Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Well, this is a lost cause.

I'm just about at the point of quitting this blog, or at least skipping ahead to the present day.  I never seem to have a chance to update - it was another free listing weekend on e-Bay (much to my surprise as they only had one last weekend!), so that's where my weekend went...  No excuse for Thursday or Friday other than general excessive spring cleaning and a lot of pain...but that's a modern day story and, having got this far, I'm not giving up just yet!

November 17th 2010

We went to Woodberry while a technician came to "fix" the window pane cabinet.  Yes, we decided to settle for a repair as it was just far too much hassle to get a replacement.  Their idea of a repair was to draw over the scratches with furniture crayons and to rattle the cabinet about a bit to "fix the door".  Well, it did look a lot better and, by some miracle, the door did close properly afterwards.

I tried to fix the handles onto the drawers under my bed but, just as I had told David, the screws that had come with the handles were far too long so the washers he had bought were a total waste of money.  It was new, shorter screws we needed.

Mum started unpacking boxes, and discovered that some of her aunt's treasured teacups were missing.  The saucers were there, but the cups were nowhere to be seen.  Mum got terribly upset, convinced that she must have thrown the cups away due to her bad eyesight and David was really nasty saying that she "shouldn't do anything if she can't do it properly".

I finally got my "Bring Back Kelly Sheridan" video uploaded to Youtube.

Was it good enough to be worth the wait?  No.  But I was pretty proud of myself, considering the fact I hadn't been able to use video clips and had to save each scene screenshot by screenshot.  The petition still only had 233 signatures at that point, but Kelly posted this on her Facebook fan page which made it worth all the hard work to me.  I was positively glowing for the rest of the day!

And...all my e-Bay items ended.  I sold 36 items for well over £100 which was my best ever.  So, all in all, I had a pretty good day.

November 18th 2010

We went to Morrisons.  There were eight ponies on the shelf which were obviously from the second wave...I was really getting into debt with these things now though so I attempted to feel through the bags to figure out which ponies I would be buying.  I felt out the two unicorns and left those behind but the shop was closing by that point so I had to buy the remaining six.  And...there was no Snuzzle anyway!  However, there WAS another Heart Throb who had obviously replaced one of the second wave ponies again.  I only hoped they weren't going to start replacing Snuzzle with a pony from wave one!

Mum decided to clear all of my old board games out of the library.  My health had declined to a point where just lifting all the heavy boxes into the living room and photographing them left me feeling really ill and totally exhausted.  I guess they were very dusty and covered in carpet beetle remains too, which made my allergies worse than ever.  Mum just yelled at me when I said I needed a break though, reminding me that she felt ill too, and I "kept forgetting she was 35 years older than me but she still manages to keep going"!   Yes, well, she wasn't suffering from bad chest pains and breathing trouble, was she?

HOW did she think I could photograph them, check if they were complete, and move them all out of the living room (where I had to sleep on the dusty floor - which had just become even more dusty, of course) before bedtime anyway?

(Yes, I was probably the most spoilt child on Earth!  Sadly, my parents never took the time to play with me so most of these games are untouched as I had nobody to play with)

Because of the stupid timing of all of this, we didn't get the e-Bay parcels wrapped up.  I was so weak and dehydrated by the end of the day that I ended up breaking down in tears.  Then, of course, I had to lie down on the floor right where all those dusty games had been which made my allergies even worse.  I was seriously concerned that I would suffocate in the night.

November 19th 2010

Well, I didn't suffocate but I felt like I was at death's door.  I felt as though I had flu, exhausted with a runny nose (ended up using half a tissue box again!), sore throat, nosebleeds, chest pains...the lot.  Still I managed to spend the day hard at work packing up e-Bay parcels.

I had a nice relaxing bath in the evening and strangely my breathing cleared up a little (perhaps it was the steam?!)  The cheap Inecto coconut body scrub was lovely as always but the overpriced Lush Butterball ballistic was greasy and not only stained the sides of the bath, but stuck the scrub all over the sides of the bath too...leaving me with another little cleaning job!

David decided it wasn't worth going to Morrisons as there had been "four or five ponies left yesterday" (actually, there were only the two unicorns I mentioned) so they "wouldn't have re-stocked yet".

We went to Tesco instead.  Mum wanted new socks but we discovered that they no longer made her style.  I did get some for myself though.  And we found them giving away free baguettes.  David spent ages picking one for himself, measuring them and holding them up against each other to find the largest!  Then he told a cashier that a woman behind was "stealing them".  Well, there was actually no limit on how many you could take - they just wanted rid of them.  And she only took three anyway.  Perhaps she had a large family?  Unlikely, but let's give her the benefit of the doubt!

There were some very suspicious looking men hanging around the cash machines so I convinced David to leave them.  He was trying to set up a second Paypal account but Mum had already looked online and found out he hadn't received his verification money anyway.

We returned to Grottsville and picked Mum up.  Just while we were in the house, a gang of drunken youths appeared over the road.  One was peeing against the wall of the tyre shop opposite.  They were a most unsavoury bunch and I was a little concerned they'd break into the house if they saw us leaving it empty.  Still we went to Woodberry to get a padded envelope for one of my e-Bay items.  It looked too small though so Mum and I had to sit in the car park outside David's office while he collected some more envelopes...which turned out to be exactly the same size anyway!

It was ridiculously late by the time we got back, but I still had to resume work on packing e-Bay stuff.  I asked David to help me with cutting down a box (one item out of thirty-six, remember?), and he yelled at me.  "Why is it always up to me to do everythink?!"  What a nice, helpful man!  He left me to do everything else while he watched Children in Need anyway.

Mum got annoyed that I was keeping her up so late.  She ended up knocking her childhood chimp toy on the floor (he didn't break, thank God!) and yelled at me that "I was the one who wanted to sit up all night to wrap parcels"!  Uh...I wouldn't say I wanted to exactly.  But it did take a long time when I had no table to do it on and I had nobody to help me either.

What had really caused her angry outburst?  She had stressed herself to death with a sudden indigestion attack, convincing herself that she was "having a heart attack" by coughing persistently and breaking a sweat in panic.  Then I gave myself indigestion too.  Basically I got a sandwich for myself which was when David finally agreed to help with cutting the box down and he got angry with me for getting something to eat instead of getting on with the work.  So I practically swallowed the sandwich whole.  Ugh.

The day ended in a nice argument between my parents.  Some highlights included Mum asking when David was going to take the time off work that he was due.  He said he couldn't take it off as he was too busy working overtime...meaning he was due more time off in lieu which he would never have time to take!

The bloke who was supposed to be coming to put the tiles up in the kitchen on Monday had left an answerphone message on David's phone asking him to confirm Monday was still okay, and David was seriously shocked when Mum asked if he had rung the tiler back.  "Oh, do I have to tell him he can come?  I thought I'd just have to ring back if there was a problem!"

The lawyer wrote another rude letter to David too, asking if he still wanted to proceed as he hadn't heard from him for so long.  No wonder nothing ever moved forward!

The mattresses were coming on the 29th...perhaps then I would finally be allowed to sleep at Woodberry and get away from the allergens of Grottsville.

I think I'll leave it there.  I would have liked to have got to the end of the 20th at least, but it's gone 2.30am and I'm so tired that I can feel my words are making no sense.  PLEASE grab me if I neglect this blog again.  Throw rotten tomatoes at me or something.  Just get my attention and tell me to write another entry.  I MUST get this thing up to date!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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