Friday, 29 June 2012

Wow, I'm Early Today!

It's only 2.40pm and I've already finished writing this blog entry!  Whatever will I do with myself this evening?  Maybe I can get an early night for once!

January 25th 2011

I was busily working on my coin operated ride website and Mum kindly decided to help by posting a question on Curious Fox (a family history site she belongs to) and writing to Bognor Regis council about the vintage rides that suddenly disappeared from Bognor Pier in the 1990s.  A lady at the council said she would speak to the pier owner, but never got back to us.  According to the council minutes posted here, it would appear Mum's e-mail was raised at an Enviroment and Leisure Meeting though, so I guess it was just a case of nobody remembering the rides or knowing what happened to them.  The post Mum made on Curious Fox got just one response from a lady in Australia who found it necessary to tell us the proper definition of the word "carousel" is "a ride with many horses".  That may be so, but we were asking for information about a single coin operated horse NAMED Carousel.  Thanks anyway, though.

(By the way, if by chance anyone reading this happens to have visited Bognor Regis pre-1997 and remembers Carousel and the other rides on Bognor Pier, I am still searching for more memories, photos and information about them!  Thank you!)

David had another deadline at work and had gone back to working crazy hours.  He didn't want to come home at all that night and asked if I could spend just one night back on the floor at Grottsville.  I said no, I couldn't spend "just one night" back in the chest pain-inflicting dust (knowing it would become far more than one night if I backed down this time) so he reluctantly returned at midnight, grumbling that he had to return to the office by 5am.  I couldn't go on with so little sleep (or with having so little time to do anything towards clearing the house up each night) - I was always tired and now I had an awful headache too.  Of course it had also come round to that rough time of the month again when I often get a migraine so I guess the combination of that and the headache caused by my tiredness had culminated into one mega pain.

But that's okay, according to Emma (who was probably more than a little miffed that I hadn't attended Matthew's christening, even though she STILL hadn't arranged an appointment with her hairdresser friend), I wasn't doing anything towards tidying up anyway!  "When has Desiree been sleeping then if he doesn't take her until 12am and brings her back at 7/8am if she's cleaning all these ponies?", she asked sarcastically.  Well, maybe Desirée WASN'T sleeping as she considered clearing up (and getting rid of the dust that went with the clutter) more important, and that's why she was getting so terribly tired and sick!  Then again, she also said she'd been watching a TV show about hoarders and that she reckoned I had a medical condition - 'it comes under the same sort of thing like OCD where it's something in the brain makes them unable to throw things away".  Oh?  How so?  I have got rid of just about all of my collections apart from my MLPs (and a small crate of other 80s toys I have selected to keep).  Yes, I do have a lot of stuff, but it's all stuff that I'm currently attempting to sell.  If e-Bay allowed more than 100 items to be listed on a free listing weekend, the stuff could be shifted a lot quicker.  Then again, maybe my mental condition also causes me to lie and I was hoarding things under the floorboards/not doing any work at night at all!

January 26th 2011

I awoke at 9am to find that David was coming through the front door, having actually left me sleeping at Woodberry while he had been at work for several hours.  Well, I felt better for a few extra hours sleep anyway!

When we got back to Grottsville, David went in the bathroom for hours.  I had to pop in for two minutes beforehand to use the loo and Mum (who was in a fowl mood) had a go at me for "holding him up".  When he finally came out of the bathroom, he went to the bank alone before coming back to Grottsville to sleep until 3pm.  Then he spent another seven hours at the office while Mum ranted and ranted at me, calling me a "filthy minded sl*t" for wanting to meet up with my male e-friend (rather hilarious for a prudish virgin who does her best to stay away from men at every opportunity and is even disgusted when one stares at her in the street!  It was still hurtful at the time though...) among other unfair names.

She laid down on the floor pretty early even for her standards and I kept very quiet, hoping she'd go to sleep before we went off to Woodberry.  It didn't work though, as David woke her up again when he came in from work.

Emma finally got me an appointment with her hairdresser friend but, having made me wait for months, it was quite obvious that it wasn't going to work out.  She was already bossing me about saying how I could and couldn't have it cut, how short I HAD to have it, and how it had to be washed at her house beforehand.  Mum was convinced that cutting wet hair would damage it (as Grandma had always told us that and cut our hair dry), but decided to put the blame on my Canadian friends!

January 27th 2011

Well, Emma took offense at Mum's comments, of course.  I think Mum had hoped to shift the blame onto me but it didn't work.  Emma was upset that her friend wasn't good enough for us and that I would "trust my Canadian friends more than I'd trust my own sister".  But I hadn't even said anything against Emma's friend!  As Emma said herself, "surely if there was a concern Desiree would take it up with me personally but she hasn't."  Precisely.  I wish Mum would stop creating more rifts between my sister and I!  Well, the long-awaited appointment was cancelled so I was back to square one, searching for a hairdresser I knew my parents wouldn't approve of and wouldn't let me see.  And, as there was no way for my to get anywhere on my own, I had no way of getting my hair cut independently.  This was quite possibly the reason that my hair had got so unhealthy in the first place!

I was feeling very despondent about people and life itself (and my tiredness wasn't helping!) - I still hadn't received the replacement necklace for my friend, Mum's £25 premium bond win hadn't arrived either and I hadn't heard a word from Boots about the replacement Smooth Skin System.  Everybody around me seemed to be useless, unpleasant...or a mixture of both!

I had to have a blood test the next day (in a desperate attempt to diagnose the cause of my hair loss) too and was dreading it.  I couldn't eat or drink anything for twelve hours beforehand and was already feeling thirsty and weak before I even went to bed.  Being hemophobic anyway, I was sure I'd faint...

January 28th 2011

I needn't have worried.  Having got up early, gone without breakfast, starved half to death and got a dreadful headache, I waited at the doctor's surgery for an hour (shaking in my shoes the whole time) before it was announced that the phlebotomist had not turned up for work and we were all told to leave.  Great.  I had suffered for nothing, and had to go back another day anyway!  Yet more proof that everybody around me was useless at their jobs!

Mum (who perhaps was suffering from a bit of a guilty conscience, knowing that she had told lies about my Canadian friends and I) was still arguing with Emma and defended me, trying to validate "our" claims about cutting wet hair by researching internet articles on the subject and writing (yes, she did send me a copy of these e-mails so that I could forward this message to *certain people* and show what a sweet person she was for sticking up for know, just in case people thought I had been snooping through her private messages!):

"I dont know why you get so shirty about Desirees Canadian friends.   They may be distance friends, but they have been kind and supportive towards her though some very difficult times.  They even send her emails containing their best wishes when she is due to have a blood test.  They care about her.  Which is more than she gets from some of us nearer to home

Also, remember that they wouldnt BE distance friends, if she had been able to take up the chance of two years in Canada that she was offered

I think this whole situation has been blown out of all proportion and is very sad   xxx"

This just upset Emma further and she announced:

"they care about more than nearer  to home ....well f you if that's the way you feel, that's the end of you and me"

*Sighs*  And that was the last we'd hear from Emma for quite some time...

On a happier note, I bought eleven G1 MLP balloons on e-Bay...

I kept one for my own collection and intended to sell the other ten for a (small) profit.  It didn't work very well as the woman selling them seemed to have a never-ending supply of them for a while and I think everybody who wanted one bought them from her.  I still have a couple priced at £3.50 each if anybody is still looking for one though!

Another light bulb popped in the lounge, leaving us with just one of the original twelve to light the room until David came back from work late that night.  My eyes and head were still spinning when I got to Woodberry, but I still managed to stay up until 2am (yes, I really WAS staying up half the night, for those in doubt!) to sort out my pony shelves.  Not a lot of progress had been made over the past few days, thanks to David's crazy work hours, but the second shelf was almost full now....and worryingly I had only just reached the end of the Year 2 ponies!  I'd hoped to get all the Year 3 ponies on the first two shelves as well!

And that brings us to the end of another four day catch-up blog!  I hope you have enjoyed time travelling with us, please come back tomorrow for the final adventures of January 2011!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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