Friday, 15 June 2012

"Oh, what are we going to DO?!"

That's what Mum just shouted out.  When I said, "About what?", she replied (perfectly clearly for someone who is currently fast asleep!), "Everything.  Just everything."  And that pretty much sums up our lives at the moment.  No wonder I never have time for blogging anymore...but I'll never catch up like this, will I?

December 19th 2010

My parents went to Woodberry early in the morning while I was still eating breakfast.  The idea was that they would come straight back and we would all go out together, but they didn't actually get back until noon due to David spending hours in the bathroom over there.  Well, I wasn't complaining.  I'd wanted a chance to do some voice recordings in private!

When they finally did return, we went to Brent Cross.  The trip was rather unsuccessful - there was no sign of the horse jumper I was looking for in New Look, and no cabinets Mum liked in John Lewis.  We went in Boots to look at the huge Soap & Glory Gift Box which was currently reduced to £25 (less than half its original price).  I'd never tried most of the products before, so it was a bit of a risk, but the sales person was extremely pushy and I ended up carrying a large pink box home with me!  The shops were awfully crowded and it was too hot to stand there and log into the Boots computer to collect my Treat Street points.

We stopped at Home Sense (a shop in the retail park opposite Brent Cross Shopping Centre) on the way back, but there were no mug trees to be found there.

Later, we went to Woodberry.  I took my entire Ponyville collection and the MLP curtains for my bedroom.  "You'll kill yourself!", David yelled at me for carrying them downstairs - well, isn't that what he wanted?  I am perfectly capable of carrying a couple of crates down a flight of stairs anyway, thank you very much.  Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I'm weak!

Although my breathing problems WERE making me weaker by the day.  While my parents argued at Woodberry, I slept...something I kept doing in my sick state.  It was impossible to get much sleep on a cold, hard floor in a house where just lying down made me so ill, so even sleeping in my bedroom cupbaord at Woodberry (yes, sitting upright against the back of the cupboard) was easier.

In fact, having only laid down about four hours earlier, I awoke at 6am with a severe blockage in my left nostril which wouldn't shift and sent me into a terrible panic.  David was snoring loudly upstairs...but he denied this the following day when Mum told him of the previous night's events, saying that he "was up several times in the night too, you know?" as he had to use the loo.  Not quite the same as feeling you're suffocating though, is it?

December 20th 2010

David went to Woodberry to see the French Polisher, while Mum and I went to see the doctor.  We had appointments right next to each other, so Mum went in first (of course) with the intention that she got a private appointment while I would join her and we would both be present for mine.  Ugh, I always feel so awkward talking to people in front of my parents too!

Anyway, I was left sitting in the waiting room.  About three minutes later, I heard the familiar *buzz* sound, looked up at the light-up screen and saw my name flashing.  I was being called in!  I thought it was a bit quick so sat there for another minute or two, then my name flashed up again.

I walked into the room and Mum was quite clearly still talking to the doctor herself.  They both looked shocked when I walked through the door.  "Oh, you decided to come in, did you?" Mum said, with a mixture of anger and embarrassment on her face.  "No, I was buzzed in." I replied, feeling a little embarrassed myself, but surely the doctor could check her computer screen and see that she HAD pressed the button to call me in!  She said nothing though...well, she wasn't going to admit to her error, was she?  I'm sure Mum didn't believe me...though why she thought I wanted to go and hear her talking about her stomach pains is beyond me.  I could hear enough about them at home!  I offered to leave, but she said I could stay.  I can't help but wonder how many times complete strangers end up walking in on someone else's appointment though!

The doctor only dismissed her severe pain as "muscular" anyway.  She gave me a nasal spray and tablets for my allergies and sent me for a blood test regarding my thinning hair.

David was horrible to Mum when he got back from Woodberry.  Basically an argument started about how we wouldn't be ready to go to America in May unless we moved house and he started scanning her family photographs now.  He told her she should "burn her photos".  Well, I can think of a few photos of HIS that I'd like to burn.  Namely those depicting gross women in disgusting positions.  It's nice to know he thinks it's more important to preserve the images of those women than the ones of his own family, isn't it?

Well, anyway, back on topic.  Mum ripped up our holiday documents.  Here we go again...  It had been two years since my 18th birthday trip to California had been cancelled and now it seemed my hopes had of getting to the right side of the Atlantic had once again been raised for nothing.

Following this drama, David went to Woodberry alone for the rest of the afternoon to sulk...and look at more of his kind of photos, no doubt.

Oh, and finally, my Irish cousins sent me friend requests on Facebook.  Yes, I have three first cousins, all younger than myself.  Bet most of you didn't know that, eh?  They're David's brother's kids, in case you're wondering.  We don't talk due to a family feud which I'd rather not go into here.  It was a bit sad actually.  I have very little family and the eldest girl wrote quite a nice letter to me saying how she knows our dads don't talk but she thought it would be nice if we could be friends.  She hates having a cousin she doesn't know.  I did think long and hard about it but it just wasn't worth opening that can of worms.  Her two brothers were far too young to be on Facebook anyway (she must have *just* been old enough and come looking for me after she signed up), and I wondered if she actually created the accounts for her brothers, hoping I'd let one of them in.  Oh well.  It was very sad, but they are far better off than us following an inheritance that should have been ours (long, long story but as I already said, I won't go into it here) and I didn't want them to have a laugh at me living in poverty without so much as a bed or education.  Maybe one day in the far distant future when my situation is better and the warring generation are no longer with us, we will get back in touch.  We'll see.

And that brings us to the (very abrupt because I'm tired!) end of the blog.  Thanks for reading, guys!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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