Thursday, 3 May 2012

Just as late tonight...

I felt really ILL today having stayed up into the early hours blogging why am I repeating my mistake tonight?!

November 29th 2010

David went to Woodberry to continue painting the chest of drawers while he waited for our mattresses to be delivered.  He didn't come in until 4pm, and even then he started messing around with his broken wallet and managed to scatter all of its contents across the floor.  So by the time we got to Uxbridge, there was no time to go in any shops or to look at anything properly.  We went straight to the curtain shop but they only had the same "common butterfly net curtains" that Mum had already dismissed in Hounslow.  Then we literally ran to Debenhams but discovered that they don't sell furniture in that branch.  We got some hot water bottles in Savers but they didn't have my Inecto coconut moisturiser.  Our next stop was The Entertainer but the whole shop was filled with an AWFUL smell so we quickly left again and finally dashed to TKMaxx...but I felt too tired, ill and depressed to look at clothes anyway.

In the evening, we went Dolly Mix hunting at Morrisons.  I found five ponies...still no Snuzzle, but yet another blasted Heart Throb! >.<

On top of that, Sternenstaub, one of the people on the Arena for whom I had managed to find a complete set of Dolly Mix Ponies, wrote to tell me that her packet hadn't arrived after two weeks.  I'd never had a parcel disappear before and from what I could see on the Royal Mail website, I couldn't file a claim for a missing parcel sent via airmail until 45 working days had passed.  I explained this to her and kept my fingers crossed that the package would show up in the meantime.

I spoke to Elisabeth on MSN in the evening.  We hadn't chatted live for a while so it was nice to catch up and have one of our typically hilarious conversations!

November 30th 2010

My days of sleeping on the floor were coming to an end.  Not only were my allergies getting worse by the day, but my bones couldn't take much more of it.  My hips kept clicking, my back ached terribly and I felt too tired to move most of the time.  On the night of the 29th, I heard a bang in the kitchen.  Mum had stumbled (not surprising considering we've had no light in the kitchen for about ten years!) and tripped over the table leg while trying to get a hot water bottle.  Worried by the bang, I moved quickly to go and check that she was all right.  I'm not sure what happened, but when I got back down on the floor and attempted to tuck my cover underneath myself (I tried to get a double layer of blanket under my body as it was softer than the floor), I heard my neck CRUNCH.  There was a searing pain and I realised that I couldn't turn my head.  I really thought that I had broken it but I felt too sick and tired to worry about it too much and managed to get to sleep, despite the pain.

By the morning, the pain had subsided a little so I figured it couldn't be anything serious.  I still couldn't turn my head to the left at all though which was inconvenient and annoying.

David went to Woodberry until 2.30pm, then he dropped us in Watford while he went to see his computer expert friend about yet another computer virus he had mysteriously picked up during all the hours "painting the chest of drawers".  Perhaps that would teach him for looking at suspicious websites!

I fell in love with so many things which I just couldn't afford.  A horse jumper, a fawn handbag, a poodle necklace... oh, I'm terrible around the shops!  I could buy everything if I had the money!  As it was, I spent all of my money on some new pyjamas (red and black ones with sweet little dogs on them) to wear when I was finally allowed to start sleeping in my bed at Woodberry, a new diary, padded envelopes and another G3 MLP birthday card for the collection.  Mum bought me a sweet little dragonfly necklace in the Past Times sale as an early Christmas gift, and I got her an insect picture frame which she had been looking at in the window of the Uxbridge branch but hadn't had time to buy there.

The MLP coin operated ride was still standing outside Watford Market so I did something I had never dared to do before.  Usually I just take photographs, but this time I put a 50p coin in the slot and filmed the ride in action.  Nobody came to tell me off but one rude boy did walk in front of the camera and shoot ME a filthy look as though I was in the way.  He got past me, didn't he?  It's not like he bothered to walk around me so I didn't disturb his route.

The video has been on Youtube since that day, so anybody who wants to see it has probably already seen it by now, but I'll link it from here anyway just in case!

For 50p, you actually get two "rides" so I used the second one to get down by the speaker and record the tune she plays (which is an instrumental version of the MLP commercial jingle from the early 90s, in case anyone was wondering).  It didn't come out as well as I'd hoped due to the crowds around me, but if anybody wants the WAV file for any reason, give me a shout as I'm happy to share.  It would make a great mobile phone ringtone if there wasn't so much background noise.

Mum stood as far away from me as possible throughout the whole recording session.  I "made a right spectacle of us", you see?  But I think it's important to document these rides before they are all scrapped.  Who cares what complete strangers think of me?

David offered us Krispy Kreme donuts, but Mum said she didn't want them.  He got them anyway.  Why does he bother to ask, if he's not going to listen to her answer?  She DID want an ice cream from McDonalds but the limited edition McFlurry had changed to Terry's Chocolate Orange which neither Mum or I eat.

And that's it for this entry, thank goodness.  Now I can get to bed before I go any dizzier!  Tomorrow we shall start on the last month of the year before last.  I'm getting there...right?!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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