Wednesday, 28 March 2012

As The Daylight Fades...

...I start blogging.  Of course, I don't have time to finish this entry now so I will probably end up publishing it in the early hours as usual, but at least the first half might be a little more coherent than usual!

November 20th 2010

I didn't wake up until 10am.  Well, that's not too surprising considering the stress of the night before and how I had stayed up so late packing parcels!  I would probably have felt better for the extra sleep but my breathing troubles were terrible due to being on the floor for so long.

The remainder of the morning was spent wrapping the rest of the e-Bay parcels.  David walked across the road to the post office to ship them for me, before heading back to the bathroom for another two hours.  At around 2.30pm, we left for Wickes en route to Woodberry.  David left us in the car at Wickes, without even asking me what kind of screws I needed.  Luckily he guessed correctly and got the right screws so I spent my time at Woodberry changing the cupboard door knobs while my parents re-hung the living room door (again!  We'd left it off of its hinges up until that point in case we had decided to get a replacement window pane cabinet).  I had just enough time to notice that my little G2 beanie Dainty Dove had faded in her crate by the curtain-less window in my bedroom before I was whisked back to Grottsville as Mum was concerned that the house would have been broken into for some reason!

David went to the launderette and I got upset as one of my t-shirts really needed to be washed but there was no way I would send it to that dirty place...they always came back dirtier than they had been when they went down there!  All of my "going out" clothes were practically black with filth (hand washing was impossible in the slum where we lived as the sink was filthy, and I had nowhere to hang dripping wet clothes!) and yet we still weren't moving where there was a washing machine.

I was also quite distressed about the spots which kept popping up on my back...I had guessed they were insect bites but they were getting so widespread that it seemed most likely that acne was the cause now.  They were so painful when my clothes brushed against them and so ugly to look at.  I felt a lot better after I had a bath and scrubbed my back...but then I did my daily exercises which rather ruined the effect!

The (bad) wallpaperer rang up to ask for his money as Peter Grant (his boss) hadn't come back to us for money and so hadn't paid the wallpaperer.  David announced that he intended to pay the "poor wallpaperer" directly.  WHAT?!  Without even so much as a receipt?  You must be mad!  Did it not even occur to him that Peter Grant would come back to us and ask for a second lot of money?!

I watched the latest episode of Friendship is Magic on Youtube.  The popularity was really building up by this point but I was still failing to see what was supposed to be so special about the show.  It just looked like any other silly modern cartoon to me, and certainly not MLP.  I mean, seriously, how are these things in any way supposed to look like ponies...EVEN G4s?!

More like a giraffe and some kind of ugly four-legged goblin!  Not to mention Snips and Snails (the characters in the screenshot above) are horrific Canadian stereotypes who say "What's that all aboot, eh?" and the like.  Did I mention they are also depicted as being extremely annoying and a bit thick?  Then again, just about ANY character on the show who is not based on your typical white American is shown as being inferior in one way or another and/or is only included for comedic appeal.  At least in the older generations, the ponies never had a definite race.  They're PONIES who live in a magical world on the other side of the rainbow, for crying out loud!  Why WOULD you have American, Canadian, English, African, or any of the other Earthly nationalities that keep popping up on the show in places like "Fillydelphia" and "Ponyville"?  Well, at least there were still decent voice actors in the show - these two guys were voiced by Richard Ian Cox and Lee Tockar, and Kathleen Barr had returned to MLP as the voice of Trixie.

I was too tired to go pony hunting at Morrisons in the evening - sleeping on the dusty floor was really taking its toll on my health now.

November 21st 2010

We went to Greenford in search of wrapping paper and a Christmas card for my nephew.  No luck, but we did get some big fake Lego sets for him in one of the cheap shops there, as well as a cute little diary and a reduced price "Twilight Pony" (and a couple of Twilight Ponies' plushies) for myself.  I'd had my eye on the Twilight Ponies for a while so it was nice to find them at a decent price!  We did take a look in the charity shops too, but the only MLP item was a G3 "Dancing in the Clouds" video which I left where it was.

Then to Acton, still searching for the things we needed for Allan.  We managed to find some nice wrapping paper for a 9-year-old boy and also picked up some more Inecto Coconut hand cream and body lotion in Savers while we were there.

I got out of breath running back to the car (David pulled up on double yellow lines across the road in the shopping centre) and went a bit dizzy.  Acton is such a rough area, and I hate men so much anyway that I became convinced some nasty-looking thug was about to get into the car (!) I slammed Mum's door shut.  Mum was not best pleased about having to open it again to get in!

Then to Woodberry to clear up in preparation for the tilers who were coming the following day.  I felt really ill but still did my best to help.  David didn't think I was doing enough though and moaned, "Nobody does anythink!  I have to drive around doing everythink for Christmas!" often is it that we have to go Christmas shopping?!  We ourselves had agreed not to exchange gifts or put any decorations up this year so what else was he doing towards Christmas, for goodness sake?

It became apparent WHY I was feeling so ill when (sorry if this is too much information) a huge clump of brown dust-filled wax came out of my ear, causing an earache.  No wonder I had been so dizzy!  Suddenly everything was extremely loud, but my parents continued to shout and completely ignored me as I quietly asked them to calm down and leave me in peace!

Finally to Topps Tiles to pick up some edging strips (yes, David loves to leave everything until the last minute!)  A couple brought a dear little jack russel terrier into the shop while we were there...but I felt a bit nervous when he started barking and barking at something under one of the shelving units.  I guess it was a mouse but I could have done without knowing it was there!

David was horrid to me, yelling at me for "carrying my bag everywhere with me"!  Well, what did he want me to do?  Leave my bag at home (in which case, what would I have used to pay for the stuff we bought in Greenford and Acton?) or leave it in the car (unguarded, with all my money and valuables inside!)?  I carried it on my arm so it didn't stop me from holding the edging strips - or whatever else David wanted to load into my arms - anyway, so I really don't know why he was complaining.  Oh well.

And there I go again.  It's 2am, I can't keep my eyes open and my blog turned into a lot of incoherent drivel...and not enough of it either!  I'll write more tomorrow, I promise!  Even writing this much has to be better than nothing!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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