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My First Night In My Own Bed!

This is a bitty blog.  What do I mean by that?  Well, this will be a complete mess of a blog entry as I'm writing bits and pieces throughout the day wherever I can find time!  Still, when I'm this far behind, it's better to write something each day even if it is a little messy, right?

December 21st 2010

Following on from the last topic in my last blog entry, one of my cousins sent another friend request on Facebook.  Gosh, these kids really couldn't take a hint, could they?

David went to Woodberry to oversee the carpet layers who were supposed to be fitting the lino in the kitchen and hall...but (surprise surprise) they never turned up.  Where do we find these people?

Mum and I stayed in Grottsville and emptied one of the cabinets at the other end of the lounge.  Soon there were seemingly hundreds of Mum's extremely dusty dog ornaments in my floor-bed, most of which she didn't even remember!

She asked me to take some photos to help her remember how to arrange the ornaments once the cabinet was at Woodberry, so I can give you an idea of just how dusty they really were...

There was just no way I could sleep in my floor space tonight...I know I'd said that a million times before, but I really wasn't joking this time.

We went to Woodberry that evening so that I could...make my bed!  Yes, finally my parents accepted that I could NOT sleep on that floor, choking on dust and getting aches and pains in my bones any longer.  And so it was decided that I would sleep in my very own bed for the first time in my life that night.

First I had to move the Paradise Estate off of my bed...

Mum insisted I didn't put it up on top of my shelves and assemble myself (I might fall off of the stepladder and break my neck, you know?) so David ended up messily shoving the pieces up there like this...

Grr...that really bothered me!  But I didn't have time to climb the stepladder and put it together that night.

I heaved the mattress up on top of the bed and fitted my lovely new lavender sheet...

Then came my G3 MLP duvet cover and pillowcase set...

For the finishing touches, I added MLP plushies...

And voila!  The bed was set for a pony princess!

Finally my childhood dream of having a My Little Pony bedroom was being realised.  Rather sad that I was 19 before I got it!  And even sadder that I was so excited about getting my own bed, something most people take for granted, that I made a photographic document of the whole thing like that!

Oh my, I even took a photo of MYSELF at 1.30am about to sleep in my own bed for the first time in my life! (I'm even wearing my brand new pyjamas - which I'd bought in Watford and I think I mentioned in a previous blog!)  How embarrassing, but as this was such a major event in my life, I should probably share it...

Yuck, yuck, yuck!  I remember hating this photo at the time due to my "thin hair" (ha ha, that's a joke, Desiré looks quite thick to me!)  Now I hate it more for the fact that my eyes look weird.  It's strange to see a photo of myself not wearing mascara.  I look quite different!

Of course, nothing ever goes according to plan in my life.  I took a couple of crates with me when I left for Woodberry and thought I'd brought all the essentials.  But I forgot my toothbrush.  And it turned out that the new toothbrush we'd bought at Boots several months earlier required a special power point (the kind used for electric razors) which we didn't have.  So I had to go to bed without brushing my teeth.  Then, for some crazy reason, I had to keep getting up to use the bathroom!  Perhaps it was the luxury of HAVING a bathroom that didn't have a man sleeping on the floor in it?  Or the pure excitement of having a bed and bedroom to sleep in at long last?  Who knows?!  The radiator (which I had TOLD David and Sickton I didn't even want in my room - I can't sleep in a room with central heating anyway as it dries my throat up and gives me nosebleeds) rattled badly each time a train went past...the railway tracks run along right behind our back garden.  The noise didn't bother me too badly, but I knew it would bother me when I came to be making voice acting recordings in that room!

It would have been nice if we were all under one roof too, but Mum stayed in Grottsville to "guard her possessions" - she didn't have any bedding yet anyway.  The happy events of the day were also marred by Sternenstaub (the Arena member who hadn't received her Dolly Mix Ponies) who was getting quite nasty and demanding an immediate refund even though I had still not received my money from Royal Mail and actually didn't have the money to give her (considering how much I had paid out of my own pocket for everybody's Dolly Mix, many of which still hadn't been paid for!)  The whole thing was turning into an utter nightmare.

December 22nd 2010

Sternenstaub continued to bully and blackmail me all day long.  Perhaps part of the problem was a language barrier but she really seemed to have got it into her head that I was scamming her.  I had explained that I would refund her as soon as Royal Mail sent the money to me (which is what I always say in my sales posts anyway), but she claimed she'd never seen my sales post.  Admittedly, another member had referred her to me after she had bought some Dolly Mix Ponies from me...but I still think it's the buyer's responsibility to check out the seller's feedback/selling practises before making a purchase?  I know I always do.

Anyway, I'd told her I had no money in my Paypal account, but she was having arguments with her husband and said they would file a claim against me if I didn't refund her £26 NOW.  She asked me for a replacement set of Dolly Mix Ponies...well, where was I supposed to find those (or the money to purchase those!) when I still had a waiting list of people needing their sets completed and was still waiting for payment from those people until their sets were completed?!

When I didn't respond for a couple of hours, she sent me another message.

"I\'m a bit disappointed that you didn\'t reply to me.

Let me know when you can offer me anything!
I also think my offers are more then faire."

Unfortunately I don't have my replies to her anymore as the Arena only saves your last 100 sent messages, but I remember trying to be calm, explaining again that I had no money available due to having to withdraw it to purchase further Dolly Mix for people and pleading for more time to put some money in my bank account so I didn't get a fee.  Bearing in mind it was two days before Christmas, this wasn't going to be easy.  I also mentioned the fact she'd told me several parcels going to her address recently had been delayed/lost - perhaps the ponies were just caught up in the bad weather/Christmas rush?  This sent her flying off the handle...


first at all - theer was ONLY 1 parcel which was lost which was send to my adress besides yours - and this in 12 years buying & selling - so WHY can you say there are so many packages which hadn\'t arrived to me?? Why??
I\'m in a lot of transactions here and never was a package totally lost - anyway if it was sent registered or regulare.
Also all swap boxes arrives here - anyway if they were registered or not.
I bought Ponies with a value about $500 and more and never was a package lost! So why do you think I would steal 37 GBP from you??

There was ONLY one package we\'re missing and it was an ebay buy - so why can you say something like that!!? That really bother me!

The situation is bad enough for me and you say something which isn\'t true!

And just to remember you - the parcel you send to me wasn\'t the only one YOU lost in the Mail - there was another member who hasn\'t received the Dolly Mix Ponies from you..

Shouldn\'t you stop to say things about me which aren\'t true I can also go another way to clear this!

Another thing - it isn\'t my problem that you\'re unemployed. Do you know if I work or not? Yes , I\'m in work... BUT have you an idea how hard I work for my money?? I guess not. I have no money to give away - you should also understand that.

I offered you to pay me back \"only\" 25,- GBP - I paid 37,- and that\'s more then faire.
I give you 4 days from now to refund the 25,-, after that I must open the paypalclaim.


Wait...did I ever say she'd stolen £37 from me?  I'd told her I would refund her as soon as I had the cash available.  I'd only made a Royal Mail claim for the price the ponies had cost me, so I wouldn't be making any profit from this transaction myself, I just wanted to cover my loss due to being so broke.  She was the one who'd told me multiple parcels had gone missing/been delayed in the past few weeks, now she had changed her story.  As for the other person who hadn't received my Dolly Mix Ponies, I have no clue what she was talking about there.  I'd mentioned delays in the mail coming to us to point out that mail was being delayed in the bad weather...perhaps she thought I was saying another Dolly Mix parcel had gone missing.  Who knows?  But I got in a terrible state that somebody else had told her their ponies had gone missing and I was going to have trouble from them too!

I wrote back to that message and agreed to send her all my profit plus half of what the ponies/postage had cost me.  I was just eager to stop the stressfuly messages at this point.  But I had to wait until David or I could put some money into our bank accounts.  I did explain this to her, but she can't have read my message properly and wrote again...

"And when you want to offer me the half of the total - what means 18,75 GBP - why haven\'t you send me the 18,75 yet??

Sent me the 18,75 GBP and we can clear the situation that way.

Hope that helps you.


I'd actually offered her more than £18.75 as I already pointed out.  It was like banging my head against a brick wall, and one I hope never to have to bang my head against again!

Not a lot else happened in Grottsville that day.  Mum blamed Sternenstaub for causing too much stress, but in reality she was depressed and didn't want to get off the sofa.  I did do a bit of clearing out in Emma's old bedroom but didn't get very far before the thick dust made me too ill to continue.

David spent the day at Woodberry while the lino was being laid in the kitchen and hall.  It was too dark by the time I got there to see what it really looked like though.

Well, it's late so that's the end of my "bitty blog".  I shall be back with another one tomorrow.  Two more entries might just about cover the end of 2010!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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