Saturday, 30 June 2012

Another Afternoon Blog

I'm on a roll!  I don't seem to get to bed any earlier for getting these blog entries written before the early hours though!

January 29th 2011

David spent the entire day printing and photocopying missing parcel paperwork.  I realise that Royal Mail had lost a lot of my parcels recently, but even so, how does a man manage to spin one job out for so long?!

Mum was still depressed and complained of feeling lethargic every time David entered the room.  So nothing got done again.  Even when Mum did attempt to get to the bathroom to change her clothes in order to go to Woodberry, David blocked her path until her lethargy took over again and she returned to the sofa.

 I watched the latest episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, "Fall Weather Friends"...or "The One Woman Ashleigh Ball Show" as I prefer to call it.  Tabitha St. Germain didn't have a single line, for goodness sake!  Well, I guess they were still trying to cut costs by having fewer voice actors in the studio at any one time at that point.  After all, the main voice acting budget had gone on the wonderful Tara Strong...

I was very depressed about my hair, and David was horrible to me.  He "couldn't understand why I was refusing to see Emma's hairdresser friend" .  Wow, he certainly was behind the times!  My appointment had been cancelled through no fault (or choice) of my own, and we hadn't even heard from Emma since the latest argument.

David was in a depression of his own, as there was more talk of the company cutting costs, and it was likely he'd lose his job as a result.  He had been for a few interviews, looking for a better job anyway and, through this conversation, it transpired that he had turned down a good job offer, convinced that Network Rail (who he left due to a dispute with his boss years ago) would take him back....which they didn't, of course. >.<

Mum's Premium Bond cheque FINALLY arrived, but there was STILL no sign of the replacement necklace!  I'd well and truly missed my friend's birthday now...why had the sellers offered a replacement if they didn't intend to send one?!

January 30th 2011

Mum went to Woodberry to speak on the phone to Yvonne, a new family history contact she had "met" on Genes Reunited.  The pair of them seem to have had a nice long conversation, reminiscing about family reunions they remember from when they were very small children.  Ironically, they didn't remember each other being at these reunions...but then that's not really surprising considering Mum spent most family reunions hiding under the table!

While she was there, I stayed in Grottsville to make some voice recordings and David used it as an excuse to spend some more time at "work".  Then David picked me up and took me to Woodberry in the afternoon.  Mum was in a terrible mood by the time we arrived, as we had taken too long to get there and hadn't come bearing enough Lucozade for her!

She'd worked really hard moving furniture around in her bedroom and David decided to be nasty by telling her that "it looked horrible" "Oh well, not my room!  Not my room!"  He was right with the second statement.  It's none of his business what she does with her room.  Unfortunately, his room or not, he really upset her.  He said that it "was the only room in the house with a phone at the moment" so she shouldn't have moved the furniture in there.  Uh...why not?  She hadn't blocked the phone or the plug points.  In fact, she had moved her sofa-bed in such a way that people could sit on it while they used the phone!

I had to move all my boxes of ponies and other stuff back into my room to stop Mum moaning at me.  This made me feel all unsettled again, and meant it was even harder to move to arrange the shelves or to hoover and try to keep the dust level down.

I kept hearing strange, ghostly noises at Woodberry too...I'm not usually one to believe in paranormal activity but this was beyond general bumps in the night.  I'd wake up to hear noises like running water, footsteps and closing doors.  It was getting to a point that I didn't want to sleep with my bedroom door shut anymore!

My hair was really bothering me.  Of course it felt worse for having not been washed for ten days (I didn't like to wash it more than once a week, and knew I'd have to wash it before I saw a hairdresser so I was putting it off just in case), but it was definitely getting thinner anyway.

David was still in a bad mood with Mum for moving the furniture that night, and showed his disapproval by sulking in front of the TV all I didn't even get to watch the third episode of Dancing on Ice.

January 31st 2011

We contacted Supercuts, a local cheap hairdresser, but they said they couldn't take more than inch off without washing it and Mum was still desperately seeking somebody who would cut it dry.

I started cleaning my MLP playsets and got a nasty shock to find just how many I had!  There was no way they'd all fit on top of the pony shelves!  They're so fragile too.  I couldn't get the door back on the G2 Castle Ballroom and really thought I'd broken it...I did manage to force it back on eventually but I was scared to death that the whole thing would split down the middle!

My eczema was back with a vengeance, but that wasn't surprising considering how long I was spending with my hands in water.  Even after washing all those playsets, I was up until 1.30am washing ponies at Woodberry.  My nails were suffering too, and kept splitting and breaking off.  Ouch!

Mum needed new glasses and worked herself up into a terrible state about how she was going blind.  Of course, she decided to take her fear out on me, snapping about just about everything.  "The grass is always greener" (I wouldn't have wanted to study in Canada for two years anyway, even though it was my lifelong dream), "all of my friends are maniacs and I'd be better off without them" (well, I guess she didn't like me having friends in the terrible greener grass country!) etc.  I ended up in tears yet again.  If only there had been a way to get to Canada at that moment in time, I would have flown there in a heartbeat, yellow hay or not!

The replacement necklace arrived so I was finally able to send a belated birthday packet to my friend.  I made her a little MLP-themed birthday card.  I rarely get time to practise my drawing so, although basic, I was quite pleased with the result.

And I think that's everything for January 2011.  All in all, it was quite a boring month, if I must say so myself.  Still, better things are ahead.  Please keep reading, everybody!  One day you might even get to hear about what's happening in the present day!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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