Monday, 25 June 2012

A Rare Love or Bare Skin? No prize if you guessed who would win...

"You should never let a man get your heart a-whirl...
I guess I must be mad,
Yet it still makes me sad,
I'm not his girl..."

A verse from my own version of "I'm Not That Girl" from Wicked which is far too near the mark today.  Please tell me WHY male human beings have to act like a load of primitive cavemen who would rather have a string of easy meat in the moment than one loving, dedicated heart for the long term?  I understand young boys acting that way to some extent, but at what age do men mature enough to realise it would be more fulfilling in the long run to settle down with someone who cared about them instead of their wallet?  Especially guys who continuously complain how "lonely" they are and how they want a family!  Ugh, please excuse me.  I am not in the best of moods right now!

This will probably be a rather rushed, badly written blog as it's already 1.20am but I promised myself I would write something each and every night from now on!

January 5th 2011

I was getting increasingly tired due to all the travelling to and from Wooberry each night, and not getting much time to sleep once I was there.  Still, at least I could breathe better than I could at Grottsville.

Mum made me move the toy oven and ottoman in the back room that afternoon so that she could get at the clutter behind them.   Then I went through my old board games once again and decided to photograph more of them to sell.  I had decided to sell my old Fuzzy Felt sets now...I opened the boxes and saw there were still scenes on the boards which had obviously been left since I was a small child, kind of a like my own personal time capsule.  It brought a little tear to my eye and sent me on a 15 year trip down memory lane!

We were working very hard and yet the house still looked no clearer for it!

We wanted to go to Woodberry earlier that night so that I could get some extra sleep.  Yes, WE wanted to go.  There had been some arguments, and Mum insisted on coming as I "couldn't be left alone" (she didn't want to be left in Grottsville and used me as an excuse!).  David still wouldn't take us to Woodberry until 11pm though, and he was still in the loft when I went to bed at midnight despite the plan being for him to go back to Grottsville to guard the house.  Mum moaned and complained about the cold again too.  The problem was that she wasn't really comfortable in either house...which wasn't surprising considering she didn't even have a bed to sleep in.

January 6th 2011

I had a horrible shock to be awoken very early by banging on Woodberry's front door.  David was back (obviously he had gone back to Grottsville after I went to sleep!  Why wasn't he tired?) and waiting for us to leave.  I jumped out of bed so fast that I gave myself a headache.  This was what I meant when I said we couldn't continue in this routine.

Another day was spent in Grottsville, trying to clear the never-ending clutter out of the house.  We did a lot of work in the communal bedroom.  I found a lot of old files of my childhood artwork including "the pony project", a project inspired by reading about the annual competitions Hasbro used to hold for MLP fan club members in the 80s.  (The authors of the best projects won Paradise Estates)  I had a page written about each pony; its colours, its personality, fun facts.  Each sheet had a drawing of the pony in question above the writing with an annoying little poem written around her: "This is her colour, this is her mane, this is her symbol so what is her name?" and the name would be written beneath!  I was sad to be getting rid of so many childhood memories but it was high time this stuff was thrown out really.  I did keep a few pages to remind myself of my childhood madness.  I especially love the pages for my three favourite ponies where I wrote so much that I ran out of space and had to start a new page!  What was a I writing?  Well, it was what appeared to be an essay on how other people dared not to like my favourite ponies and how I couldn't understand it.  Uh...where did I get these ideas from and why would I EXPECT other people to like the same ponies as myself?!  I should scan a couple of them sometime for a laugh!

Mum went through her jewellery drawer and gave me a lot of her old jewellery which I thought was nice of her.  She never wears jewellery herself now and didn't really do so even when she was younger so she had some nice bits and pieces which had hardly been used.  She did give me a lot of earrings which I'm not sure what to do with.  I do intend to get my ears pierced at some point, but I'm not sure about wearing second hand earrings, even if they were only used by your own mum about 30 years ago!

This is a beautiful necklace and bracelet set...

The photo doesn't do it justice (it actually looks tarnished here for some reason...then again my cream carpet looks beige!), but this is a really pretty bracelet too.

The before mentioned earrings...

I believe these were actually Mum's wedding earrings... I pointed that out to her but she says she no longer wants them.  They are beautiful, but I intend to keep them as a family heirloom rather than something I'd actually wear!

And more...

The butterfly and scottie dog have since become two of my favourite pendants....I should take seperate photos of them sometime.


And three of my personal favourite pieces...

(That's a dachshund, my favourite dog breed...kind of hard to tell from the photo!)
(Someone apparently gave this to Mum for her 21st birthday and she never really took to it.  It has found a good home with me though as I often wear it if we go somewhere special!)
(This horse is gorgeous!  I don't usually wear brooches - I hate how they tear your clothes, especially when you normally wear t-shirts like myself - but this goes nicely on my coat collar if I want to dress up!)

David didn't come in until 9pm and then had to go shopping.  He was horrible to Mum when he returned as she was too tired to come to Woodberry, but it was hardly surprising considering it was midnight.  After photographing the jewellery and finding a place for it in my (thankfully large!) jewellery drawer, I didn't have time to sort out the ponies or MLP merchandise that was scattered everywhere.  I couldn't settle to sleep with so much mess stacked up around me!  And the rest of the furniture was being delivered the following week - how was I supposed to clear up in time if I never had any time at Woodberry?

January 7th 2010

I wasn't driven back to Grottsville until 9am but I'd still only had about six hours sleep.  David took a sick day off of work to oversee the carpet layers (who had to come back to fix some bubbling in the hall flooring) and wait for the two archairs we had ordered from Argos to be delivered.

For reasons best known to himself, he stayed there untl 9pm which meant Mum and I didn't get any time over there to do our jobs again.  Bigmlpfan had arranged to come and visit on the 29th as she wanted to buy some stuff and pick it up to save on postage.  I knew she would want to see my pony collection at the same time and was getting increasngly worried about none of the ponies even being on display in time!

The day passed rather uneventfully.  I had a bath, prepared for e-Bay free listing weekend, packed an e-Bay item which had only just been bought following on from the PREVIOUS free listing weekend (thank you, non-paying bidders!) and worried about its condition/whether I'd misrepresented it, and watched my new "Call of the Wild" DVD...which was rather strange and temperamental, but watchable at least.

While trying to clear up, we came across a weird story David had written.  I won't quote it directly here as it was definitely not suitable for kids, but it was HORRID to read some of the things that go through a twisted brain like his.  He honestly seems to have some warped parallel universe in his head where women are only on this planet to be used by men and bear children for them.  The "story" takes place in the future when some obscure political party with quite a racist name that I can't recall take power.  The new government enforces a whole string of laws aimed at repressing women.  Women can't have any job other than porn star, hooker, model or actress, when a man marries a woman he owns her and her property and can force her to have as many kids as he likes etc.  If a woman commits a crime, her punishment will be to have a child every year for a certain length of time and if she appeals the sentence is doubled.  Then it goes into individual's stories showing how they were affected by the new laws.  One woman got too old to have kids so she was raped, strung up and beaten to death then had her bones ground up for fish food or somethng.  The story also tells of the terrible things that will be done to any bloke of a height below 5'9" (David's height) - what is with this dominance thing?  I shouldn't have looked at it, as it brought me to tears and made me realise I will NEVER fully trust any man.  Again, rather topical considering the title of this blog and the events of the day.  Call me sexist if you like, but you can't really blame me with a father like that.  Even when I do try to break the rule and be nice to one of them, the male population always lets me down.

When I eventually got to Woodberry (Mum didn't come as she was too tired again), I emptied yet another box of MLP merchandise on my bedroom floor.  The whole thing was turnng into a nightmare.  The house was getting just as dirty and dusty as Grottsville and yet I never had time to clean or clear up over there.

I mean, yes, I love my ponies, but who wants to live like this?

David didn't even bother to ring Mum when we got there again (I guess she's too old to bother with now and should have her bones ground up for fish food!), but I didn't realise this and was too busy trying to clear up to think about it.  Anyway, she rang me up, scared of the drunks.  I was trying to calm her down when I heard David come down the stairs. (Doesn't he always when I'm on the phone?)  "You're talkative!" Mum said sarcastically - I'd gone quiet as I hate talking in front of David.  "He's listening," I whispered at her, realising David was just outside in the hall.

"I'm not listening!" came a voice from right outside the door.  "I can't hear a word you're saying!"

And on that funny note, I think I shall try to get to bed before sunrise!

Best wishes,
DesirĂ©e  xxx

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