Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Please don't let me do this again!

Another month off of blogging, a further month to blog about.  PLEASE shout at me if I neglect this again.  I really want to tell you about some of the funny things happening in the present and I can't even seem to find time to blog about the past!  Even now I have a bad migraine and it's already 1am but it's a new month and I'm determined to write something each night.

November 27th 2010

We found out that David had lost all the window measurements that we'd spent an afternoon writing down at Woodberry.  He was embarrassed and snapped at us arrogantly that he "thought we were buying lino, he didn't know we were looking at curtains".  (And you can only do one thing per day, you know?)

We went to Woodberry to re-measure the windows where my parents (thankfully) discovered that the original measurements were still there.  Why my parents and not myself, you ask?  Well, I had a bit of a funny turn.  I got stupidly upset to see Sickton's children playing across the road, having the happy childhood in Ealing that I could only dream of.  It angered me that their crooked father who had made us so miserable for the past few years was living in such a nice area while we were stuck in Grottsville.  I got a terrible headache and went dizzy so I just crawled to a dark corner of the front room and kind of sunk into a trance.  Mum was quite worried when she saw me there!  But I was pretty sick by this point with allergies and lack of sleep.  Going into that semi-awake trance seemed to help to cure my tiredness to some degree though and I was able to continue with the chores.

Next to the carpet shop to get some lino samples, then back to Woodberry to try them.  I took some more photos of the new tiles...

Then to Hounslow to look for net luck there.  Mum hated the "boring butterfly ones" and the rest weren't even the right texture/colour.  My parents went into The Body Shop for AGES to buy goodness only knows what for me for Christmas.  I know by the time they left the shop I had three more stamps on my Love My Body card so David must have gone up to the counter and made three seperate purchases!  Talk about not being able to make your mind up!

While they were in there, I went across the road to Boots to stock up on mascara on their 3 for 2 offer.  Then Mum and I went to the British Heart Foundation where a strange boy rushed to let us in...and then to let us out again.  "Our own personal doorman", Mum laughed.  I didn't think it was funny.  I seem to pick up weird boys wherever I go.

David wanted to rush back to the car park but I was allowed to pop into New Look and Clinton Cards briefly.  I found a talking G3 birthay card at the latter for £3.99.

We stopped at the carpet shop again on the way back to order the lino, then we were supposed to go Dolly Mix hunting at Morrisons but I was too tired.  So we headed straight back to Grottsville where Mum was so hungry that she dared to risk eating chips from the chip shop across the road.  She didn't get the dreaded stomach pain again, and actually felt better for eating something.

One thing that was certainly not helping either of our appetites was the smell of the downstairs loo.  Ugh, the stench of stagnant water where the flush couldn't be used.  David went in there to check out the smell and I got embarrassed that he had seen my pyjama trousers soaking in a bucket in there...yes, I'm strange but can you blame me after a lifetime with those two?!

I managed to sell nine of the surplus Dolly Mix Ponies, but I also had to open a claim against a non-paying bidder on e-Bay.  Oh, he'd bought a boxed MLP fakie from me and been messing me around for days.  "I'll be able to pay you next week..." etc.  Now "his daughter had decided she didn't want it anyway, so it would be more convenient for him if I re-listed it".  Why buy something if you obviously have no intention of paying for it?

I watched the latest episode of Friendship is Magic.  I still couldn't see the appeal, I'm afraid to say.  Fluttershy started shouting at one point and Andrea reverted into Pinkie Pie's voice.  Let's face it.  I love Andrea's actual acting ability, but Fluttershy and Pinkie have the exact same voice.  The only difference is that Fluttershy whispers while Pinkie shouts in her hyper high pitched way.  It would have made far more sense to get different actresses for all of the main six characters instead of pouring the entire voice acting budget into Tara Strong...but hey, she's Lauren Faust's friend and a NAME in the VAing industry even though she's no better than the rest of the cast and someone like Tabitha St. Germain could knock her into a cocked hat any day of the week.

I noticed they'd updated the credits so that the names were bigger and easier to read...but they didn't add any additional voice acting credits for the additional characters.

David put the TV on and started watching Match of the Day late that night.  He turned the TV up to top volume as usual and I had no choice but to sit on the floor right in front of the television.  I still had a dreadful headache and Mum reminded him of that.  "So do I." David said angrily, as though Mum's voice had given it to him.  "Shut up!"  He glanced at me.  "She's wearing headphones anyway!"  True.  I was wearing headphones, but I wasn't playing anything.  I was actually using them in a desperate attempt to block out some of the noise!  He could see I was suffering and surely even he could see how ill I was getting in that house but he still decided to start ranting at me about how I "never get off my a** to do the shopping".  I pointed out that I don't have a car or the money to run one and he still hadn't moved us to an area where I could walk to a supermarket.  He obviously couldn't think of an answer to this, so he just ignored me and went dead silent.  This infuriated me and I ended up turning the TV off all together.  "Oh, nice." he uttered, storming out of the room and up the stairs...

November 28th 2010

I didn't leave the house.  David stayed in the bathroom until noon and when he came downstairs, he was absolutely horrible to Mum and I.  He was hardly speaking to us following the events of the previous night (then again, he hadn't been in the best of moods that weekend anyway!)  When he finally did back down and start talking to us again, he announced that he was going to Woodberry.  "Why don't you come with me and go for a walk?"  I pointed out that it was freezing cold outside and I didn't have any warm clothes to wear.  "Why not?" he yelled at me.  How about because we were still living in a carpet beetle-infested house where even the seven t-shirts and two pairs of legings I did own had been nibbled to bits?  But David always has an answer for everything.  "You should keep your clothes at the other house.  You just said you never wear them!"  What clothes did he think I owned, for goodness sake?!  The few moth-eaten t-shirts I owned were all I DID wear!

The argument ended in him telling me that I "should have gone to school eight years ago...that was my own fault".  How the heck is an 11-year-old responsible for whether or not she goes to school.  The parents have to find a school for her...especially when she had no internet access back in those days so she really was utterly isolated.  Stupid man.  But he left me in tears and went out to Woodberry until 10.30pm.

He didn't seem to do anything productive while he was there though apart from putting one coat of paint on a chest of drawers.  He said this had taken a lot of time, and Mum pointed out that Grandma used to re-paint that same chest of drawers for fun every couple of years.  "Yes, I saw how your mum did it." David said rudely.  Well, at least she DID paint it.  David seemed to have spent most of his time at Woodberry looking at adult websites on his computer as usual.

I didn't do much all ay either.  I managed to clear one book shelf and photograpjhed a lot of my old books to sell, but that was as far as I got before the dust got to my lungs and I started wheezing again.

Well, I got a looong way with that, didn't I?  But I am so tired that I'm seeing double and hate to think what rubbish I'm writing.  Two days is better than nothing anyway.  I just need to dedicate an hour to blogging every day and I'd probably catch up in two years or so!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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