Saturday, 30 June 2012

Another Afternoon Blog

I'm on a roll!  I don't seem to get to bed any earlier for getting these blog entries written before the early hours though!

January 29th 2011

David spent the entire day printing and photocopying missing parcel paperwork.  I realise that Royal Mail had lost a lot of my parcels recently, but even so, how does a man manage to spin one job out for so long?!

Mum was still depressed and complained of feeling lethargic every time David entered the room.  So nothing got done again.  Even when Mum did attempt to get to the bathroom to change her clothes in order to go to Woodberry, David blocked her path until her lethargy took over again and she returned to the sofa.

 I watched the latest episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, "Fall Weather Friends"...or "The One Woman Ashleigh Ball Show" as I prefer to call it.  Tabitha St. Germain didn't have a single line, for goodness sake!  Well, I guess they were still trying to cut costs by having fewer voice actors in the studio at any one time at that point.  After all, the main voice acting budget had gone on the wonderful Tara Strong...

I was very depressed about my hair, and David was horrible to me.  He "couldn't understand why I was refusing to see Emma's hairdresser friend" .  Wow, he certainly was behind the times!  My appointment had been cancelled through no fault (or choice) of my own, and we hadn't even heard from Emma since the latest argument.

David was in a depression of his own, as there was more talk of the company cutting costs, and it was likely he'd lose his job as a result.  He had been for a few interviews, looking for a better job anyway and, through this conversation, it transpired that he had turned down a good job offer, convinced that Network Rail (who he left due to a dispute with his boss years ago) would take him back....which they didn't, of course. >.<

Mum's Premium Bond cheque FINALLY arrived, but there was STILL no sign of the replacement necklace!  I'd well and truly missed my friend's birthday now...why had the sellers offered a replacement if they didn't intend to send one?!

January 30th 2011

Mum went to Woodberry to speak on the phone to Yvonne, a new family history contact she had "met" on Genes Reunited.  The pair of them seem to have had a nice long conversation, reminiscing about family reunions they remember from when they were very small children.  Ironically, they didn't remember each other being at these reunions...but then that's not really surprising considering Mum spent most family reunions hiding under the table!

While she was there, I stayed in Grottsville to make some voice recordings and David used it as an excuse to spend some more time at "work".  Then David picked me up and took me to Woodberry in the afternoon.  Mum was in a terrible mood by the time we arrived, as we had taken too long to get there and hadn't come bearing enough Lucozade for her!

She'd worked really hard moving furniture around in her bedroom and David decided to be nasty by telling her that "it looked horrible" "Oh well, not my room!  Not my room!"  He was right with the second statement.  It's none of his business what she does with her room.  Unfortunately, his room or not, he really upset her.  He said that it "was the only room in the house with a phone at the moment" so she shouldn't have moved the furniture in there.  Uh...why not?  She hadn't blocked the phone or the plug points.  In fact, she had moved her sofa-bed in such a way that people could sit on it while they used the phone!

I had to move all my boxes of ponies and other stuff back into my room to stop Mum moaning at me.  This made me feel all unsettled again, and meant it was even harder to move to arrange the shelves or to hoover and try to keep the dust level down.

I kept hearing strange, ghostly noises at Woodberry too...I'm not usually one to believe in paranormal activity but this was beyond general bumps in the night.  I'd wake up to hear noises like running water, footsteps and closing doors.  It was getting to a point that I didn't want to sleep with my bedroom door shut anymore!

My hair was really bothering me.  Of course it felt worse for having not been washed for ten days (I didn't like to wash it more than once a week, and knew I'd have to wash it before I saw a hairdresser so I was putting it off just in case), but it was definitely getting thinner anyway.

David was still in a bad mood with Mum for moving the furniture that night, and showed his disapproval by sulking in front of the TV all I didn't even get to watch the third episode of Dancing on Ice.

January 31st 2011

We contacted Supercuts, a local cheap hairdresser, but they said they couldn't take more than inch off without washing it and Mum was still desperately seeking somebody who would cut it dry.

I started cleaning my MLP playsets and got a nasty shock to find just how many I had!  There was no way they'd all fit on top of the pony shelves!  They're so fragile too.  I couldn't get the door back on the G2 Castle Ballroom and really thought I'd broken it...I did manage to force it back on eventually but I was scared to death that the whole thing would split down the middle!

My eczema was back with a vengeance, but that wasn't surprising considering how long I was spending with my hands in water.  Even after washing all those playsets, I was up until 1.30am washing ponies at Woodberry.  My nails were suffering too, and kept splitting and breaking off.  Ouch!

Mum needed new glasses and worked herself up into a terrible state about how she was going blind.  Of course, she decided to take her fear out on me, snapping about just about everything.  "The grass is always greener" (I wouldn't have wanted to study in Canada for two years anyway, even though it was my lifelong dream), "all of my friends are maniacs and I'd be better off without them" (well, I guess she didn't like me having friends in the terrible greener grass country!) etc.  I ended up in tears yet again.  If only there had been a way to get to Canada at that moment in time, I would have flown there in a heartbeat, yellow hay or not!

The replacement necklace arrived so I was finally able to send a belated birthday packet to my friend.  I made her a little MLP-themed birthday card.  I rarely get time to practise my drawing so, although basic, I was quite pleased with the result.

And I think that's everything for January 2011.  All in all, it was quite a boring month, if I must say so myself.  Still, better things are ahead.  Please keep reading, everybody!  One day you might even get to hear about what's happening in the present day!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Friday, 29 June 2012

Wow, I'm Early Today!

It's only 2.40pm and I've already finished writing this blog entry!  Whatever will I do with myself this evening?  Maybe I can get an early night for once!

January 25th 2011

I was busily working on my coin operated ride website and Mum kindly decided to help by posting a question on Curious Fox (a family history site she belongs to) and writing to Bognor Regis council about the vintage rides that suddenly disappeared from Bognor Pier in the 1990s.  A lady at the council said she would speak to the pier owner, but never got back to us.  According to the council minutes posted here, it would appear Mum's e-mail was raised at an Enviroment and Leisure Meeting though, so I guess it was just a case of nobody remembering the rides or knowing what happened to them.  The post Mum made on Curious Fox got just one response from a lady in Australia who found it necessary to tell us the proper definition of the word "carousel" is "a ride with many horses".  That may be so, but we were asking for information about a single coin operated horse NAMED Carousel.  Thanks anyway, though.

(By the way, if by chance anyone reading this happens to have visited Bognor Regis pre-1997 and remembers Carousel and the other rides on Bognor Pier, I am still searching for more memories, photos and information about them!  Thank you!)

David had another deadline at work and had gone back to working crazy hours.  He didn't want to come home at all that night and asked if I could spend just one night back on the floor at Grottsville.  I said no, I couldn't spend "just one night" back in the chest pain-inflicting dust (knowing it would become far more than one night if I backed down this time) so he reluctantly returned at midnight, grumbling that he had to return to the office by 5am.  I couldn't go on with so little sleep (or with having so little time to do anything towards clearing the house up each night) - I was always tired and now I had an awful headache too.  Of course it had also come round to that rough time of the month again when I often get a migraine so I guess the combination of that and the headache caused by my tiredness had culminated into one mega pain.

But that's okay, according to Emma (who was probably more than a little miffed that I hadn't attended Matthew's christening, even though she STILL hadn't arranged an appointment with her hairdresser friend), I wasn't doing anything towards tidying up anyway!  "When has Desiree been sleeping then if he doesn't take her until 12am and brings her back at 7/8am if she's cleaning all these ponies?", she asked sarcastically.  Well, maybe Desirée WASN'T sleeping as she considered clearing up (and getting rid of the dust that went with the clutter) more important, and that's why she was getting so terribly tired and sick!  Then again, she also said she'd been watching a TV show about hoarders and that she reckoned I had a medical condition - 'it comes under the same sort of thing like OCD where it's something in the brain makes them unable to throw things away".  Oh?  How so?  I have got rid of just about all of my collections apart from my MLPs (and a small crate of other 80s toys I have selected to keep).  Yes, I do have a lot of stuff, but it's all stuff that I'm currently attempting to sell.  If e-Bay allowed more than 100 items to be listed on a free listing weekend, the stuff could be shifted a lot quicker.  Then again, maybe my mental condition also causes me to lie and I was hoarding things under the floorboards/not doing any work at night at all!

January 26th 2011

I awoke at 9am to find that David was coming through the front door, having actually left me sleeping at Woodberry while he had been at work for several hours.  Well, I felt better for a few extra hours sleep anyway!

When we got back to Grottsville, David went in the bathroom for hours.  I had to pop in for two minutes beforehand to use the loo and Mum (who was in a fowl mood) had a go at me for "holding him up".  When he finally came out of the bathroom, he went to the bank alone before coming back to Grottsville to sleep until 3pm.  Then he spent another seven hours at the office while Mum ranted and ranted at me, calling me a "filthy minded sl*t" for wanting to meet up with my male e-friend (rather hilarious for a prudish virgin who does her best to stay away from men at every opportunity and is even disgusted when one stares at her in the street!  It was still hurtful at the time though...) among other unfair names.

She laid down on the floor pretty early even for her standards and I kept very quiet, hoping she'd go to sleep before we went off to Woodberry.  It didn't work though, as David woke her up again when he came in from work.

Emma finally got me an appointment with her hairdresser friend but, having made me wait for months, it was quite obvious that it wasn't going to work out.  She was already bossing me about saying how I could and couldn't have it cut, how short I HAD to have it, and how it had to be washed at her house beforehand.  Mum was convinced that cutting wet hair would damage it (as Grandma had always told us that and cut our hair dry), but decided to put the blame on my Canadian friends!

January 27th 2011

Well, Emma took offense at Mum's comments, of course.  I think Mum had hoped to shift the blame onto me but it didn't work.  Emma was upset that her friend wasn't good enough for us and that I would "trust my Canadian friends more than I'd trust my own sister".  But I hadn't even said anything against Emma's friend!  As Emma said herself, "surely if there was a concern Desiree would take it up with me personally but she hasn't."  Precisely.  I wish Mum would stop creating more rifts between my sister and I!  Well, the long-awaited appointment was cancelled so I was back to square one, searching for a hairdresser I knew my parents wouldn't approve of and wouldn't let me see.  And, as there was no way for my to get anywhere on my own, I had no way of getting my hair cut independently.  This was quite possibly the reason that my hair had got so unhealthy in the first place!

I was feeling very despondent about people and life itself (and my tiredness wasn't helping!) - I still hadn't received the replacement necklace for my friend, Mum's £25 premium bond win hadn't arrived either and I hadn't heard a word from Boots about the replacement Smooth Skin System.  Everybody around me seemed to be useless, unpleasant...or a mixture of both!

I had to have a blood test the next day (in a desperate attempt to diagnose the cause of my hair loss) too and was dreading it.  I couldn't eat or drink anything for twelve hours beforehand and was already feeling thirsty and weak before I even went to bed.  Being hemophobic anyway, I was sure I'd faint...

January 28th 2011

I needn't have worried.  Having got up early, gone without breakfast, starved half to death and got a dreadful headache, I waited at the doctor's surgery for an hour (shaking in my shoes the whole time) before it was announced that the phlebotomist had not turned up for work and we were all told to leave.  Great.  I had suffered for nothing, and had to go back another day anyway!  Yet more proof that everybody around me was useless at their jobs!

Mum (who perhaps was suffering from a bit of a guilty conscience, knowing that she had told lies about my Canadian friends and I) was still arguing with Emma and defended me, trying to validate "our" claims about cutting wet hair by researching internet articles on the subject and writing (yes, she did send me a copy of these e-mails so that I could forward this message to *certain people* and show what a sweet person she was for sticking up for know, just in case people thought I had been snooping through her private messages!):

"I dont know why you get so shirty about Desirees Canadian friends.   They may be distance friends, but they have been kind and supportive towards her though some very difficult times.  They even send her emails containing their best wishes when she is due to have a blood test.  They care about her.  Which is more than she gets from some of us nearer to home

Also, remember that they wouldnt BE distance friends, if she had been able to take up the chance of two years in Canada that she was offered

I think this whole situation has been blown out of all proportion and is very sad   xxx"

This just upset Emma further and she announced:

"they care about more than nearer  to home ....well f you if that's the way you feel, that's the end of you and me"

*Sighs*  And that was the last we'd hear from Emma for quite some time...

On a happier note, I bought eleven G1 MLP balloons on e-Bay...

I kept one for my own collection and intended to sell the other ten for a (small) profit.  It didn't work very well as the woman selling them seemed to have a never-ending supply of them for a while and I think everybody who wanted one bought them from her.  I still have a couple priced at £3.50 each if anybody is still looking for one though!

Another light bulb popped in the lounge, leaving us with just one of the original twelve to light the room until David came back from work late that night.  My eyes and head were still spinning when I got to Woodberry, but I still managed to stay up until 2am (yes, I really WAS staying up half the night, for those in doubt!) to sort out my pony shelves.  Not a lot of progress had been made over the past few days, thanks to David's crazy work hours, but the second shelf was almost full now....and worryingly I had only just reached the end of the Year 2 ponies!  I'd hoped to get all the Year 3 ponies on the first two shelves as well!

And that brings us to the end of another four day catch-up blog!  I hope you have enjoyed time travelling with us, please come back tomorrow for the final adventures of January 2011!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

It's Too Darn Hot!

I said no more lyrical titles, but there could not be a more appropriate title today.  It has been SO hot today that I've not been able to put my mind to anything.  I don't know why people like hot weather so much...I always feel so tired and nauseous in extreme temperatures.  Hot weather always gives me a headache too.  It's 10pm now and it's only just cooling down enough for me to even think about blogging.  No wonder so little is getting done with my days!

January 21st 2011

I had a bath and got stressed over the amount of hair I lost stressed in fact that I managed to get a load of shampoo in my eyes and temporarily blinded myself.  Oh well, at least that way I couldn't see how much hair I was losing!  I used my new Mango Body Scrub from the Body Shop which worked beautifully on my dry skin...but if I am to give a proper review (and perhaps a little too much information), I'd advise not using it right before shaving.  The sugar left a kind of sticky, shiny residue on my skin which razor blades did not like!

The day was another rather uneventful one.  Mum was in a depression and talking about selling Woodberry again, I played silly Swagbucks games but didn't succeed in winning any bucks and found a couple of groups on Flickr made to collect together photos of coin operated rides.  I was pretty excited about that, as I didn't think anybody else was interested enough in kiddie rides to photograph them!  Admittedly I think most of the members of these groups are more interested in cramming their adult selves onto kiddie rides/taking artistic photos of strange objects than in the history of the rides themselves, but the few photos uploaded by UK members who had taken pictures of rides in far flung coastal resorts were still useful, showing me which old rides were still around for me to go and photograph/film for my website.

If anybody out there is interested, these are the groups in question:

I asked David to help me pack the Littlest Pet Shop Jogging Gerbils that I had sold on e-Bay.  I don't know why I bothered waiting for his help or advice actually.  All he did was cut a piece of corrugated cardboard and wrap it roughly around them, asking if he could tape it to the gerbils' box!  Of course I said no, but I was quite concerned about whether they would reach their destination safely or not.  (Thankfully they did but that didn't stop me worrying at the time!)

We went to Morrisons and bought yet another box of Dolly Mix.  The cashier only charged us for fifteen ponies despite the fact that I had counted seventeen in the box...and when we got home I discovered a stowaway lying at the bottom of the box (yet another Heart Throb) so we actually ended up with eighteen ponies for £22.35!  I'm pleased to say that this included a Snuzzle, the last pony I needed to complete BabyBlueRibbon's set.  I had found enough ponies for everybody on my waiting list at long last!  Now I just needed to shift the surplus ponies that were lying all over the lounge floor.

I smuggled the Boots Smooth Skin system to Woodberry that night in a large box of ponies.  I still had no idea how to get it back to the store, but at least I had made it through the first transportation step!

January 22nd 2011

David went to Woodberry to see the French Polisher who returned our two tables to us.  Luckily the bloke was honest enough to return them, considering David hadn't been sensible enough to get a receipt or any other proof that the tables belonged to us from him!  I didn't think much of his work to be perfectly honest, but I guess they looked better than they had done.  And what's the point of a perfect table?  They only get scratched when you use them anyway!

After receiving the tables, he spent the rest of his saturday at the office, working for no money.  So nothing got done towards moving house or any of our other jobs again.

That night, we had some exciting live entertainment brought to our street!  (Well, as exciting as it gets in Grottsville anyway!)  We heard a screech of brakes which caused me to peek nervously through the curtains.  A silver car had been surrounded by three police cars on the corner, and was now being thoroughly searched.

Eventually three bags of *somethng* were retrieved from the car boot, then the driver was handcuffed and bundled into one of the police cars.  David arrived back at about the time the driver was being arrested, but he denied that anything was going on, of course.  Nothing bad ever happens in wonderful Grottsville where he chose to live for all those years!  "Don't be ridiculous, the police are just having a meeting!", he laughed.  I asked him how many meetings he saw policemen having in the middle of the street with blue lights flashing, cars being searched and handcuffed men being arrested.  It sounded like a fun meeting!  Boy, were they also wearing party hats?!  All he could do was deny that there were any blue lights on their cars. saw the video, didn't you?!  And David had just driven right past the crime scene...  If he doesn't even notice the blue flashing lights, I dread to think how much else he doesn't notice while driving!

It was already 10pm but he decided to settle down in front of the TV to watch Match of the Day which meant I didn't get to Woodberry until past midnight, too late to do anything towards clearing up again.  In the meantime, I had fallen asleep on the floor at Grottsville, getting my hand and neck badly bitten by carpet beetles in the process.

More (stupid) arguments began at Woodberry.  I had a bad toothache, which I had convinced myself was caused by drinking apple juice after I had brushed my teeth for the night (due to my tooth brush being left in Grottsville).  Hence, I hadn't taken a drink that night so I was thirsty and bad tempered.  David started ranting at me about how I should bring my old toothbrush to Woodberry and take the one that required charging back to Grottsville (where we had a two pin plug...which hadn't been tested in years and was quite probably unsafe, but that's another story).  Well, how long was he intending on living between two houses?  Surely not long enough for it to be worth taking stuff from Woodberry back to Grottsville?!

This argument lead back to the washing machine and how I needed to wash my duvet cover/nice t-shirts but didn't want to send them to the filthy launderette where everything came back stained and dirtier than before it went!  "Well, that's your own problem," David said. "The launderette's good enough for everyone else!"  But you HAVE a washing machine of your own, for goodness sake!  WHY would you WANT to use a dirty washing machine at the launderette and pay over £5 for the pleasure each week?!

January 23rd 2011

My parents went to Matthew's christening.  I didn't attend due to my hair being such an awful mess and feeling that everybody would laugh at me.  Just as well really, as from the way Mum described the church service, I don't think I would have got through it without laughing!

Apparently Nick's family had got very involved with the church...which is strange considering that they aren't even religious people.  In fact, they are technically non-practising Catholics who attend a Church of England church for rather dodgy reasons I won't go into here.  My parents were a couple of minutes late and Michael (Emma's father-in-law) made a point of being rude and not saying a word to them as they walked past him.  Yes, despite being a couple of minutes late, Michael was not in the church listening to the service, he was out in the recption hall keeping the kids entertained wit "Sunday School" (aka a table filled with non-religious pictures for the kids to colour).  Emma was given the job of offering holy communion and Allan walked around collecting money for the church towards the end of the service.  Mum managed to keep a straight face through all of this, but apparently lost it when the priest brought out a new Holy Relic (a supposed ancient toenail) and got Barbara (Emma's mother-in-law) to kiss it.  If she laughed even half as much as she told me she did, I'm surprised she didn't get kicked out for being disrespectful!

We were supposed to go to Woodberry that afternoon, but instead of that David went out to "buy milk" and somehow ended up at work again until 10.30pm!

I spoke to Grace on MSN in the evening...but didn't get much time to talk to her before David came in and decided that I must jump to attention immediately and go to Woodberry for bed.

January 24th 2011

David came home from work at lunch time to take us to Woodberry via Ealing Broadway.  In Ealing, my parents picked up an Argos catalogue whle I took the Smooth Skin System back to Boots.  I had wrapped it in two black bags but of course my parents were curious as to what it was as I limped along with the heavy thing.  Mum guessed it was a hairdryer (as though I'd use one of those on my fragile hair!) though, which at least would not have cost so much money!

The nightmare had not yet ended though.  While the staff told me they would replace the system, there were none in stock so they said they'd hold one for me and I'd have to come back another day!  The lady noted down my mobile number and said she'd call me that night with an estimated date of their next delivery, but all she actually did was repeat what she had said earlier that day.

At Woodberry, we saw Bigmlpfan and her father.  Elizabeth bought four G2 playset boxes from me for £10 and stayed for two and a half hours.  It was nice to talk to someone about ponies and have somebody to share my collection with for once.  Or heck, to talk to ANYBODY other than my parents for once!  I only wished that the ponies were all up on their shelves instead of most of them being messily packed in boxes in the hobby room!

This was pretty much how the shelves looked at the time of her visit:

If you're reading this, Elizabeth, I'm sorry that I haven't answered your message yet.  I'm not going to be able to make it to Ponycon this year so I hope we can arrange something and see each other again soon.

And I think that's just about it for this blog.  And wow, it's only midnight!  Perhaps I can actually spare half an hour for voice acting for once!  Or maybe I should just get an "early" night...

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting blog entry!  The end of January is near, my friends!  Perhaps we will be less than 17 months behind soon!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Thursday, 28 June 2012

The most boring blog entry ever?

Well, I told you this would be a boring blog entry.  But nothing could prepare you for just how mind-numbing it would become!

January 17th 2011

I had forgotten to set the timer to record "Up All Night" before we had left for Woodberry the previous night.  Mum, knowing how I loved to hear my weekly dose of Canadian News with Steve Lus, kindly found one of David's old videos and recorded it for me!  Well, David would never miss "Kylie Minogue's Bare Backside Volume 206"! (Not the actual title, of course, but you get the picture!)

I spent most of the day working on my online sales.  I managed to flog another 24 Dolly Mix Ponies...then promptly bought another 13 at Morrisons that evening, none of which were ones I needed!  To make me feel even better, David then produced two very crumpled Dolly Mix packets containing a rather squashed Glory and Mainsail which he must have been carrying in his back pocket since he had hinted to Mum that he had a "yellow one" a few weeks previously.  (No, I'm not sure how he confused white or turquoise with yellow either, but that's men for you!)

I helped Mum pack Shreddies boxes full of small toys for Emma's kids - they always get far too many chocolate Easter eggs so we'd decided to give these to them as an alternative.  Yes, it was a bit premature to be sorting out people's Easter gifts in January but Mum believes in being prepared!  I was only worried that carpet beetles would crawl inside the boxes and lay their eggs before Easter and the kids would get a nasty surprise upon opening them!

I e-mailed Boots who said I could return/exchange the Smooth Skin System at any Boots store.  Well, at least that made things a little easier than having to ship it back to them without my parents noticing.  But even so, how was I going to get such a large box back to the store?!

During my nightly pony room cataloguing/tidying duties, I discovered that Fashion Fun Rainbow Dash was missing a shoe.  I was quite distraught as I KNEW she'd been wearing the shoe in the box and was pretty sure all four shoes had been standing next to her when she was drying in the kitchen.  I checked the whole path from the kitchen to my bedroom and back again but there was no sign of the shoe on the floor.  I became convinced that the shoe must have been dropped in the rubbish bag as I walked past with my arms full of ponies and accessories.  Of course, as luck would have it, the dustmen had come that morning, otherwise I could have checked the rubbish bag and put my mind at rest.  I hated the idea that I had lost a MLP accessory and that one of my playsets was now incomplete.  One of the very last ponies I had bought from my beloved Woolworths too!

I'm not sure if it will have been mentioned in the blog notes so I may as well (kind of) close the story now - there was a happy ending to this sad tale when the shoe turned up in the most unlikely of places several MONTHS later.  The trouble is, it was such an unlikely place that I can't remember where it was!  Oh well, Rainbow Dash was happily reunited with her shoe, and my playset was once again complete.

January 18th 2011

The chairs that Mum had decided she didn't like were returned to Argos and another lot of removal men were sent to disassemble my wardrobe in order to take it up the stairs and re-assemble it in my bedroom.  Mum and I were supposed to be going to Woodberry while all of this was going on but we overslept and there was no way that we could all get back there in time.  Hence, David ended up going on his own.

Mum had even made egg sandwiches for the grand "day out"....just as well we didn't have to eat them though as a nasty smell hit us as soon as we opened the fridge door.  David had decided to buy some very out of date meat and store it in the fridge and the pure stench of the rotting stuff had contaminated everything else in the fridge.  Ugh, it was horrible.  Even if I wasn't a vegetarian, there is no way on Earth I would have wanted to eat that stuff.  No wonder David spends half his life in the bathroom if he continues to eat that muck!

The Barbie Diaries DVD that I had won on arrived, but there was still no sign of the replacement necklace for my friend's birthday.  There was no way she'd get it in time now!

I sold 16 things on e-Bay including, I'm pleased to say, the large battery operated child's ride-in car we had won all those years previously.  I was especially pleased about this following all the cheeky, and sometimes downright rude, messages I'd had from people asking me to end the auction early and sell it to them for half the starting price!

My tiredness was getting overwhelming but I still managed to get some "pony work" done, shelving the last of the "new arrival ponies" (aka ponies that I'd bought since about 2008, which was when we were supposed to have moved house and the rest of the ponies had already been packed!) which meant I could start work on my main collection.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering (which I'm sure you were...not!), the wardrobe fitted just perfectly between the pony shelves and the wall.  Due to it being a lot lower than the shelves, there was even space on top of it for my MLP castles...although these were still in Grottsville at this point so obviously are not in this photo!

January 19th 2011

Most of the day was spent on e-Bay sales, weighing things for combined shipping quotes and packing the things that had sold.  I really don't know how people manage to hold down full time work or education and still find time for e-Bay selling too!  If you are one of those people, I have great respect for you!

The intention was to spend the day working at Woodberry to make up for the day before.  Instead of that, yet another pack of egg sandwiches went to waste when we found that they too stank of rotten meat.  At that point, Mum made the (very sensible) decision to throw the stinky stuff in the front garden until David took it to a dustbin suitably far away from our house.  She probably saved him from food poisoning, but he wasn't very pleased with her at the time.

David went to the storage depot to meet the couple who had won the battery operated car and allow them to collect it.  Further stress and panic ensued when David rang up to tell us that the instructions were nowhere to be found!  It was then I realised that the instructions had never even been taken to the storage depot and had last been seen knocking around somewhere on the lounge floor.  I started flying around in a semi-deranged state, screaming and turning everything over.  God only knows if the buyers heard me on the other end of the phone!  Thankfully I was able to locate the instructions pretty quickly and the buyers agreed to wait while David drove back to Grottville to collet them.  Only a five minutes drive, but still an huge embarrassment and very unprofessional on our part.

Mum felt very ill and kept falling asleep for no apparent reason.  I felt the same way but, as Mum said, this was "my own fault""Nobody was asking me to stay up" to try and clear the place up.  After all, she added bitterly, "the mess wasn't even in my room anymore".  It didn't matter, I was still scared of my allergies returning.  And the fact that the clutter was not in my bedroom made me even more determined to clear it up (if just to get her off my back!)  I also had Bigmlpfan visiting in just a few short days, and while I knew I wouldn't get all the ponies out of their boxes in time, I wanted to have something on the shelves for her to see!

And so I stayed up into the early hours once again, trying to sort out the first proper shelf of ponies...and doing very little other than dropping them on my head in my overtired state!

Even when I had finished my work, it was hard to get to sleep due to the temperature.  It was just SO COLD there.  But David refused to have the heating on in order to save money.  Who cared if we died of pneumonia?  At least we'd die with enough money to pay for our funerals!

January 20th 2011

Another day of wrapping e-Bay parcels in a zombie-like state of overtiredness.  I'm getting a bit of déjà vu here...didn't I warn you that this would be a boring blog entry?  The main topic of the day according to my blog notes was my concern over how to safely pack a MIB Littlest Pet Shop set...but it's late, and that's boring, so i'm just going to ignore it!

David didn't come in from work until 10.30pm so we were late to Woodberry again.  I couldn't go on with so little sleep!  And it was so bitterly cold over there.  David told me it was my own fault for not turning my radiator on.  I pointed out to him that A) I can't have a radiator turned on in the room where I sleep as the dry air that central heating creates causes nosebleeds and other breathing problems in me (as I told him and Sickton when they insisted on cluttering my room with a large radiator!) and B) THE HEATING WASN'T TURNED ON ANYWAY!  If it had been, I'd have turned the bathroom radiator on and the warmth would come through the wall.  He just fell silent and went to bed in his nice warm bedroom next to the hot water tank!

Besides the temperature problem, my mind was too troubled to sleep very well.  As we stopped at traffic light in Ealing Broadway, I'd seen what appeared to be a drunken gang kicking a bloke with a briefcase who was lying on the ground.  He got up and limped off (minus briefcase) as we drove away but I couldn't help but keep thinking about him.  Nothing ever turned up in the local papers so I don't know the full story but it was horrible to witness.

I was so tired/cold/disturbed that I got hardly anything done towards the clearing up effort.  I washed eleven ponies and put my jeans away in my chest of drawers, but that was all.  I'd get a long way lke that, eh?

Well, I'm actually staying up later to write these blog entries each night than I ever did to work on the pony room!  So I think it's time to say goodnight.  Tune in tomorrow for an entry which promises to be a little more interesting....mind you, it would be no mean feat to write a blog entry that was LESS intereting than this one!  If you made it through this one, you truly deserve a virtual chocolate chip cookie!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ghostly MLPs, Faulty Machines, Giant Wardrobes and Unfair Arguments!

Another four days in the life of Desirée, I'm on a roll!  If only I'd shown this dedication all the way along, I wouldn't have fallen so far behind in the first place!

January 13th 2011

Having not got to sleep until 2am, I spent another day in a zombie-like manner, hardly able to think straight for tiredness.  Staying up so late the previous night hadn't done me much good anyway - I'd hardly got any ponies on the shelves and the room looked no tidier.

I was getting ridiculously disturbed at Woodberry anyway.  I had become convinced that once I closed the bedroom door, I could see my two Sing 'n Dance Pinkie Pies moving in the moonlight coming through the window.  It was as though I could see them turning their heads and taking little steps forwards and backwards!  I was starting to wonder if they were being controlled by some evil spirit or something.  I mean, I KNEW they weren't moving, of course, but it had got to a point that I was having to turn away from them and face the wall before I could get to sleep!  So I decided to put them in my cupboard for the time being.  As I reached up to put them on the top shelf, one of them started to talk and move in my hand!  I screamed out loud and almost dropped her, slamming the door!  Then I realised that I had accidentally pressed one of the buttons on her hoof and activated her singing mode!  I'm such a bag of nerves sometimes - I don't know how I'll ever cope with living on my own.

David made the impulse decision to move the mobile library and record player to Woodberry, despite the fact that the hall was still filled with books and other clutter.  Wouldn't it have made more sense to clear a path to the car BEFORE he moved a heavy piece of furniture and electrical device?  No, of course not.  He'd rather lift the things over the top of everything else!

He was in such a rush that he expected me to go out in the garden and hold the car door open for him without even changing my clothes.  Well, sorry, but I had no intention of standing opposite Scar Face and his gang in a t-shirt with both sleeves falling off and a hole-y pair of leggings!  But it got better, he wanted me to go to Woodberry (to hold the things securely on the back seat) in the same state of undress!  Eventually, Mum went in my place while I made further voice recordings in Grottsville.

We went to Woodberry as late as ever and I was up into the early hours (AGAIN) getting nowhere.  The ponies were even taking over the kitchen now!

And this is how my shelves looked now (hopefully nobody with a slow internet connection is reading this blog - there's really not a lot of change from day to day anyway!)

January 13th was also a landmark in blog history as it was when I decided to set up this Blogger account!  If only Myspace hadn't made so many changes and forced me to change hosts, perhaps I wouldn't have fallen so far behind. >.<

January 14th 2011

I heaved all of my sales goods out of the back room and into the lounge.  I discovered a lot of chewed up paper and droppings under the chair in the back room so obviously the mice were back.  Surely this would force David to make sure Mum moved to Woodberry.  Even he couldn't leave her sleeping on the floor in Grottsville with mice running around her, could he?

I had a bath which was another relaxing activity which was no longer so relaxing in my life.  I was so scared of my hair and was terrified after I lost a massive...wait for it!... NINE HAIRS!  (*Gasp*)  Why did that even worry me?  I'm sure I lost a lot more after my hair was combed through, but just losing that many in the bath sent me into pure panic!  Rather embarrassing actually.  Yes, my hair was thinning, but it wasn't due to losing nine hairs in the bath. >.<

After the bath, I used my Boots Smooth Skin system as I had been doing each week since I'd bought it a couple of months previously.  At first I had been skeptical about it, but it had just started to do some good on my legs and underarms and I was starting to feel more positive.  Then, disaster.  A few flashes in and the handset stopped working...  I was nowhere near the 10,000 flashes so it seemed I had bought a faulty machine - just another case of my typical bad luck.  In a normal scenario, I'd say this was a bonus as now they'd have to replace the handset and I'd get another 10,000 flashes for my money!  However, having not told my parents that I had "wasted" so much money on the machine, and unable to leave the house alone,  had no clue how to return it.  So yet another stressful mini chapter in my life was about to begin!

The lack of sleep was really taking its toll on me now.  I actually fell asleep on the living room room floor at Grottsville in the evening - not a wise thing to do, of course, as it set off my allergies again.  I also woke up feeling really nauseous with bad heartburn.  I guess I'd just forgotten how ill sleeping at Grottsville had made me feel for all those years!  It was also too late for any tea by the time I woke up as it was time to go to Woodberry...

Despite my tiredness, I had to stay up late again.  My wardrobe and chest of drawers were being delivered the following day, so I had to clear everything out of my bedroom to allow the delivery men access.  As it was, there was hardly any room  for the men themselves, much less the furniture they were delivering!

So I spent a couple of hours moving everything into the hobby room next door!  Thank goodness Mum wasn't there - I knew she'd go mad if she saw all the ponies in the kitchen and boxes in the hobby room!  I couldn't wash and photograph all the ponies any faster than I already was though, especially with so little time at Woodberry and the bad eczema that I was getting on the backs of my hands again for keeping my hands in water for so long.

(You can see the patchwork Pinkie Pie plushie sticking her head out of the white bag in the picture know, just in case anyone really was disappointed not to see a picture in my last blog entry!)

At least with everything out of the way, I finally got a clear view of the pony shelves for the first time.

It was lovely to see my ponies on display at long last but it was getting more and more obvious that there were too many to fit on the shelves...  So much for having space for the duplicates as well!

January 15th 2011

David and I spent the whole afternoon at Woodberry awaiting the arrival of my wardrobe and chest of drawers.  I'm not sure how he wasted his time, but I spent mine making my hands sore by washing yet more ponies!

I unloaded the next box of ponies ready to be washed too...gosh, Mum would have gone crazy had she seen them all over the floor.  The things seemed to be multiplying by the hour!

When the delivery men arrived, they were unable to get the wardobe up the stairs, so it was to be left in the hall until the following Tuesday when somebody else was being sent round to carry it up there.  It was HUGE - judging by how it dominated the hall, I was quite worried that it wouldn't fit into the space between the pony shelves and the wall after all.

The doors did make it up to my room!  And even they were worryingly large in the space where the wardrobe was supposed to be going!

The chest of drawers looked nice anyway...

(Yes, the darn ponies had even spread themselves on top of that by the time we left - I told you they were multiplying by the second!)

I was struggling to find a local hairdresser but every one that I researched online had terrible reviews.  The nearest one had apparently dyed somebody's hair green instead of blonde and charged her extra for the pleasure of having the colour changed! o_0

I'd bought a necklace on e-Bay for a friend's birthday gift and it arrived broken.  I really do have a knack for it, don't I?  The seller said that they would replace it free of charge, but I do hate complaining about these things...and, as I had left shopping until the last minute, there was a big chance that my friend wouldn't get it in time now!

I had a terrible backache and "wasn't sure what I'd done" according to my blog notes...well, judging by all the heavy lifting that I'd been doing for the past couple of days, I'm not really surprised, are you?

January 16th 2011

I overslept badly, but was still awake before David.  Mum hadn't rung and I was quite worried about her.  I needn't have worried - she was just in a fowl mood.  She "would be doing no more ringing while David kept her away from her house and we continued to sleep there like a couple of squatters".  Wait a minute.  I was the one who WANTED her sleeping at Woodberry, remember?  I agreed with her, so why take it out on me?

(Although I must admit I was a little worried about her seeing the wardrobe in the hall and all the other mess, but that was a very recent concern!)

The day was filled with arguments and other nastiness.  Mum refused to go to Woodberry (or anywhere else) all day long, so David ended up going alone to look up I-dread-to-think-what on his computer.  I spent most of the day working on my online sales.  They had completely addled me with all their arguments though and I ended up telling two seperate people that they could buy the same Dolly Mix Ponies.  I soon realised my mistake but it was still embarrassing to have to tell the second person that I didn't have the ponies available after all, and I always feel bad about letting people down.

I watched the second episode of Dancing on Ice in the evening, but didn't get to see the skate off as David came in and my parents began arguing again.  Then Mum ruined it for me by telling me who had been voted out so there was no point even watching it on the playback service.  Oh well, this series was nowhere near as good as the previous ones anyway.

I didn't get to Woodberry until midnight again, so not a lot got done.  Still I took the now obligatory photos of my "progress" in a desperate attempt to deprive myself of sleep and keep working to make a difference!

Tune in tomorrow for another four days in the life of Desirée Skylark....taking a quick look through the blog notes, it doesn't look like a particularly interesting entry ahead, but we all know you're hooked!  You can't stop reading now...

*Swings pendulum*  You are feeling very will read the next blog will read the next blog will....

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Trashed Furniture, Unfunny Jokes and The Making of a Pony Room...

...among other stories.  Come and join us for another barrel of out-of-date laughs!

January 8th 2011

I had to go to the storage depot early in the morning to see the removal men who were taking a lot of our old furniture to the tip.  Mum knew she couldn't keep the old family furniture, but she wanted a memory of it so I was sent on photography duty.  I had no time for breakfast beforehand, so I was very hungry, weak and dizzy.  It was also near impossible to take decent photos in the narrow corridors at the storage depot.

I just realised you can see the reflection of one of the removal men in the photo above!  So many memories of my grandparents' house...  Don't worry, we did at least remove the contents before the furniture made its final journey!

I found the sideboard particularly sad to throw out after I found this written on the shelf inside!

Apparently, this used to be my mum's toy cupboard when she was a little girl and she indexed the boxes inside by making a list on one of the shelves (much to Grandma's dismay!)  It's kind of hard to read, but I think it says "1. Zoo, 2. Pirate, 3. School, 4. Farm, 5. Zoo 2, 6. Reading, 7. Black Magic (one can only guess what that meant! o_0) 8. Riting".  It made me quite tearful to have to throw away her messy childhood writing like that.

I was really weak by the time they'd finished loading the furniture onto the van...and then David discovered he didn't have enough money to pay them!  So he went off in search of a cash machine and I was left alone to make small talk with these two was AWFUL.  They started questioning me about my education which made things even worse.  I pulled a lie out of thin air and told them I was going to university to study psychology!  Where did that one come from?

It was 12.30pm by the time I got my breakfast, by which time I had a dreadful headache which lasted all afternoon.  Hence, I didn't go with my parents to Woodberry at about 3pm and instead stayed in Grottsville to make some voice recordings.  I'm quite glad I didn't actually as it seems the trip descended into yet more arguments.  Mum "HATED the new chairs" and "could still see bubbles in the hall flooring".  David dumped her back in Grottsville in a fowl mood and returned to Woodberry alone where he apparently fell asleep instead of doing anything useful.  He didn't wake up until quite late that night so I didn't get over there to bed until midnight again which was too late for Mum to go out.

It was also too late for me to get much done towards clearing the place up and my allergies were building up again due to the dusty piles of clutter everywhere.

I was still feeling rattled by the creepy story that we had found the previous day.  I felt uncomfortable walking around the same house as its author and it wouldn't even leave my bedroom once I'd changed into my pyjamas.  I needed to get out but I had no education and no money to get any.  I'd started saving towards it as my New Year's Resolution but so far I had a grand total of £10!  I'd really get a long way like that, wouldn't I?!

January 9th 2011

I had won a lot of MLP comics on e-Bay, so we drove to Harefield to meet with the seller and save on shipping costs.  I was quite nervous about it, especially as we were told to meet in a very run down car park, but the lady showed up on time and was very nice.  I think she was more nervous than I was and a man (who I presume was her partner) kept driving around - obviously keeping an eye on her - and almost knocked me over at one point!  I ended up with 67 comics plus a 1980s Tom & Jerry magazine for £9.50.  Not too bad...there were a few issues I needed for myself, but most would be re-sold and the money put towards the education fund.

David went to the bathroom for an hour and a half upon our arrival back in Grottsville, then he took Mum and I to Woodberry to do some tidying up, mainly filling cabinets and photographing MLP merchandise so that it could be put on the shelves.  Suddenly, Mum decided she wanted dinner so I had to stop halfway through my work and leave my bedroom looking something like this:

Mum refused to come to Woodberry to sleep that night, and yet she didn't want to be left in Grottsville either, so I didn't get there until 10.45pm.  There was no way I could sleep surrounded by this kind of mess...

So I ended up staying up until 1am trying desperately to clear up.  I was so tired but progress was being made, however slowly.

I tried putting some of the surplus MIB G3s on top of the shelving unit.  I have no idea where I thought my MLP playsets were going to go, I just wanted a home for those ponies at that moment!

(Rather off topic note, but I love my blue dropped ceiling.  The light isn't good here but it looks like the sky behind Paradise Estate in real life!)

There was far too much merchandise and the place still looked a terrible mess as I settled down to try and sleep (very hard, as the clutter was really disturbing me!)  The shelves were starting to look *slightly* better though...

Why are you looking at me like that?  I only said they looked slightly better!

It was a free listing weekend on e-Bay (and this was in the days when you could list an unlimited number of items - oh, to have those days back once more!) but I didn't have the time or energy to list much.  Someone else had just informed me that her Dolly Mix Ponies had gone missing, and I was really feeling quite disheartened by the whole online selling game.

January 10th 2011

I pulled another load of books and board games out of Emma's old bedroom in order to photograph and sell them.  However much stuff had we been keeping in Grottsville all these years?  I was starting to think that Mum's old joke about the house having elastic sides wasn't such a joke after all!

I was very tired, but I was rewarded for my endless clearing out when I discovered my MOC G2 Water Lily who I thought had been accidentally thrown away and several other things I'd lost long ago.

It was another rather uneventful day, but I did speak to Grace on MSN for three hours that evening - we hadn't spoken for ages and it was lovely to hear from her again.  We always have such crazy, random and yet very interesting conversations.  I also won a Barbie DVD on Swapit and a Pinkie Pie plushie on e-Bay.

My thinning hair was driving me crazy but Mum didn't take me seriously.  When I moaned at her for not being more sympathetic, she said she was "sorry for brushing me off" and went into fits of giggles.  "Brushing you off...brushing your hair off...get it?"  *Groans*

I got to Woodberry at 11.30pm and spent two hours working on the pony room.  You'd never guess it though, would you?

January 11th 2011

I was taken back to Grottsville at 7am, having had just four hours sleep.  Was it any wonder that I was overtired?

Most of the day went sorting through the stuff I'd dug out of Emma's old bedroom, photographing and preparing it to list on e-Bay.  I got my old Pound Puppies collection out of their crate with the intention of selling them too.  But my silly sentimental feelings and childhood memories got in the way.

I can remember spending hours playing with these as a kid, hiding them away in their little playsets etc.  I will have to get rid of them eventually, but right now I'm still using the excuse that I don't know which dogs/cats/jungle animals go with which playsets!

David came in from work ridiculously late when both Mum and I were half asleep.  He couldn't understand why we didn't want to go to the supermarket with him.  "Aren't you coming?  Why don't we all go to Asda?" he asked.  Asda is even further from Grottsville than Tesco!  Doesn't that man ever feel tired?!

Mum was scaring me to death - she was "worried about my tiredness" (well, SHE wasn't spending half the night washing ponies and climbing up and down a stepladder, was she?!) especially as I was starting my period again after less than three weeks.  She was convinced I had cancer. >.<

I was more concerned about my hair which was getting thinner by the day and desperately needed to be cut.  But Mum was trying every trick in the book to scare me about going to a hairdresser.  Her latest tactic was telling me that any salon would be "full of horrible people who would laugh at me".  Oh yes?  I thought she couldn't see a problem with my hair?  So why would they be laughing, eh?!  That was the nearest I'd got to a confession that she could see my hair thinning out.

I didn't get to Woodberry until 11.30pm again and was working hard until long gone 1am.  Tell me again how my tiredness was caused by cancer? >.<

The room wasn't looking much better anyway... it was just so hard to arrange the ponies on the shelves with all the boxes stacked up in front of them!

January 12th 2011

I was feeling so overtired and depressed from the endless strain of moving between houses.  So much for 2011 being the year for change!

Every time we took one step forward, we took three steps back again.  Mum demanded that her belongings were brought back from Woodberry as she obviously wasn't moving in anytime soon (in the hopes that this would push David to make some progress).  Instead, he obeyed and brought a car load of stuff back to Grottsville with us!  Why?  When DID he intend to move house then?!

This step prompted a frank conversation in which it was declared that we weren't going to America in May (the second holiday we'd have cancelled due to the house move being delayed) and that I wouldn't ever get any education now.  Emma was still supposed to be organising an appointment with her hairdresser friend, but totally ignored us each time it was mentioned.  No wonder I was depressed!

I kept myself occupied sorting through MLP backcards and pamphlets...well, I would have sorted through the pamphlets if I hadn't lost my entire G3 pamphlet collection!  In the evening, we watched Dancing On Ice.  Yes, it was time for DOI again.  The first series aired a week after Mum had inherited Woodberry, and now here we were on the sixth series, STILL waiting to move house!  Even more depression ensued as I realised just how much of my life had been wasted due to the delays....

We went Dolly Mix hunting at Morrisons for the first time in ages but I wasn't able to find a Snuzzle, the last pony I needed to complete the sets for the poor people still on my waiting list.

It was past 11pm before I got to Woodberry again.  I hardly scratched the surface of what needed to be done and it was still 12.30am before I got to bed...

The plush Pinkie Pie that I'd won on e-Bay arrived but I don't appear to have taken a photo of her for the blog.  It's the patchwork version anyway which meant I only needed Rainbow Dash to complete my patchwork trio!

Phew, it's 2.15am but at least I made up for the time I lost yesterday by writing a longer blog tonight.  Tune in tomorrow to hear about another four days in the life of Desirée Skylark...from 18 months ago!

Best wishes, and thanks for reading,
Desirée  xxx