Sunday, 4 March 2012

When is it all going to end?

Just when you think it can't get any worse, something else goes wrong!  Can't we just have a streak of good luck for once in our lives?

November 5th 2010

We went to Morrisons on the seemingly never-ending Dolly Mix hunt.  But there were no ponies and not even a price label for them on the shelf.  I prayed that they hadn't discontinued them... I still had so many people waiting for Snuzzle to complete their sets!

Emma rang David to inform us that she was being admitted to hospital with pneumonia.  Mum was stressed to death, and didn't know how to get any more information.  Apparently no visitors were allowed apart from Nick (and I was so ill by this point that I didn't want to risk catching pneumonia myself anyway!), and he never answers our e-mails or phone calls.  Mum got angry with me for not being more concerned.  Who said I wasn't concerned?  Just because I wasn't running around in circles and screaming like a headless chicken didn't mean I wasn't worried about my sister.  Although I was trying to keep calm until we at least knew how severe her case was.

Mum did some clearing up in front of the sofa to try and keep her mind off things.  God, the insects and various other creepy crawly beings - it was an entomophobic's worst nightmare!  Carpet beetles, along with their skins and droppings, heaped up behind the piles of books, house moths and large maggots (presumably the larvae of the ground beetles we kept finding) galore.  No wonder my breathing troubles were so bad!  In fact, I had an insect bite on the tip of my nose, so they must even have been crawling on my face in the night.

Mum started looking at some holiday brochures she uncovered and was, as usual, proclaiming how she had no interest in Canada.  Right, we get it.  Nobody's asking you to come and visit me if I ever do escape from this dump!  Well, she does have one interest in Canada.  She has a little souvenir that her parents' neighbours brought back from their trip to Nova Scotia - a small ceramic bear dressed as a Mountie.  She would like to be able to put him in her own holiday souvenir cabinet but first she needs to see some Mounties herself.  "Where in Canada do you go to see them?" she asked me.  Uh...I don't know.  Where in England do you go to see policemen on horseback?!

Somebody on e-Bay was selling an old press photograph of Shane Meier along with a copy of his resume from the time.  I had hoped to purchase the thing, as I thought it might help to officially clear up some of the errors on Shane's IMDb page, but the auction ended in the middle of the night and a bid of $20.00 placed before I went to sleep was apparently not enough...

Speaking of Shane, Mum was clearing out the airing cupboard later that day and found a copy of two gushing letters I had written, one to him and one to a voice actress I know, back when I was first in touch with them both.  How awfully embarrassing!  I guess it was when I used to go to the internet cafe and so would write out the messages before I went, so as to get as much done during my hour's internet access as possible.  But why those letters didn't get thrown away and HOW they ended up in the AIRING CUPBOARD of all places is anybody's guess!

I received the Barbie DVD that I had won on, but it wouldn't work in our DVD player for some reason.  It works just fine in David's computer's disk drive though!

With a combination of Bonfire Night and Diwali, Grottsville was filled with noisy fireworks...and the usual irresponsible idiots "having fun" with them.  A gang of youths were releasing rockets in the middle of the main road outside our rocket didn't work, flew into our living room window, bounced back and filled the garden with smoke!  Thank goodness our window wasn't open at the time!

The new episode of Friendship is Magic, "The Ticket Master", was uploaded to Youtube.  I noticed the show was getting quite a lot of views and comments for MLP standards but couldn't really understand the hype or where all these extra viewers were coming from.  The animation style really bugged me, as did the fact that all the additional characters were voiced by Tabitha St.Germain and Cathy Weseluck.  Don't get me wrong, I love those two.  But my sole purpose for listening to the show was my hope of hearing some more of my favourite Canadian VAs.  But if all the additional characters were going to be voiced by the main cast, there wasn't much chance of any of my other favourites ending up in the show, was there?

Even the one guy in the episode sounded like Terry Klassen, the voice director.  Come on, please!  I was hoping to hear Sam Vincent, Scott McNeil and Trevor Devall before this show was through.

The story was very similar to the Pony Tales' episode, "And The Winner Is...", only the ending was far less realistic.  What a great thing to teach the children watching.  You have one spare ticket to a special event and several friends wanting to attend.  The solution?  Well, back in 1992, you'd do the kind thing, sell your tickets and go home to watch the event on TV with the rest of your friends.  In 2010, you'd stress yourself half to death until some random magical princess/goddess awarded you extra tickets.  Sorry, but the latter just isn't going to happen in real life, kids!  Still, they were obviously doing something right as everyone else seemed to be enjoying it.  I just had to accept this was the way that MLP would be from now on.

November 6th 2010

Everyone overslept...which meant I spent more hours on the floor and was even sicker than usual.  I was in a terrible state with a throat and chest clogged with muck, a chesty cough, and chest pains everytime I breathed in.  My speaking voice was awfully cracked too.  I really wanted to record my "Bring Back Kelly Sheridan" video but with a combination of my cracked voice and the seemingly endless fireworks outside, it was totally impossible.

David went to the tip and spent hours in the bathroom so we didn't get out of the house until after 2pm.  We went to 99p Stores to buy some Weetaflakes but there was no time to go elsewhere in West Ealing as we had to get to Woodberry before it got dark.  We took the living room door off its hinges.  Remember I said how it was tearing the new carpet to shreds each time it was opened or closed?  Well, David had finally decided to do something about it.  I had to hold the heavy thing while he sanded down the bottom of it.  He got impatient and decided he'd done enough.  He hadn't by a long way, as I tried to tell him, but he wouldn't accept it until he'd screwed it back onto its hinges, damaging two of the screws in the process.  "Agggh, it's impossible!  It's just not a one person job!" he yelled angrily.  Uh... am I not a person then?  Oh, I forgot.  I'm a woman, so I don't count as a person in David's head.

He went to Wickes to get a plane with which to continue the sanding job.  While he was gone, I walked up to the three charity shops around the corner.  David had taken the only house key with him so Mum couldn't come with me.  There wasn't much in the shops anyway, certainly no ponies.  Just a lot of Barbie stuff, including a really cute plush unicorn...but she had a big lipstick stain on her face so I left her there.

The plane that David had bought broke within five minutes of him getting it home anyway!  He then started yelling at me to "give him the red screwdriver" and acting like I was incompetent when I couldn't find it.  It turned out that the screwdriver in question was actually blue, hence why I didn't know what he was talking about.

David managed to call Nick's aunt and was told that Emma possibly had a clot on her lung.  Mum was in a terrible state, convinced that Emma was going to die.  I tried to reassure her, reminding her that Emma herself had spoken to David just the day before and that Nick had been driving her to another hospital when she called, so they can't have considered her sick enough to require an ambulance.  It was horrible to have no first hand information about her though.

Mum continued to rant at me that I didn't care about my sister (WTH?  I know she was stressed, but that's no excuse to take it out on me, who was equally stressed).  "Why are you two so jealous of each other?  If she dies, you'll get everything left to you which is just what you want!"  Uh...where did she get that idea?  I have NEVER said anything to indicate I want "everything left to me" because it just isn't true.  I do worry what will happen to me if my parents pass away and I still have no education or decent job to support myself.  But considering the mortgage is nowhere near paid on either house and it looks as though any savings will have been long spent, I really don't know what she thinks she's going to be leaving to me anyway!  Then she started on about how it would be far worse to lose Emma than to lose me as "if anything happens to them, I'll lose all six of them as Nick won't keep in touch, but there's only one of you to lose"!  Good thing I'm NOT the sort to get jealous, eh? xD

November 7th 2010

We all overslept again and didn't get to the annual anti-animal cruelty Christmas fair in London.  Mum was in a fowl mood, stressed about Emma and wanting to do some clearing up in the lounge to take her mind offf things.  She said that I was in the way and instructed David to "get me out of there" before she started disturbing more dust and made me even sicker...if that was even possible.

Well, he and I went to Woodberry anyway.  We were supposed to be assembling the two bookcases which had been lying in the hobby room for months.  When we got the boxes open, we discovered that both were badly scratched and one was missing the screws needed to put it together.  We assembled the one which did have its screws included.  I warned David that he was being too rough with the mallet, but he assured me "that's why it's made of rubber - it won't damage it".  However, just moments later, there was a cry of, "Oh God, I've dented it!  That will polish off though!"  The dent didn't "polish off" though, of course.  People should really listen to me more often.

We sanded some more off of the bottom of the living room door too, but it still wasn't enough.  David left me holding the heavy door while he went off to talk to Mum on the phone.  I guess I still wasn't helping?

Then David went back to Grottsville to go in the bathroom and collect Mum while I stayed at Woodberry to record the audio track for Kelly's video.  Welcome to my recording studio...

Now bear in mind my breathing problems.  Is it any wonder my finished recording sounded less than professional?!

When my parents returned, we all had another go at filing down the living room door, and while it still wasn't perfect, it would have to do.  What kind of idiots would have left that much excess wood on the bottom of the door anyway?

They'd brought two big boxes of David's books with them.  Grottsville looked no clearer though.  We needed to clear the clutter out.  Mum had apparently sprayed "Doom" insect killer all around the lounge carpet, then went out of the room for ten minutes.  When she returned, she had found 12 carpet beetles crawling up the wall (presumably to get away from the spray).  What an utter nightmare.  She'd also hoovered which usually inflamed my allergy problems (a lot of dust escaped out of the back of our hoover), but surprisingly I didn't seem too bad that evening after we returned.

While David and I had been at Woodberry, somebody was stabbed across the street from us in Grottsville - just three shops down from being directly opposite our lounge window - in broad daylight!  I probably would have witnessed the horrific scene if we hadn't been out.  Scary.  The whole road was taped off and there were police everywhere by the time we got back.  That area was getting worse by the week.

Mum had a strange pain in her arm which she was convinced was a trapped nerve that would need to be operated on!  Emma was still in hospital with severe pneumonia but she was apparently talking and making sarcastic jokes as usual though, so we took that as a good sign.

November 8th 2010

No word from Emma and co. so we were quite concerned.  If only there had been a way to get in touch with her directly...

We'd overslept again.  The late nights caused by me being too scared to lie down on the dusty floor were taking their toll on all of us.  And I was ending up lying on the floor for just as many hours anyway.  David went to the launderette - that place was filthy.  I got upset by the dirty rags I had to wear and about David handling my clothing.  We HAD a washing machine, for goodness sake!  When was he going to get it working and start taking our laundry to Woodberry?  Cleaner clothes aside, we could save money if we didn't have to use the launderette every week!

We didn't get to Woodberry until 1pm.  The enormous "Window Pane Cabinet" that Mum had ordered from Laura Ashley was delivered.  My God, it was HUGE and dominated our pretty little living room.  It was so big that it wouldn't even fit through the doorway so we had to take the door off of its hinges again!  David gave the delivery men a £5 tip for waiting for us to do the job.

The box that the cabinet was packed in was so big that I couldn't even photograph the cabinet itself, but this should give you some idea of its size...

David dashed us back to Grottsville before we could even start to break down the box or clear the room.  He had to get to yet another hopeless job interview.  When we got back, my parents started one of their typically ridiculous arguments.  He "has to keep a job if Mum ever wants a garden" apparently.  Really?  How about if we want to eat and pay the bills?  Oh, and he "wasn't getting the hall wallpapered at Woodberry in case I wanted to decorate for Christmas" (Sticking drawing pins in walls etc.).  Why would I want to decorate a house we weren't even living in?

While they were arguing, I dashed in the bathroom to change my clothes.  David went MAD at this as he needed to get ready for his interview.  "AAGGH, SHE'S GONE IN THE TOILET!"  Well, for goodness sake, they were busy arguing downstairs and it only took me 2-3 minutes to change into my Grottsville prison rags.  I dashed straight out, and he didn't come upstairs anyway.  "Well, come on then - get up here if you're in such a hurry!" I called to him.  He had a look of true venom on his face as he stormed up the stairs.  "The way she talks to me - children these days!" he snarled to nobody in particular.  I wouldn't exactly call 19 a "child" nor do I think I was particularly rude considering the tone he was using to me, but that's another story.  I saw him consider pushing me down the stairs, but he thought better of it and slammed the bathroom door instead!

And now I must get to bed.  Tune in tomorrow for another four days in the history of Desirée Skylark!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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