Monday, 2 April 2012

We just found another carpet beetle...

The whole house is being taken over by the little blighters again.  All my days are spent trying to clean and get rid of them before it's too late, but it's impossible while my parents refuse to get rid of anything!  No wonder I never get around to blogging anymore!

November 22nd 2010

I was awoken horribly early.  David was going to drop us at Woodberry on his way to work so that we could supervise the tilers.  I really didn't want to go.  I HATE having to be sociable with workmen at the best of times, it was, ahem, that time of the month and I had bad pain and other problems relating to it, and my allergies were worse than ever.  Even having been awoken so early, it took me so long to get going in the mornings due to chest pains and breathing trouble, that we were running late.  Of course, the fact that there was hardly any lighting in the house didn't help.  I slapped my mascara on messily, didn't get a chance to apply moisturiser at all and it was still far too dark to comb my hair.  I was all set not to go, but then I got frightened by the thought of being trapped in the house alone opposite the gangs of youths all day long and jumped into the back of the moving car as my parents started to drive out of the garden!

David had to park around the corner which meant I had to walk up the road with tangled hair.  Ugh, I felt like everyone was watching me, especially since I was already very self conscious about my thinning hair.

I hid in my bedroom for a while before I realised I wouldn't be able to stay in there all day, then I snuck downstairs while the workmen were out in the kitchen, ventured into the front room, and curled myself up into a tiny ball at the far end of the cabinet hoping they wouldn't notice me.  No, I was not in a sociable mood at all!  Of course, Mum started talking to me and one of the blokes came into investigate.  He "thought she was talking to herself" and I think he had the shock of his life when he saw me huddled in the corner.  I smiled politely and said good morning to him...he probably thought I was mad!

There had been no time for breakfast so all I had to eat all day were three slices of bread and butter (half of Mum's own packed lunch as I hadn't packed anything for myself, not having decided to go to Woodberry at that point).

My, uh, monthly problems got gradually worse throughout the day and I decided I'd have to risk using the bathroom despite the fact there were no locks on either door and two strange men clomping around the house preparing to put tiles up in all three bathrooms!  They both appeared to be busy in the bathroom so I went up two flights of stairs to the shower room, instructing Mum to keep a close eye on the men and make sure that they didn't walk in on me.  No sooner did I start to pee than I heard footsteps coming up the stairs...heavy men's footsteps.  Aaaagh!  I couldn't get any words out and as the toilet is on the opposite side of the room to the door, I couldn't exactly reach my foot out to keep it closed.  I heard the man arrive on the landing, and saw the doorknob turning.   I cried out "NO!", hurriedly pulling my jeans up and jumping across the room.  At that second, the bloke walked in, but I think I was just in time.  He was actually a really nice Polish guy and looked extremely embarrassed, muttering "sorry" in broken English.  I was still mad at Mum for allowing him to come upstairs, and I didn't even attempt to use any of the bathrooms for the rest of the day!

I would have walked to Ealing Broadway to use the public facilities there (and to go shopping, of course!), but I'd forgotten to bring the mobile phone and Mum wouldn't allow me to go that far without her being able to get in touch with me.

I was very depressed and couldn't stop crying for most of the day...a mixture of hormones, allergies (caused by the dust the tilers were creating), embarrassment and stress, I guess.  What stress, you ask?  Well, my parents always cause stress, don't they?  Mum decided that the tiles in the downstairs bathroom were too high for a mirror to go above them (she's short so wouldn't be able to see in the mirror), and as David had planned the layout, she rang him to tell him off.  She started off whispering so that the tilers wouldn't hear what she was saying, but David couldn't hear her.  "Speak up please!" he said.  And so Mum did.  She started yelling, swearing and cursing into the phone while I sat in the corner and cringed.

The tilers had been pretty friendly up until that point, although they had asked for tea or coffee which was embarrassing as we had none in the house, but they didn't speak to either of us after Mum's little shouting session.  Mum couldn't understand why not!

Anyway, quite enough talk.  Here are some pretty photos (well, they might be pretty if not for all the clutter!) of the new tiles...

Less pretty was the before-mentioned dust.  Would we ever see our carpets and furniture again, or would they remain forever white?!

I'm not sure why we'd even bothered with all that hoovering and polishing a few days previously as it now all had to be done again anyway!

When we returned to Grottsville, I discovered that my e-mail account had been hacked and everybody on my contact list had received an e-mail about buying cheap Viagra from the Canadian Pharmacy.  So embarrassing!  I immediately changed my password, of course, and just kept praying that nobody had clicked the links in the messages!

November 23rd 2010

Mum went to Woodberry while the tiling job was finished.  I decided to stay in Grottsville this time - I couldn't bear to face them following my parents' embarrassing cursing of the previous day, nor could I stand another day sitting in those clouds of white dust.  I was instructed to ring her "on the hour every hour" so that she knew that I "was safe and hadn't run away"!  Nice to know she had so much trust in her 19-year-old daughter.

I made some voice recordings and tested the Boots Smooth Skin System.  Pretty sure there's an updated model now, so for reference, this is the one we're talking about...

It worked, thank goodness, although worryingly when I tested it on my lower legs, it didn't hurt a bit.  Everything I had read said that it was very painful to use.  Also, no pain, no gain and all the jazz, right?  Oh well, I had to give it a chance anyway.

In the evening, we went to Morrisons.  There were 17 Dolly Mix Ponies there but all of them appeared to be from wave one so I left them there.  David went to Tesco after that, but I felt too tired and ill to go in so Mum and I just sat in the car outside.  It's more fun to people-watch anyway.  An old man parked two bays away from us.  He took absolutely ages to straighten his car up (about five minutes), and even when he did eventually park, he didn't get out of the car and go in the shop, but instead began praying.  Perhaps he was praying to become a better driver?!

The Barbie DVDs that I had got on Swapitshop arrived, but disappointingly the Fairytopia one turned out to be Mermaidia which was one I already had.  Oh well, I could always sell it on e-Bay.

Everybody had received those viagra links from my account.  Mum's friend, Jill, had the sense not to open hers, but my sister had opened it and found an "interesting shop selling viagra in Canada".  She seemed to be implying that one of my Canadian friends was to blame, but I think everyone knows that the "Canadian Pharmacy" is just a very common online scam and the e-mails usually come from an IP address in the USA (Kentucky, I think?).  Well, she hadn't got a virus from the site anyway, otherwise she couldn't have written to Mum and told her that much!

One of my Canadian friends was not so lucky.  He texted me a quick line and asked for my phone number...which I sent to him.  Then he called me up and told me his computer had gone down with a virus caused by the link I'd sent to him.  Oops...  He also happened to speak to me "on the hour" (7pm, I believe), and Mum went wild that I didn't call.  Worse still, I didn't realise the time and didn't even call her after he'd gone.  Oh dear...I was not the most popular person in the world when my parents came in!

Nick (my brother-in-law) was in hospital with a milder form of what Emma had been suffering from a few days previously.  I really didn't fancy taking Allan's birthday gift to that house, I can tell you.  If it was hospitalising healthy people like them, what would it do to someone with breathing troubles like mine?

November 24th 2010

David ended up dropping Allan's gifts at Emma's house while Mum and I stayed in the car.  We'd told David not to stay too long due to the respiratory problems in that family, but he still stood and chatted for a good twenty minutes and apparently even let Matthew hold his finger.  God, that man really has no concern for my health, does he?  We stopped at Woodberry on the way back to drop off a few things, but that was the extent of our exciting outing for the day.

David let me borrow his computer to try out the Barbie DVDs.  They all worked so I could sell my duplicate Mermaidia DVD.  It was nice to hear the voice work on the additional features too.

I was so sick in Grottsville.  Tired all the time and stressed to death.  There seemed to be no way of getting education or getting out of the country...that was IF I survived long enough to do so anyway.  My allergies were getting worse all the time, and there was no sign of escape.  I just wanted somebody to talk to me sensibly, but all I got were nasty comments.  Mum told me that "anybody with a different personality would have got out at 16" .  Well, I'm sorry that I had such a sheltered miserable childhood that I didn't feel up to going it alone at 16.  I didn't want to end up in a dead end job with no education.  I had so many dreams all my life, it's not fair that I haven't had the oppotunites other kids in this country have.

David made a similarly stupid remark which is good enough to make blogging history, although not on the same subject.  Apparently we didn't need any chairs at Woodberry as he "never had a chair as a teenager - he preferred to kneel on the floor".  I think this came from a conversation where Mum pointed out how ill I looked sitting down on the dusty floor (which was the only place I had to sit).  Could he really not see how ill I was getting?

November 25th 2010

Mum and I didn't leave the house.  David was punishing us following an argument about why he had stayed at Emma's door so long and why he had touched Matthew's hand.  Apparently we were "being ridiculous" to worry about catching something from a house where two healthy young people had recently been hospitalised with respiratory issues that lead to pneumonia.  Severe chest infections were nothing to worry about.  When Mum mentioned that Nick was still supposedly at a contageous phase, David changed his tune a little.  "Then why did Emma bring the baby to the door?  My lungs aren't good, you know?!"  Typical man.  Of course he'd care about himself more than his extremely sick daughter!

My breathing troubles were getting much, much worse - I was always so tired that I couldn't keep getting up to clear my throat anymore, and yet I couldn't stop being tired when I couldn't get any good sleep on the dusty floor due to my allergies!

Mum was also feeling ill and had convinced herself that she had gallstones!  Well, she always has to have something, doesn't she?

David received a nasty letter, ordering him to pay £10,000 in taxes... £10,000 he never received from that crooked company he worked for who went into administration and never paid him for his last few months working for them.  Well, he shouldn't have gone on working for them when he wasn't earning anything anyway, but to be charged for money he never received...?!

I washed my old Thomas the Tank Engine train collection.  I always took really good care of them when I was a little girl, and they'd only been displayed on top of a cabinet for many years (hence they were very dusty and needed to be cleaned) so I was rather disappointed to see their condition.  Most are badly scratched and Duck had lost a wheel.  How had that happened, for goodness sake?

November 26th 2010

David came in at lunch time and took us to Ealing Broadway.  I collected my Boots Treat Street card points, but didn't get a chance to buy mascara as I couldn't allow Mum to see me wasting my money on make-up, could I?!

We went in The Body Shop where I got some lip butters for the extremely sore lip I'd been suffering with for the past few days and some Love etc. perfume (LOVE that pun intended!)  I got a free tub of orange body butter for spending over £25 too...I'm not keen on orange anything really, but I never look a gift horse in the mouth!

David had to rush back to work so we didn't get to the carpet shop to order the vinyl as planned.  Yet more delays...would Woodberry ever be completed?

I had a nice relaxing bath when we got back and felt a lot better for it, but then I developed a headache in the evening.  Mum told me I had caused it myself by making the water too hot, but I don't have very hot baths.  I think it was more likely stress and tiredness behind it.

Somebody listed an old 1960s Edwin Hall catalogue on e-Bay.  For those who don't know, Edwin Hall was one of the main British manufacturers of coin operated rides during the 1950s-70s (as well as a very talented fairground artist) and I had never seen a catalogue of his rides come up for sale before so I was very excited.  The starting price was £10.00 and there was already a bid (sadly I don't think it was another kiddie ride enthusiast...the brochue included a photo of the Dalek ride, so it was probably a Dr. Who collector), but I added it to my watch list, determined to get my hands on the thing!

These were the only pictures included with the auction, but there were obviously other photos in the catalogue.  Even if you have no interest in coin operated rides, you've got to appreciate those vintage photos!  I'd do anything to have been born in a different decade to the rotten 1990s!

Anyway, it's 2.30am and David had finally come in (he was doing some clearing up at the other house) so I think it's high time I went to bed!  I will be back tomorrow for another extra long blog entry though.  See you all then!

Best wishes,
DesirĂ©e  xxx