Saturday, 5 May 2012

Wasting a saturday afternoon...

It's raining outside, I have bad toothache, and David doesn't appear to have any plans for the rest of the day anyway.  So I might as well start blogging at this time of day rather than wait until the early hours when I'm left squinting at my notebook in the darkened room and struggling to stay awake!  If I don't reach the end of it, I can always start again later, right?

December 9th 2010

I was so cold down on the floor and kept shivering and shaking all night long.  David was horrible to me - "You must have another cover!" Well, where did he think I had one of those?  Hidden up my sleeve?  "Why not?"  Uh...because we were supposed to be moving house quickly before I died as a result of my breathing troubles and everything soft that we brought into Grottsville got contaminated and eaten by carpet beetles and couldn't be taken to Woodberry?  "CR*P!  UTTER CR*P!" he yelled at me, as though I should have known he didn't care about my health or education and actually had no plan to move house in the near future.  "Where's my old duvet?!" he yelled.  At this point Mum sleepily joined in with the argument, telling him that we had thrown it out because it was full of holes and carpet beetle dung.  Anyway, who wanted an unwashed duvet?  "Why unwashed?" David asked.  Okay, who wanted a stained, moth-eaten duvet from the 80s even if it HAD been washed?  We were living like homeless people within our own four walls!

Mum and I cleared out the kitchen cupboards and found the wardrobe keys which we thought had been lost at the storage depot.  They must have been safe at the back of the cupboard the whole time!  I cleared another shelf of my old books as well, but didn't have time to photograph them to sell before it got dark.

We took the boxes of stuff that we had decided to keep from the kitchen to Woodberry that night, then continued to Morrisons.  I found nine ponies from the second wave including Snuzzle...but I also ended up with yet another Heart Throb, who really did seem to have replaced Applejack.  Not good, considering I still needed one more Applejack for somebody.

My hair was feeling really thin but I tried to put it down to it just being greasy and needing a wash.  I knew deep down that something wasn't right with it though...

Kar Red Roses sent me a lovely handmade MLP Christmas card and I also received the Barbie and the Three Musketeers DVD that I had won on  So those cheered me up a little.  I was getting very ill at Grottsville now and something needed to happen soon...

December 10th 2010

I woke up chocking as both my nose and throat were completely blocked with mucus.  Mum was up in the bathroom but described the sound I made upon waking as a "gurgling drain noise" .  When was David going to take me seriously and get us out of that place?!  Instead of that, he just kept dumping dirty tissues and other rubbish on top of the rags I had to wear which were laid out in the bathroom.  Yuck.

We spent another day of trying desperately to fight the clutter of Grottsville and get ready to move house.  I photographed the books I wanted to sell while Mum washed more kitchen stuff.  Then in the evening we took it all to Woodberry where my parents argued about the bookcase (Mum had decided she didn't like it where we had put it originally, so she moved it to a place where David didn't like it so he was yelling at her for buying it at all).  Meanwhile, I walked around aimlessly upstairs, just trying to keep away from them and their arguments!

I had a bath - I was terrified of washing my hair but felt a lot better afterwards.  I used the Smooth Skin System for the second session on my lower legs, but I couldn't see that it was making any improvement yet.

I made a Christmas card to send to Kar Red Roses in return for hers.  My drawing skills are not good, but I was pretty pleased with the end result, considering it was all made in 45 minutes.

The latest episode of Friendship is Magic aired on TV and was uploaded to Youtube by Pensivepine but I didn't get the chance to watch it due to the loud, badly acted television programme which was inflicted on us by David.

December 11th 2010

David went to the post office at Northolt to pick up a couple of parcels we had missed while we were out the previous week.  When he returned, he came into the lounge, waving one of them in the air.  "Is that my teacup?" Mum asked (she had bought a small Goss teacup for her collection on e-Bay)  "I don't know - it's from Wisconsin!" David shouted.  Mum went crazy.  Apparently she'd ordered a Christmas gift for me and by knowing the location of the sender, I would somehow know what was inside the box.  Wow, do I really have x-ray vision?  I should try using it sometime...

Mum was in a bad mood for the rest of the day.  We went to Woodberry, but Mum turned around and left before David even had a chance to park the car.  It was "too dark" to do anything in there.  "Some days I just hate that place so much that I can't stay there".

We stopped in Hanwell so that David could visit a furniture shop he'd found where he hoped to find a French polisher to repair Mum's old tables.  (Mum wouldn't get out of the car).  But the people in the shop didn't deal with anything but antiques and our tables weren't quite old enough to qualify.  They did give him a phone number of a suitable French polisher though, and he came back raving about all the antiques in the shop...strange, as David rarely speaks.  I almost wondered if they'd put him under a spell in the hopes of making him buy something!

Then to Ealing, but the horse jumper I'd fallen in love with in New Look was no longer there.  I got some White Musk perfume in The Body Shop.  My sister used to wear that perfume when she was my age and I remember the scent of it at my grandparents' house.  Their dog, Argus, always stank of it...I'm ashamed to say I believe Grandma may have sprayed him with it as she used to complain about his bad breath!  It made me cry to smell it again after all these years.  I miss those days...

The shops were horribly hot and crowded and I just wanted to get out of there, so I left David in the shop to pay while I dashed across the road to Accessorize where I bought myself a new necklace.  Just as I was paying, David rang to tell me to get back across the road as I had enough stamps on my "Love Your Body" card to get my free £10 gift.  Of course, I felt rushed and couldn't think straight.  I hurriedly picked out my favourite Mango Body Lotion which only cost £8, then got upset that I'd wasted £2 of the saving...but they gave me £2 cash to make up the difference so all was fine again!

Next to the storage depot to pick up some stuff to sort through at Grottsville (and check for carpet beetles) before we could take it to Woodberry.  David almost dropped a box of heavy records on top of the Geoby electronic car which still had another three days to run on e-Bay but thankfully he didn't actually drop them!  We struggled to fit everything in the car and David dumped a basket full of carpet beetle bodies and poo on my lap which immediately set me off into a wheezing fit.  How unthinking can that man be?!

Mum's mood had worsened by the time we got back...she HATES that time of year.  I am apparently "greedy when it comes to Christmas" (huh, how many times do I have to tell people I don't want any gifts before they believe me?) and she "resents having to spend so much money on Emma's kids".  Why don't I just "GO to Canada so that she can rip my pony shelves out of her house"?  I "make her feel sick, smelling of fruit all the time" (she hates the smell of the Mango body lotion apparently!)  She never wanted a second kid, I was only born as "her meal ticket for her and her dogs" to move out of her parents' house.  She hates me as I "am the perfect example of what you get when you have an adult leading a little girl's life".  Thank you.  I'm glad you finally noticed.  So when are you going to sit down with me, discuss my options and let me be an adult at long last?!  Merry Christmas, one and all, eh?

The "adult leading a little girl's life" sat down and watched the latest episode of Friendship is Magic later, but I still found it incredibly stupid.  Even when I WAS a little girl, I couldn't stand that kind of humour in cartoons.  It was nice to hear Kathleen Barr as Zecora though.  While they kept the Canadian cast, I would continue to watch the show.

December 12th 2010

Back to Woodberry.  I fell asleep in my bedroom (it was just so nice to be able to breathe for once!) while David made a worse mess of smoothing the kitchen floor and tried to cram more stuff into the kitchen cupboards.  Then we re-measured the space in my bedroom for the wardrobe but the one I wanted definitely wouldn't fit.

Next to Brent Cross, but all the New Look horse jumpers in my size had sold out there too.  We discovered that our Laura Ashley vouchers were out of date and that we had forgotten the cupboard measurements required before we could buy mug trees anyway.  We got a mini hoover (the kind you strap on your shoulder and can use on the stairs) in Lakeland to "'elp 'er" as I will apparently "be livin' at Woodberry and 'ooverin' it for us for the rest of 'er life".  Charming.  If that was supposed to be a joke, it wasn't funny.  And if he was serious...well, I'm really not sure what to say about that.

We were late back to Grottsville even after Mum had stated we had to be back by 2.30pm in time for her to eat dinner as we were supposed to be going out in the evening.  As it happened, we went without food and went straight back out again to see the masked men edition of "Friday Night is Music Night" being recorded.  It was BITTERLY COLD standing in the queue and they were running rather late.  Then David suddenly got in a panic that he had left the car lights switched on.  So he left us standing in his place and went back to the car to check.  We overheard the man behind us in the queue saying, "Aw, that poor man - he gave up!"  His friend replied, "Don't worry, his wife is keeping his place."  "No, she's not." The first man said, rather sadly.  What do we look like then?  Scotch mist?

David was so late back that we had already been let in and got seats downstairs.  We kept a seat for him, but by the time he came in they were directing people upstairs.  All rather unfair as the seats upstairs were better so why did the latecomers get them?!

He ended up coming down to sit with us where none of us could see properly.  Just as well really as Sierra Boggess was there singing songs from "Love Never Dies", wearing a rather low cut dress, and David just kept leering at her the whole time.  I should have hated him to have an even better view!

It was nice to see Andrew Lloyd-Webber but I was falling asleep by the end of the evening.  Really sad...and worrying.  I would have enjoyed it usually, but I was getting so ill and rundown in Grottsville that I couldn't stay awake for anything.

And that brings us to the end of another fascinating blog!  Now I'm having anxiety attacks about having "wasted the day" writing in my blog.  But it's got to be better than sitting up half the night to do so!  Mum is going wild that nothing is being done around the house though, so I shall have to go and do some cleaning.

Thanks for reading, guys!  And please check back tomorrow for another fun-filled entry! ;)

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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