Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ghostly MLPs, Faulty Machines, Giant Wardrobes and Unfair Arguments!

Another four days in the life of Desirée, I'm on a roll!  If only I'd shown this dedication all the way along, I wouldn't have fallen so far behind in the first place!

January 13th 2011

Having not got to sleep until 2am, I spent another day in a zombie-like manner, hardly able to think straight for tiredness.  Staying up so late the previous night hadn't done me much good anyway - I'd hardly got any ponies on the shelves and the room looked no tidier.

I was getting ridiculously disturbed at Woodberry anyway.  I had become convinced that once I closed the bedroom door, I could see my two Sing 'n Dance Pinkie Pies moving in the moonlight coming through the window.  It was as though I could see them turning their heads and taking little steps forwards and backwards!  I was starting to wonder if they were being controlled by some evil spirit or something.  I mean, I KNEW they weren't moving, of course, but it had got to a point that I was having to turn away from them and face the wall before I could get to sleep!  So I decided to put them in my cupboard for the time being.  As I reached up to put them on the top shelf, one of them started to talk and move in my hand!  I screamed out loud and almost dropped her, slamming the door!  Then I realised that I had accidentally pressed one of the buttons on her hoof and activated her singing mode!  I'm such a bag of nerves sometimes - I don't know how I'll ever cope with living on my own.

David made the impulse decision to move the mobile library and record player to Woodberry, despite the fact that the hall was still filled with books and other clutter.  Wouldn't it have made more sense to clear a path to the car BEFORE he moved a heavy piece of furniture and electrical device?  No, of course not.  He'd rather lift the things over the top of everything else!

He was in such a rush that he expected me to go out in the garden and hold the car door open for him without even changing my clothes.  Well, sorry, but I had no intention of standing opposite Scar Face and his gang in a t-shirt with both sleeves falling off and a hole-y pair of leggings!  But it got better, he wanted me to go to Woodberry (to hold the things securely on the back seat) in the same state of undress!  Eventually, Mum went in my place while I made further voice recordings in Grottsville.

We went to Woodberry as late as ever and I was up into the early hours (AGAIN) getting nowhere.  The ponies were even taking over the kitchen now!

And this is how my shelves looked now (hopefully nobody with a slow internet connection is reading this blog - there's really not a lot of change from day to day anyway!)

January 13th was also a landmark in blog history as it was when I decided to set up this Blogger account!  If only Myspace hadn't made so many changes and forced me to change hosts, perhaps I wouldn't have fallen so far behind. >.<

January 14th 2011

I heaved all of my sales goods out of the back room and into the lounge.  I discovered a lot of chewed up paper and droppings under the chair in the back room so obviously the mice were back.  Surely this would force David to make sure Mum moved to Woodberry.  Even he couldn't leave her sleeping on the floor in Grottsville with mice running around her, could he?

I had a bath which was another relaxing activity which was no longer so relaxing in my life.  I was so scared of my hair and was terrified after I lost a massive...wait for it!... NINE HAIRS!  (*Gasp*)  Why did that even worry me?  I'm sure I lost a lot more after my hair was combed through, but just losing that many in the bath sent me into pure panic!  Rather embarrassing actually.  Yes, my hair was thinning, but it wasn't due to losing nine hairs in the bath. >.<

After the bath, I used my Boots Smooth Skin system as I had been doing each week since I'd bought it a couple of months previously.  At first I had been skeptical about it, but it had just started to do some good on my legs and underarms and I was starting to feel more positive.  Then, disaster.  A few flashes in and the handset stopped working...  I was nowhere near the 10,000 flashes so it seemed I had bought a faulty machine - just another case of my typical bad luck.  In a normal scenario, I'd say this was a bonus as now they'd have to replace the handset and I'd get another 10,000 flashes for my money!  However, having not told my parents that I had "wasted" so much money on the machine, and unable to leave the house alone,  had no clue how to return it.  So yet another stressful mini chapter in my life was about to begin!

The lack of sleep was really taking its toll on me now.  I actually fell asleep on the living room room floor at Grottsville in the evening - not a wise thing to do, of course, as it set off my allergies again.  I also woke up feeling really nauseous with bad heartburn.  I guess I'd just forgotten how ill sleeping at Grottsville had made me feel for all those years!  It was also too late for any tea by the time I woke up as it was time to go to Woodberry...

Despite my tiredness, I had to stay up late again.  My wardrobe and chest of drawers were being delivered the following day, so I had to clear everything out of my bedroom to allow the delivery men access.  As it was, there was hardly any room  for the men themselves, much less the furniture they were delivering!

So I spent a couple of hours moving everything into the hobby room next door!  Thank goodness Mum wasn't there - I knew she'd go mad if she saw all the ponies in the kitchen and boxes in the hobby room!  I couldn't wash and photograph all the ponies any faster than I already was though, especially with so little time at Woodberry and the bad eczema that I was getting on the backs of my hands again for keeping my hands in water for so long.

(You can see the patchwork Pinkie Pie plushie sticking her head out of the white bag in the picture know, just in case anyone really was disappointed not to see a picture in my last blog entry!)

At least with everything out of the way, I finally got a clear view of the pony shelves for the first time.

It was lovely to see my ponies on display at long last but it was getting more and more obvious that there were too many to fit on the shelves...  So much for having space for the duplicates as well!

January 15th 2011

David and I spent the whole afternoon at Woodberry awaiting the arrival of my wardrobe and chest of drawers.  I'm not sure how he wasted his time, but I spent mine making my hands sore by washing yet more ponies!

I unloaded the next box of ponies ready to be washed too...gosh, Mum would have gone crazy had she seen them all over the floor.  The things seemed to be multiplying by the hour!

When the delivery men arrived, they were unable to get the wardobe up the stairs, so it was to be left in the hall until the following Tuesday when somebody else was being sent round to carry it up there.  It was HUGE - judging by how it dominated the hall, I was quite worried that it wouldn't fit into the space between the pony shelves and the wall after all.

The doors did make it up to my room!  And even they were worryingly large in the space where the wardrobe was supposed to be going!

The chest of drawers looked nice anyway...

(Yes, the darn ponies had even spread themselves on top of that by the time we left - I told you they were multiplying by the second!)

I was struggling to find a local hairdresser but every one that I researched online had terrible reviews.  The nearest one had apparently dyed somebody's hair green instead of blonde and charged her extra for the pleasure of having the colour changed! o_0

I'd bought a necklace on e-Bay for a friend's birthday gift and it arrived broken.  I really do have a knack for it, don't I?  The seller said that they would replace it free of charge, but I do hate complaining about these things...and, as I had left shopping until the last minute, there was a big chance that my friend wouldn't get it in time now!

I had a terrible backache and "wasn't sure what I'd done" according to my blog notes...well, judging by all the heavy lifting that I'd been doing for the past couple of days, I'm not really surprised, are you?

January 16th 2011

I overslept badly, but was still awake before David.  Mum hadn't rung and I was quite worried about her.  I needn't have worried - she was just in a fowl mood.  She "would be doing no more ringing while David kept her away from her house and we continued to sleep there like a couple of squatters".  Wait a minute.  I was the one who WANTED her sleeping at Woodberry, remember?  I agreed with her, so why take it out on me?

(Although I must admit I was a little worried about her seeing the wardrobe in the hall and all the other mess, but that was a very recent concern!)

The day was filled with arguments and other nastiness.  Mum refused to go to Woodberry (or anywhere else) all day long, so David ended up going alone to look up I-dread-to-think-what on his computer.  I spent most of the day working on my online sales.  They had completely addled me with all their arguments though and I ended up telling two seperate people that they could buy the same Dolly Mix Ponies.  I soon realised my mistake but it was still embarrassing to have to tell the second person that I didn't have the ponies available after all, and I always feel bad about letting people down.

I watched the second episode of Dancing on Ice in the evening, but didn't get to see the skate off as David came in and my parents began arguing again.  Then Mum ruined it for me by telling me who had been voted out so there was no point even watching it on the playback service.  Oh well, this series was nowhere near as good as the previous ones anyway.

I didn't get to Woodberry until midnight again, so not a lot got done.  Still I took the now obligatory photos of my "progress" in a desperate attempt to deprive myself of sleep and keep working to make a difference!

Tune in tomorrow for another four days in the life of Desirée Skylark....taking a quick look through the blog notes, it doesn't look like a particularly interesting entry ahead, but we all know you're hooked!  You can't stop reading now...

*Swings pendulum*  You are feeling very will read the next blog will read the next blog will....

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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