Monday, 5 March 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

So, for the first time in three days, I have the opportunity to leave the house.  But the heavens have well and truly opened and I will get soaked just walking from the front door to the car.  It was so bright and sunny the past few days too!

November 9th 2010

We went Dolly Mix hunting at Morrisons but there were no ponies to be found.  Nor was the price label back on the shelf.  Concerned, we asked a member of staff who thought they may be getting a delivery that night.  I could only keep my fingers crossed that he was right!

On the way back, we stopped at McDonalds for Rolo McFlurries.  Yes, they were STILL offering the Rolo one!  Oh well, I did love them, so it was nice to get another one before they were discontinued for the year!

The MLP book and comics that I had bought on e-Bay arrived.  I didn't take a photo of the book for some reason, but it is an unusual version of "The Cross Weather Witch"... it seems there were two editions of some of the Mini World books.  This one has bigger pages but less of them!  The cover picture is the same but whereas the "regular" version shows it through an oval with a blue frame, in this version the picture extends over the whole cover.  Some of you may know the version I'm talking about, most probably won't.  Don't worry, unless you're an obsessive MLP merchandise collector, you're not missing much!

The comics were of far more interest to me personally, as these were some of the later issues, featuring the characters from My Little Pony Tales!

Now, as most of my pony pals probably know, I am a huge Pony Tales fan and want to collect everything Tales-related.  There wasn't really a lot of merchandise made during those later years though.  As a child, I found out about the "Pony Tales comics" through a website I saw during one of my internet cafe sessions.  I became obsessed with them and desperately wanted to know what they looked like inside.  With no home access to the internet and with car boot sales being my only pony hunting ground, I knew I was unlikely to ever have them though.  So, with photos of the covers and story titles in hand, I decided to make my own!

Sadly, this one was never finished, but you can see it here alongside the real version...

It's funny to read the comics I made now, I should probably scan the pages to give you all a laugh.  Although I must say, my stories are at least true to the personalities of the ponies in the TV show.  The actual comics are weird, with the characters acting strangely, and sometimes not even having the right colours and symbols!  Ace is depicted as being green with pink hair and a playing card symbol for most of his comic appearances, for goodness sake!

There was no mention of the Bright Eyes ruler/bookmark/stencil that my granparents' neighbour gave me, claiming it was a MLP comic free gift that he picked up in the street back in the early 90s, so I still didn't know which issue it came with originally.  And Lancer only appeared in one issue out of the seven I bought.  He really wasn't considered to be one of the main characters, was he?  Well, I guess he did only appear in five episodes of the TV series.  He just stood out as a loveable character to me personally and so he became as big as any of the main ponies.

I was still attempting to put my "Bring Back Kelly Sheridan" video together, but Windows Movie Maker kept freezing before I got to the end.  Eventually I decided I'd have to cut the thing into four segments and then put them all together at the end.  Wow, this was really going to look professional enough to convince people to sign the petition, wasn't it?

  It turned out that Emma was actually in an ordinary ward with a regular "2 visitors per bed" rule.  So why had we been told that we couldn't visit her?  Mum was not best pleased. Well, at least if she was on a regular ward, she couldn't be as ill as we had originally feared.

November 10th 2010

My allergies were very bad.  It was getting ridiculous - constant chest pains and nosebleeds and now a searing pain in my left nostril.  Almost like someone was sticking a pin into the inside of my nose...a pin coated in acid, that is.  I had to get out of that house, but there was no sign of us moving house in the near future.

David came in at 2pm.  Mum and I believed that we were all going to Woodberry to inspect the new cabinet for damage and then David was dropping us back in Grottsville before heading back to work.  Apparently, there had been (yet another) misunderstanding.  David was quite angry, snapping, "Of course not!  I have to work!  How do you think I can take that much time off?!"  So what was the plan?  Well, he thought we were going to the storage depot to collect some boxes of ornaments and then he was taking us and the boxes to Woodberry to sort through them.  Uh...wouldn't it take just as much time to go to the storage depot (which was in the opposite direction to Woodberry) as it would have done to bring us straight back to Grottsville anyway?

Well, whatever.  There was no way Mum and I could go to Woodberry as there was no food there and we hadn't known to make packed lunches, so David got the boxes from the storage depot and brought them to Grottsville for us to sort through there, then we went to Woodberry in the evening to drop off the stuff we wanted to keep.

We did try to look at the window pane cabinet, but as it was after dark and the artificial light at Woodberry was rather dim, it was hard to check it over properly, especially with the huge box it had been packed in and the door we had taken off of its hinges still filling most of the room!

Even so, we picked out two problems with it.  1) The door wouldn't shut properly.  And 2) This:

It's hard to see from the picture but the frame was scratched and scuffed - badly.  I guess it got damaged when they were having to turn it at strange angles and force it through the door.  Now what?  The cabinet had cost a LOT of money, so we didn't want to accept a damaged one, but it was such a lot of trouble to get this one into the house, who was to say a replacement wouldn't get damaged in the same way anyway?

The large plush Sunny Daze that I won on e-Bay arrived.  The auction had not been clear, and I wasn't sure what size she was... the only clue I'd had was to compare her to an armchair in the background of the auction photo!  I knew she was big but wasn't sure if she was the same size as my large Rainbow Dash or slightly smaller (but still what I would term "large") Sparkleworks.

The answer?  She was a different version all together, proving that Nanco made the ponies in yet another size!

November 11th 2010

Back to Morrisons on the Dolly Mix Hunt...and bingo!  We found two boxes of ponies on the shelves, one box of ten and one box of eight...yes, two ponies had sold before we got there again.  But it was okay, the box of eight consisted of ponies from the first wave anyway.  I picked up the other (complete) box which appeared to be a set of the second wave.  It was (including the elusive Snuzzle!), but Applejack had been replaced with Heart Throb (from the first wave).  The box really looked untouched so I figured the company who made them had either made a mistake...or they were going to discontinue one pony to try and raise interest and make people buy more of the ponies.  If the latter was the case, thank goodness they had chosen Applejack instead of Snuzzle!

Then to Woodberry to drop off some more boxes of stuff, and to check the radiators for the workmen we were getting in to look at them the following day.  Three of the radiators didn't work at all.  Agh!  Had that stupid architect and his cowboy builders done ANYTHING right?!

The ponies I had bought from Hodgemo2 on the MLP Arena arrived...

I was thrilled to add these girls to my herd at long last.  I had wanted the 25th anniversary set of "Inspirational Word" ponies (not sure if that's the official name for them or not, but that's what I've always called them) since they were first released, but hadn't found anyone willing to take them out of their box before and they cost far too much to ship in their packaging.  And I don't see "Pinkie Pie's Special Day" and "Rainbow Dash's Special Day" come up for sale very often.  Now I just need "Star Song and the Magic Dance Shoes".  I borrowed David's computer in the evening so as to test the DVDs and while there isn't much in the way of new material on them, I was pleased to be able to say I'd seen them.  It really bugged me how they'd dubbed Rainbow Dash's voice in the "flashback" scenes.  Okay, I realise they couldn't leave Venus Terzo's voice on there when Anna Cummer was voicing the "modern" version, but it just sounded weird.  Especially where the original had said "darling" and they attempted to alter the lines to fit in with the new character.

I ordered £300 worth of stuff from (where the HECK did I have that sort of money back then?  Crikey, I wish I had that kind of cash to spend in a single purchase these days!) including the Smooth Skin system.  Well, if it worked, it would be well worth the money in the long run.  I would be in a real mess if the system was faulty though.  I hadn't told my parents that I had bought it, of course (can you imagine what Mum would have said about me dropping £275 on something as unnecessary as hair removal - a BEAUTY product?!), so how would I ship it back or take it back to the store while I was still in an area where I couldn't leave the house alone?

David was moaning and moaning about how "ill" he felt.  Probably due to my allergies getting worse.  He can't stand for anyone to be sicker than himself.  He can't have felt very ill though as he bought a load of cakes and buns for himself in Morrisons!

November 12th 2010

I take back what I said.  David took a day off work because he was "sick".  He just had a bad cold or chill, but he must have felt rough because he wouldn't take a day off work for nothing!  I hoped I wouldn't catch a cold from him - I honestly don't know if/how I would have survived a cold on top of all my regular breathing problems.  That probably sounds like an exaggeration but I was getting REALLY ill by this point.  I was so tired but even when I did dare to lie on the dusty floor, I couldn't sleep due to the cold draft coming under the front door.  In fact, I was being disturbed by vivid dreams that I was walking in the snow and trying to find an igloo to sleep in!

Despite his cold, David still went to Woodberry to see the latest lot of workmen who came to fix the radiators and replace the taps in the bathroom.  He rang up to tell us that they'd "made a mess" by roughly removing the side of the bath and the bathroom skirting board.  We didn't get to see the damage ourselves though (or leave the house at all, for that matter) as he didn't come back to Grottsville until 10pm.

I had a bath and washed my hair, which was continuing to get thinner.  I only lost about thirty hairs (though that was a lot for my standards), but I was in a right panic about it.  I was still hoping it would improve if I got it cut, but I didn't know where to go to find a decent hairdresser.

I spent ages sorting out the Dolly Mix Ponies.  I still needed a few Snuzzles, but we were certainly getting nearer to completing all the sets now...thank goodness!

Emma was well enough to be released from hospital.  We were both extremely relieved, but Mum still felt a need to snap at me on the topic one final time that she "had really wanted to visit Emma in hospital" and that "I was the only one who'd stopped her" .  WTH?  We were told that nobody COULD visit Emma

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