Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fang Straightening Treatment Commences!

Well, this is really just the tail end of the blog entry that should have been written last night.  I just didn't have a chance to write much today what with it being Mum's birthday AND having over 20 e-Bay parcels to wrap up!

March 23rd 2011

We continued to find beetles crawling everywhere.  There was just no way to track them all down or even keep them contained in one room.  I feared Woodberry was going to end up just as bad as Grottsville.

Mum and I walked to the Co-Op to buy milk and then to the three charity shops.  I found the eyeshadow versions of Star Song and Cheerilee in one of the shops for 50p each and couldn't resist picking them up.  Silly really, when I hated selling ponies so much and knew I couldn't even keep the duplicates I already had!  But they were in such lovely condition and I know that shop throws out any toys that don't sell within a certain (short) time frame.  I learned that when they threw out some ponies I didn't "rescue" before.  Anyway, I have actually only just got those two girls washed, photographed and ready to be adopted a little while ago, so if by some miracle somebody wants both/either of them, just say the word!

I was washing up after dinner when the phone rang.  Mum answered it, thinking it would be David.  Instead, it was Sunita from Sparkle Dental Boutique, ringing to give me a prep talk about "forgetting the camera" when she interviewed me and about having the braces fitted the next day.  I'd had no idea that the braces were being fitted.  I'd thought the appointment was to have the two wisdom teeth removed and the braces would be fitted at the next appointment.  Now I really was shaking in my shoes.  I had a terrible panic attack and sunk into a deep depression...mainly about not getting any more voice recordings made before the braces were fitted, which was rather silly really.  It's not like I would have felt up to making many recordings prior to having the braces fitted if I'd just had two teeth pulled!

Mum bought yet another window pane cabinet, this time to squeeze into the kitchen.  I swear she intended to turn the entire house into a museum.

March 24th 2011

The fang straightening treatment officially began!  Here's a little photographic reminder of how I used to look...

Oh my, is that really me?!  No wonder I never opened my mouth in photographs back then!

The braces were fitted relatively quickly and I had a nice surprise in that they didn't pull any teeth beforehand!  The orthodontist still said that I might have to lose the two wisdom teeth later on, but they were going to try and keep them if they possibly could.

They made their testimonial video (and even filmed me having the braces fitted! o_0), and said they were satisfied, although Mum heard Sunita and Wing having a conversation about what she believed to be my video and saying "No, not really..." as though they hadn't got the desired result even now.

The orthodontist warned me again that the braces wouldn't make any improvement to the way my top front teeth stuck out due to my overbite, but I was really more concerned about the gap and painful overcrwding on the top left anyway.

Because my mouth was so deformed with the back left molars lying down and pointing inwards towards my tongue, there was a severe risk of me biting down and actually breaking the braces off.  To try and prevent this, the orthodontist stuck two "blocks" (lumps of white filling-style resin) on my back teeth to stop me closing my mouth properly.

I came out of the boutique (literally) grinning from ear to ear.  While most people have self confidence issues about wearing braces, I actually felt better as soon as mine were fitted.  It was as if now I felt that people could see that something was being done about my crooked teeth, so I was finally able to smile and talk in public!  Funny, eh?

I even got home and managed to make this video...

My happiness was short-lived as the pain kicked in and drove me half insane.  God, it was AWFUL.  It actually seemed as though the dreaded "blocks" were causing me more pain than the braces themselves.  Every tooth in my mouth felt as though it was being ripped from my gums - the pressure was awful.  But I could just about bear that feeling.  I had this dreadful urge to bite on anything and everything.  The block, however, stopped me biting down or chewing anything properly.  I ended up having to eat tomato soup for dinner and battling to lick soggy bread off of a spoon.

Of course, I refused to take painkillers as I had a phobia about swallowing tablets, so it's not surprising that I was suffering really, is it?  On top of the pain, I had developed a dreadful lisp, which upset me greatly.  And then I sliced my tongue open on the blasted block. >.<

I really didn't know if I would be able to get through the treatment and keep the braces for a further 18-24 months.  But I couldn't really back out of treatment that was costing over £6,000!

And, as it's now 2.15am, I figure I'd better stop writing and get to bed!  Tune in tomorrow when I hope I really will have time to write a long enough blog entry to make up for slacking the past two days!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New Scanners, Beetle Infestations, Nasty Dentists and Wannabe Gods!

Just another four days of catch-up blogging glory!

March 19th 2011

David didn't turn up at Woodberry until almost noon and then wasted a couple of hours in the bathroom.  He blamed going to the post office to ship some e-Bay parcels for making him so late, but he didn't even remember to pick up any customs declaration labels anyway so he still had to go back to the PO at some point for those!

We drove to a bigger branch of Currys in search of a new scanner (as the old one really had packed up now).  As luck would have it, the store was having a massive refurbishment and so actually had a smaller selection than our local branch!  Still we managed to find what seemed like a decent scanner/printer.  We were supposed to look at digital cameras too - as we couldn't really go all the way to the US with just a camera with a smashed screen! - but David asked us to go back to the car for reasons best known to himself.

After that, we drove to Grottsville to pick up the USB cable from the old scanner.  Mum and I stayed in the car to guard the scanner.  David would have happily left it out there, despite Scar Face and his gang watching our every move, but we thought it was best not to risk it considering how many times the car had been broken into in the past.  It was SO hot in the car but I refused to remove my coat with that lot of perverts watching.  God, I hated those men.

I listed 113 items on e-Bay (mainly almost identical Dolly Mix Ponies, mind you) and blocked the nasty buyer who had left neutral feedback.  Not that she would have wanted to buy from me again anyway (you know, since I misrepresented items by not including accessories with toys that had "no accessories"!)  I had to raise all the shipping prices to tie in with Royal Mail's new rates too.  The prices were shocking.  £2.07 to send ANYTHING at all outside of Europe!  It had only been £1.82 before. >.<

March 20th 2011

I didn't leave the house.  David didn't arrive until 2pm and then spent the entire afternoon asleep on the floor or sitting in the bathroom.  Oh well, at least the spare time enabled me to list a further 93 e-Bay items, bringing me up to a total of 206 listings.  Oh, to have the days of unlimited listings back.  The house would be cleared in no time if I could still list things like I did back then!

I went upstairs to get some of the e-Bay items in order to weigh them/check their condition, and spotted something in David's office out of the corner of my eye.  It looked as though the entire carpet had been splashed with little specks of black ink.  I moved in for a closer look, and realised that the "ink" was moving.

My worst nightmare had come true.  The three beetles I had squashed a couple of days previously had been the start of an infestation.  Everything was COVERED in the things - they were climbing up the furniture, crawling up the window, piled up on the windowsill where they had died...  There must have been literally thousands of them crawling all over the room.  No wonder my allergies were returning!

I tried to clear the mess up without telling my parents at first but I gave up.  Of course I got the blame for attracting them as there were quite a few bags of MIB ponies and plush toys in the room.  But the source of the beetles was eventually traced to a carrier bag on top of the black cabinet you see on the left of the second photo.  Inside the carrier bag was Mum's lavender-scented Buddy Bear, a microwaveable bear which worked kind of like a glorified hot water bottle (but without the water!)  Grandma had given it to her many years ago, but unfortunately the bear had to be thrown away as it was beyond saving.

David then announced that he was going to work to give them some unpaid overtime.  "Have you finished listing things?" he asked me.  He wanted me to start scanning Mum's stuff while he was out working for no money!  Well, I didn't want to waste any time on a free listing weekend - did they want the houses cleared or not?

I did stop for long enough for him to show me how to use the scanner.  He scanned six old birthday cards which took him forever, but he said he was only that slow "because I was there".  Uh... how did I slow him down?!  Perhaps he'd get more done if he didn't keep going to "work" until 1am!

March 21st 2011

All three of us went to the dentist which was a horrible experience.  Thankfully I had forgotten all about it until Mum reminded me that morning so I didn't have long to dwell on having to see my dragon dentist beforehand!  My parents, who see a different dentist at the practise, were called in together for some weird reason (perhaps she thought they'd like to hold each other's hands?!) so I was left all alone in the waiting room, shaking in my shoes.  Mitra (my dentist) was running very late so the torment went on for ages.

Mitra was horrible to me about the orthodontist.  "After all I had to do to get you seen for free at Northwick Park, you wouldn't accept their treatment!" she snapped at me.  What exactly had she done?  Written a few referral letters?  Isn't that part of her job?  And no, sorry, I won't accept dangerous and potentially useless surgery/having my face and voice altered/having eight teeth removed if it is not absolutely necessary!  She herself had told me in the past that she wouldn't go through with such drastic surgery and that she had a friend who regretted doing so. >.<  Oh well, it's all right, Northwick Park "weren't keen to see me anyway due to my non-attendance and oral hygiene".  Almost every dentist/orthodontist/hygienist I've seen over the past few years (Mitra included actually!) has complimented me on my oral hygiene actually.  If there's one thing I do try to take good care of, it's my teeth!  So I have no idea why Mr Crow at Northwick Park would be complaining about my hygiene.  And perhaps I would have been more keen to keep appointments if they hadn't kept lying to me that I needed surgery!  Heck, it's not like I wouldn't have had my teeth sorted out years ago if I could have just had regular braces, is it?

Well, at least even with my awful dental hygiene, I didn't have any cavities or other problems!

David went to the bank so I had a few minutes to walk into TK Maxx but I got called out before I'd had time to look around properly as he had to get back to work.  He promised Mum and I McFlurries that evening but even came in too late for that...

March 22nd 2011

Mum snapped at me for "always oversleeping" because I didn't hear her calling me until she was on her way back down from the shower room again.  Well, considering I was always working hard at clearing up well into the early hours, it wasn't really surprising.

There just weren't enough hours either end of the day and the day seemed to pass far too quickly.  "I don't know what you do upstairs all day long, but I'm sure you're very busy!" Mum said sarcastically.  Well, I was doing all the usual jobs; saving old blog entries, indexing old cassette tapes, washing, photographing and cataloguing ponies.  I did take a quick break from my jobs to paint a bit more of one of my ceramic ponies, and to make the latest orthodontic v-log, as seen below:

(Ugh, why do I always look and sound so daft in all my videos?!)

Apart from those two little breaks, I really was working hard all day long, even if the house looked no better for it!

Apparently not a lot of interest was happening in our real lives, as the blog notes for the day read a little like "Hello!" magazine...pointless gossip about complete strangers!  We went to McDonalds that night for Wispa McFlurries and got a lot less ice cream for our money than usual.  While we were in the car park (here goes the first bit of pointless gossip!), we watched an employee slink over to a car which had just pulled up (ooking over his shoulder quite nervously the whole time), take some small items from the driver, pop them in a paper McDonalds bag and run back into the restaurant.  Probably a totally innocent incident - as I say, we were obviously bored.

I even cover z-list celebrity gossip in my blogs now apparently.  Mum was bored and Googling some voice actors I'd been talking about (don't ask!  She must have been really busy downstairs, mustn't she?) and found this little gem from Nancy Cartwright...

(Forward to about 2.08)

I will not join in with bashing scientologists, I have nothing against anyone's religious beliefs as long as they don't try and force them on me.  Also, to be fair, I feel Nancy was pressurised into answering awkward questions in this video and was "put on the spot" so to speak.  Even so, I can't really make up an excuse to cover what she said.  It's kind of weird to hear one of your childhood idols say that she is "striving to be God".  o_0

I found and killed another twenty beetles...I'd spotted one on my ceiling the night before but couldn't be bothered with getting out of bed to catch it.  There was no way we were going to be able to get rid of all of them anyway.  We just had to keep our eyes open for further infestations and do what we could to keep the situation under control.

Well, that wasn't very good.  I wanted to keep up the 6-day blogs but, as it is now 2.15am, I figure I'd better go to bed.  Maybe I'll have to write an 8-day one tomorrow!  It will be Mum's birthday but we don't have any plans unfortunately.  David didn't even bother to hire a car or offer her a birthday cake...although I intend to sort out the latter in the morning.  I do feel quite sorry for her at the moment, so if anybody wants to wish her a happy birthday, I'm sure she'd appreciate it!  Thanks, guys!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Feeling so lonely tonight...

I don't know if anyone else out there is feeling bored and lonely enough to read this blog entry, but I was certainly feeling bored and lonely enough to write it!

March 13th 2011

My allergies were returning, despite me spending most of my life doing housework.  The house was just too big for one person to keep clean though, especially when I had to work around so much clutter.  I had found and killed three small brown beetles within 24 hours and was getting a little concerned about where they were coming from and whether we would soon be infested.

Emma finally made a re-appearance, although she chose to write as Gabriella, thanking Mum for the gift card which David had put through their door the previous night.  A Facebook friend request also arrived from Allan (funny, considering Allan was only 9 years old and would have been at school at the time the request was sent!)  Oh well, it was good that she was back in touch, even if she was posing as two of her children!

We went to Home Sense where we finally found a mug tree that hadn't been damaged on the shelf, and got a spare sheet for Mum's bed (as she had fallen in love with the "dusky pink" colour of the Home Sense one). They didn't have any nice throws to be used on Mum's (sofa)bed during the day though.

After that, we headed back to Woodberry and Steph visited for three hours.  I was highly embarrassed as the house still wasn't really ready for visitors - we had no proper food in the house so, after I met her at the station, we had to go in Sainsburys where she bought a mini picnic for herself...and for me.  Wow, I'm a great hostess, I even get the guests buying food for both of us!  She asked if we had bananas which was one thing I thought we did have, but when I went to look, I discovered they were all quite brown and horrible! >.<

She stayed for three hours and it was nice to have chat to somebody normal for once.  I swear my parents and their endless shouting has driven me to semi-insanity!

After the "tiring social intercourse" (as Mum likes to calls chatting!), I probably should have had an early night.  Instead I was up until 2am again, using the Smooth Skin System and watching Intelligence!

March 14th 2011

The balance was paid for our holiday.  Yes, it seemed it was really going to happen this time... I still wouldn't dare to believe it until we were safely on the plane, but my hopes were rising that I really would be setting foot on American land for the first time in just two short months.

Mum had added "Allan" on Facebook, despite neither of us really agreeing with such a young child being a member on the site (and having his photos posted on there!)  Mostly, "he" seemed to spend "his" time writing nice things about Emma and Nick and playing Farmville with them...during school hours when there was no way Allan could have even been online! >.<

I wrote up my latest e-Bay accounts - I'd made £122.00 all together this time, which was a record for me.  Still nowhere near enough for all the upcoming expenses of orthodontic treatment/education, but every little helps, as the Tesco adverts would say!

I was still listening through my old cassette tapes and stumbled across my Budgie the Little Helicopter one.  I'm surprised the tape even survived this long as I played it ALL the time when I was little.  The songs took me right back down memory lane.  I was listening to Chuck's voice and realised he didn't sound like I remembered...  This set me off Googling the Budgie voice actors and I discovered that Chuck's voice was played by a different actor in the cassette to on TV.  You mean there was a time when I actually got so caught up in the magic of that being "CHUCK'S VOICE" that I didn't realise he actually had two different voices (which didn't even sound that much alike)?  *Gasp*  But that means I was once just as deaf as the people I now criticise for not picking up when Barbie's voice was changed!  How can this be?! :P

We went to Brentford McDonalds for yet more Wispa McFlurries that evening, and I got scared by the hoodies who seem to like to gather in the car park.  This resulted in me snapping at Mum for her being a slow eater (meaning we couldn't drive away from the "dangerous" youths) and her getting upset.

I was already extremely stressed soI guess that's what made me snap.  But, as Mum kindly pointed out to me (stressing me further in the process), "You ARE losing all your hair...and it's all due to carrying on like this!"  I wish she'd just realise that I didn't CHOOSE to be stressed or depressed.  I just didn't know how to change things.

I was very tired.  Well, surprise surprise!  Perhaps I should have tried going to bed a little earlier!  Instead, of that, I was so disturbed that I ended up sitting up until 1.40am once again.

March 15th 2011

Mum had to go and see the dental hygienist so David dropped us in Ealing Broadway an hour beforehand, giving us time to walk around some of the shops as we didn't think Mum would feel up to it afterwards.  We used the time to do such fascinating things as buying breakfast cereal and padded envelopes in Poundland, Nivea moisturiser and Soap & Glory Hand Food (on a 3 for 2 offer) in Boots and paying in a premium bond.

As it happened, the hygienist didn't hurt Mum a bit, but we still got very tired walking back.  And both of us got extremely disturbed by a vicious-looking boxer who seemingly kept quietly stalking us.  Don't get me wrong, I like dogs, but when a dog is off the lead and keeps snarling at you while the owner takes no notice whatsoever, I do get a little concerned!

I kept getting strange pains in my chest, which I had presumed to be indigestion but which Mum was trying to convince me was a heart attack!  I did wonder if it was my allergies as they were obviously returning and I couldn't breathe properly.

My clothes were bothering me again too.  I HATED wearing leggings.  They were too tight and showed off too much of my figure.  I hated my fat thighs anyway, but even if I was the slimmest girl in the world, I personally think tight leggings look horrible on anyone.  Now I had a hole in the knee of the latest pair and Mum was encouraging me to buy yet more of the dreaded things.  After all, I "couldn't wear anything else now as they would feel too loose".  My same old shoes were rubbing blisters on my feet as well, but I just couldn't find anything else.  I think half the problem was that I'd been in the same styles (that Mum had chosen for me) for so long, I didn't even know what I liked myself anymore.

I returned to another nice little surprise.  I'd received my first neutral feedback on e-Bay.  No message from the buyer to explain WHY she left a neutral, it was just there.  "Speedy delivery. Many thanks. Description not exactly clear. But good item."

The item in question was Diamond the Keypers Horse.  I was confused.  I'd made it clear that she was an old toy and in nowhere near mint condition.  I'd given what I considered a detailed description of her flaws, saying that her saddle blanket had discoloured and there were several rubs and scratches to her paintwork.  I'd stated that she came with no accessories.  So what had I done wrong?  I wrote to the buyer and asked what was wrong with the item.  Several days later she replied:

"Hi. Diamond arrived fine, however, your 'without accessories' description was my issue. I accepted that as no bridle, brush or finder. However, I did not consider the key to be an accessory as it is paramount to the main function of the item itself. So obviously we got a little lost in translation, but it may prove helpful to be clearer on any future items. Many thanks for the concern. I am trying to find a key for diamond now so that my daughter can use it.
Kindest regards

What the...?  There was no key shown in the photograph.  The auction was for a vintage horse toy with "no accessories".  How can you be clearer than that?  Should I start listing the individual accessories and stating "No Finder, bridle, brush or key"?  Then some clever clogs would probably come along and say "Ooh...but I thought you'd include some pretty trinkets to replace the original accessories!".  I guess you can just never please some people!

In the evening, we went to Tesco where the horrible old man who works in the car park was quite blatantly staring at all the young women who passed by.  He made me feel thoroughly sick and put me in a terrible mood.  I ended up having an argument with David, and stomped moodily back to the car.  My flouncing was stopped in its stride when I reached the 'exit' gate and it wouldn't open.  The security guard came and told me to push it, at which point all the alarms went off!  Highly embarrassing, and I felt a bit silly smiling and thanking him before continuing on my moody walk back to the car!

March 16th 2011

We were spending the day at Grottsville, so I was awoken at 6am in order to get ready.  Even so, I didn't have time to eat breakfast or to have a proper wash before we had to leave.  I was so overtired that I ended up sleeping on an armchair in the lounge at Grottsville until 10am (!) before I could start on any clearing up work at all.

Mum went to see the doctor at 11am, who told her she should have an endoscopy (swallow a camera) to check that there's nothing seriously wrong with her stomach, but Mum refused to be referred for the test.  However, she came back even more convinced that she had cancer and that was the only reason they were even suggesting such a test.  They weighed her and discovered that she had lost 7lbs.  This was quite obviously another sign that she was fading away.  I pointed out that she had been doing a lot more exercise since we moved house (she was even walking up and down the stairs a lot more than she ever had done in Grottsville, without even factoring in all the long walks to West Ealing, Ealing Broadway and Sparkle Dental Boutique we'd been doing recently).  To prove a point, I weighed myself and discovered that I was down to 114lbs, meaning I had also lost about half a stone since we moved house!  Oh my, perhaps we were both dying of cancer!  I was quite pleasantly surprised at my weight loss actually, but I looked no slimmer for it!

With all the stress, we didn't get much done towards clearing up at Grottsville.  I photographed my Chestnut Ridge horses collection to sell, but that was about it.  David didn't come to collect us until 7.30pm, by which time my allergies were back with a vengeance and I was severely dehydrated.  I'd also had a lot of time to dwell on the various causes of my stress/depression, and my hair was feeling thinner than ever...

March 17th 2011

I was still feeling very down and Mum continued to scare me to death by saying she was dying of stomach cancer.  She said I'd be sorry when she was gone and I looked back at "how mean I'd been to her"

Apparently, it was still okay for her to be mean to me though!  She decided to verbally attack me about my e-friends over dinner again.  I swear she'd be happier if I had nobody in my life at all.  But don't worry, my "friends were little more than imaginative anyway" as I'd never met some of them and very rarely see the others.  Well, I realise that.  But, as I have nobody in "real life", my e-friends are all I have.  I should drop my dreams of moving to Vancouver too.  Surely "even I could never call someone I'd never been home"?  Uh, but isn't the whole point that I WILL have been there (and still be there!) by the time I'm calling the place home?!  I pointed out that I would have already been there if she'd let me take up the offer from the friend who kept asking us to go and stay with him for a couple of weeks.  This angered her further.  "You'd have to get a job - you couldn't just expect him to keep you!"  Uh...what?  We're talking about a two or three week holiday which the friend in question was happy to offer.  How would I get a job during such a short period of time, and how would he be "keeping me"?  I pointed this out to her, but she continued along the line of me expecting this "old man" (who is a few years older than me) to take me in and pay my way long term.  I couldn't even MOVE over there long term, otherwise I'd be long gone!  Silly woman.  As her final cutting remark, she told me to "be aware that if I only talk to older people, they will DIE".  Thank you for being so cheerful, Mum.  I can't help the fact that I am usually attracted to older people both as friends or more than friends.  We will all die eventually anyway and there's no way of knowing when any of us will leave this world.  I mean, there's nothing to say that a guy 13 or 14 years older than me should pass a long time before me.  A lot of things are genetic, after all.  Say the guy's grandparents passed at ages 95, 90, 87 and 76 (giving us an average of 87), while I had only one grandparent make it to her early 80s and one die in his late 40s, giving us an average of around 71.  Following that theory, my time could be up a couple of years before the guy in question anyway!  Of course, there's an equal chance of him walking under a bus tomorrow and me living to be 110.  But you could say that about ANY person of ANY age.  Mum's thinking is crazy sometimes.

Oh, and all those figures were totally invented off the top of my head, of course!  I don't even know the ages of my dad's parents at the time of their passing to be honest, just that his dad (my grandad) died of cancer at a relatively young age.

Back to the story in question, I ended up gulping my dinner so that I could get away from her...not a good idea, when you consider the indigestion pains I had been getting recently anyway!

My tiredness was getting overwhelming and I had a dreadful headache, but I still managed to get to Tesco that night and actually felt a lot better for a bit of fresh air.

March 18th 2011

I didn't leave the house all day.  I had intended to go for a walk but it rained all day long, and David didn't come home until 11pm so there was no chance of going out in the car either.

The replacement for the latest Laura Ashley window pane cabinet was delivered.  This one was undamaged so was put in the front room upstairs.  Mum couldn't decide what to put in it though.  Crikey, with cabinets that size, a normal person would be able to fit every ornament they owned inside!  And then she dares to call ME a hoarder?!

Not a lot happened that day.  I had a bath and got too scared to rinse my hair (we still didn't have a shower attachment for the taps, so I had to use cups of water to rinse it), so I ended up doing so in the basin...soaking EVERYTHING in the process! >.<

And that's pretty much it for another six boring days of my life.  Sorry it got a little rushed towards the end again - it's late and I'm feeling too downhearted to write much at the moment anyway.  Thanks for reading though and please tune in tomorrow when I hope to get another (more interesting) entry written!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Monday, 16 July 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays...

...always get me writing dull blog entries!  Beware, this is quite possibly the most boring one I've ever written!  Still, if I am to continue to document my life, I must cover even the most boring days!  There's nothing that says you have to read every entry, dear reader, but if you do decide to skip this one, please come back for future chapters.  I promise there are far more interesting things ahead!

March 7th 2011

Mum and I were both very depressed.  Emma hadn't been in touch again, the house was a mess and everything in general seemed to be going wrong.

I kept receiving very strange e-Bay messages and I just wasn't feeling up to answering their stupidity.  People wanting me to end things early for less than the starting price, people wanting me to take MIB items out of their packaging to "see how much they would weigh" (and if you decide NOT to take it, I'm left with an item that's worth a lot less than it was in its box!)  Possibly the weirdest came from a girl who told me she was "really gutted that I missed the auction end for this item!" when the auction didn't end for another three days!  My e-Bay stuff was doing well this time though, I even had two bids on some items which had been listed several times before with no interest at all!

David and I went to the IT shop to collect the computer.  Carrying it back to the car, David flipped the computer upside down and cried, "Ooh, I didn't realise you had a..." I've no idea what he didn't realise I had, but I almost didn't have a computer at all as he dropped the cable and adapter on the pavement with a smash and just caught the computer before it met the same fate. >.<  WHY would somebody start looking at the bottom of a laptop while walking along the street with it anyway?!
I started the long, hard task of playing through my old cassette tapes in order to index them/see if there were any that I could get rid of.  The goal was to get the job completed before we went to the USA in May but I didn't know if I'd make it in time.  There were an awful lot of tapes to sort through!

Then again, I didn't know if we'd really be going to the USA anyway.  Mum had already said she wouldn't go unless all of her photos had been scanned and, while David kept promising to do the job, he was doing very little in reality.  One day the scanner was supposedly broken, another day he forgot to take the stuff that needed scanning back to Grottsville (where the scanner was still being kept for some reason).  Today he stayed at work until 11.30pm, leaving Grottsville in total darkness - advertising to the unsavoury folk on the street that the house (with many of our valuables still inside) was empty - all the while.

March 8th 2011

Mum and I walked around the corner to the local charity shops and Co-Op.  There was nothing of interest in the charity shops though and a horrid man made me feel sick by slowing down his lorry and shouting at me that I was "welcome at his place any time, sweetheart".  Well, if he acts in such a vulgar manner towards all women, I'm not surprised he feels the need to call out to random passers by.  It's probably the nearest he'll ever get to the opposite sex!  Why must so many men be gross, sexist pigs? (No offense to pigs, by the way - I'd far rather have a pig than a man for the most part!)

David never seemed to find time to do the shopping for us anymore, and we had no dinner.  Mum had kindly told him not to worry about it and lied that we had some tortelloni in the fridge, thinking we could get some at the Co-Op.  However, they didn't have any so we ended up with boring old Smash and tomato soup again.

This gave me bad indigestion and when we DID get to Tesco that night, I was left with a bad pain in my ribs every time I took a breath.  Well, it turned out to be worth battling around the supermarket when I found eleven more Dolly Mix Ponies.  They scanned at £1.99 each so David discarded them on another conveyor belt, but I went and fetched the shelf sign and got the price reduced.

We stopped at Grottsville on the way back and I moved all of the duplicate MLPs from the overheated back room to the lounge.  I couldn't hang onto them much longer though...they would have to come to Woodberry to be sorted and sold.

We rang our dental practise to find out if it was okay to go ahead with treatment at Sparkle Dental Boutique.  I was a little concerned that if I had private orthodontic treatment I would no longer be able to get dental treatment on the NHS.  But they said it was fine, and were only confused as to why we hadn't gone to see THEIR private orthodontist. about because I didn't know they had one?  Why had my dentist never suggested him to me all the long years she knew I wasn't happy with Mr Crow and the jaw surgery he was demanding I had?

March 9th 2011

I had a bad toothache from excess flossing, but I was determined to keep my teeth and gums clean in the days and weeks leading up to getting the braces fitted.  There was no time to take a "sick day" though as there was far too much to do.  Mind you, working hard all day every day seemed to be getting me nowhere anyway.  I was still trying to cram the G2 ponies on their shelf, saving and transferring my old blog entries from Myspace, indexing cassette tapes, and now Mum had decided that she wanted EVERY SINGLE ITEM she owned photographed in case the house burnt down while we were away.  Every ornament, every picture, every piece of jewellery... o_0  Bear in mind that my camera had a smashed screen that I couldn't even see through and that Mum wanted perfect photographs, and imagine the madness that ensued.  It was a nightmare with her snapping at me that none of my pictures were clear enough, but if I complained, Mum made me feel guilty by saying I didn't want to help her.

That night we went to McDonalds for Wispa McFlurries and then to Grottsville to collect the latest lot of e-Bay stuff.  I'd sold around 50 items this time (and had even more bids by the time we got back to Woodberry!) so why did the house look no clearer for it?!

March 10th 2011

Mum and I walked to Sparkle Dental Boutique to see the orthodontist.  She didn't seem quite as confident as Sunita had, but still said improvement could be made with "a good 18 months in braces".  She said that I would need fixed retainers on both my top and bottom teeth for the rest of my life, and that I would have to have two wisdom teeth removed.  I understood this was to be done next time, and the appointment had just been brought forward by a week, so I was shaking in my shoes!  Still, I guess it was better to have two teeth out than the eight Mr Crow had said I needed removed!

David drove to meet us there in his lunch break and arrived late, demanding to see the orthodontist after my appointment to quiz her on "her emphasis".  He didn't tell us what she'd said to him but he seemed much happier for talking to her himself!

We got chips on the way back home before David went back to work.  We went to Grottsville that night to pick up yet more e-Bay stuff, which David had promised to help me pack up when we got home.  Instead, he pretended to be asleep until it was time for him to return to Grottsville for bed, so I ended up doing the whole lot on my own anyway.  Oh well, not to worry.  I was up until gone 1am watching my Intelligence DVD again anyway!  That show is addictive!

March 11th 2011

Emma had still not been in touch and Mum was highly disturbed.  It was Gabriella's birthday the following day and we thought she would have written to say what gift was required, but she hadn't even done that much.  Mum was getting more and more convinced that she was never going to hear from her again, and blaming me for all of the arguments relating to my hair, of course!

With no instructions on what gift Gabriella wanted, we just had to get a Toys 'R Us gift voucher that night with the intention of David driving to Emma's house and putting it through the door.  It didn't work out though.  David did drive to her house, but chickened out of walking up the path when he spotted "something pink" (probably Emma) in the hall!  Any other man would have knocked on the door and spoken to her to see what was wrong and if he could smooth things over and put her and Mum back in touch, but not David.  He just wanted to keep out of the arguments!

I saw the Ponyville Mermaids at TRU but still stubbornly refused to support Hasbro by buying them!

I worked hard at clearing the house all day long again with little progress being made.  Mum moaned at me that I hadn't photographed her old jewellery, as "none of my stress or tidying up jobs could be as important as documenting her heirlooms"!  It wasn't like I was being lazy though, for goodness sake!  I was up until 2am photographing and cataloguing G2 ponies, then I had a funny turn.  I felt weak and dizzy, like I was about to throw up, probably from dehydration as I never stopped work even for long enough to go downstairs and get a drink!  Of course, half-watching Intelligence while I was working may have contributed to staying up so late!  I just couldn't pull myself away!

When I did come downstairs at 2am, I discovered David asleep on the front room floor.  I thought he was back in Grottsville, but apparently he had decided to lie down on the floor upon his return from Emma's house, leaving the house in Grottsville totally empty and unguarded again!  I needed to get the rest of my stuff out of there before the inevitable happened and vandals broke in...

March 12th 2011

Apparently David hadn't even returned to Grottsville after I woke him up at 2am.  Instead, Mum had gone to the bathroom at 3am and discovered him still lying on the front room floor, looking at, um, a rather unpleasant website.  This spurred a huge argument and David sulked all the following day, meaning we only got a brief trip to Grottsville to eat lasagne.

Mum wrote to Emma to apologise about Gabriella not having a birthday gift or even a card, but got no response, of course.  Mum was very depressed about it all, which was not helping my general depression one bit!

Another thing that was not helping was my overwhelming tiredness.  I was working at cleaning and tidying the place until 4am for the second day running but the house still looked no better for it!

I did take a break to have a nice relaxing bath that evening and to use the Smooth Skin system in a couple of different places for the first time.  The system did seem to work well, but I still wasn't convinced that the results would be permanent.  Well, at least it didn't hurt as much as some reviews had suggested it might!

Hooray, another six days completed, and it's only 6pm!  Perhaps I'll actually get some of my other jobs done this evening and still be able to get an early night.

Thanks for reading, guys!
Desirée  xxx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Punishment Meetings, Orthodontic Outcomes and Custom Charges!

And all written after walking halfway around the world with a bad migraine, so my apologies in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors you may find in this entry!

March 1st 2011

David was in trouble for being late to work a few times during the previous weeks (even though he must have more than made up for it with all the extra unpaid hours he worked in the evening) and a meeting was arranged for the following day regarding his "punishment".  David was certain he was about to lose his job so took his stress out on me, of course, telling me once again that I was a "burden" and should go on job seeker's allowance instead of getting any education and working towards a proper job.

In turn, I had sunk into a deeper depression about my shattered dreams and how it was too late to chance things now.  Mum was cross with me for being down though as she had enough to worry about with "poor David" .  Well, perhaps if David had moved house before this late stage, I would have HAD an education/goal in life and wouldn't be so depressed in the first place!

Mum and I sorted through Ron and Gwyn's old holiday photos.  They were all on the old 35mm slides and Mum had decided to get rid of a lot of the ones that didn't feature her uncle or aunt/weren't particularly nice photos.  I thought it was quite sad to just throw away their pictures and said we should at least try to sell them to people who might have an interest in the places they visited.  But Mum threw the whole lot into a box together, making it near impossible to sort one country from another. >.<

In the evening, we went to Brentford McDonalds for Wispa McFlurries.  Not a particularly pleasant experience as the place was full of rude football fans, trudging around the restaurant's car park in little drunken gangs.  I don't follow football so I wouldn't like to say if they were excited or angry, but either way they looked like they would smash someone's car at any minute!

We went to Morrisons after that, but there were no more Dolly Mix Ponies to be found.  The lot I'd bought at the Tesco garage were selling really well and now I had people enquiring after certain ponies they needed to complete their collections.  I wanted to help everyone out, but the Dolly Mix supplies were really drying up in all the shops by this point.

I stayed up until 3am cataloguing my G2 MLP collection and listening to the Wicked soundtrack.  Wow, was that really noteworthy?  I seem to stay up until that kind of time every single night in order to work on this blog these days!

March 2nd 2011

David's "punishment" amounted to him talking to a very bossy woman for half an hour who told him she was "on his side" but she couldn't do anything if he "wouldn't help himself by getting there earlier".

Mum and I walked to West Ealing to post five e-Bay parcels.  It was nice to get out and about and have a wander around the shops for once.  I found a G2 Birthday Magic Sunsparkle, G3.5 fakie and Keypers Kazoo the Penguin in the Salvation Army charity shop - the whole lot cost under £1.00 which I thought was pretty good for a charity shop find in this day and age!

I was still desperately seeking some nice (feminine) summer clothes, but all the current fashions appeared to be far too short/low cut for my liking!  I had seen a nice dress in Peacocks in Uxbridge which Mum had put me off of buying (" a DRESS?! *Snorts*") at the time.  I'd decided to go ahead and get it now, but they didn't have it in the West Ealing branch.

We got lost on the way home and ended up passing the horrible Proven Developments (Rob Williams and his cowboy builders who messed up this house) who were - kind of - working on a house.  I say "kind of" as the only work they appeared to be doing was sitting in the garden smoking and drinking coke.

When we got back, we found a "missed parcel" card on the hall floor.  Apparently my Intelligence Season Two DVD box set had finally arrived from the USA.  I wondered why it hadn't gone through the door, then I saw the reason written on the card.  I had received a £12.18 customs charge!  Grr...  I'd not been struck by the dreaded customs charges before so it came as a nasty shock.  I wouldn't have even bought it if I'd known it would end up costing so much!

I was still suffering from severe depression.  Mum yelled at me to "snap out of it".  Sorry, but it's not that simple.  Who actually chooses to be depressed?  If you're born with a mental disorder (which I still believe I have, although I've never been properly diagnosed), however minor, it's very hard to just let it go, especially when you've had years of misery leading you to an empty life like mine.  I'd wanted to study in Canada for as long as I could remember, I'd turned down my chance to do a two year theatre course in Vancouver in order to stay here and do something more "sensible"...and I'd ended up with nothing at all.  But apparently "the grass is always greener" and I "don't know that I would have been as happy over there".  That's a joke - I could hardly have been LESS happy than I was here!

March 3rd 2011

David took a day off work and seemed a lot happier for it.  It was the day of my first appointment at Sparkle Dental Boutique and David had offered to drive us there.

I felt happier from the moment I walked through the door...  It was nothing like the orthodontic clinic at Northwick Park.  The staff were all friendly and made a point of getting to know you on a personal level.  Wing, the lady I'd spoken to on the phone, remembered how nervous I had sounded (oops...) and immediately put me at my ease, giving me a form to fill in to tell them what I didn't like about my teeth/dental history etc.  Her sister, Mei, who was equally kind and friendly, works there as a nurse and introduced me to Sunita, the owner of the practise.  Sunita took one look at my teeth and was able to tell me immediately that I didn't need surgery.  No, they couldn't get a perfect result in the appearance of my overbite, but there was no reason why they couldn't fix the overcrowded teeth, close the gap at the front or fix my bite on the left side of my mouth, which had always been my main problems.

But there's a downside to much would the treatment cost?



But Mum was so determined that I shouldn't have the jaw surgery (and that she shouldn't have the stress of it!) that she and David gave the go ahead and soon I was having a multitude of x-rays and casts of my teeth taken.  These people didn't waste any time!  The orthodontist I would be dealing with wasn't there that day so I'd have to make a seperate appointment to see her for a consultation, but they said I could have the braces fitted in just a couple of weeks. o_0

They offered to knock £500 off of the price if I agreed to be filmed for their website, telling my orthodontic story and how they improved my teeth etc.  I agreed to this and Sunita took me into their studio.  I was a bit phased and kept answering the questions incorrectly (I thought her voice would be left on the video, so it was like an interview, instead of which I found out her questions were just meant to be prompts for me to tell my own story if that makes sense!), so they agreed to film me during my following visit instead.

I was pleased to be getting something done at long last, but the cost was a real worry.

And here's what I had to say about it all at the time...  (Ugh, my voice sounds so horribly deep in this video!)

Not a lot else happened that day.  We went to Grottsville to pick up some more e-Bay stuff and eat a vegetarian lasagne...and I saw what I believe to have been a mouse scurrying around the rubbish bag in the kitchen.  Did David really want to keep that half derelict house standing there forever while more and more vermin moved indoors?

March 4th 2011

Mum and I walked to Sainsbury's in South Ealing to buy milk.  The idea was to avoid having to go out that night so that I could have a bath instead.  I refused to charge David for the milk as I felt so bad about the cost of the orthodontic treatment.  "You won't make £6,000 on a few pints of milk!" Mum stated.  Well, yes, I realise that.  I probably only make £2,000-£3,000 a year full stop.  I was still trying to work out what I was going to do.  Why the heck couldn't the NHS do basic braces without jaw surgery for free?

Mum was still sorting through Ron and Gwyn's slides...and she found quite possibly the most upsetting set of photographs ever.  Gwyn had gone around the house photographing everything of value (presumably for insurance purposes)...all the stuff that was supposed to have been left to Mum, but which Ron's "friends" had come in and stolen the day he died.  It was so sad to see all of Eva's beautiful old ornaments standing there and know what became of her treasured collections.

Mum decided that she wanted to go for Wispa McFlurries that night.  The ice cream was very nice though and the staff at the Brentford branch were very generous with the amount of  ice cream they gave us!  A horrible old man in a lorry in the car park decided to change his clothes in clear view of everybody which was the only thing that rather put us off of our ice cream!  But that's not the fault of McDonalds or the staff, of course.  I'm not sure why he wanted to change into a t-shirt and shorts anyway - it was bitterly cold that night!

I had my bath when we got back (as late as if we'd had to go to the supermarket anyway!) and wore my nightdress for the first time.  I was already feeling self conscious, then Mum clapped eyes on me and began laughing uncontrollably.  She later told me she only did so because I was still wearing my "little white socks" (well, of course I was - not only did it feel weird to have bare legs and feet after so many years in trousers, I'd just used my foot cream and wanted it to sink in!), but it still didn't help my self confidence to see her laughing at me!  Well, who cares what other people think?  It just felt good to be out of trousers for once in my life.

I finally had a chance to rearrange my plush pony pile and managed to make a little more space for myself on the bed.  It would have been nicer still if I could have had the whole bed to myself, of course, but this was a start at least...

With this job finally done, I turned my attention back to the G2 shelf.  There were just too many MIB ponies taking up too much space so I decided that some of them would have to go.  I was sad to get rid of any pony, but I guess I did at least have loose examples of the same ponies.  Steph (that's WingedElf to the pony folk out there) wanted to come and visit the following weekend and I really wanted the pony shelves completed beforehand.

March 5th 2011

David drove me to Ealing post office to pay the customs charge and pick up my Intelligence DVD.  David got in a really bad mood, demanding I give him the "covering letter" that came with the missed parcel card and calling me an "idiot for not bringing it" when I told him there wasn't one (???)  I don't think he liked being corrected in front of the bloke behind the desk, and this seemed to put him in an even worse mood.  When we left the building, he started cursing at a car which had been parked in front of a "no parking" gate.  He could see that we couldn't move because of it, but still he insisted on trying to drive off.  He reversed and attempted to turn a corner, badly scratching the side of the car in the process.  This was apparently my fault for not having my mail sent to Grottsville.  Uh...why would I have my mail sent to a house where I don't live?  And what difference would it have made?  We'd have definitely missed the parcel if it had gone there and it still would have had to be picked up from the post office. >.<

He rushed to get back to Woodberry, shouting at all the other drivers on the way, where we picked Mum up and took her back to Ealing Broadway for a bank appointment.  I went in Savers and bought some cheap dry hair shampoo and Inecto body butter, and popped into TKMaxx but they had no nice dresses.  Actually, I lie.  They had a gorgeous yellow dress with a beautiful horse print all over it, but it was just too low cut for me.  Then we all went to WHSmith to look at holiday guides, and bought a couple about the American National Parks we were supposed to be visiting in May.

We went to Grottsville and had chips for dinner - far too many of the greasy things, in my opinion, but Mum (surprisingly) didn't get indigestion!

My parents had a big argument after that so only David and I returned to Grottsville that evening to hang the laundry up and collect some more of my junk.  Mum was getting annoyed about the amount of clutter I was taking to Woodberry, but I didn't want to leave it at the other house when I knew it was full of carpet beetles, and mice and other creatures that could potentially destroy my stuff.

March 6th 2011

David decided to have a lie in and didn't arrive at Woodberry until the early afternoon.  Very little got done with the day, and we didn't get to go anywhere either.  The furthest I got all day long was to Tesco Extra in Northfields to buy a loaf of bread.  The intention had been to go to Grottsville for another vegetarian lasagne, but David started sanding down a cabinet and we didn't want to stop him, so we ended up with boring old baked beans and sausages.  And then Mum got one of her bad stomach pains.  What was causing it?  She was fine with a load of greasy chips but a tin of beans and sausages brought it on again.

David stopped doing his tiny bit of DIY in favour of playing with his computer almost as soon as we began cooking the dinner anyway.  Then, when he went back to paint the cabinet, he managed to spill the whole can on the carpet!  He spent two hours shouting, swearng and rubbing the stain into the carpet, and then went to work until the early hours.

And so rounds up another six days in my life!  I do hope that you are all enjoying our, uh, EXCITING journey!  Please tune in tomorrow for another enthralling entry!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dolly Mix Delights, Bed-Hogging Plush Ponies, New Orthodontists and Valentine's Surprises!

All that and a lot more in another weeks' worth of catch-up blogging!

February 22nd 2011

I was still feeling very tired and depressed.  I hated being stuck in England, and yet I knew there was very little chance of ever escaping.  I was also getting increasingly annoyed about keep hearing people on the radio rambling on and on and ON about Kate Middleton and how terribly important it was that her first child was a SON.  After all, it would be simply terrible if a woman was allowed to be first in line to the throne above a younger male sibling.  What a horrid sexist way of thinking.  Let it go, guys, we're in the 21st century now.  Women aren't some kind of second rate citzens only placed on the Earth to give birth to "superior male children". >.<

We went to Grottsville to have canneloni for dinner, but I forgot to take any cutlery with me so ended up using my G3 MLP fork which had been lying on the kitchen table for years...and had gone kind of slimy. o_0  We picked up some e-Bay stuff too, not that it did much good.  People still decided to place last minute bids, meaning some of the sold items were still in the wrong house!

We went to Asda after that where we bought a new chopping board and some plastic food containers, and I became increasingly irritated by a man with a loud common voice who appeared to follow us around the shop (kind of) singing, "Shay's saow laverlay!" (That's "she's so lovely" to the English-speaking world!)  I got so annoyed in the end that I turned around and sang it back in a pointedly common accent, and he finally shut up!  I don't mean to be offensive, but hearing someone butchering the English language really does put me off of buying my groceries!

There were no ponies there at all, not even Dolly Mix.  Having raised the topic of Dolly Mix, David remembered seeing some at the local Tesco petrol station so we went there on our way home...

No, don't ask me why I wanted another 35 of the things!  I guess I had become addicted to opening the packets and seeing which ponies I got!  They only charged us for 34 of them, and I knew there were still quite a few people looking for them on the Arena and Trading Post, so I could probably find new homes for them pretty quickly.

All the ponies were from the second wave; three complete sets plus an extra Cotton Candy, Applejack, Medley, Sundance and Shady.  If only I could have found them when I still had all those people waiting for me to complete their sets!

I was still trying to find a way to stack all of my plush ponies at the bottom of my bed, but there were just too many of them (especially bearing my dust allergies in mind).  Yet I couldn't stand to let them go...

February 23rd 2011

Laura Ashley delivered the latest window pane cabinet (a half size one, thank goodness!) but it arrived badly scratched and chipped so had to be returned immediately.  Laura Ashley might make nice furniture, but it almost always turns up damaged in one way or another.

David took us to Grottsville after that so that Mum could see a doctor and I could collect the rest of the stuff I had sold on e-Bay.  I took my entire "recording kit" (laptop, tape recorder, USB drives, DVDs etc.) with me with the intention of finishing recording my voice tape while Mum was seeing the doctor.  Then I discovered that I hadn't brought the TAPE with me.  I'd actually got it out of the drawer but then put it straight back again!  Agh!

The doctor was useless too.  She just gave Mum some tablets for her indigestion...which we later found out couldn't be taken alongside Gaviscon anyway!

David warned us that he would be "leaving work a little later than usual" which made me a little wary.  But he had been coming home pretty early recently so we didn't fret too much.  But he didn't come to collect us until 9.30pm, by which time I had been left without a drink for hours and Mum was hungry for her tea.  So we didn't get any McFlurries again.

My sentimental feelings got in the way of another sale when I decided I didn't want to part with one of my childhood Pound Puppies playsets.  Realising the auction was ending shortly, I did something I vowed I would never do...lied to the bidder and told them the van had got broken in storage.  Yes, I know it's wrong but I just got too upset about parting with yet another beloved childhood toy.  My plan backfired when the bidder wrote back and said they'd been intending on throwing away the van anyway (just what I wanted to know!) and only wanted the contents so they'd buy them for the same price.  I ended up getting a friend to outbid the person in question, and paying the final value fees out of my own pocket just so that I could keep the item.  Please don't report me to e-Bay, I know I was wrong and I wouldn't do it again!  The worst bit is that I have nowhere to keep the Pound Puppies playsets even now and will probably end up selling them anyway.

I was still trying to find a way to stack all of the pony plushies at the end of my bed, but it just wasn't working.  There wasn't any space for ME in the bed!

Well, that kind of bed might be okay if your pony room is exclusively for ponies, or just doubles as a guest room very infrequently.  But you can't move that lot off of your bed each and every night, can you?  And I couldn't very well curl into that tiny space in front of the plushies either!

And here's how the pony shelves were looking now...

February 24th 2011

Mum and I walked to Ealing Broadway to buy some padded envelopes.  I also (in typical spendaholic fashion!) bought moisturiser, Weetaflakes, underwear and a new handbag.  I couldn't find any nice summer clothes that weren't too short or low cut for my standards though.

It was nice to walk through the parks, but I couldn't believe how much they'd changed...and not for the better.  Walpole Park used to be lovely and scenic with hedges creating a secluded kind of secret garden along by the water, but they've all been torn out now.  The zoo (where I wanted to do a course in animal care back in 2007, but we hadn't moved in time, of course) is long gone with weeds and litter in its place, the bandstand now houses two lonely-looking benches.  The place is filled with unsavoury teenagers as the college backs straight onto the park.  And the old lady from three doors away (Lolli's owner) pointedly turned her back on us as we passed for no apparent reason.

That night we went to Grottsville to collect the very last of the e-Bay stuff, and got Wispa McFlurries on the way back.

February 25th 2011

David had a rotten cold and we only had six echinacea tablets at Woodberry.  I'd managed to avoid catching a cold for a long time and could really do without getting one now when I had so many jobs to do and was already in such a deep depression.

I didn't leave the house - ironically, now that I felt comfortable going out on my own, I could never be bothered to force myself through the front door.  Not that there was ever time to go out anyway between uploading sales photos, washing ponies, packing e-Bay parcels, hoovering and doing various other housework!

I was feeling really self conscious and miserable about my appearance, especially my teeth.  Mum was horrible to me and dared me to ring a private orthodontist for a second opinion if I was so bothered.  She knows I hate using the phone and didn't really expect me to do I think she had a bit of a shock when I just marched straight up the stairs and made a call to Sparkle Dental Boutique.  I think the receptionist probably had a bit of a shock too to hear the stammering, nervous wreck on the end of the phone attempting to describe her orthodontic problems!  Highly embarrassing all round.  It was £30 just for an initial consultation to see what could be done so I knew I probably wouldn't be able to afford any treatment anyway, but at least I'd know at long last if Mr Crow had been lying to me about needing jaw surgery all these years.

My self confidence issues were not helped when an enormous spot on my back decided to appear out of nowhere, burst and leave a blood stain on my t-shirt.  Still with no mirror in the entire house, I was unable to have a look at my back and see if it was an isolated incident or not, so I became convinced that my entire body was covered in acne!

I tried to make myself feel better by pampering myself a little that night.  I hadn't really had time to bother with beautifying since I moved to Woodberry, so I thought I'd just take some time to properly cleanse my skin and moisturise etc.  But even that turned sour when I was overcome by a foul smell.  I figured it might be the pore-cleansing nose strips I used, but I soon realised the cause was actually my new Nivea Visage  Shine Control moisturiser.  A real shame as it was a great moisturiser, I just didn't like the overpowering scent!

February 26th 2011

I watched "Stare Master", the latest episode of Friendship is Magic.  I was determined to keep watching the show if just for the voice acting, but the series just didn't have the charm of the previous MLP generations for me.  I didn't even have time to watch the end of the episode and I wasn't really bothered/left wondering what happened.  It was just another silly modern cartoon like any other to my eyes.  And, I'm sorry to say, the kid voice actors behind the Cutie Mark Crusaders (including Claire Corlett, daughter of one of my very favourite voice actors, Ian James Corlett) drove me up the wall!

David arrived at about 11.30am and made it quite clear that he didn't want to take us anywhere or do anything with his day.

He eventually drove us to West Ealing but the bank was closed by that time so, after a lot of swearing and cursing, he decided to try the branch in Ealing Broadway.  He'd made us both feel so unwelcome by that point though that we stayed in the car...just as well that we did as, in his bad mood, he had forgotten to buy a parking ticket.  I was able to purchase one just before the parking warden arrived, but he was still angry at us for allowing a couple to park so close to our car that he had to use the passenger door and climb over!  Well, how were we supposed to stop them?

We were driven to Hobbycraft next where David bought a plastic box for some of Mum's trinkets and we stayed in the car as we just couldn't face any more of his bad temper.  He was in such a fowl mood that he forgot to put the car brake on twice and then blamed other drivers for causing him to forget (?!)

Then we went to Grottsville to collect the sieve (which we had left there when we'd had dinner over there and which David had forgotten to bring that morning).  I was horrified to discover just how hot it was over there.  The remaining ponies in the back room were discolouring further before my eyes.  I had to force myself to sell them - after all, they'd stand a better chance of "survival" in someone else's collection than in storage at that house.

It was another free listing weekend on e-Bay, but I only got 57 items listed before a computer virus appeared out of nowhere. >.<  It was a strange virus in the sense that I could still access the internet so in theory I could have continued listing stuff, but David told me to turn the computer off (having just advised me to buy the fake anti-virus software that the virus was advertising!)  Then he disappeared to the loft with his own computer until 11.10pm.

He "didn't know where the time had gone" but he had been "busy doing stuff"!  Well, whatever "stuff" he had been doing hadn't helped us progress with getting the house straight and we still didn't have any of the pictures (or mirrors) hung on the walls.

And the latest update from "The Making of a Pony Room"?

There was just no way the rest of those G1s were going to fit on that shelf!

February 27th 2011

I turned the computer on to see if I could list any more stuff on e-Bay but the virus had progressed and totally blocked the internet.  Unfortunate, as my friend and I were right on the brink of finding the cure for the virus and ridding the computer of it ourselves!  David did finally agree to lend me his computer to list some more stuff, and I had a further TWO "black hole" virus threats while I was on e-Bay.  Fortunately, AVG was up to date on his laptop and blocked the threats in question.

David hung six of Mum's pictures on the walls (still no mirror though!) while I washed my bed linen, which we then took to Grottsville to hang on the airer.  Then we went to Lakeland to buy a cutlery drawer divider and another couple of pots of the (discontinued) white wizard cleaning product.  We popped into TRU just to see if the G4s had arrived yet (they hadn't).  They did have lots of cute G3.5s, but I was still refusing to buy them. *Sighs*

Then we went back to Grottsville to eat a mushroom lasagne that we had bought at Tesco on the way.  It was delicious, and I found myself once again longing for an oven at Woodberry.  But Mum didn't seem to want the oven working there for some reason...

David was still in a bad mood with us, complaining that Grottsville was not clear (of my stuff) while continuing to bring more and more of his own newspapers and other rubbish into the house.  He also snapped at me again that I should "go on the dole" not even to support myself/save up to get education/get out of that place, but to fund my ticket on (their choice of) holidays. >.<  I'd really get a long way like that, wouldn't I?  If they want to go on holidays, I'm old enough to stay at home and look after myself.  If I wanted to go on benefits (and compromise my chances of being able to emigrate in the future) just to pay to go on holidays, I'll choose where I go myself, thank you very much!

Sparkle Dental Boutique sent me a little pamplet about their services, which all seemed to be about tooth whitenng and "wedding smiles".  Grr... I didn't want a perfect smile for my wedding, I wanted to have the confidence to smile and talk in public for the rest of my life!  Why do people set so much store on weddings?  It's just one day, after all!  Perhaps I'm just bitter as I know it's unlikely I'll ever get married myself, but it does seem silly to pay a lot of money for a temporary dental fix instead of using that same money for a long-lasting result.

February 28th 2011

I was sinking into a deeper and deeper depression, mainly about my fading chances of emigration.  I figured I'd never get to Vancouver now, and in actual fact, would I even want to if I could?  The whole purpose was to get on a theatre course/voice acting workshops over there, but I hadn't even got a basic education.  How could I even think about doing something as trivial as performing arts?

David and I went to the IT shop up the road and were told that it would cost £80 to rid the computer of its virus.  The work wouldn't be done for several days either as they'd already had no less than ten computers with the virus taken to the shop that very same day!

David was supposed to be leaving work at 6.30pm so that we could go to McDonalds for ice cream and we could both have a short turn on his computer to read our e-mails etc.  But he didn't arrive until gone 10pm.  I still checked my e-Bay account and found I already had lots of watchers and one bid on one of my Keypers.  I also had to write a quick letter to one person (for reasons I shall mention in a minute) but Mum was cross with me for even doing that much as "poor David was tired".  I think she was tired too - she kept making strange mistakes, and had even sent her cousin's birthday card to a wrong address!

Anyway, back to the reason behind having to write that e-mail.  Remember how sad and lonely I was feeling on Valentine's Day?  Well, apparently somebody else had been feeling sad for different reasons, wondering why I hadn't mentioned a certain packet I should have received.  In typical Valentine's Day fashion, the person had wished to remain anonymous and had not mentioned the package to me.  But, as he became increasingly worried about its whereabouts, he asked me outright if I had received anything.  I told him not.  The following day I went to pick up the mail and noticed something sticking out from behind a box in the hall.  It was the missing packet, which had apparently bounced there and been hiding behind the box for some days!  Inside was the sweetest personalised card, a small gold envelope-shaped pendant with "I Love You" written on the front and...

BABY BOWS!  My long time MLP grail!  In almost perfect condition and wrapped in the most hilariously big real bow you've ever seen!  She looked so cute, and I was so touched to think my "not-so-anonymous e-friend" would take so much notice of me as to know which MLP I wanted and think enough of me to track her down!  So thank you, darling.  I really do appreciate it.  And while we both know we will probably never have the chance to be together in real life, the card and it's message brought a tear to my eye and made me feel a lot less lonely.

And, uh, just because I was apparently obsessed with taking photos of the same shelf (with just three more ponies on it!), here's the latest update to the Pony Room!

And so, at 2am, I am finally heading to my bed!  Thanks for reading the end of my February 2011 story.  I will try to return tomorrow with tales of the first few days of March...  (Be excited! :P)

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx