Thursday, 28 June 2012

The most boring blog entry ever?

Well, I told you this would be a boring blog entry.  But nothing could prepare you for just how mind-numbing it would become!

January 17th 2011

I had forgotten to set the timer to record "Up All Night" before we had left for Woodberry the previous night.  Mum, knowing how I loved to hear my weekly dose of Canadian News with Steve Lus, kindly found one of David's old videos and recorded it for me!  Well, David would never miss "Kylie Minogue's Bare Backside Volume 206"! (Not the actual title, of course, but you get the picture!)

I spent most of the day working on my online sales.  I managed to flog another 24 Dolly Mix Ponies...then promptly bought another 13 at Morrisons that evening, none of which were ones I needed!  To make me feel even better, David then produced two very crumpled Dolly Mix packets containing a rather squashed Glory and Mainsail which he must have been carrying in his back pocket since he had hinted to Mum that he had a "yellow one" a few weeks previously.  (No, I'm not sure how he confused white or turquoise with yellow either, but that's men for you!)

I helped Mum pack Shreddies boxes full of small toys for Emma's kids - they always get far too many chocolate Easter eggs so we'd decided to give these to them as an alternative.  Yes, it was a bit premature to be sorting out people's Easter gifts in January but Mum believes in being prepared!  I was only worried that carpet beetles would crawl inside the boxes and lay their eggs before Easter and the kids would get a nasty surprise upon opening them!

I e-mailed Boots who said I could return/exchange the Smooth Skin System at any Boots store.  Well, at least that made things a little easier than having to ship it back to them without my parents noticing.  But even so, how was I going to get such a large box back to the store?!

During my nightly pony room cataloguing/tidying duties, I discovered that Fashion Fun Rainbow Dash was missing a shoe.  I was quite distraught as I KNEW she'd been wearing the shoe in the box and was pretty sure all four shoes had been standing next to her when she was drying in the kitchen.  I checked the whole path from the kitchen to my bedroom and back again but there was no sign of the shoe on the floor.  I became convinced that the shoe must have been dropped in the rubbish bag as I walked past with my arms full of ponies and accessories.  Of course, as luck would have it, the dustmen had come that morning, otherwise I could have checked the rubbish bag and put my mind at rest.  I hated the idea that I had lost a MLP accessory and that one of my playsets was now incomplete.  One of the very last ponies I had bought from my beloved Woolworths too!

I'm not sure if it will have been mentioned in the blog notes so I may as well (kind of) close the story now - there was a happy ending to this sad tale when the shoe turned up in the most unlikely of places several MONTHS later.  The trouble is, it was such an unlikely place that I can't remember where it was!  Oh well, Rainbow Dash was happily reunited with her shoe, and my playset was once again complete.

January 18th 2011

The chairs that Mum had decided she didn't like were returned to Argos and another lot of removal men were sent to disassemble my wardrobe in order to take it up the stairs and re-assemble it in my bedroom.  Mum and I were supposed to be going to Woodberry while all of this was going on but we overslept and there was no way that we could all get back there in time.  Hence, David ended up going on his own.

Mum had even made egg sandwiches for the grand "day out"....just as well we didn't have to eat them though as a nasty smell hit us as soon as we opened the fridge door.  David had decided to buy some very out of date meat and store it in the fridge and the pure stench of the rotting stuff had contaminated everything else in the fridge.  Ugh, it was horrible.  Even if I wasn't a vegetarian, there is no way on Earth I would have wanted to eat that stuff.  No wonder David spends half his life in the bathroom if he continues to eat that muck!

The Barbie Diaries DVD that I had won on arrived, but there was still no sign of the replacement necklace for my friend's birthday.  There was no way she'd get it in time now!

I sold 16 things on e-Bay including, I'm pleased to say, the large battery operated child's ride-in car we had won all those years previously.  I was especially pleased about this following all the cheeky, and sometimes downright rude, messages I'd had from people asking me to end the auction early and sell it to them for half the starting price!

My tiredness was getting overwhelming but I still managed to get some "pony work" done, shelving the last of the "new arrival ponies" (aka ponies that I'd bought since about 2008, which was when we were supposed to have moved house and the rest of the ponies had already been packed!) which meant I could start work on my main collection.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering (which I'm sure you were...not!), the wardrobe fitted just perfectly between the pony shelves and the wall.  Due to it being a lot lower than the shelves, there was even space on top of it for my MLP castles...although these were still in Grottsville at this point so obviously are not in this photo!

January 19th 2011

Most of the day was spent on e-Bay sales, weighing things for combined shipping quotes and packing the things that had sold.  I really don't know how people manage to hold down full time work or education and still find time for e-Bay selling too!  If you are one of those people, I have great respect for you!

The intention was to spend the day working at Woodberry to make up for the day before.  Instead of that, yet another pack of egg sandwiches went to waste when we found that they too stank of rotten meat.  At that point, Mum made the (very sensible) decision to throw the stinky stuff in the front garden until David took it to a dustbin suitably far away from our house.  She probably saved him from food poisoning, but he wasn't very pleased with her at the time.

David went to the storage depot to meet the couple who had won the battery operated car and allow them to collect it.  Further stress and panic ensued when David rang up to tell us that the instructions were nowhere to be found!  It was then I realised that the instructions had never even been taken to the storage depot and had last been seen knocking around somewhere on the lounge floor.  I started flying around in a semi-deranged state, screaming and turning everything over.  God only knows if the buyers heard me on the other end of the phone!  Thankfully I was able to locate the instructions pretty quickly and the buyers agreed to wait while David drove back to Grottville to collet them.  Only a five minutes drive, but still an huge embarrassment and very unprofessional on our part.

Mum felt very ill and kept falling asleep for no apparent reason.  I felt the same way but, as Mum said, this was "my own fault""Nobody was asking me to stay up" to try and clear the place up.  After all, she added bitterly, "the mess wasn't even in my room anymore".  It didn't matter, I was still scared of my allergies returning.  And the fact that the clutter was not in my bedroom made me even more determined to clear it up (if just to get her off my back!)  I also had Bigmlpfan visiting in just a few short days, and while I knew I wouldn't get all the ponies out of their boxes in time, I wanted to have something on the shelves for her to see!

And so I stayed up into the early hours once again, trying to sort out the first proper shelf of ponies...and doing very little other than dropping them on my head in my overtired state!

Even when I had finished my work, it was hard to get to sleep due to the temperature.  It was just SO COLD there.  But David refused to have the heating on in order to save money.  Who cared if we died of pneumonia?  At least we'd die with enough money to pay for our funerals!

January 20th 2011

Another day of wrapping e-Bay parcels in a zombie-like state of overtiredness.  I'm getting a bit of déjà vu here...didn't I warn you that this would be a boring blog entry?  The main topic of the day according to my blog notes was my concern over how to safely pack a MIB Littlest Pet Shop set...but it's late, and that's boring, so i'm just going to ignore it!

David didn't come in from work until 10.30pm so we were late to Woodberry again.  I couldn't go on with so little sleep!  And it was so bitterly cold over there.  David told me it was my own fault for not turning my radiator on.  I pointed out to him that A) I can't have a radiator turned on in the room where I sleep as the dry air that central heating creates causes nosebleeds and other breathing problems in me (as I told him and Sickton when they insisted on cluttering my room with a large radiator!) and B) THE HEATING WASN'T TURNED ON ANYWAY!  If it had been, I'd have turned the bathroom radiator on and the warmth would come through the wall.  He just fell silent and went to bed in his nice warm bedroom next to the hot water tank!

Besides the temperature problem, my mind was too troubled to sleep very well.  As we stopped at traffic light in Ealing Broadway, I'd seen what appeared to be a drunken gang kicking a bloke with a briefcase who was lying on the ground.  He got up and limped off (minus briefcase) as we drove away but I couldn't help but keep thinking about him.  Nothing ever turned up in the local papers so I don't know the full story but it was horrible to witness.

I was so tired/cold/disturbed that I got hardly anything done towards the clearing up effort.  I washed eleven ponies and put my jeans away in my chest of drawers, but that was all.  I'd get a long way lke that, eh?

Well, I'm actually staying up later to write these blog entries each night than I ever did to work on the pony room!  So I think it's time to say goodnight.  Tune in tomorrow for an entry which promises to be a little more interesting....mind you, it would be no mean feat to write a blog entry that was LESS intereting than this one!  If you made it through this one, you truly deserve a virtual chocolate chip cookie!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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