Sunday, 24 June 2012

"This house is a very industrious house..."

"...but only in the middle of the night.  We are a normal family."

December 30th 2010
All of the furniture that we wanted to keep from Grottsville was transported to Woodberry... not that Grottsville looked any clearer for it.  It says something for the level of clutter in your house if you can move half the furniture out of it and see no difference!

My parents then made two further journeys to Woodberry without the removal men with smaller items while I stayed in Grottsville and made some voice recordings.  But, try as I might, my allergies were far too bad to make a nice recording of "Farewell to Perivale" (a parody I wrote to the tune of Hairspray's "Good Morning Baltimore").

My tiredness and stress levels were not exactly making my voice sound any better either.  I was getting increasingly disturbed by my hair.  There was loose hair all over my bedroom carpet at Woodberry.  I had a real phobia about washing it and just knowing that the following day was my "bath day" was already scaring me to death.

Emma had apparently asked Mum how I knew Crystal Bublé (again) while I had been upstairs with the kids.  This upset me greatly.  Emma is a big fan of Michael Bublé and Mum had supposedly told her long ago that I knew his sister in order to impress her.  WHY, for goodness sake?  No wonder Emma doesn't like me.  She thinks I have a point of contact with one of her idols and don't even bother to let her know.  She must have thought I was a really rotten sister.  So let's say this loud and clear one more time.  I do NOT know Crystal Bublé.  Yes, I know somebody who worked with her once upon a time, but that doesn't make Crystal Bublé my bestest friend forever!  I've never even SPOKEN to her!  I actually specifically e-mailed Emma that evening to tell her the truth, but I'm sure she didn't believe me.  It just makes me sad that my family can hurt people so much by talking nonsense and telling lies.

I had fallen in love with the limited edition "Galaxy Mistletoe" chocolate bar which my parents had bought cut price from Tesco, so David kindly went and bought a further ten of them!  I swear my parents wanted me to be fat!

Or maybe David really was trying to be helpful.  "What are the colours of the things?" Mum told me he had asked her, out of the blue.  What things?  About five minutes later, she apparently got it out of him that he was talking about Dolly Mix Ponies and that he had "got a yellow one".  He didn't like to tell me about it due to all the stress surrounding Sternenstaub's missing ponies, but hoped it was one of the ones I still needed to complete a couple of people's sets.  It wasn't, but it was still nice (and unusual!) of him to think about it.

December 31st 2010

And so we reach the end of 2010 at long, long last.  The time of the year for making resolutions, but I was far too tired for any of that.  In fact, very little got done with the day.

I received my cheque from Royal Mail for Sternenstaub's missing ponies - a cheque for £28.97.  God knows where they got that total from, that wasn't even as much as we'd claimed for and didn't even cover my expenses.  Oh well, yet another complaint to be made.  Anyway, we went to the building society to pay in the cheque as well as a couple of others.  David wandered off and Mum called me to follow him so I got shouted at for losing our place in the queue.  I really needed cash (to pay David for posting some e-Bay parcels) so I withdrew £30.  Then I got stressed about "owing myself £1.03"...yes, I have an extremely orderly mind when it comes to money and I like to keep everything in seperate accounts/money boxes!  Still, it prompted me to start saving more money from my e-Bay earnings so it did me a favour in a way.

We also went in Savers to buy some shampoo and New Look on another fruitless search for the horse jumper I wanted.  I'm sure you all wanted to know that!

I had the dreaded bath and, just as I'd feared, lost a lot of hair.  Or what seemed like a lot of hair anyway.  In actual fact, I probably didn't lose as much as most people lose when washing their hair.  The main problem seemed to be that there was very little hair growth.  Baths were always unpleasant at Grottsville anyway.  The cold tap didn't work at all so you had to run a bath of very hot water and wait for it to cool down to the right temperature.  Wait too long and discover that the water was too cold, and you'd find there wasn't any hot water left.

Mum was too scared to stay at Grottsville with the drunks celebrating New Year (or "Happy New Beer", as Mum said!), so she spent her first ever night at Woodberry, sleeping on the front room floor, while David went back to Grottsville to guard the house.

It was not a pleasant night - Mum was extremely cold and kept creeping nearer and nearer to the radiator, scraping the paint off of it in the process.  It didn't do her much good anyway as the heating kept going off - David had the instructions and had never told us how to switch it on ourselves, so it was working on a timer and we had no control over it.  The neighbours were also having a very noisy party and kept us both awake well into the night.

I spent the last hour or so of 2010 washing ponies and trying to sort out my pony shelves (no easy task with all the boxes of unwashed ponies still standing in front of the shelves!).  I was running a constant pony conveyor belt!  The ponies were washed in the kitchen, then moved to the hall floor to dry:

Once the ponies were dry enough, they were transported to the desk in my bedroom:

Then, when I was certain that the ponies were thoroughly dry (usually the following night), they were photographed, had numbers pencilled on the bottom of their hooves for ID purposes (I like to keep a list of where and when I got all my ponies) and were put up on the pony shelves, which still looked rather bare...

(Not that you can see much of them with all those boxes of ponies still stacked in front!)

2010 decided to give me a final kick in the teeth when I walked into the downstairs bathroom and got a wet foot.  I had stepped in a puddle of David's pee.  Ugh!  >.<  "You should learn where to step!" Mum said.  "He should learn where to pee!" I retorted.  I ended up washing my feet in ice cold water and sleeping bare foot - thank goodness I had a thick duvet, otherwise I would have been as cold as Mum!

Of course we had no TV to see in the New Year but, with no curtains at my bedroom window, I had a lovely view of the fireworks that people were setting off on the other side of the railway.  Unfortunately I didn't think to start filming until 00:07am by which time the best of them had finished.

January 1st 2011

Mum rang and rang David but couldn't wake him up to come and pick us up from Woodberry for ages.  Even when we were back at Grottsville, David went to the bathroom for hours before heading to Woodberry alone for the rest of the day.

Mum was not best pleased as she had wanted to spend what was left of David's time off work moving the rest of her belongings to Woodberry.  She didn't want to be in a situation where half of her stuff was at each house as she wanted to be in the same house as all of her belongings in order to guard them.  "I wanted all of my stuff out of here by Monday!" she shouted at David that night.  "Sorry, but you're not gonna make it now, are ya?!" David sneered nastily.  He hadn't wanted the stuff moved as he was still delaying moving house properly for as long as possible (for reasons best known to himself).  Mum pointed out that we COULD have moved everything in time if only he'd started earlier.  David shrugged.  "Well, we are where we are," he stated.  WHY was he so desperate to delay us?!

I was getting very overtired from all the short nights at Woodberry - staying up into the early hours to wash ponies, and then having to be brought back to Grottsville earlier than I'd usually even be waking up!  I had a strange attack dizziness accompanied by my ears popping when I attempted to move some boxes out of Emma's old bedroom too.  I guess my ears, nose and throat were still clogged with allergies.

I got upset to open a box of MLP accessories and discover that Baby Katie's little kitty's plastic had deteriorated badly.  The cat was now more orange than pink, cracking and oozing a transparent liquid.  Baby Katie was one of the few ponies I had from new as a child and I kept that kitten safe for all these years.  But now, as I finally got somewhere to display my ponies for the first time ever, I discovered that the kitten was in this sad state.

There were drunks fighting across the street at Grottsville as David and I left for Woodberry.  I hated leaving Mum behind in that area, but David didn't seem to care.  I think he almost enjoyed having the power of being the one with a car who could just drive away from it all.  If not for my allergies, I would have taken no part in it.

When we got to Woodberry, I worked into the early hours cleaning my pony shelves but I soon realised I couldn't put any ponies on them as I didn't have enough video tapes to form "steps" for them to stand on.

January 2nd 2011

I worked hard all day long but got nowhere. (Isn't that the story of my life?)  The afternoon was spent trying to arrange a seemingly endless collection of teddy bears in the window pane cabinet, sorting out my pony shelves, cataloguing ponies and...well, generally making my bedroom look like a bomb had hit it, it seems!

I had come up with the bright idea of using the MIB ponies as "steps" for the loose ponies on the shelves.  Of course, this wouldn't be as neat as rows of video tapes as the boxes varied in height, but there was no point wasting space on endless unwanted video tapes when there were so many MIB ponies looking for homes!

While arranging her shelves, Mum finally opened a lttle Goss cup and saucer she had bought on e-Bay a few months previously.  She collects old Goss pieces with the names of places her ancestors came from written on them.  We hadn't opened the box before as we figured the set would be safer wrapped up in all that bubblewrap than loose and knocking around Grottsville.  We were wrong.  The seller hadn't wrapped the stuff properly inside the box, the saucer had smashed in the post, and instead of complaining we had probably left them positive feedback.  Grr!  Mum had another minor panic attack when she thought she had lost her Lilliput Lane collection, but those thankfully showed up a little later that day.

I got a happy little letter from one of my e-Bay buyers to tell me that their item (a Mr. Men annual) hadn't turned up.  After selling online for so long and not losing any parcels, I had lost two parcels in the space of a few weeks.  Royal Mail really was dropping its standards.

David was in a very strange mood - claiming he felt like he was about to die, forgetting things we had only just told him, swerving all over the road...  He almost smashed the car when he mounted the edge of a roundabout on the way back to Grottsville.  He was absolutely horrible to Mum that night.  She was getting more and more scared about being left in Grottsville on her own but he insisted we left extra early, and almost left the boxes of MIB ponies that we were supposed to be taking with us behind in his haste!  I didn't even have any tea but David had no sympathy for me.  "Why 'aven't ya already ea'en?!" he yelled at me.  Well, we had been late back from Woodberry and hadn't got any dinner until 7pm, so I wasn't really hungry just three hours later.  David was even angry when I dared to brush my teeth before we left.  "Why can't ya brush ya teef over there?!" Well, I had to have a toothbrush at Grottsville for when I got washed/dressed there in the mornngs and if you remember (which apparently David didn't - I told you he was in a forgetful mood!), we'd discovered that the new electric toothbrush required a two pin plug, which we didn't have at Woodberry.  I didn't even get a chance to cleanse my face.  I never seemed to have time to properly remove my mascara - no wonder my eyelashes were beginning to suffer. 

He even forgot to ring Mum when we got to Woodberry.  He went straight up to the loft and left me downstairs working hard on the pony display.  When I realised that I hadn't heard him talking to Mum, I decided to ring her from the house phone.  She was crying and in a bad state about being left with the drunks.  I was trying to comfort her when David loomed in the doorway of the front room (how had HE heard me from the loft?) and started demanding to know what I was saying to her and whether we were talking about him.  What the heck was wrong with that man?!

I stayed up very late doing more of this:

The walls of boxed ponies in that room were starting to make me feel quite claustrophobic and queasy!  But I'm pleased to say that by the time I went to bed, I had at least made some progress, having the MIB G3s sorted into neat piles and the G2 shelf "stepped" with MIB ponies and all ready for the loose ponies to stand on top of them...

January 3rd 2011

It was David's last day off work so he decided to finally "get busy" as he put it.  What is David's definition of getting busy, you ask?  Well, he had me clear a path to the old fish tank so that he could empty it, and he made two trips to Woodberry.  He "got a lot done" as he would proudly tell us!

Both of us were dreading him going back to work.;  So little had been done while he WAS around, now everything would come to a stand still again.  Meanwhile, I would have to start getting up even earlier so that he could take me back to Grottsville before he went to work and Mum would continue to sleep in Grottsville with the drunks and thugs.  David said he was happy for this set up to continue for "months", despite the fact that Scar Face (the freaky thug who had a bit of an obsession over me and had followed me home that last time we'd tried walking in Grottsville)  and Bush Man (the guy who liked to hide things...everything from lollipops to carving knives... in our front garden and come back for them later) were busily gathering cigarette butts from around the dustbin opposite our house together as he spoke.  Was he really happy to leave his wife in that area?  And to have me become even more sleep deprived while trying to work on pony jobs late at night and getting up ever earlier?

I stayed up late again that night, trying to find a purpose for as many MIB G3 ponies as possible.

As Mum jokngly said of my late night activities, "This house is a very industrious house...but only in the middle of the night.  We are a normal family."  And I think that summed us up quite well!

January 4th 2011

I woke up unable to breathe due to a mixture of dust (brought to Woodberry on the MIB ponies, no doubt!) and panic.  Today was the date of my latest orthdontic appointment, and now that I was finally sleeping in a proper bed, I knew that I would have to sign myself up for jaw surgery.  But the bottom line was that I just didn't want to take such drastic measures.  I didn't want a "perfect result" and all the risks, both to my health and to my voice, that came with it.  I just wanted a few overcrowded teeth straightened out so that I was no longer in pain.

So David had to call Northwick Park Hospital to "postpone the appointment".  I think we all knew  would never hear from the hospital again though, due to continuously doing so.  Ironically, they were just about to ring US to postpone the appointment as the orthodontist was off work with flu anyway.  So if we had just waited another ten minutes or so, it wouldn't have gone on my records as another "missed appointment" and they may have given me another chance.  Oh well.

David took the afternoon off work anyway for some reason.  He did take the fish tank to the refuse centre but wasted the rest of the time asleep on the bathroom floor.

David had decided to look at the washing machine at Woodberry for some reason and happened to notice a loose wire that Sickton's useless builders had left hanging.  But it was okay, it "wouldn't be dangerous unless you used the washing machine".  Well, considering how much money David was wasting at the dirty launderette, I would have thought he'd WANT to be using the washing machine!  I didn't realise it was just there as a pretty decoration!  Anyway, it's not the point.  What if we HAD started using the machine like any normal human being would and hadn't noticed the loose wire?

We went to Morrisons in the evening where I got three Dolly Mix Ponies and managed to get one of the elusive Applejacks.  Mum wouldn't come with us as Scar Face was watching the house closely from the opposite side of the road, and she was convinced that he would break in and vandalise her stuff.  Apparently he DID come and sit on our front wall while we were out.  What was his obsession with us anyway?

The stuff she was so desperately trying to protect was getting broken anyway.  David finally cleared enough of his newspapers and unpleasant publications out of the way so that we could get to the chest of drawers in the front bedroom and Mum discovered that not only had one of Grandma's bird wall hanging ornaments been smashed by the weight of heavy newspapers, but one of her beloved Bosson's Dog Heads had literally exploded (presumably from the extreme temperatures in a room which nobody could get in to regulate).

I was too tired to do much by the time I got to Woodberry, then I ran out of space on my camera's memory card which finalised the deal and should have allowed me to go to bed.  Instead, I started hoovering.  All was going well until I managed to suck an entire piece of tinsel up the vaccuum cleaner!  Terrified that it would break, I had to open it up myself and  remove the piece of half-lodged tinsel...scattering dust all over my nice clean floor in the process!

I took some MLP merchandise over there with me...silly really, as there was nowhere to put it.  I decided to downsize my MLP video collection to make way for some of the games and jigsaws etc.  I was sad to get rid of any of my pony stuff but some of the variations of the video cases that I had kept were just ridiculous.  We're not even talking about the MLP covers here, I had been keeping two copies of the same video if one came in a black case and the other in a transparent case!  There wasn't enough space for everything, and the videos seemed one of the most sensible things to get rid of to start with.

Well, that was the most nightmarish blog ever, wasn't it?  Boring, long, and no doubt full of errors as I am so tired.  Still, at least we have finally reached 2011!  Please tune in tomorrow for another installment of Diary of a Daydreamer!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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