Saturday, 2 June 2012

When we are close together it's so plain to see...

Together we are better than we used to be...

Yep, almost another month off of blogging and even when I DO return, I have no more inspiration where titles are concerned!  Oh, well...

Facebook very kindly sent a link to my last blog entry to Mum's e-mail account - I don't even remember what I wrote in my last entry and I'm too embarrassed to even go back and see what my potential new reader got to see!  I must be more careful about what I write in future though!  And I MUST make sure I don't take any more holidays from blogging.  I'm falling further and further behind and every time something interesting happens in the present day, I get sad that I can't share it with you all straight away!

December 13th 2010

Mum and I sorted out two crates of Beanie Babies and Fruity Bears.  They'd been packed away for several years and were covered in dust, so we had to unpack all the ziplock bags inside the crates (thank goodness we didn't trust the crates to keep the dust off), replace them with new bags and clean the crates.  We really didn't want to move any of the dust to Woodberry, especially considering my allergies.

I was suffering from bad chest pains, but Mum still made me lift all the heavy crates - twice, no less, as she couldn't decide which ones she wanted.  I "should have realised that she was too cold and ill to do anything", after all. (Did I say I was going to be more careful with what I wrote in this blog?  Well, I still want to keep it true to life!)

We dropped the crates at Woodberry in the evening where David was absolutely horrible about Mum's new corner unit shelves.  There was a "gap behind them where something could fall" (?), he said.  Well, if something's hanging on the wall, surely it's pressed right up against the wall, isn't it?  So how could something fall down behind?  He thought the birds on the wallpaper were "lovely" and kept commenting on them though, which is very unlike him...  Perhaps he was still scared that Mum would change her mind about them?

We stopped at a Tesco petrol station on the way back to Grottsville where I picked out one Dolly Mix Pony and actually managed to choose the right one for once - Snuzzle!  I was so happy to complete another set for somebody and was chatting happily to Mum in the back of the David put a stop to that by telling us to "shut up as he couldn't hear the football on the radio".  Nice person.

December 14th 2010

I was supposed to be seeing a doctor about my allergies but, typical of my luck, she was off sick.  So my appointment got put back for another week.  Well, it wasn't like she could do anything for me anyway.  She'd already told me the only cure was to get away from Grottsville and the cause of my allergies and that the longer I stayed there I risked permanently damaging my lungs.  But my parents kept telling me to go back to the doctor as though a miracle cure would be found.

We wrapped up a mountain of Christmas gifts for Emma's kids, then got on with the clearing up.  We sorted through a pile of old birthay/Christmas/Easter/various other greetings card and I kept far too many for sentimental reasons.  Then, as soon as I had put the discarded cards in the rubbish bag, Mum told me I had accidentally put one of the cards I'd said I wanted to keep in the bag...  Why didn't she tell me that before they were put in with all the smelly rubbish?  Anyway, I ended up sorting through the pile of discarded cards again and got quite upset about throwing them away.  But you can't keep everything forever, can you?

We cleaned another four crates of Beanie Babies too.  I found Spooky the Ghost's tongue had fallen off at some point (I'd forgotten that, but I think I was quite traumatised as a child!) and had been safely stored in a plastic film pot in the bag with him, lovingly labelled "Spooky's tongue".  When I opened the pot, I found not only the tongue but a tiny piece of paper.  I unfolded it, expecting to find another "Spooky's tongue" label and instead discovered the saddest little time capsule letter I had written to myself.  It's been packed away at the back of a cupboard with most of the Beanie Babies now but it reads something along the lines of:

"Dear Desirée-of-the-Future,
It is the 19th of December 1999.  I am very worried at the moment because Christmas is in five days and we have no tree or decorations.  I'm trying very hard to clear the room up so that mummy and daddy will put the tree up but I don't know if I'll do it in time.  I hate the mess.  Can you remember if we got decorations or not?  I hope we did.  Have I found the three favourites?  Have you got horse riding lessons or drama classes now?
Lots of love,
Desirée-of-the-Past  (age 8) xxx"

I know nobody will even believe that thing exists unless I find it and scan it, but I was obsessed with writing letters to my future self at that time and asking positive questions as I was so miserable about my own life.  It made me cry a bit to see proof of my childhood sadness.  Especially as it was almost eleven years to the day since I had written it and there I was battling with the same confounded clutter which my parents still insisted on keeping!  Christmas decorations were always my favourite part of the holidays but the quantity of gifts my parents always gave me (convinced that my obsession with decorations was part of the ritual of wanting presents - it wasn't) had made the house such a mess that we never got them until the last minute.  We had got Christmas decorations at about midnight on Christmas Eve in 1999 but here, in 2010, I was about to experience my first Christmas with no decorations whatsoever.  The "three favourites" were my three favourite MLPs (Truly, Lancer and Lofty) who I was desperate to find at that time.  I never did get my wish of finding them at car boot sales but I did end up with Truly and Lofty through the UK Ponycon/the online pony community.  The Pony Tales character Lancer was never actually made as a MLP figurine so of course I never got the chance to add him to my collection.  And as for horse riding lessons and drama classes (wow, my dreams never really changed, did they?!), I'm afraid I didn't get those either, Desirée-of-the-Past.  I'm quite glad I can't go back in time and tell myself that as I think I would have given up there and then.  I bet I never thought my time capsule letter would end up being shared around the world via the internet.  I'd never even heard of such a thing as a "Blog" back then!

We dropped the crates at Woodberry in the evening, then to Tesco petrol station (why am I getting a severe case of Déja Vu here?) where we saw eighteen Dolly Mix Ponies but by feeling the packets and holding them up to the light, I managed to figure out that they were all from the first wave.

I sold twenty items on e-Bay but the huge Geoby car was unfortunately not one of them (despite having about 17 watchers and several messages from people who were interested enough to ask questions about it!)  And somebody in Ontario announced that she wanted to pay via money order.  I specifically state in all my auctions that I only accept Paypal, but she "didn't know how to ask if I accepted money orders without bidding" (and winning, apparently).  Grr...where do I find them?

December 15th 2010

I was extremely overtired and stressed, and not really capable of doing anything properly.  I'd listed a load of board games on e-Bay, guessing shipping prices without bothering to weigh them.  I got a bid on one of them from an Australian e-Bayer.  Panicking, I weighed the game and discovered it was over 2kg...the maximum weight you can send overseas via Royal Mail.  So I had to write an apologetic letter to him and cancel his bid.  Thankfully he understood, but I felt so bad about it.  I hastily altered all my other game listings begging people not to bid as I wasn't sure on the shipping prices.

Then I realised that I had mis-read the scales and the game actually weighed just over 2lbs, not 2kg at all!  So the buyer could have had it...and shipping would have actually cost pretty much exactly what I'd quoted.  I was too embarrassed to contact him again once I realised this though.  People continued to ask questions and express interest in the Geoby car.  So why weren't they bidding?!

We cleaned two more crates of Beanie Babies and took them to Woodberry.  After lifting the crates out, I discovered piles of mouse dung underneath.  The carpet had actually gone yellow and mouldy in places (I presume where the mouse had peed).  Yuck.

Mum and I cleared some stuff off of the old sofa bed in the back room and discovered more mouse poo and dead woodlice on there.  It's no wonder I was sick from living in that place really, is it?

Mum still insisted we couldn't take any of her stuff to Woodberry in case it got lost or stolen.  My stuff could be replaced, after all.  Hers could not.  So when did she intend to move it?  She kept saying that she was intending to move into Woodberry herself, and it wasn't as though we'd be able to move everything in one car load.  Surely she'd hate leaving it in rough Grottsville even more?

Sternenstaub still hadn't received her Dolly Mix Ponies and was getting more and more angry with me.  We had only reached the time frame in which I could file a claim with Royal Mail though, and David was delaying as usual.  I needed him to photocopy the post office receipt (I didn't trust Royal Mail not to lose the receipt too!) before I could submit the form.  He told me to go to the printers across the road and use the photocopier there.  Well, A) He knew I didn't leave the house by foot in Grottsville and B) How much would that cost when he could do it free of charge at work?

Ealing Broadway was completely taped off when we attempted to drive through on our way to Woodberry.  It transpired that two police officers had been stabbed after trying to check somebody's bus ticket.  The story is still on Sky News if anybody is interested -  This was about 25 minutes' walk from where I live.

December 16th 2010

I know I keep saying the same thing, but I can't emphasise enough just how ill I was getting with my allergies.  My nose was like a tap (and yet blocked up at the same time) and I managed to totally soak through 40 tissues.  I kept drinking to try and replace the fluids in my body but I could feel myself becoming more and more dehydrated as the day wore on.  I felt so light weight (and not in a good way!) and light headed, like I could just drift off to sleep and never wake up again.  I was very weak and tired and had terrible chest and back pains every time I moved.  But still I was expected to keep climbing in and out of the back room to recover some of Mum's stuff which was on the other side of the room beyond my ponies.  This entailed literally climbing on top of the badly stacked cardboard boxes (which were breaking under my weight and wobbling badly), and I wasn't really up to it, but Mum had told me I couldn't move to Woodberry as she "needed me to open the curtains for her and climb to get her stuff".  And she wouldn't leave until I'd got every last bit of her stuff out of Grottsville.  I was so sick now that I was seriously beginning to wonder if I'd even survive to move to Woodberry.  But we were so close... I couldn't give up now.

I hadn't realised what a bad state the back room was in actually.  The cracks had spread the length of the walls now and the ceiling was leaking badly.  It looked as though the whole extension was going to fall off of the back of the house at any minute!  Then I noticed that the radiator in the back room - which David had told me was turned off, and had said it was safe to stack my ponies next to - was on at full pelt.  Needless to say, the Sea Ponies and Flutter Ponies who had been next to the radiator for quite some time had deteriorated badly.  Some of them were practically brown with pony cancer marks.  So much for running a My Little Pony Rescue Home...

Well, that was a nice depressing blog to announce my arrival back in the blogging world, wasn't it?!  Now we have an e-Bay free listing weekend running for the next four days so I bet I'll be busy again.  I will try my best to post another blog tomorrow though so please check back if you have time.

Thanks for reading!
Desirée  xxx

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