kids' Charity Shop.  They have some good stuff in there, but the prices are outrageous.  Meadowbrook with a bad haircut - £2.00.  A small fake MLP Cotton Candy Café (not even a playset - just like a cheap plastic facade) - £1.50.  A My Scene DVD (that originally came free with one of the dolls) in a severely damaged box - £2.00.  I came away empty handed.  I would have loved that fakie Cotton Candy Café, but I just couldn't justify spending so much on a bashed up toy which originally came out of a Poundland playset!

Finally to the Body Shop to get Emma's birthday gift (a White Musk gift set) with a voucher Mum had found in one of the newspapers.  I had also had a voucher which I'd been given when I made my last purchase there but David hadn't taken me back to the shop in time to use it.  Just as well really, as I felt far too ill to think what I wanted in the shop anyway!

We headed straight back to the car after that, Mum moaning at me that I had forgotten she needed wrapping paper for Allan's birthday.  I couldn't even remember what I needed, much less recall her shopping list!  Why couldn't she remember?  Or bring a list with her, for that matter?

David wanted to drive straight to Emma's house to put the flowers on her doorstep but we reminded him that we still needed to go to Woodberry to see the new taps.  So, he reluctantly let us go in the house for a few minutes to take some photos...

Mum liked them (thank God!) but, having seen the damage to the Window Pane cabinet in the daylight for the first time, she insisted that it needed to be replaced.

Oh, and you know David had stayed at Woodberry until 10pm the previous day?  Well, he claims he was extremely busy all day long, but I have no clue what he was doing over there.  This was the extent of his work...

He'd taken the piece of pretty paper off the top of the chest of drawers and painted it white.  The work would be done in no time at all if he continued at this rate, right?!

We stopped at Homebase on the way to my sister's house.  But there were no mattresses there and we totally forgot the 1/2 price Christmas tree light sale (not that we were going to have any Christmas decorations this year anyway, but the lights had finally packed up the year before so we needed new ones).

David stopped at Tesco to buy some extremely smelly rotting meat on the way back.  God, it stank!  He left Mum and I in the car while he bought it, parked right opposite Toys 'R Us.  I really wanted to go in TRU, but I felt too tired and ill to even walk across the car park.

When we got back to Grottsville, there was a card in the porch stating we'd missed a parcel.  Probably my super-secret Boots order, even though they claimed it wasn't due until Wednesday and hadn't even e-mailed to say they'd sent it yet.  Oh, noooo!  David threw the card at me with a snarl as if to say "you shouldn't have ordered anything if you weren't going to be in to accept the parcel".  Well, what else was I to do?  He never took me anywhere near a Boots store to buy directly from the shop.  And I had no way of getting to one myself!

November 14th 2010

I awoke at 8.20am (early, considering I hadn't gone to floor-bed until 2.30.  I just couldn't sleep with such a bad cough and chest pains!), but David wouldn't come out of the bathroom until 10am - leaving Mum and I using the leaking latrine downstairs, filling heavy buckets etc.  Even when he did get up, he went to the refuse centre to get rid of some old cardboard boxes.  He seemed to be out forever, and even when he returned (long after we were dressed and waiting to go out), he went BACK in the bathroom.

While David was in the bathroom, a courier came to the door.  Hoping that it was my parcel from Boots, I went to the door despite being embarrassed about the raggy, torn t-shirt I was wearing.  But it wasn't my parcel.  It was the extremely heavy novelty table Mum had ordered for her family history room (she intended to use it as a stool, but more about that later).   "I've got this parcel for you, but it's very heavy!", the courier said.  God, you can say that again.  He just kind of dropped it into my arms, and I almost fell over backwards.  My arm was still killing me from where I had fallen over the previous day and trying to carry that thing made it so much worse.  Still I somehow managed to get the table into the lounge.  When David finally came out of the bathroom, he was horrible to me about it.  "It's not 'eavy!  What's wrong wiv ya?" he said, staring at the box in the middle of the floor (and having not even tried to lift the box himself, may I add!)  "If ya fink that's 'eavy, ya wanna go ta a doctor an' get that arm looked at!  You moighta cracked it!"  Minutes later, he tried to lift the box and couldn't manage it without my help to lift it to the car!  "God, it is 'eavy!" he exclaimed.  "Whoy didn't ya put it dan in the 'all or pawch?" about because the hall and porch were so cluttered that there honestly wasn't a patch of floor in which to place it?!

We finally got out at 1.30pm.

We went to Lakeland for metal polish and popped into TK Maxx (nothing interesting enough to note here!) while we were there.  Then to Laura Ashley to look at the Window Pane cabinet they have on display there.  The door definitely closed better than ours did so it wasn't a design flaw.  It looked as though we really would have to go through all the upheaval of getting a replacement.

Then to Woodberry to check the novelty "library table"...

It was a really sweet little thing but my goodness, what a mess!  It was terribly scuffed and unpainted!

But then we realised what the problem was... that was the base!  We had it the wrong way up!  THIS was what it was actually supposed to look like...

Mum tried to have a discussion about where to put armchairs in the front room but David wouldn't join in.  "Well, I won't be sitting in here anyway.  There's going to be no television, no computer..."  He really upset Mum.  She wants a friendly, communicative family but she has entirely the opposite in David.

He finally got around to ordering the mattresses for Mum and I.  I don't know why he said we had to be included in the decision, as he totally ignored our choices and bought the cheapest mattresses he could find.  But it was okay, any mattress was better than none!  "You like firm mattresses, don't you, Desirée?" he said to me.  How should I know?  If you recall, I'd never even had a bed before.  The only bed I'd ever slept in was the one I had shared with my mum for many years, and the mattress on that bed was bought before I was even born!

Then he dashed us back to Grottsville so that he could go to work.  He was owed loads of time off in lieu now, but couldn't afford to take it as he "had another rushed job on".  So what was he going to do?  Just work overtime for no pay AND never take the time off that he was owed either?!  Madman.

Well, that was still only a 2-day blog, but it's 2am and I really need some sleep.  I guess two days is better than nothing, I was just hoping to keep up the regular 4-day plan!

Thanks for reading, everyone!  Talk to you all tomorrow!
Desirée  xxx

Monday, 5 March 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

So, for the first time in three days, I have the opportunity to leave the house.  But the heavens have well and truly opened and I will get soaked just walking from the front door to the car.  It was so bright and sunny the past few days too!

November 9th 2010

We went Dolly Mix hunting at Morrisons but there were no ponies to be found.  Nor was the price label back on the shelf.  Concerned, we asked a member of staff who thought they may be getting a delivery that night.  I could only keep my fingers crossed that he was right!

On the way back, we stopped at McDonalds for Rolo McFlurries.  Yes, they were STILL offering the Rolo one!  Oh well, I did love them, so it was nice to get another one before they were discontinued for the year!

The MLP book and comics that I had bought on e-Bay arrived.  I didn't take a photo of the book for some reason, but it is an unusual version of "The Cross Weather Witch"... it seems there were two editions of some of the Mini World books.  This one has bigger pages but less of them!  The cover picture is the same but whereas the "regular" version shows it through an oval with a blue frame, in this version the picture extends over the whole cover.  Some of you may know the version I'm talking about, most probably won't.  Don't worry, unless you're an obsessive MLP merchandise collector, you're not missing much!

The comics were of far more interest to me personally, as these were some of the later issues, featuring the characters from My Little Pony Tales!

Now, as most of my pony pals probably know, I am a huge Pony Tales fan and want to collect everything Tales-related.  There wasn't really a lot of merchandise made during those later years though.  As a child, I found out about the "Pony Tales comics" through a website I saw during one of my internet cafe sessions.  I became obsessed with them and desperately wanted to know what they looked like inside.  With no home access to the internet and with car boot sales being my only pony hunting ground, I knew I was unlikely to ever have them though.  So, with photos of the covers and story titles in hand, I decided to make my own!

Sadly, this one was never finished, but you can see it here alongside the real version...

It's funny to read the comics I made now, I should probably scan the pages to give you all a laugh.  Although I must say, my stories are at least true to the personalities of the ponies in the TV show.  The actual comics are weird, with the characters acting strangely, and sometimes not even having the right colours and symbols!  Ace is depicted as being green with pink hair and a playing card symbol for most of his comic appearances, for goodness sake!

There was no mention of the Bright Eyes ruler/bookmark/stencil that my granparents' neighbour gave me, claiming it was a MLP comic free gift that he picked up in the street back in the early 90s, so I still didn't know which issue it came with originally.  And Lancer only appeared in one issue out of the seven I bought.  He really wasn't considered to be one of the main characters, was he?  Well, I guess he did only appear in five episodes of the TV series.  He just stood out as a loveable character to me personally and so he became as big as any of the main ponies.

I was still attempting to put my "Bring Back Kelly Sheridan" video together, but Windows Movie Maker kept freezing before I got to the end.  Eventually I decided I'd have to cut the thing into four segments and then put them all together at the end.  Wow, this was really going to look professional enough to convince people to sign the petition, wasn't it?

  It turned out that Emma was actually in an ordinary ward with a regular "2 visitors per bed" rule.  So why had we been told that we couldn't visit her?  Mum was not best pleased. Well, at least if she was on a regular ward, she couldn't be as ill as we had originally feared.

November 10th 2010

My allergies were very bad.  It was getting ridiculous - constant chest pains and nosebleeds and now a searing pain in my left nostril.  Almost like someone was sticking a pin into the inside of my nose...a pin coated in acid, that is.  I had to get out of that house, but there was no sign of us moving house in the near future.

David came in at 2pm.  Mum and I believed that we were all going to Woodberry to inspect the new cabinet for damage and then David was dropping us back in Grottsville before heading back to work.  Apparently, there had been (yet another) misunderstanding.  David was quite angry, snapping, "Of course not!  I have to work!  How do you think I can take that much time off?!"  So what was the plan?  Well, he thought we were going to the storage depot to collect some boxes of ornaments and then he was taking us and the boxes to Woodberry to sort through them.  Uh...wouldn't it take just as much time to go to the storage depot (which was in the opposite direction to Woodberry) as it would have done to bring us straight back to Grottsville anyway?

Well, whatever.  There was no way Mum and I could go to Woodberry as there was no food there and we hadn't known to make packed lunches, so David got the boxes from the storage depot and brought them to Grottsville for us to sort through there, then we went to Woodberry in the evening to drop off the stuff we wanted to keep.

We did try to look at the window pane cabinet, but as it was after dark and the artificial light at Woodberry was rather dim, it was hard to check it over properly, especially with the huge box it had been packed in and the door we had taken off of its hinges still filling most of the room!

Even so, we picked out two problems with it.  1) The door wouldn't shut properly.  And 2) This:

It's hard to see from the picture but the frame was scratched and scuffed - badly.  I guess it got damaged when they were having to turn it at strange angles and force it through the door.  Now what?  The cabinet had cost a LOT of money, so we didn't want to accept a damaged one, but it was such a lot of trouble to get this one into the house, who was to say a replacement wouldn't get damaged in the same way anyway?

The large plush Sunny Daze that I won on e-Bay arrived.  The auction had not been clear, and I wasn't sure what size she was... the only clue I'd had was to compare her to an armchair in the background of the auction photo!  I knew she was big but wasn't sure if she was the same size as my large Rainbow Dash or slightly smaller (but still what I would term "large") Sparkleworks.

The answer?  She was a different version all together, proving that Nanco made the ponies in yet another size!

November 11th 2010

Back to Morrisons on the Dolly Mix Hunt...and bingo!  We found two boxes of ponies on the shelves, one box of ten and one box of eight...yes, two ponies had sold before we got there again.  But it was okay, the box of eight consisted of ponies from the first wave anyway.  I picked up the other (complete) box which appeared to be a set of the second wave.  It was (including the elusive Snuzzle!), but Applejack had been replaced with Heart Throb (from the first wave).  The box really looked untouched so I figured the company who made them had either made a mistake...or they were going to discontinue one pony to try and raise interest and make people buy more of the ponies.  If the latter was the case, thank goodness they had chosen Applejack instead of Snuzzle!

Then to Woodberry to drop off some more boxes of stuff, and to check the radiators for the workmen we were getting in to look at them the following day.  Three of the radiators didn't work at all.  Agh!  Had that stupid architect and his cowboy builders done ANYTHING right?!

The ponies I had bought from Hodgemo2 on the MLP Arena arrived...

I was thrilled to add these girls to my herd at long last.  I had wanted the 25th anniversary set of "Inspirational Word" ponies (not sure if that's the official name for them or not, but that's what I've always called them) since they were first released, but hadn't found anyone willing to take them out of their box before and they cost far too much to ship in their packaging.  And I don't see "Pinkie Pie's Special Day" and "Rainbow Dash's Special Day" come up for sale very often.  Now I just need "Star Song and the Magic Dance Shoes".  I borrowed David's computer in the evening so as to test the DVDs and while there isn't much in the way of new material on them, I was pleased to be able to say I'd seen them.  It really bugged me how they'd dubbed Rainbow Dash's voice in the "flashback" scenes.  Okay, I realise they couldn't leave Venus Terzo's voice on there when Anna Cummer was voicing the "modern" version, but it just sounded weird.  Especially where the original had said "darling" and they attempted to alter the lines to fit in with the new character.

I ordered £300 worth of stuff from (where the HECK did I have that sort of money back then?  Crikey, I wish I had that kind of cash to spend in a single purchase these days!) including the Smooth Skin system.  Well, if it worked, it would be well worth the money in the long run.  I would be in a real mess if the system was faulty though.  I hadn't told my parents that I had bought it, of course (can you imagine what Mum would have said about me dropping £275 on something as unnecessary as hair removal - a BEAUTY product?!), so how would I ship it back or take it back to the store while I was still in an area where I couldn't leave the house alone?

David was moaning and moaning about how "ill" he felt.  Probably due to my allergies getting worse.  He can't stand for anyone to be sicker than himself.  He can't have felt very ill though as he bought a load of cakes and buns for himself in Morrisons!

November 12th 2010

I take back what I said.  David took a day off work because he was "sick".  He just had a bad cold or chill, but he must have felt rough because he wouldn't take a day off work for nothing!  I hoped I wouldn't catch a cold from him - I honestly don't know if/how I would have survived a cold on top of all my regular breathing problems.  That probably sounds like an exaggeration but I was getting REALLY ill by this point.  I was so tired but even when I did dare to lie on the dusty floor, I couldn't sleep due to the cold draft coming under the front door.  In fact, I was being disturbed by vivid dreams that I was walking in the snow and trying to find an igloo to sleep in!

Despite his cold, David still went to Woodberry to see the latest lot of workmen who came to fix the radiators and replace the taps in the bathroom.  He rang up to tell us that they'd "made a mess" by roughly removing the side of the bath and the bathroom skirting board.  We didn't get to see the damage ourselves though (or leave the house at all, for that matter) as he didn't come back to Grottsville until 10pm.

I had a bath and washed my hair, which was continuing to get thinner.  I only lost about thirty hairs (though that was a lot for my standards), but I was in a right panic about it.  I was still hoping it would improve if I got it cut, but I didn't know where to go to find a decent hairdresser.

I spent ages sorting out the Dolly Mix Ponies.  I still needed a few Snuzzles, but we were certainly getting nearer to completing all the sets now...thank goodness!

Emma was well enough to be released from hospital.  We were both extremely relieved, but Mum still felt a need to snap at me on the topic one final time that she "had really wanted to visit Emma in hospital" and that "I was the only one who'd stopped her" .  WTH?  We were told that nobody COULD visit Emma

Sunday, 4 March 2012

When is it all going to end?

Just when you think it can't get any worse, something else goes wrong!  Can't we just have a streak of good luck for once in our lives?

November 5th 2010

We went to Morrisons on the seemingly never-ending Dolly Mix hunt.  But there were no ponies and not even a price label for them on the shelf.  I prayed that they hadn't discontinued them... I still had so many people waiting for Snuzzle to complete their sets!

Emma rang David to inform us that she was being admitted to hospital with pneumonia.  Mum was stressed to death, and didn't know how to get any more information.  Apparently no visitors were allowed apart from Nick (and I was so ill by this point that I didn't want to risk catching pneumonia myself anyway!), and he never answers our e-mails or phone calls.  Mum got angry with me for not being more concerned.  Who said I wasn't concerned?  Just because I wasn't running around in circles and screaming like a headless chicken didn't mean I wasn't worried about my sister.  Although I was trying to keep calm until we at least knew how severe her case was.

Mum did some clearing up in front of the sofa to try and keep her mind off things.  God, the insects and various other creepy crawly beings - it was an entomophobic's worst nightmare!  Carpet beetles, along with their skins and droppings, heaped up behind the piles of books, house moths and large maggots (presumably the larvae of the ground beetles we kept finding) galore.  No wonder my breathing troubles were so bad!  In fact, I had an insect bite on the tip of my nose, so they must even have been crawling on my face in the night.

Mum started looking at some holiday brochures she uncovered and was, as usual, proclaiming how she had no interest in Canada.  Right, we get it.  Nobody's asking you to come and visit me if I ever do escape from this dump!  Well, she does have one interest in Canada.  She has a little souvenir that her parents' neighbours brought back from their trip to Nova Scotia - a small ceramic bear dressed as a Mountie.  She would like to be able to put him in her own holiday souvenir cabinet but first she needs to see some Mounties herself.  "Where in Canada do you go to see them?" she asked me.  Uh...I don't know.  Where in England do you go to see policemen on horseback?!

Somebody on e-Bay was selling an old press photograph of Shane Meier along with a copy of his resume from the time.  I had hoped to purchase the thing, as I thought it might help to officially clear up some of the errors on Shane's IMDb page, but the auction ended in the middle of the night and a bid of $20.00 placed before I went to sleep was apparently not enough...

Speaking of Shane, Mum was clearing out the airing cupboard later that day and found a copy of two gushing letters I had written, one to him and one to a voice actress I know, back when I was first in touch with them both.  How awfully embarrassing!  I guess it was when I used to go to the internet cafe and so would write out the messages before I went, so as to get as much done during my hour's internet access as possible.  But why those letters didn't get thrown away and HOW they ended up in the AIRING CUPBOARD of all places is anybody's guess!

I received the Barbie DVD that I had won on, but it wouldn't work in our DVD player for some reason.  It works just fine in David's computer's disk drive though!

With a combination of Bonfire Night and Diwali, Grottsville was filled with noisy fireworks...and the usual irresponsible idiots "having fun" with them.  A gang of youths were releasing rockets in the middle of the main road outside our rocket didn't work, flew into our living room window, bounced back and filled the garden with smoke!  Thank goodness our window wasn't open at the time!

The new episode of Friendship is Magic, "The Ticket Master", was uploaded to Youtube.  I noticed the show was getting quite a lot of views and comments for MLP standards but couldn't really understand the hype or where all these extra viewers were coming from.  The animation style really bugged me, as did the fact that all the additional characters were voiced by Tabitha St.Germain and Cathy Weseluck.  Don't get me wrong, I love those two.  But my sole purpose for listening to the show was my hope of hearing some more of my favourite Canadian VAs.  But if all the additional characters were going to be voiced by the main cast, there wasn't much chance of any of my other favourites ending up in the show, was there?

Even the one guy in the episode sounded like Terry Klassen, the voice director.  Come on, please!  I was hoping to hear Sam Vincent, Scott McNeil and Trevor Devall before this show was through.

The story was very similar to the Pony Tales' episode, "And The Winner Is...", only the ending was far less realistic.  What a great thing to teach the children watching.  You have one spare ticket to a special event and several friends wanting to attend.  The solution?  Well, back in 1992, you'd do the kind thing, sell your tickets and go home to watch the event on TV with the rest of your friends.  In 2010, you'd stress yourself half to death until some random magical princess/goddess awarded you extra tickets.  Sorry, but the latter just isn't going to happen in real life, kids!  Still, they were obviously doing something right as everyone else seemed to be enjoying it.  I just had to accept this was the way that MLP would be from now on.

November 6th 2010

Everyone overslept...which meant I spent more hours on the floor and was even sicker than usual.  I was in a terrible state with a throat and chest clogged with muck, a chesty cough, and chest pains everytime I breathed in.  My speaking voice was awfully cracked too.  I really wanted to record my "Bring Back Kelly Sheridan" video but with a combination of my cracked voice and the seemingly endless fireworks outside, it was totally impossible.

David went to the tip and spent hours in the bathroom so we didn't get out of the house until after 2pm.  We went to 99p Stores to buy some Weetaflakes but there was no time to go elsewhere in West Ealing as we had to get to Woodberry before it got dark.  We took the living room door off its hinges.  Remember I said how it was tearing the new carpet to shreds each time it was opened or closed?  Well, David had finally decided to do something about it.  I had to hold the heavy thing while he sanded down the bottom of it.  He got impatient and decided he'd done enough.  He hadn't by a long way, as I tried to tell him, but he wouldn't accept it until he'd screwed it back onto its hinges, damaging two of the screws in the process.  "Agggh, it's impossible!  It's just not a one person job!" he yelled angrily.  Uh... am I not a person then?  Oh, I forgot.  I'm a woman, so I don't count as a person in David's head.

He went to Wickes to get a plane with which to continue the sanding job.  While he was gone, I walked up to the three charity shops around the corner.  David had taken the only house key with him so Mum couldn't come with me.  There wasn't much in the shops anyway, certainly no ponies.  Just a lot of Barbie stuff, including a really cute plush unicorn...but she had a big lipstick stain on her face so I left her there.

The plane that David had bought broke within five minutes of him getting it home anyway!  He then started yelling at me to "give him the red screwdriver" and acting like I was incompetent when I couldn't find it.  It turned out that the screwdriver in question was actually blue, hence why I didn't know what he was talking about.

David managed to call Nick's aunt and was told that Emma possibly had a clot on her lung.  Mum was in a terrible state, convinced that Emma was going to die.  I tried to reassure her, reminding her that Emma herself had spoken to David just the day before and that Nick had been driving her to another hospital when she called, so they can't have considered her sick enough to require an ambulance.  It was horrible to have no first hand information about her though.

Mum continued to rant at me that I didn't care about my sister (WTH?  I know she was stressed, but that's no excuse to take it out on me, who was equally stressed).  "Why are you two so jealous of each other?  If she dies, you'll get everything left to you which is just what you want!"  Uh...where did she get that idea?  I have NEVER said anything to indicate I want "everything left to me" because it just isn't true.  I do worry what will happen to me if my parents pass away and I still have no education or decent job to support myself.  But considering the mortgage is nowhere near paid on either house and it looks as though any savings will have been long spent, I really don't know what she thinks she's going to be leaving to me anyway!  Then she started on about how it would be far worse to lose Emma than to lose me as "if anything happens to them, I'll lose all six of them as Nick won't keep in touch, but there's only one of you to lose"!  Good thing I'm NOT the sort to get jealous, eh? xD

November 7th 2010

We all overslept again and didn't get to the annual anti-animal cruelty Christmas fair in London.  Mum was in a fowl mood, stressed about Emma and wanting to do some clearing up in the lounge to take her mind offf things.  She said that I was in the way and instructed David to "get me out of there" before she started disturbing more dust and made me even sicker...if that was even possible.

Well, he and I went to Woodberry anyway.  We were supposed to be assembling the two bookcases which had been lying in the hobby room for months.  When we got the boxes open, we discovered that both were badly scratched and one was missing the screws needed to put it together.  We assembled the one which did have its screws included.  I warned David that he was being too rough with the mallet, but he assured me "that's why it's made of rubber - it won't damage it".  However, just moments later, there was a cry of, "Oh God, I've dented it!  That will polish off though!"  The dent didn't "polish off" though, of course.  People should really listen to me more often.

We sanded some more off of the bottom of the living room door too, but it still wasn't enough.  David left me holding the heavy door while he went off to talk to Mum on the phone.  I guess I still wasn't helping?

Then David went back to Grottsville to go in the bathroom and collect Mum while I stayed at Woodberry to record the audio track for Kelly's video.  Welcome to my recording studio...

Now bear in mind my breathing problems.  Is it any wonder my finished recording sounded less than professional?!

When my parents returned, we all had another go at filing down the living room door, and while it still wasn't perfect, it would have to do.  What kind of idiots would have left that much excess wood on the bottom of the door anyway?

They'd brought two big boxes of David's books with them.  Grottsville looked no clearer though.  We needed to clear the clutter out.  Mum had apparently sprayed "Doom" insect killer all around the lounge carpet, then went out of the room for ten minutes.  When she returned, she had found 12 carpet beetles crawling up the wall (presumably to get away from the spray).  What an utter nightmare.  She'd also hoovered which usually inflamed my allergy problems (a lot of dust escaped out of the back of our hoover), but surprisingly I didn't seem too bad that evening after we returned.

While David and I had been at Woodberry, somebody was stabbed across the street from us in Grottsville - just three shops down from being directly opposite our lounge window - in broad daylight!  I probably would have witnessed the horrific scene if we hadn't been out.  Scary.  The whole road was taped off and there were police everywhere by the time we got back.  That area was getting worse by the week.

Mum had a strange pain in her arm which she was convinced was a trapped nerve that would need to be operated on!  Emma was still in hospital with severe pneumonia but she was apparently talking and making sarcastic jokes as usual though, so we took that as a good sign.

November 8th 2010

No word from Emma and co. so we were quite concerned.  If only there had been a way to get in touch with her directly...

We'd overslept again.  The late nights caused by me being too scared to lie down on the dusty floor were taking their toll on all of us.  And I was ending up lying on the floor for just as many hours anyway.  David went to the launderette - that place was filthy.  I got upset by the dirty rags I had to wear and about David handling my clothing.  We HAD a washing machine, for goodness sake!  When was he going to get it working and start taking our laundry to Woodberry?  Cleaner clothes aside, we could save money if we didn't have to use the launderette every week!

We didn't get to Woodberry until 1pm.  The enormous "Window Pane Cabinet" that Mum had ordered from Laura Ashley was delivered.  My God, it was HUGE and dominated our pretty little living room.  It was so big that it wouldn't even fit through the doorway so we had to take the door off of its hinges again!  David gave the delivery men a £5 tip for waiting for us to do the job.

The box that the cabinet was packed in was so big that I couldn't even photograph the cabinet itself, but this should give you some idea of its size...

David dashed us back to Grottsville before we could even start to break down the box or clear the room.  He had to get to yet another hopeless job interview.  When we got back, my parents started one of their typically ridiculous arguments.  He "has to keep a job if Mum ever wants a garden" apparently.  Really?  How about if we want to eat and pay the bills?  Oh, and he "wasn't getting the hall wallpapered at Woodberry in case I wanted to decorate for Christmas" (Sticking drawing pins in walls etc.).  Why would I want to decorate a house we weren't even living in?

While they were arguing, I dashed in the bathroom to change my clothes.  David went MAD at this as he needed to get ready for his interview.  "AAGGH, SHE'S GONE IN THE TOILET!"  Well, for goodness sake, they were busy arguing downstairs and it only took me 2-3 minutes to change into my Grottsville prison rags.  I dashed straight out, and he didn't come upstairs anyway.  "Well, come on then - get up here if you're in such a hurry!" I called to him.  He had a look of true venom on his face as he stormed up the stairs.  "The way she talks to me - children these days!" he snarled to nobody in particular.  I wouldn't exactly call 19 a "child" nor do I think I was particularly rude considering the tone he was using to me, but that's another story.  I saw him consider pushing me down the stairs, but he thought better of it and slammed the bathroom door instead!

And now I must get to bed.  Tune in tomorrow for another four days in the history of Desirée Skylark!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Spring Has Sprung...

Okay, spring doesn't technically, uh, "spring" until March 20th, but I have always thought of spring beginning on March 1st each year...  And it was so sunny the past couple of days that it certainly didn't feel like winter!

But, I guess that's all rather irrelevant considering we're still blogging about November 2010!

November 1st 2010

I woke up with the worst breathing problems I'd experienced in a long time.  Terrible chest pains, coughing up blood etc.  It was horrifying but my parents had no sympathy for me, of course.  I tried to wake Mum up but she yelled at me that she was "too tired to go to the bathroom" as I "was selfish enough to keep her up all night again".  I tried to tell her how ill I felt but she continued ranting, "you wouldn't feel so bad if you went to bed an hour earlier" .  Uh...actually I felt sicker the longer I was left lying on the dusty floor.  Yes, I was exhausted and suffering with severe sleep deprivation now, but God knows how ill I'd be with my allergies if I didn't sit up half the night.

My throat was in no state to call David out of the bathroom so I had to wait until Mum did get up and had finished in the bathroom before I could go in there myself.  As it was, I ended up hurriedly applying my mascara in the small restroom downstairs (where the door was always kept shut because of the scratching noises we kept hearing in there - we wanted to stop whatever rodents were getting up through the broken floorboards to stay in that room.  Hence, it was like a sauna in there with the boiler!) while Mum changed her clothes ready to go to the storage depot for 10.30am.

Having stressed ourselves out and rushed around like that, the removal men didn't turn up until 11am anyway!  By this time, David had decided to go to the loo.  We had to get him out of there, but couldn't even get into the building for ages as we didn't know the security code to get the door to open, and even once we were in, we realised that we didn't know where the toilets were.  So we and the removal men were left running around blocks of yellow doors, desperately hunting for the public restroom for quite a while and, once we found it, had to hammer on the door to call David out.  (Thank goodness he WAS still in there, otherwise whoever had been in the bathroom would have got quite a shock!)

We were supposed to be photographing the furniture we didn't want with a mind to selling it on e-Bay, but Mum and I had to go back to the car with some boxes of ornaments and by the time we got back, we found David had got the removal men to pack all the unwanted furniture back in the room (un-photographed).  Agh!

Fortunately, it was discovered that the large wardrobe that was made by Mum's Great Uncle's Dad (yes, the master carpenter I mentioned before) came apart in four pieces so it did go up the stairs...not without damaging the walls though!

This is the wardrobe in question, by the way, since I know you're all dying to see it (!)...

We assembled Mum's bed while we were at Woodberry too.  Mum was not best pleased and said the bed "dominated her room", she "should have got a kids' bed" and it "looked like a child safety gate"!

Well, it was a lot of hard work to put together and I thought it looked really nice once it was completed!  It was pure bliss to get the chance to test the mattress for five minutes as well.  I hadn't laid on a mattress in well over a year and had almost forgotten how soft and restful they were compared to the hard cold floor I was currently sleeping on!

That night, we went to Brent Cross Toys 'R Us for the latest free Lego toy.  I was so overtired and dizzy that I almost fell over - oh, to have a bed to sleep on like the one I'd got to test earlier!  We got some batteries as they were on a half price offer.  David handed over his Gold Rewards Card, but apparently you can't get points on any purchases under £10.

And then to Morrisons on the continuing Dolly Mix hunt.  We got seven ponies, three from the first wave and four from the second.  Alas, no Snuzzle so we must have missed her again. >.<

November 2nd 2010

According to my blog notes, I was panicking about falling behind with my blog... and for good reason, it would appear!  If only I'd tackled it at that point, perhaps it wouldn't have become so unmanageable.  But it really did seem as though I never had enough time for all of my internet jobs and even when I did, I felt too ill to do much.

Mum and I sat in the car outside Brent Cross Toys 'R Us while David picked up the last item in the free Lego promotion...  It wasn't even a toy, but a cardboard presentation to keep all the toys inside.  Oh well, at least we had got the complete set, I guess.

Then to Home Sense for some super soft faux fur throws for Mum's bed.  As it doubled as a sofa, she wanted to cover up the mattress and sheet during the day.

I also bought this little guy...

Cute, isn't he?  I don't really collect Beanie Babies and other TY plushies anymore, but I do pick up the horses and guinea pigs whenever I can.  So when I saw Patches at half price, I couldn't resist!

We drove straight to Woodberry to drop off the stuff we had bought at Home Sense (well, we didn't want to take all those fabrics back to Grottsville to become carpet beetle food, did we?), and then to Tesco for a few bits of shopping.

David was still waiting to know whether he had lost his job or not, but as the days passed and he heard no more about it, we took that as a good sign.  Either way, he had been for a few interviews and had been offered a new one.  But it was only a short term contract with a small company so he decided to hold out a few more days before he made a decision.  If he DID lose his job, he was still hoping to hear back from one of the bigger companies.

My breathing troubles were awful and didn't even clear up when we went out.  I was really starting to worry that it was getting too late for me and even when we did move house, I wouldn't recover.

My latest batch of MLP comics arrived.

There were three new issues for my own collection included...

...But all the others could go straight back up for sale.  Unfortunately, they were all in rather old and tatty condition but I should still make a small profit so I wasn't complaining.

Speaking of online sales, I was in the process of selling a lot of my childhood Pokémon collection to SparkyGemini.  I felt really sad as I was packing them up as they held a lot of happy memories for me, but I knew I had no space to store them at Woodberry and if I was serious about getting out of this country eventually, I had to stop all this sentimental nonsense.

I was struggling to find a box the right size for them and David had promised to help me with cutting down a larger box.  Instead, he went in the bathroom all evening until both Mum and I got dreadful stomach aches and had to call him out.  It turned out he hadn't even been using the bathroom and was instead just sleeping on the floor.  When he stumbled out onto the landing, he was carrying a file of papers...presumably the page 3 girls (or worse) he had chosen to tear from various newspapers and magazines to save and keep forever.  "What's in there then?" Mum said in a disgusted tone.  "Oh, go away!" David snapped, nastily shoving past her and almost pushing her down the stairs in the process.  Yuck, I hated living under the same roof as that pervert who puts his pretty pin-ups before the real women in his life.  And yet there was not an escape route in sight.

November 3rd 2010

I woke up with a bad chest pain every time I breathed in.  It really felt as though my left lung was packing up...the pain continued all day long without much improvement and I was terrified.  My voice kept cracking up and I felt so ill and generally overtired.  I HAD to get out of the place somehow before it was too late!  My parents didn't seem bothered though, and David certainly saw no rush in moving house even now.  No surprises there then!

I uploaded the little MLP stop motion film I made to Youtube.  I can't remember if I already posted it here on my blog, but there's no harm in posting it again anyway.  It might give people a giggle anyway.  I know it's not much good, but remember it was my first attempt and I only had that old broken camera to work with.  The lighting was not at it's best either, as you can see!  I do hope to improve on my stop motion animation skills and make some more of these when I have time though!

I also worked on my "Bring Back Kelly Sheridan as the Voice of Barbie" video, but it was taking far too long.  As I had been unable to find a video making software which allowed me to upload actual video clips (please suggest one to me, guys!  I really want to improve my video making skills!), I was having to save the movie clips as individual screenshots using MSN paint and then upload them to Windows Move Maker in a stop motion format!  I could only save about seven shots per second which meant the quality was severely reduced anyway, and it took HOURS!

In the evening, we went to Wickes to look at taps.  But they didn't have the ones Mum liked, and just tried to sell us a "similar model"...some discontinued model (which looked nothing like them!) of which they were obviously trying to get rid of old stock.  We did manage to get the mixer tap for the basin, but had to order the bath taps.

Then to Morrisons where I picked up another six ponies so four had already sold again, guessed it, SNUZZLE!!!  AGH!  Would I never get these darn sets completed?!  I got a really nice binder to keep my MLP comics in too, pink with purple and white butterflies on it.  I had far too many comics by this point to keep in just one binder though, so I really needed to get a couple more in the same design.

Mum noticed that David had been stacking dirty DVDs on her rocking chair... the chair he had already cracked by stacking heavy newspapers on top of it.  But when she complained, all he could find to say was, "They're not filthy - some are suitable for 12 or 15 year olds!"  Well, maybe some of the romantic comedies you're hoarding for various actresses might be suitable for teenagers, but the rest of them most certainly weren't.  Anyway, in this particular case, we didn't care if they were cutesy little Disney movies about bunny rabbits and bluebirds, the problem was that he was stacking them on Mum's precious chair which he had ALREADY BROKEN with all his rubbish!

November 4th 2010

We put a bag of bric-a-brac out for the PDSA who were supposed to be coming down the street on Thursday.  So we were a bit surprised when they didn't pick up the bag...then we looked at the bag again and realised they weren't coming until the FOLLOWING Thursday, so we'd carted the heavy bag out into the garden for nothing.

I bought a MLP book on e-Bay for £1.94 (including postage!), and some G3 MLPs from Hodgemo2 on the Arena.  You can always tell when I'm depressed when I start buying large amounts of cheer up presents for myself!

I continued working on Kelly's video (agh, the next Barbie movie would be released before I'd even finished the video at this rate!) and did some clearing up in the library.  Mum washed her much-loved stuffed poodle named Pom Pom who she has had since she was a small child.  The poor thing ended up looking a LOT cleaner...but also looked like a drowned rat.
David and I went to Woodberry (Mum refused to leave the house due to a gang of twelve rough-looking youths standing outside the Lebanese grocery store opposite out house) to drop off a couple of bags of MLP merchandise.  I got upset about the clutter building up over there as I couldn't find anywhere to put the bags.  I just wanted a clutter-free house but even with my desperate errors to sell most of my rubbish, the pony stuff alone was making that place just as untidy as the house we were currently living in!

Then to Morrisons but there were no more ponies (or folders) to be found.

We brought Rolo McFlurries back with us - yes, I thought they had been discontinued by this point too, but apparently not.  Oh well, these would probably be out last.

And that's about it for the 4-day catch up blog!  (Just as well really, as I could feel my writing really going off as I got more and more tired).  I was hoping to get five days into this entry but November 5th's a relatively long one and I know I couldn't do it justice in my current sleepy state!

Thanks so much for sticking with me through my horrendously out of date ramblings, guys!  Talk to you all tomorrow!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx