Saturday, 5 May 2012

Wasting a saturday afternoon...

It's raining outside, I have bad toothache, and David doesn't appear to have any plans for the rest of the day anyway.  So I might as well start blogging at this time of day rather than wait until the early hours when I'm left squinting at my notebook in the darkened room and struggling to stay awake!  If I don't reach the end of it, I can always start again later, right?

December 9th 2010

I was so cold down on the floor and kept shivering and shaking all night long.  David was horrible to me - "You must have another cover!" Well, where did he think I had one of those?  Hidden up my sleeve?  "Why not?"  Uh...because we were supposed to be moving house quickly before I died as a result of my breathing troubles and everything soft that we brought into Grottsville got contaminated and eaten by carpet beetles and couldn't be taken to Woodberry?  "CR*P!  UTTER CR*P!" he yelled at me, as though I should have known he didn't care about my health or education and actually had no plan to move house in the near future.  "Where's my old duvet?!" he yelled.  At this point Mum sleepily joined in with the argument, telling him that we had thrown it out because it was full of holes and carpet beetle dung.  Anyway, who wanted an unwashed duvet?  "Why unwashed?" David asked.  Okay, who wanted a stained, moth-eaten duvet from the 80s even if it HAD been washed?  We were living like homeless people within our own four walls!

Mum and I cleared out the kitchen cupboards and found the wardrobe keys which we thought had been lost at the storage depot.  They must have been safe at the back of the cupboard the whole time!  I cleared another shelf of my old books as well, but didn't have time to photograph them to sell before it got dark.

We took the boxes of stuff that we had decided to keep from the kitchen to Woodberry that night, then continued to Morrisons.  I found nine ponies from the second wave including Snuzzle...but I also ended up with yet another Heart Throb, who really did seem to have replaced Applejack.  Not good, considering I still needed one more Applejack for somebody.

My hair was feeling really thin but I tried to put it down to it just being greasy and needing a wash.  I knew deep down that something wasn't right with it though...

Kar Red Roses sent me a lovely handmade MLP Christmas card and I also received the Barbie and the Three Musketeers DVD that I had won on  So those cheered me up a little.  I was getting very ill at Grottsville now and something needed to happen soon...

December 10th 2010

I woke up chocking as both my nose and throat were completely blocked with mucus.  Mum was up in the bathroom but described the sound I made upon waking as a "gurgling drain noise" .  When was David going to take me seriously and get us out of that place?!  Instead of that, he just kept dumping dirty tissues and other rubbish on top of the rags I had to wear which were laid out in the bathroom.  Yuck.

We spent another day of trying desperately to fight the clutter of Grottsville and get ready to move house.  I photographed the books I wanted to sell while Mum washed more kitchen stuff.  Then in the evening we took it all to Woodberry where my parents argued about the bookcase (Mum had decided she didn't like it where we had put it originally, so she moved it to a place where David didn't like it so he was yelling at her for buying it at all).  Meanwhile, I walked around aimlessly upstairs, just trying to keep away from them and their arguments!

I had a bath - I was terrified of washing my hair but felt a lot better afterwards.  I used the Smooth Skin System for the second session on my lower legs, but I couldn't see that it was making any improvement yet.

I made a Christmas card to send to Kar Red Roses in return for hers.  My drawing skills are not good, but I was pretty pleased with the end result, considering it was all made in 45 minutes.

The latest episode of Friendship is Magic aired on TV and was uploaded to Youtube by Pensivepine but I didn't get the chance to watch it due to the loud, badly acted television programme which was inflicted on us by David.

December 11th 2010

David went to the post office at Northolt to pick up a couple of parcels we had missed while we were out the previous week.  When he returned, he came into the lounge, waving one of them in the air.  "Is that my teacup?" Mum asked (she had bought a small Goss teacup for her collection on e-Bay)  "I don't know - it's from Wisconsin!" David shouted.  Mum went crazy.  Apparently she'd ordered a Christmas gift for me and by knowing the location of the sender, I would somehow know what was inside the box.  Wow, do I really have x-ray vision?  I should try using it sometime...

Mum was in a bad mood for the rest of the day.  We went to Woodberry, but Mum turned around and left before David even had a chance to park the car.  It was "too dark" to do anything in there.  "Some days I just hate that place so much that I can't stay there".

We stopped in Hanwell so that David could visit a furniture shop he'd found where he hoped to find a French polisher to repair Mum's old tables.  (Mum wouldn't get out of the car).  But the people in the shop didn't deal with anything but antiques and our tables weren't quite old enough to qualify.  They did give him a phone number of a suitable French polisher though, and he came back raving about all the antiques in the shop...strange, as David rarely speaks.  I almost wondered if they'd put him under a spell in the hopes of making him buy something!

Then to Ealing, but the horse jumper I'd fallen in love with in New Look was no longer there.  I got some White Musk perfume in The Body Shop.  My sister used to wear that perfume when she was my age and I remember the scent of it at my grandparents' house.  Their dog, Argus, always stank of it...I'm ashamed to say I believe Grandma may have sprayed him with it as she used to complain about his bad breath!  It made me cry to smell it again after all these years.  I miss those days...

The shops were horribly hot and crowded and I just wanted to get out of there, so I left David in the shop to pay while I dashed across the road to Accessorize where I bought myself a new necklace.  Just as I was paying, David rang to tell me to get back across the road as I had enough stamps on my "Love Your Body" card to get my free £10 gift.  Of course, I felt rushed and couldn't think straight.  I hurriedly picked out my favourite Mango Body Lotion which only cost £8, then got upset that I'd wasted £2 of the saving...but they gave me £2 cash to make up the difference so all was fine again!

Next to the storage depot to pick up some stuff to sort through at Grottsville (and check for carpet beetles) before we could take it to Woodberry.  David almost dropped a box of heavy records on top of the Geoby electronic car which still had another three days to run on e-Bay but thankfully he didn't actually drop them!  We struggled to fit everything in the car and David dumped a basket full of carpet beetle bodies and poo on my lap which immediately set me off into a wheezing fit.  How unthinking can that man be?!

Mum's mood had worsened by the time we got back...she HATES that time of year.  I am apparently "greedy when it comes to Christmas" (huh, how many times do I have to tell people I don't want any gifts before they believe me?) and she "resents having to spend so much money on Emma's kids".  Why don't I just "GO to Canada so that she can rip my pony shelves out of her house"?  I "make her feel sick, smelling of fruit all the time" (she hates the smell of the Mango body lotion apparently!)  She never wanted a second kid, I was only born as "her meal ticket for her and her dogs" to move out of her parents' house.  She hates me as I "am the perfect example of what you get when you have an adult leading a little girl's life".  Thank you.  I'm glad you finally noticed.  So when are you going to sit down with me, discuss my options and let me be an adult at long last?!  Merry Christmas, one and all, eh?

The "adult leading a little girl's life" sat down and watched the latest episode of Friendship is Magic later, but I still found it incredibly stupid.  Even when I WAS a little girl, I couldn't stand that kind of humour in cartoons.  It was nice to hear Kathleen Barr as Zecora though.  While they kept the Canadian cast, I would continue to watch the show.

December 12th 2010

Back to Woodberry.  I fell asleep in my bedroom (it was just so nice to be able to breathe for once!) while David made a worse mess of smoothing the kitchen floor and tried to cram more stuff into the kitchen cupboards.  Then we re-measured the space in my bedroom for the wardrobe but the one I wanted definitely wouldn't fit.

Next to Brent Cross, but all the New Look horse jumpers in my size had sold out there too.  We discovered that our Laura Ashley vouchers were out of date and that we had forgotten the cupboard measurements required before we could buy mug trees anyway.  We got a mini hoover (the kind you strap on your shoulder and can use on the stairs) in Lakeland to "'elp 'er" as I will apparently "be livin' at Woodberry and 'ooverin' it for us for the rest of 'er life".  Charming.  If that was supposed to be a joke, it wasn't funny.  And if he was serious...well, I'm really not sure what to say about that.

We were late back to Grottsville even after Mum had stated we had to be back by 2.30pm in time for her to eat dinner as we were supposed to be going out in the evening.  As it happened, we went without food and went straight back out again to see the masked men edition of "Friday Night is Music Night" being recorded.  It was BITTERLY COLD standing in the queue and they were running rather late.  Then David suddenly got in a panic that he had left the car lights switched on.  So he left us standing in his place and went back to the car to check.  We overheard the man behind us in the queue saying, "Aw, that poor man - he gave up!"  His friend replied, "Don't worry, his wife is keeping his place."  "No, she's not." The first man said, rather sadly.  What do we look like then?  Scotch mist?

David was so late back that we had already been let in and got seats downstairs.  We kept a seat for him, but by the time he came in they were directing people upstairs.  All rather unfair as the seats upstairs were better so why did the latecomers get them?!

He ended up coming down to sit with us where none of us could see properly.  Just as well really as Sierra Boggess was there singing songs from "Love Never Dies", wearing a rather low cut dress, and David just kept leering at her the whole time.  I should have hated him to have an even better view!

It was nice to see Andrew Lloyd-Webber but I was falling asleep by the end of the evening.  Really sad...and worrying.  I would have enjoyed it usually, but I was getting so ill and rundown in Grottsville that I couldn't stay awake for anything.

And that brings us to the end of another fascinating blog!  Now I'm having anxiety attacks about having "wasted the day" writing in my blog.  But it's got to be better than sitting up half the night to do so!  Mum is going wild that nothing is being done around the house though, so I shall have to go and do some cleaning.

Thanks for reading, guys!  And please check back tomorrow for another fun-filled entry! ;)

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx


I have a terrible toothache and should really be in bed, considering it's almost 1am.  But I said that I would update this blog every night from now on, and I'm determined not to give up again!

December 5th 2010

David went to the launderette.  That place was getting beyond a joke.  Before he put the laundry in the machine, he had to ladel out a load of hardened washing powder which was stuck to the inside of the drum, our clothes were washed in cold water and my trousers came back with what appeared to be salt stuck to them (In restrospect, I guess it was more of the washing powder)

After that, David went in the bathroom and refused to come out.  In the end, Mum had to use the broken loo downstairs - she overheated in there (not surprising as the door is always kept closed due to the risk of rodents coming up through the broken floorboards, and the boiler is also situated in that tiny room) and then had to carry heavy buckets from the kitchen in order to flush the toilet.  It was selfish of David to keep the bathroom all to himself when the other toilet was in such a state, but he'd always spent hours in there and that wasn't about to change now!

We finally left for Woodberry at 1pm, taking a box of Mum's glass with us.  There was a big fight in the garden when we arrived as David hadn't supported the box properly on the front seat and stuff was falling out of it and out of the car when he opened the door.  I don't think anything actually got broken, but Mum started shouting and swearing at him to take better care of her stuff.  I scooted indoors to be away from it so I'm not sure exactly what happened, but David was in a fowl mood with Mum for showing him up.

Anyway, Mum wouldn't come in the house as David wasn't talking to her and hadn't offered to help her out of the car, so the whole day was wasted.  David wouldn't even go to Brent Cross to see if there were any free scarves left at Ethel Austen.

He just used the argument as an excuse to sleep on the floor and spend more time in the bathroom, before going to Woodberry on his own that evening on his way to work.

I spent the rest of the day listing stuff on e-Bay, but I was feeling a little disheartened by the lack of interest for all the work that I was putting into it.

I had finally been able to pick up my advent calendar from Woodberry - I felt a bit disheartened by that too, considering we weren't even going to have any Christmas decorations that year.

Mum apparently tried to bid on a Mimic as my Christmas gift but she was on and Mum couldn't figure out how to bid in dollars.  She ended up shouting at ME and "deleting her e-Bay watch list" which she had apparently had other possible Christmas gifts listed on.  Well, we'd agreed not to exchange Christmas gifts this year, and I'd never even known anything about it so how could it possibly be my fault?!

I wrote a complaint to Myspace about all of my blog comments disappearing with no prior warning so that I could save them and was surprised to receive a response.  Apparently they were "steal developing their blog features".  Steal, eh?  So I guess STEALING my comments was one of the new features?!

December 6th 2010

We went to Morrisons but there were no more Dolly Mix Ponies there.  Then to Tesco - I lead a dull life.  David didn't even ask me if I wanted to go in the ever-exciting petrol station with him or tell me if they had any Dolly Mix Ponies in there.

I had two bids on e-Bay and three watchers on the huge Geoby electronic car we were trying to sell.  One person asked me to end the auction early to sell it to them for half the starting price.  Blooming cheek!

We did some clearing out in the bathroom and got rid of a whole crate full of stuff.  The place didn't look any better for it though.  I was sad to get rid of my first ever tape recorder but it didn't work properly and David had spilled a load of meat all over it at some point and never even bothered to clean it so it made me feel sick to look at it...  But I was losing all my sentimental feelings with my allergies and just generally wanting to live in a normal, clear enviroment.  When I'm a famous voice actress and people are clamouring to buy "Desirée Skylark's childhood recording equipment", I'm sure I'll regret it! xD

I kept suffering from bad anxiety attacks which were not helping my allergy-related breathing problems one bit.  Another buyer wrote to tell me that the comics she'd bought from me hadn't arrived.  Where were all these parcels?  I still wasn't sure if I could claim the money back from Royal Mail or not and I just couldn't afford to lose all the postage money as well as the items!

I was still working on re-recording the MLP song tapes and discovered that both of my Sing & Dance Pinkie Pies' faces were going orange.  Since both of them were going the same way, I guess it's something to do with the rubber material they're made from.  The strangest thing was that the staining only appeared where something had touched against their faces (like where their manes lie, or where I had tied ribbons around their ears).  I got really upset to see some of my favourite ponies deteriorating though and wondered if it was the temperature I was keeping them at or something.  Has anyone else had trouble with their S&D Pinkie Pies?

December 7th 2010

David stayed up half the night watching TV which meant that Mum and I couldn't go to "bed" considering our beds were on the floor in front of the television!  Still we had to get up early in the morning so that David could drop us at Woodberry to wait for Mum's bookcase to be delivered.

We unpacked the boxes that were already over there and discovered knot-holes in the shelves Mum had bought for the kitchen.  It took over an hour to get into the other packages past all the tape that the e-Bay seller had wrapped around the boxes!  The shelves inside were nice though.

(The one on the left is upside down, but I couldn't stand it up the right way!)

Then Mum and I chose our mattresses...well, I chose mine anyway.  Mum couldn't feel any difference between them.  We unpacked some more boxes and I finally got to see the brass horses that I bought as a keepsake for myself with the last money I ever received from my Grandad on my last birthday before he passed away (they had been kept in the box they were shipped to us in at Grottsville as I had nowhere to display them)...

Lovely, aren't they?  They actually look much nicer in real life.  I know Grandad would have loved them!

We also got to see what David had been doing with all the hours he was spending at Woodberry alone.  He'd been "filling the cracks" in the chipboard in the kitchen, "smoothing the floor" for when the lino arrived...

I'd laugh, but it's really not funny.

I walked around the corner to the charity shops (Mum couldn't come as David had failed to leave the front door key with us) but there were no ponies there.  Just a funny little dog figurine like the one that had been standing on top of the TV at Grottsville for a couple of years (even though none of us had any idea where he had come from!)  There were other similar small animal figurines with him so I guess they must have been a set.  But I still have no clue what they are!  I'll have to get a photo sometime and see if anybody recognises him... one slight problem.  He's disappeared as mysteriously as he suddenly appeared in our house!

When I got back, I found Mum had been busy while I was gone.  She was trying to put stuff away in the kitchen cupboards and had stacked ALL of David's rubbish which he had left lying all around the house in the middle of the kitchen floor.

She thought this would encourage him to clear up and get rid of stuff.  Ha ha, very funny.

My Hotmail account was hacked while I was out again.  It seemed to happen every time I didn't access my own e-mails for a few hours.  I was getting sick of it and I'm pretty sure everybody in my address book must have been even sicker.  I hope nobody else got caught out with the suspicious Canadian Pharmacy links!

December 8th 2010

I had an awful night with a combination of my allergies and the temperature.  It was so cold that I literally couldn't sleep.  I woke up as soon as my hot water bottle got cold and just lay there shivering on the drafty floor until 7am.  At that time, Mum woke up and re-filled my hot water bottle so I got another hour of semi-sleep.  I couldn't go on living in that place much longer though.

David took an afternoon off work so that we could go to the building society again.  I don't even remember what I was doing there, but my parents came to the desk with me and stood over me, making me so jittery that I kept stammering.  David also stood right in front of window so I couldn't hear the woman through the glass.  Then he got angry with ME for not understanding what she was saying!

I had to fill in a form (I must have been opening an account of some kind, I think...) and David sat right over me with that too, correcting me and saying my writing wasn't clear enough.  He was really disturbing me and I accidentally wrote down a wrong number.  He rolled his eyes at Mum as if to say, "she can't do anything right!" and I walked out.  I'd had enough of it.  If they wanted to see people who couldn't do anything right, they should look at the people who work in that place.  There were two women behind the front desk, one Irish (with a thick accent I couldn't really understand) and one Indian.  The Indian woman dropped her heavy clipperboard right on the Irish woman's foot!  "Oops, sorry, butter fingers!" The Irish woman seemed unphased though, moved her foot aside and started laughing hysterically!  "More like cold fingers!"  and she just continued to laugh and laugh and laugh.  What the...?  I was quite pleased to be out of there!

But even when I stepped outside I wasn't safe for there stood a woman, slapping her hand to her head repetitively and laughing like a maniac!  Was there laughing gas in the air or something?  And if so, why didn't it effect me?  Had I really gone beyond the point of depression that I could never laugh again?!

We didn't go in any shops, not even New Look to use our voucher or Poundland where I needed headphones.  There were some new coin operated rides in the shopping centre between the elevators and the entrance to Tesco.  Usually I would have photographed them, but my parents wouldn't even stop for long enough for me to do that was pretty crowded at that time on a December afternoon anyway.  Oh well, I'd just have to do it next time we were in Ealing.

Sternenstaub's Dolly Mix Ponies still hadn't arrived, and she was turning nasty.  I kept stalling.   I said I'd refund her if and when Royal Mail sent the money back to me, but that wasn't good enough for her.  She wanted a full refund, and she wanted it NOW.  I had stated in my sales thread that I wouldn't refund unless I could get the money back from Royal Mail but she claimed she had never seen my sales thread as a friend had recommended she get in touch with me. Well, how was I supposed to cover the cost of yet another full set of Dolly Mix Ponies out of my own pocket when I was still holding so many of the little things for people who didn't have complete sets and couldn't pay yet?!  The whole thing was turning into a nightmare.

On top of all my stress, Mum was in a really bad mood (constantly worried her stomach pain would return, I guess), and kept snapping at me.  "Christmas is not just about Desirée Alder." she suddenly snapped, out of the blue.  Huh?  Who said it was just about me?  I know my place.  I'm not even allowed to put decorations up in a house where they live.  She always acts as though I expect a lot of presents, and I don't.  Christmas has never been about gifts to me, it's about getting into the spirit of things, enjoying the pretty decorations and being around those you love.  The trouble is that I have no family nearby besides my parents and one can't be bothered with Christmas and the other HATES it and resents the mere mention of the word.  She kept on and on at me and, in my stressed state, I started crying about how desperately I wanted to be studying in Vancouver as I should have been at that point.  Maybe then I would have made friends or found a family to spend Christmas with.  "JUST GO THEN!" she screamed at me.  Oh, how I WISHED I could just have walked out of that door and caught the first plane over there to take her off guard.  But of course I didn't have the money or the qualifications to do so.  It then descended into another random rant about writing her will.  "I have to be fair - Emma deserves my money just as much as you do.  You're trying to guilt me like Mark did to his mother!" (Mark is David's brother - their mother left everything to him and his family and nothing to us)  Whatever makes her so insecure that she thinks everyone is just waiting for her to die and leave her the money?  Or that I am trying to guilt her into leaving everything to me?  The money should be split half and half between Emma and I.  There's no question about that.  If I've said ANYTHING about money, it's how I'm worried how I can provide for MYSELF now that they have left me with no education and constantly ignore me now instead of looking through my options with me.  I don't want anyone else to give me anything, I just want to be a successful career woman so that I can look after myself.  Ugh.

Anyway, I must go now.  I'm too tired to think straight and dread to think how many errors I've made in this entry.  I really must start writing my blog earlier than 1am!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Friday, 4 May 2012

The Beginning of The End...

...of 2010.  Yes, we have reached the final month of the year before last.  Excited?  You should be.  If I remember correctly, big changes were just around the corner...

December 1st 2010

David spent his final day off work at Woodberry.  He claimed he was still painting that same chest of drawers but in actual fact he didn't seem to have done a lot at all.  And considering the virus he had picked up on his computer, I can have a good guess at how the week had really been spent...

I spent my day re-recording my MLP music cassettes (well, I was hoping to move house soon and knew I wouldn't have a TV once I got there) and suffering with bad neck ache.  It was a little better than the day before but I still couldn't turn my head fully.

Somebody (a very rude somebody) came to the door and started cursing, ringing the doorbell repetitively, and banging on the door and windows in such a way that I thought they might smash the glass.  I thought it was the neighbours to complain about the noise of my MLP videos.  I probably don't actually have the volume high enough for them to complain, but I always worry, the same way I do when I do my own voice acting and singing.

However, it turned out not to be the neighbours.  It was actually a courier to deliver Mum's latest shelves.  I didn't realise this until after the bloke had left and I saw the "missed parcel" card on the doormat.  The guy returned later in the afternoon while David was across the road buying chips.  I didn't go to the door and the bloke left our parcels out in the snowy garden.  I guess he saw the car in the garden and presumed there were people at home.  Thank goodness David was only across the road!

In the evening, we went Dolly Mix hunting at Morrisons.  I picked up another ten ponies, including the elusive Snuzzle.  Then to Woodberry to drop some stuff off and measure up for the wardrobe I had fallen in love with.  Originally I was going to have the wardobe from the old communal bedroom at Grottsville so my pony shelves had been built with the measurements for that one in mind, but after we had discovered that David had chipped a large chunk out of the front of it by throwing heavy bags of rubbish against it, I had decided to get the matching wardrobe for my desk from Daniels.  One problem.  This one was just slightly wider and wouldn't fit into the gap between my MLP shelves and the wall.  Time to think again.  David suggested taking the top off of it (it had pretty edging which made it too wide for the space).  But what's the point of a wardrobe without a top?  And how strange would it look if it just cut off above the doors?!

I was so upset that I forgot to pick up my advent calendar which had been kept at Woodberry.  It seems to be an annual occurence that I don't get an advent calendar until December 5th or 6th these days!  Mum got another terrible pain in the car on the way back to Grottsville too.  It seemed to be made worse by the fact that she was stuck in the car seat and couldn't move around and by the time we got back she was writhing around the floor and screaming again.

December 2nd 2010

Back to Morrisons but there were no more Dolly Mix Ponies.  Then to Woodberry to drop off some more stuff.  The path was too slippery for me to get into the house with canvas shoes, so I just had to stay in the car and couldn't collect my advent calendar again!

I was still in the process of saving my old blogs at this point and discovered that all my blog comments had disappeared and that I couldn't save my older entries without first deleting the more recent ones.  Oh well, I had to leave Myspace anyway, so I figured there was no harm in deleting them, so long as I moved them all over to the new site AND saved them to Word Documents.  I just hate deleting things!

David announced that he was leaving work the following day.  (How many times had we heard that one before?)  They'd given him another two tenders to complete in a very small timeframe.  He told them that he wanted to take his 7 1/2 days holiday before the end of the year and they told him that he couldn't.  But they wouldn't carry them forward to 2011 he would just lose them.  As for the days off in lieu that he was owed, they'd "pay him for them in installments", obviously intending on giving him the sack before they had to give him the money.  What a crooked firm they were to be sure!

December 3rd 2010

Another day of re-recording my MLP music tapes...G3 music.  I love some of the G3 songs, but others (like the ones on the DVD released as a bonus with the Dancing in the Clouds book) are just cringeworthy.  However, I like my cassettes to be complete, so I just left the tape to record and went upstairs to lock myself in the bathroom until the horrendous childish things had played all the way through.  But, just my luck.  David chose that moment to call Mum so not only did he get a huge laugh at me for making tape recordings of such childish music, but the recording was totally messed up by Mum's voice and I had to re-record the music while staying in the room anyway!

David didn't leave his job (surprise, surprise!), but that was only "because Mum told him not to".  Oh, of course.  Put the blame on her for making you miserable, go right ahead. >.<

I had a bath, but I got a nasty shock when I stepped into it in that the water was freezing.  So I had to run a load more hot water until the bath almost overflowed!

In the evening, we did more Dolly Mix hunting at Morrisons - I was desperate to find the last few Snuzzles I needed before the holidays.  But there were no more of the second wave, just five of the first wave left over.  The cashier quite obviously had a cold too.  I held my breath (literally - I didn't want to inhale any germs!) and prayed I wouldn't catch it.  The last thing I needed was a rotten cold on top of my allergies.

Then we drove to Woodberry, but the path was still too icy for me to go in the house.  So David just fetched a box in which to pack one of my e-Bay items and we headed back to Grottsville.

I still managed to slip over when we got back anyway, just walking from the car to the front door.  I twisted my ankle and jarred my already stiff neck.  But all David could do was yell at me that I was "being ridiculous" to say that I didn't have the right clothes for the weather.  It was my own fault for "rushing and stooping".  Why the heck does it matter whose fault it was?  He's the kind of person who'd run a friend or relative over and kill them and instead of mourning their loss, say, "Well, it's their own fault - they shouldn't have been crossing the road!"

December 4th 2010

We ran around all day, but nothing seemed to get done.  First we went to the bank in Ealing Broadway but discovered that we didn't have the right paperwork to do our jobs.  So we had to go all the way back to Grottsville and it had closed by the time we got back through the Christmas crowds.

Next to the storage depot to measure the remaining wardrobes...then we found the measurements we had taken five years previously!  Next to Woodberry to get some packaging materials, but we didn't get anything useful done over there.

Mum had got David to buy a newspaper for several coupons in it, a free scarf and box of chocolates and 20% off at New Look.  We went to Waitrose to collect our free box of chocolates and it was TINY, not giftable to anybody really.  And we didn't have time to get to Ethel Austen for the scarf or to New Look to take advantage of that offer.  We end up losing money by trying to save!

David didn't even go to the launderette and I had no clean underwear for the morning except old, tatty, ripped ones.  Oh, well, considering the torn up rags I was wearing on top by this point, did what I was wearing underneath actually matter?

We tried to clear the easy task in the slum that we called home in Grottsville.  We'd had a huge children's electronic ride-in car stuck out there ever since we'd won it in 2004.  It had been taking up most of the hall floor for all that time - the top of the box was loaded with stuff and we had to literally walk sideways up the hall to get around it!  We disposed of the very bashed up box, I took some photos of the car inside so that we could list it on e-Bay and David and I took it to the storage depot.

Then the sad job, loading the guinea pig's old hutches into the car to be taken to the refuse centre.  Yes, I know the piggies are no longer here so they no longer need their hutches, but it was still like throwing away a lot of the memories of my babies.

(Yes, the hutches were small, but they usually had the run of the house during the daytime and just went back in their hutches overnight)

And I had to get rid of the, ahem, "wonderful handmade playsets" from my childhood (no, these are not painted cardboard boxes at all!) that were kept behind the hutches too.  I got pretty upset, but mice had got into them and chewed them anyway and I knew I had nowhere to keep them.  Anyways, I had to quit my hoarding if I was ever to escape from the UK!

And here are some photos as a bit of light entertainment for those who've made it this far through my blog!

"Dieselbelle's Playground"

I used to throw "guinea pig parties" in this thing (lined with newspaper).  It's a wonder it wasn't more stained besides the dried tomato pips you can see in the top right corner!  The caption on the door was added one year when I played an April Fool trick on Mum...something to do with Dieselbelle landing in her spaceship (yes, she had one of those too).  I knew Mum never gave me credit for being an intelligent child and would think I'd really put the poor guinea pig in the plastic spaceship and thrown HER across the floor when it went flying.  Then, when she panicked and went running to the spaceship, I opened the door of "Dieselbelle's Playground" and out came Diesel, unscathed.  (Except she didn't actually come out of the box because it was packed with delicious vegetables and fruit to keep her amused while I played the trick!)

"The MLP Vet Centre"

I think this was the first "playset" I ever made back when I had chickenpox, aged 8.  Galaxy developed regrind at the same time and I was convinced I'd given her my chickenpox!  It had a lot of little plasticene accessories like a bottle of tablets and another bottle of lotion to put on her spots...and I think a telephone so that the nurses could call the families of the patients?  I think the ponies probably felt worse after staying in that stable with the walls and gate caving in though!  And as for poor Truly and the "Don't worry, better soon" caption...well, my painting could hardly get worse so I guess it had to get better soon, right?!

"The Golden Horsebox"

Blame my grandma for this one.  She used to write a story about "The Search for the Three Favourites" (Truly, Lancer and Lofty) in every issue of My Little Pony Newsletter I wrote for my family.  In the story, the ponies at my Rescue Home searched high and low for the elusive "three favourites" with the special "Golden Horsebox" they had prepared for them.  I lovingly furnished this box with MLP accessories and handmade items alike.  Sadly, Truly, Lancer and Lofty never got to live in it, but a mouse did and it chewed the windowframes!  After that happened, I made an improved version which I do still have (I'll have to get photos of that one sometime) and which Truly and Lofty did get to live in.  Of course, as it turned out, Lancer was never made as a figurine so his space still isn't filled.

I did save the Show Stable windowboxes (and the little pictures on the wall) before I threw the box away, I should add!

And I think that just about rounds up this blog entry.  I'll see you all tomorrow with another exciting blog about nothing!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Just as late tonight...

I felt really ILL today having stayed up into the early hours blogging why am I repeating my mistake tonight?!

November 29th 2010

David went to Woodberry to continue painting the chest of drawers while he waited for our mattresses to be delivered.  He didn't come in until 4pm, and even then he started messing around with his broken wallet and managed to scatter all of its contents across the floor.  So by the time we got to Uxbridge, there was no time to go in any shops or to look at anything properly.  We went straight to the curtain shop but they only had the same "common butterfly net curtains" that Mum had already dismissed in Hounslow.  Then we literally ran to Debenhams but discovered that they don't sell furniture in that branch.  We got some hot water bottles in Savers but they didn't have my Inecto coconut moisturiser.  Our next stop was The Entertainer but the whole shop was filled with an AWFUL smell so we quickly left again and finally dashed to TKMaxx...but I felt too tired, ill and depressed to look at clothes anyway.

In the evening, we went Dolly Mix hunting at Morrisons.  I found five ponies...still no Snuzzle, but yet another blasted Heart Throb! >.<

On top of that, Sternenstaub, one of the people on the Arena for whom I had managed to find a complete set of Dolly Mix Ponies, wrote to tell me that her packet hadn't arrived after two weeks.  I'd never had a parcel disappear before and from what I could see on the Royal Mail website, I couldn't file a claim for a missing parcel sent via airmail until 45 working days had passed.  I explained this to her and kept my fingers crossed that the package would show up in the meantime.

I spoke to Elisabeth on MSN in the evening.  We hadn't chatted live for a while so it was nice to catch up and have one of our typically hilarious conversations!

November 30th 2010

My days of sleeping on the floor were coming to an end.  Not only were my allergies getting worse by the day, but my bones couldn't take much more of it.  My hips kept clicking, my back ached terribly and I felt too tired to move most of the time.  On the night of the 29th, I heard a bang in the kitchen.  Mum had stumbled (not surprising considering we've had no light in the kitchen for about ten years!) and tripped over the table leg while trying to get a hot water bottle.  Worried by the bang, I moved quickly to go and check that she was all right.  I'm not sure what happened, but when I got back down on the floor and attempted to tuck my cover underneath myself (I tried to get a double layer of blanket under my body as it was softer than the floor), I heard my neck CRUNCH.  There was a searing pain and I realised that I couldn't turn my head.  I really thought that I had broken it but I felt too sick and tired to worry about it too much and managed to get to sleep, despite the pain.

By the morning, the pain had subsided a little so I figured it couldn't be anything serious.  I still couldn't turn my head to the left at all though which was inconvenient and annoying.

David went to Woodberry until 2.30pm, then he dropped us in Watford while he went to see his computer expert friend about yet another computer virus he had mysteriously picked up during all the hours "painting the chest of drawers".  Perhaps that would teach him for looking at suspicious websites!

I fell in love with so many things which I just couldn't afford.  A horse jumper, a fawn handbag, a poodle necklace... oh, I'm terrible around the shops!  I could buy everything if I had the money!  As it was, I spent all of my money on some new pyjamas (red and black ones with sweet little dogs on them) to wear when I was finally allowed to start sleeping in my bed at Woodberry, a new diary, padded envelopes and another G3 MLP birthday card for the collection.  Mum bought me a sweet little dragonfly necklace in the Past Times sale as an early Christmas gift, and I got her an insect picture frame which she had been looking at in the window of the Uxbridge branch but hadn't had time to buy there.

The MLP coin operated ride was still standing outside Watford Market so I did something I had never dared to do before.  Usually I just take photographs, but this time I put a 50p coin in the slot and filmed the ride in action.  Nobody came to tell me off but one rude boy did walk in front of the camera and shoot ME a filthy look as though I was in the way.  He got past me, didn't he?  It's not like he bothered to walk around me so I didn't disturb his route.

The video has been on Youtube since that day, so anybody who wants to see it has probably already seen it by now, but I'll link it from here anyway just in case!

For 50p, you actually get two "rides" so I used the second one to get down by the speaker and record the tune she plays (which is an instrumental version of the MLP commercial jingle from the early 90s, in case anyone was wondering).  It didn't come out as well as I'd hoped due to the crowds around me, but if anybody wants the WAV file for any reason, give me a shout as I'm happy to share.  It would make a great mobile phone ringtone if there wasn't so much background noise.

Mum stood as far away from me as possible throughout the whole recording session.  I "made a right spectacle of us", you see?  But I think it's important to document these rides before they are all scrapped.  Who cares what complete strangers think of me?

David offered us Krispy Kreme donuts, but Mum said she didn't want them.  He got them anyway.  Why does he bother to ask, if he's not going to listen to her answer?  She DID want an ice cream from McDonalds but the limited edition McFlurry had changed to Terry's Chocolate Orange which neither Mum or I eat.

And that's it for this entry, thank goodness.  Now I can get to bed before I go any dizzier!  Tomorrow we shall start on the last month of the year before last.  I'm getting there...right?!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Please don't let me do this again!

Another month off of blogging, a further month to blog about.  PLEASE shout at me if I neglect this again.  I really want to tell you about some of the funny things happening in the present and I can't even seem to find time to blog about the past!  Even now I have a bad migraine and it's already 1am but it's a new month and I'm determined to write something each night.

November 27th 2010

We found out that David had lost all the window measurements that we'd spent an afternoon writing down at Woodberry.  He was embarrassed and snapped at us arrogantly that he "thought we were buying lino, he didn't know we were looking at curtains".  (And you can only do one thing per day, you know?)

We went to Woodberry to re-measure the windows where my parents (thankfully) discovered that the original measurements were still there.  Why my parents and not myself, you ask?  Well, I had a bit of a funny turn.  I got stupidly upset to see Sickton's children playing across the road, having the happy childhood in Ealing that I could only dream of.  It angered me that their crooked father who had made us so miserable for the past few years was living in such a nice area while we were stuck in Grottsville.  I got a terrible headache and went dizzy so I just crawled to a dark corner of the front room and kind of sunk into a trance.  Mum was quite worried when she saw me there!  But I was pretty sick by this point with allergies and lack of sleep.  Going into that semi-awake trance seemed to help to cure my tiredness to some degree though and I was able to continue with the chores.

Next to the carpet shop to get some lino samples, then back to Woodberry to try them.  I took some more photos of the new tiles...

Then to Hounslow to look for net luck there.  Mum hated the "boring butterfly ones" and the rest weren't even the right texture/colour.  My parents went into The Body Shop for AGES to buy goodness only knows what for me for Christmas.  I know by the time they left the shop I had three more stamps on my Love My Body card so David must have gone up to the counter and made three seperate purchases!  Talk about not being able to make your mind up!

While they were in there, I went across the road to Boots to stock up on mascara on their 3 for 2 offer.  Then Mum and I went to the British Heart Foundation where a strange boy rushed to let us in...and then to let us out again.  "Our own personal doorman", Mum laughed.  I didn't think it was funny.  I seem to pick up weird boys wherever I go.

David wanted to rush back to the car park but I was allowed to pop into New Look and Clinton Cards briefly.  I found a talking G3 birthay card at the latter for £3.99.

We stopped at the carpet shop again on the way back to order the lino, then we were supposed to go Dolly Mix hunting at Morrisons but I was too tired.  So we headed straight back to Grottsville where Mum was so hungry that she dared to risk eating chips from the chip shop across the road.  She didn't get the dreaded stomach pain again, and actually felt better for eating something.

One thing that was certainly not helping either of our appetites was the smell of the downstairs loo.  Ugh, the stench of stagnant water where the flush couldn't be used.  David went in there to check out the smell and I got embarrassed that he had seen my pyjama trousers soaking in a bucket in there...yes, I'm strange but can you blame me after a lifetime with those two?!

I managed to sell nine of the surplus Dolly Mix Ponies, but I also had to open a claim against a non-paying bidder on e-Bay.  Oh, he'd bought a boxed MLP fakie from me and been messing me around for days.  "I'll be able to pay you next week..." etc.  Now "his daughter had decided she didn't want it anyway, so it would be more convenient for him if I re-listed it".  Why buy something if you obviously have no intention of paying for it?

I watched the latest episode of Friendship is Magic.  I still couldn't see the appeal, I'm afraid to say.  Fluttershy started shouting at one point and Andrea reverted into Pinkie Pie's voice.  Let's face it.  I love Andrea's actual acting ability, but Fluttershy and Pinkie have the exact same voice.  The only difference is that Fluttershy whispers while Pinkie shouts in her hyper high pitched way.  It would have made far more sense to get different actresses for all of the main six characters instead of pouring the entire voice acting budget into Tara Strong...but hey, she's Lauren Faust's friend and a NAME in the VAing industry even though she's no better than the rest of the cast and someone like Tabitha St. Germain could knock her into a cocked hat any day of the week.

I noticed they'd updated the credits so that the names were bigger and easier to read...but they didn't add any additional voice acting credits for the additional characters.

David put the TV on and started watching Match of the Day late that night.  He turned the TV up to top volume as usual and I had no choice but to sit on the floor right in front of the television.  I still had a dreadful headache and Mum reminded him of that.  "So do I." David said angrily, as though Mum's voice had given it to him.  "Shut up!"  He glanced at me.  "She's wearing headphones anyway!"  True.  I was wearing headphones, but I wasn't playing anything.  I was actually using them in a desperate attempt to block out some of the noise!  He could see I was suffering and surely even he could see how ill I was getting in that house but he still decided to start ranting at me about how I "never get off my a** to do the shopping".  I pointed out that I don't have a car or the money to run one and he still hadn't moved us to an area where I could walk to a supermarket.  He obviously couldn't think of an answer to this, so he just ignored me and went dead silent.  This infuriated me and I ended up turning the TV off all together.  "Oh, nice." he uttered, storming out of the room and up the stairs...

November 28th 2010

I didn't leave the house.  David stayed in the bathroom until noon and when he came downstairs, he was absolutely horrible to Mum and I.  He was hardly speaking to us following the events of the previous night (then again, he hadn't been in the best of moods that weekend anyway!)  When he finally did back down and start talking to us again, he announced that he was going to Woodberry.  "Why don't you come with me and go for a walk?"  I pointed out that it was freezing cold outside and I didn't have any warm clothes to wear.  "Why not?" he yelled at me.  How about because we were still living in a carpet beetle-infested house where even the seven t-shirts and two pairs of legings I did own had been nibbled to bits?  But David always has an answer for everything.  "You should keep your clothes at the other house.  You just said you never wear them!"  What clothes did he think I owned, for goodness sake?!  The few moth-eaten t-shirts I owned were all I DID wear!

The argument ended in him telling me that I "should have gone to school eight years ago...that was my own fault".  How the heck is an 11-year-old responsible for whether or not she goes to school.  The parents have to find a school for her...especially when she had no internet access back in those days so she really was utterly isolated.  Stupid man.  But he left me in tears and went out to Woodberry until 10.30pm.

He didn't seem to do anything productive while he was there though apart from putting one coat of paint on a chest of drawers.  He said this had taken a lot of time, and Mum pointed out that Grandma used to re-paint that same chest of drawers for fun every couple of years.  "Yes, I saw how your mum did it." David said rudely.  Well, at least she DID paint it.  David seemed to have spent most of his time at Woodberry looking at adult websites on his computer as usual.

I didn't do much all ay either.  I managed to clear one book shelf and photograpjhed a lot of my old books to sell, but that was as far as I got before the dust got to my lungs and I started wheezing again.

Well, I got a looong way with that, didn't I?  But I am so tired that I'm seeing double and hate to think what rubbish I'm writing.  Two days is better than nothing anyway.  I just need to dedicate an hour to blogging every day and I'd probably catch up in two years or so!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx