Friday, 29 June 2012

It's Too Darn Hot!

I said no more lyrical titles, but there could not be a more appropriate title today.  It has been SO hot today that I've not been able to put my mind to anything.  I don't know why people like hot weather so much...I always feel so tired and nauseous in extreme temperatures.  Hot weather always gives me a headache too.  It's 10pm now and it's only just cooling down enough for me to even think about blogging.  No wonder so little is getting done with my days!

January 21st 2011

I had a bath and got stressed over the amount of hair I lost stressed in fact that I managed to get a load of shampoo in my eyes and temporarily blinded myself.  Oh well, at least that way I couldn't see how much hair I was losing!  I used my new Mango Body Scrub from the Body Shop which worked beautifully on my dry skin...but if I am to give a proper review (and perhaps a little too much information), I'd advise not using it right before shaving.  The sugar left a kind of sticky, shiny residue on my skin which razor blades did not like!

The day was another rather uneventful one.  Mum was in a depression and talking about selling Woodberry again, I played silly Swagbucks games but didn't succeed in winning any bucks and found a couple of groups on Flickr made to collect together photos of coin operated rides.  I was pretty excited about that, as I didn't think anybody else was interested enough in kiddie rides to photograph them!  Admittedly I think most of the members of these groups are more interested in cramming their adult selves onto kiddie rides/taking artistic photos of strange objects than in the history of the rides themselves, but the few photos uploaded by UK members who had taken pictures of rides in far flung coastal resorts were still useful, showing me which old rides were still around for me to go and photograph/film for my website.

If anybody out there is interested, these are the groups in question:

I asked David to help me pack the Littlest Pet Shop Jogging Gerbils that I had sold on e-Bay.  I don't know why I bothered waiting for his help or advice actually.  All he did was cut a piece of corrugated cardboard and wrap it roughly around them, asking if he could tape it to the gerbils' box!  Of course I said no, but I was quite concerned about whether they would reach their destination safely or not.  (Thankfully they did but that didn't stop me worrying at the time!)

We went to Morrisons and bought yet another box of Dolly Mix.  The cashier only charged us for fifteen ponies despite the fact that I had counted seventeen in the box...and when we got home I discovered a stowaway lying at the bottom of the box (yet another Heart Throb) so we actually ended up with eighteen ponies for £22.35!  I'm pleased to say that this included a Snuzzle, the last pony I needed to complete BabyBlueRibbon's set.  I had found enough ponies for everybody on my waiting list at long last!  Now I just needed to shift the surplus ponies that were lying all over the lounge floor.

I smuggled the Boots Smooth Skin system to Woodberry that night in a large box of ponies.  I still had no idea how to get it back to the store, but at least I had made it through the first transportation step!

January 22nd 2011

David went to Woodberry to see the French Polisher who returned our two tables to us.  Luckily the bloke was honest enough to return them, considering David hadn't been sensible enough to get a receipt or any other proof that the tables belonged to us from him!  I didn't think much of his work to be perfectly honest, but I guess they looked better than they had done.  And what's the point of a perfect table?  They only get scratched when you use them anyway!

After receiving the tables, he spent the rest of his saturday at the office, working for no money.  So nothing got done towards moving house or any of our other jobs again.

That night, we had some exciting live entertainment brought to our street!  (Well, as exciting as it gets in Grottsville anyway!)  We heard a screech of brakes which caused me to peek nervously through the curtains.  A silver car had been surrounded by three police cars on the corner, and was now being thoroughly searched.

Eventually three bags of *somethng* were retrieved from the car boot, then the driver was handcuffed and bundled into one of the police cars.  David arrived back at about the time the driver was being arrested, but he denied that anything was going on, of course.  Nothing bad ever happens in wonderful Grottsville where he chose to live for all those years!  "Don't be ridiculous, the police are just having a meeting!", he laughed.  I asked him how many meetings he saw policemen having in the middle of the street with blue lights flashing, cars being searched and handcuffed men being arrested.  It sounded like a fun meeting!  Boy, were they also wearing party hats?!  All he could do was deny that there were any blue lights on their cars. saw the video, didn't you?!  And David had just driven right past the crime scene...  If he doesn't even notice the blue flashing lights, I dread to think how much else he doesn't notice while driving!

It was already 10pm but he decided to settle down in front of the TV to watch Match of the Day which meant I didn't get to Woodberry until past midnight, too late to do anything towards clearing up again.  In the meantime, I had fallen asleep on the floor at Grottsville, getting my hand and neck badly bitten by carpet beetles in the process.

More (stupid) arguments began at Woodberry.  I had a bad toothache, which I had convinced myself was caused by drinking apple juice after I had brushed my teeth for the night (due to my tooth brush being left in Grottsville).  Hence, I hadn't taken a drink that night so I was thirsty and bad tempered.  David started ranting at me about how I should bring my old toothbrush to Woodberry and take the one that required charging back to Grottsville (where we had a two pin plug...which hadn't been tested in years and was quite probably unsafe, but that's another story).  Well, how long was he intending on living between two houses?  Surely not long enough for it to be worth taking stuff from Woodberry back to Grottsville?!

This argument lead back to the washing machine and how I needed to wash my duvet cover/nice t-shirts but didn't want to send them to the filthy launderette where everything came back stained and dirtier than before it went!  "Well, that's your own problem," David said. "The launderette's good enough for everyone else!"  But you HAVE a washing machine of your own, for goodness sake!  WHY would you WANT to use a dirty washing machine at the launderette and pay over £5 for the pleasure each week?!

January 23rd 2011

My parents went to Matthew's christening.  I didn't attend due to my hair being such an awful mess and feeling that everybody would laugh at me.  Just as well really, as from the way Mum described the church service, I don't think I would have got through it without laughing!

Apparently Nick's family had got very involved with the church...which is strange considering that they aren't even religious people.  In fact, they are technically non-practising Catholics who attend a Church of England church for rather dodgy reasons I won't go into here.  My parents were a couple of minutes late and Michael (Emma's father-in-law) made a point of being rude and not saying a word to them as they walked past him.  Yes, despite being a couple of minutes late, Michael was not in the church listening to the service, he was out in the recption hall keeping the kids entertained wit "Sunday School" (aka a table filled with non-religious pictures for the kids to colour).  Emma was given the job of offering holy communion and Allan walked around collecting money for the church towards the end of the service.  Mum managed to keep a straight face through all of this, but apparently lost it when the priest brought out a new Holy Relic (a supposed ancient toenail) and got Barbara (Emma's mother-in-law) to kiss it.  If she laughed even half as much as she told me she did, I'm surprised she didn't get kicked out for being disrespectful!

We were supposed to go to Woodberry that afternoon, but instead of that David went out to "buy milk" and somehow ended up at work again until 10.30pm!

I spoke to Grace on MSN in the evening...but didn't get much time to talk to her before David came in and decided that I must jump to attention immediately and go to Woodberry for bed.

January 24th 2011

David came home from work at lunch time to take us to Woodberry via Ealing Broadway.  In Ealing, my parents picked up an Argos catalogue whle I took the Smooth Skin System back to Boots.  I had wrapped it in two black bags but of course my parents were curious as to what it was as I limped along with the heavy thing.  Mum guessed it was a hairdryer (as though I'd use one of those on my fragile hair!) though, which at least would not have cost so much money!

The nightmare had not yet ended though.  While the staff told me they would replace the system, there were none in stock so they said they'd hold one for me and I'd have to come back another day!  The lady noted down my mobile number and said she'd call me that night with an estimated date of their next delivery, but all she actually did was repeat what she had said earlier that day.

At Woodberry, we saw Bigmlpfan and her father.  Elizabeth bought four G2 playset boxes from me for £10 and stayed for two and a half hours.  It was nice to talk to someone about ponies and have somebody to share my collection with for once.  Or heck, to talk to ANYBODY other than my parents for once!  I only wished that the ponies were all up on their shelves instead of most of them being messily packed in boxes in the hobby room!

This was pretty much how the shelves looked at the time of her visit:

If you're reading this, Elizabeth, I'm sorry that I haven't answered your message yet.  I'm not going to be able to make it to Ponycon this year so I hope we can arrange something and see each other again soon.

And I think that's just about it for this blog.  And wow, it's only midnight!  Perhaps I can actually spare half an hour for voice acting for once!  Or maybe I should just get an "early" night...

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting blog entry!  The end of January is near, my friends!  Perhaps we will be less than 17 months behind soon!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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