Friday, 4 May 2012

The Beginning of The End...

...of 2010.  Yes, we have reached the final month of the year before last.  Excited?  You should be.  If I remember correctly, big changes were just around the corner...

December 1st 2010

David spent his final day off work at Woodberry.  He claimed he was still painting that same chest of drawers but in actual fact he didn't seem to have done a lot at all.  And considering the virus he had picked up on his computer, I can have a good guess at how the week had really been spent...

I spent my day re-recording my MLP music cassettes (well, I was hoping to move house soon and knew I wouldn't have a TV once I got there) and suffering with bad neck ache.  It was a little better than the day before but I still couldn't turn my head fully.

Somebody (a very rude somebody) came to the door and started cursing, ringing the doorbell repetitively, and banging on the door and windows in such a way that I thought they might smash the glass.  I thought it was the neighbours to complain about the noise of my MLP videos.  I probably don't actually have the volume high enough for them to complain, but I always worry, the same way I do when I do my own voice acting and singing.

However, it turned out not to be the neighbours.  It was actually a courier to deliver Mum's latest shelves.  I didn't realise this until after the bloke had left and I saw the "missed parcel" card on the doormat.  The guy returned later in the afternoon while David was across the road buying chips.  I didn't go to the door and the bloke left our parcels out in the snowy garden.  I guess he saw the car in the garden and presumed there were people at home.  Thank goodness David was only across the road!

In the evening, we went Dolly Mix hunting at Morrisons.  I picked up another ten ponies, including the elusive Snuzzle.  Then to Woodberry to drop some stuff off and measure up for the wardrobe I had fallen in love with.  Originally I was going to have the wardobe from the old communal bedroom at Grottsville so my pony shelves had been built with the measurements for that one in mind, but after we had discovered that David had chipped a large chunk out of the front of it by throwing heavy bags of rubbish against it, I had decided to get the matching wardrobe for my desk from Daniels.  One problem.  This one was just slightly wider and wouldn't fit into the gap between my MLP shelves and the wall.  Time to think again.  David suggested taking the top off of it (it had pretty edging which made it too wide for the space).  But what's the point of a wardrobe without a top?  And how strange would it look if it just cut off above the doors?!

I was so upset that I forgot to pick up my advent calendar which had been kept at Woodberry.  It seems to be an annual occurence that I don't get an advent calendar until December 5th or 6th these days!  Mum got another terrible pain in the car on the way back to Grottsville too.  It seemed to be made worse by the fact that she was stuck in the car seat and couldn't move around and by the time we got back she was writhing around the floor and screaming again.

December 2nd 2010

Back to Morrisons but there were no more Dolly Mix Ponies.  Then to Woodberry to drop off some more stuff.  The path was too slippery for me to get into the house with canvas shoes, so I just had to stay in the car and couldn't collect my advent calendar again!

I was still in the process of saving my old blogs at this point and discovered that all my blog comments had disappeared and that I couldn't save my older entries without first deleting the more recent ones.  Oh well, I had to leave Myspace anyway, so I figured there was no harm in deleting them, so long as I moved them all over to the new site AND saved them to Word Documents.  I just hate deleting things!

David announced that he was leaving work the following day.  (How many times had we heard that one before?)  They'd given him another two tenders to complete in a very small timeframe.  He told them that he wanted to take his 7 1/2 days holiday before the end of the year and they told him that he couldn't.  But they wouldn't carry them forward to 2011 he would just lose them.  As for the days off in lieu that he was owed, they'd "pay him for them in installments", obviously intending on giving him the sack before they had to give him the money.  What a crooked firm they were to be sure!

December 3rd 2010

Another day of re-recording my MLP music tapes...G3 music.  I love some of the G3 songs, but others (like the ones on the DVD released as a bonus with the Dancing in the Clouds book) are just cringeworthy.  However, I like my cassettes to be complete, so I just left the tape to record and went upstairs to lock myself in the bathroom until the horrendous childish things had played all the way through.  But, just my luck.  David chose that moment to call Mum so not only did he get a huge laugh at me for making tape recordings of such childish music, but the recording was totally messed up by Mum's voice and I had to re-record the music while staying in the room anyway!

David didn't leave his job (surprise, surprise!), but that was only "because Mum told him not to".  Oh, of course.  Put the blame on her for making you miserable, go right ahead. >.<

I had a bath, but I got a nasty shock when I stepped into it in that the water was freezing.  So I had to run a load more hot water until the bath almost overflowed!

In the evening, we did more Dolly Mix hunting at Morrisons - I was desperate to find the last few Snuzzles I needed before the holidays.  But there were no more of the second wave, just five of the first wave left over.  The cashier quite obviously had a cold too.  I held my breath (literally - I didn't want to inhale any germs!) and prayed I wouldn't catch it.  The last thing I needed was a rotten cold on top of my allergies.

Then we drove to Woodberry, but the path was still too icy for me to go in the house.  So David just fetched a box in which to pack one of my e-Bay items and we headed back to Grottsville.

I still managed to slip over when we got back anyway, just walking from the car to the front door.  I twisted my ankle and jarred my already stiff neck.  But all David could do was yell at me that I was "being ridiculous" to say that I didn't have the right clothes for the weather.  It was my own fault for "rushing and stooping".  Why the heck does it matter whose fault it was?  He's the kind of person who'd run a friend or relative over and kill them and instead of mourning their loss, say, "Well, it's their own fault - they shouldn't have been crossing the road!"

December 4th 2010

We ran around all day, but nothing seemed to get done.  First we went to the bank in Ealing Broadway but discovered that we didn't have the right paperwork to do our jobs.  So we had to go all the way back to Grottsville and it had closed by the time we got back through the Christmas crowds.

Next to the storage depot to measure the remaining wardrobes...then we found the measurements we had taken five years previously!  Next to Woodberry to get some packaging materials, but we didn't get anything useful done over there.

Mum had got David to buy a newspaper for several coupons in it, a free scarf and box of chocolates and 20% off at New Look.  We went to Waitrose to collect our free box of chocolates and it was TINY, not giftable to anybody really.  And we didn't have time to get to Ethel Austen for the scarf or to New Look to take advantage of that offer.  We end up losing money by trying to save!

David didn't even go to the launderette and I had no clean underwear for the morning except old, tatty, ripped ones.  Oh, well, considering the torn up rags I was wearing on top by this point, did what I was wearing underneath actually matter?

We tried to clear the easy task in the slum that we called home in Grottsville.  We'd had a huge children's electronic ride-in car stuck out there ever since we'd won it in 2004.  It had been taking up most of the hall floor for all that time - the top of the box was loaded with stuff and we had to literally walk sideways up the hall to get around it!  We disposed of the very bashed up box, I took some photos of the car inside so that we could list it on e-Bay and David and I took it to the storage depot.

Then the sad job, loading the guinea pig's old hutches into the car to be taken to the refuse centre.  Yes, I know the piggies are no longer here so they no longer need their hutches, but it was still like throwing away a lot of the memories of my babies.

(Yes, the hutches were small, but they usually had the run of the house during the daytime and just went back in their hutches overnight)

And I had to get rid of the, ahem, "wonderful handmade playsets" from my childhood (no, these are not painted cardboard boxes at all!) that were kept behind the hutches too.  I got pretty upset, but mice had got into them and chewed them anyway and I knew I had nowhere to keep them.  Anyways, I had to quit my hoarding if I was ever to escape from the UK!

And here are some photos as a bit of light entertainment for those who've made it this far through my blog!

"Dieselbelle's Playground"

I used to throw "guinea pig parties" in this thing (lined with newspaper).  It's a wonder it wasn't more stained besides the dried tomato pips you can see in the top right corner!  The caption on the door was added one year when I played an April Fool trick on Mum...something to do with Dieselbelle landing in her spaceship (yes, she had one of those too).  I knew Mum never gave me credit for being an intelligent child and would think I'd really put the poor guinea pig in the plastic spaceship and thrown HER across the floor when it went flying.  Then, when she panicked and went running to the spaceship, I opened the door of "Dieselbelle's Playground" and out came Diesel, unscathed.  (Except she didn't actually come out of the box because it was packed with delicious vegetables and fruit to keep her amused while I played the trick!)

"The MLP Vet Centre"

I think this was the first "playset" I ever made back when I had chickenpox, aged 8.  Galaxy developed regrind at the same time and I was convinced I'd given her my chickenpox!  It had a lot of little plasticene accessories like a bottle of tablets and another bottle of lotion to put on her spots...and I think a telephone so that the nurses could call the families of the patients?  I think the ponies probably felt worse after staying in that stable with the walls and gate caving in though!  And as for poor Truly and the "Don't worry, better soon" caption...well, my painting could hardly get worse so I guess it had to get better soon, right?!

"The Golden Horsebox"

Blame my grandma for this one.  She used to write a story about "The Search for the Three Favourites" (Truly, Lancer and Lofty) in every issue of My Little Pony Newsletter I wrote for my family.  In the story, the ponies at my Rescue Home searched high and low for the elusive "three favourites" with the special "Golden Horsebox" they had prepared for them.  I lovingly furnished this box with MLP accessories and handmade items alike.  Sadly, Truly, Lancer and Lofty never got to live in it, but a mouse did and it chewed the windowframes!  After that happened, I made an improved version which I do still have (I'll have to get photos of that one sometime) and which Truly and Lofty did get to live in.  Of course, as it turned out, Lancer was never made as a figurine so his space still isn't filled.

I did save the Show Stable windowboxes (and the little pictures on the wall) before I threw the box away, I should add!

And I think that just about rounds up this blog entry.  I'll see you all tomorrow with another exciting blog about nothing!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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