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Dolly Mix Delights, Bed-Hogging Plush Ponies, New Orthodontists and Valentine's Surprises!

All that and a lot more in another weeks' worth of catch-up blogging!

February 22nd 2011

I was still feeling very tired and depressed.  I hated being stuck in England, and yet I knew there was very little chance of ever escaping.  I was also getting increasingly annoyed about keep hearing people on the radio rambling on and on and ON about Kate Middleton and how terribly important it was that her first child was a SON.  After all, it would be simply terrible if a woman was allowed to be first in line to the throne above a younger male sibling.  What a horrid sexist way of thinking.  Let it go, guys, we're in the 21st century now.  Women aren't some kind of second rate citzens only placed on the Earth to give birth to "superior male children". >.<

We went to Grottsville to have canneloni for dinner, but I forgot to take any cutlery with me so ended up using my G3 MLP fork which had been lying on the kitchen table for years...and had gone kind of slimy. o_0  We picked up some e-Bay stuff too, not that it did much good.  People still decided to place last minute bids, meaning some of the sold items were still in the wrong house!

We went to Asda after that where we bought a new chopping board and some plastic food containers, and I became increasingly irritated by a man with a loud common voice who appeared to follow us around the shop (kind of) singing, "Shay's saow laverlay!" (That's "she's so lovely" to the English-speaking world!)  I got so annoyed in the end that I turned around and sang it back in a pointedly common accent, and he finally shut up!  I don't mean to be offensive, but hearing someone butchering the English language really does put me off of buying my groceries!

There were no ponies there at all, not even Dolly Mix.  Having raised the topic of Dolly Mix, David remembered seeing some at the local Tesco petrol station so we went there on our way home...

No, don't ask me why I wanted another 35 of the things!  I guess I had become addicted to opening the packets and seeing which ponies I got!  They only charged us for 34 of them, and I knew there were still quite a few people looking for them on the Arena and Trading Post, so I could probably find new homes for them pretty quickly.

All the ponies were from the second wave; three complete sets plus an extra Cotton Candy, Applejack, Medley, Sundance and Shady.  If only I could have found them when I still had all those people waiting for me to complete their sets!

I was still trying to find a way to stack all of my plush ponies at the bottom of my bed, but there were just too many of them (especially bearing my dust allergies in mind).  Yet I couldn't stand to let them go...

February 23rd 2011

Laura Ashley delivered the latest window pane cabinet (a half size one, thank goodness!) but it arrived badly scratched and chipped so had to be returned immediately.  Laura Ashley might make nice furniture, but it almost always turns up damaged in one way or another.

David took us to Grottsville after that so that Mum could see a doctor and I could collect the rest of the stuff I had sold on e-Bay.  I took my entire "recording kit" (laptop, tape recorder, USB drives, DVDs etc.) with me with the intention of finishing recording my voice tape while Mum was seeing the doctor.  Then I discovered that I hadn't brought the TAPE with me.  I'd actually got it out of the drawer but then put it straight back again!  Agh!

The doctor was useless too.  She just gave Mum some tablets for her indigestion...which we later found out couldn't be taken alongside Gaviscon anyway!

David warned us that he would be "leaving work a little later than usual" which made me a little wary.  But he had been coming home pretty early recently so we didn't fret too much.  But he didn't come to collect us until 9.30pm, by which time I had been left without a drink for hours and Mum was hungry for her tea.  So we didn't get any McFlurries again.

My sentimental feelings got in the way of another sale when I decided I didn't want to part with one of my childhood Pound Puppies playsets.  Realising the auction was ending shortly, I did something I vowed I would never do...lied to the bidder and told them the van had got broken in storage.  Yes, I know it's wrong but I just got too upset about parting with yet another beloved childhood toy.  My plan backfired when the bidder wrote back and said they'd been intending on throwing away the van anyway (just what I wanted to know!) and only wanted the contents so they'd buy them for the same price.  I ended up getting a friend to outbid the person in question, and paying the final value fees out of my own pocket just so that I could keep the item.  Please don't report me to e-Bay, I know I was wrong and I wouldn't do it again!  The worst bit is that I have nowhere to keep the Pound Puppies playsets even now and will probably end up selling them anyway.

I was still trying to find a way to stack all of the pony plushies at the end of my bed, but it just wasn't working.  There wasn't any space for ME in the bed!

Well, that kind of bed might be okay if your pony room is exclusively for ponies, or just doubles as a guest room very infrequently.  But you can't move that lot off of your bed each and every night, can you?  And I couldn't very well curl into that tiny space in front of the plushies either!

And here's how the pony shelves were looking now...

February 24th 2011

Mum and I walked to Ealing Broadway to buy some padded envelopes.  I also (in typical spendaholic fashion!) bought moisturiser, Weetaflakes, underwear and a new handbag.  I couldn't find any nice summer clothes that weren't too short or low cut for my standards though.

It was nice to walk through the parks, but I couldn't believe how much they'd changed...and not for the better.  Walpole Park used to be lovely and scenic with hedges creating a secluded kind of secret garden along by the water, but they've all been torn out now.  The zoo (where I wanted to do a course in animal care back in 2007, but we hadn't moved in time, of course) is long gone with weeds and litter in its place, the bandstand now houses two lonely-looking benches.  The place is filled with unsavoury teenagers as the college backs straight onto the park.  And the old lady from three doors away (Lolli's owner) pointedly turned her back on us as we passed for no apparent reason.

That night we went to Grottsville to collect the very last of the e-Bay stuff, and got Wispa McFlurries on the way back.

February 25th 2011

David had a rotten cold and we only had six echinacea tablets at Woodberry.  I'd managed to avoid catching a cold for a long time and could really do without getting one now when I had so many jobs to do and was already in such a deep depression.

I didn't leave the house - ironically, now that I felt comfortable going out on my own, I could never be bothered to force myself through the front door.  Not that there was ever time to go out anyway between uploading sales photos, washing ponies, packing e-Bay parcels, hoovering and doing various other housework!

I was feeling really self conscious and miserable about my appearance, especially my teeth.  Mum was horrible to me and dared me to ring a private orthodontist for a second opinion if I was so bothered.  She knows I hate using the phone and didn't really expect me to do I think she had a bit of a shock when I just marched straight up the stairs and made a call to Sparkle Dental Boutique.  I think the receptionist probably had a bit of a shock too to hear the stammering, nervous wreck on the end of the phone attempting to describe her orthodontic problems!  Highly embarrassing all round.  It was £30 just for an initial consultation to see what could be done so I knew I probably wouldn't be able to afford any treatment anyway, but at least I'd know at long last if Mr Crow had been lying to me about needing jaw surgery all these years.

My self confidence issues were not helped when an enormous spot on my back decided to appear out of nowhere, burst and leave a blood stain on my t-shirt.  Still with no mirror in the entire house, I was unable to have a look at my back and see if it was an isolated incident or not, so I became convinced that my entire body was covered in acne!

I tried to make myself feel better by pampering myself a little that night.  I hadn't really had time to bother with beautifying since I moved to Woodberry, so I thought I'd just take some time to properly cleanse my skin and moisturise etc.  But even that turned sour when I was overcome by a foul smell.  I figured it might be the pore-cleansing nose strips I used, but I soon realised the cause was actually my new Nivea Visage  Shine Control moisturiser.  A real shame as it was a great moisturiser, I just didn't like the overpowering scent!

February 26th 2011

I watched "Stare Master", the latest episode of Friendship is Magic.  I was determined to keep watching the show if just for the voice acting, but the series just didn't have the charm of the previous MLP generations for me.  I didn't even have time to watch the end of the episode and I wasn't really bothered/left wondering what happened.  It was just another silly modern cartoon like any other to my eyes.  And, I'm sorry to say, the kid voice actors behind the Cutie Mark Crusaders (including Claire Corlett, daughter of one of my very favourite voice actors, Ian James Corlett) drove me up the wall!

David arrived at about 11.30am and made it quite clear that he didn't want to take us anywhere or do anything with his day.

He eventually drove us to West Ealing but the bank was closed by that time so, after a lot of swearing and cursing, he decided to try the branch in Ealing Broadway.  He'd made us both feel so unwelcome by that point though that we stayed in the car...just as well that we did as, in his bad mood, he had forgotten to buy a parking ticket.  I was able to purchase one just before the parking warden arrived, but he was still angry at us for allowing a couple to park so close to our car that he had to use the passenger door and climb over!  Well, how were we supposed to stop them?

We were driven to Hobbycraft next where David bought a plastic box for some of Mum's trinkets and we stayed in the car as we just couldn't face any more of his bad temper.  He was in such a fowl mood that he forgot to put the car brake on twice and then blamed other drivers for causing him to forget (?!)

Then we went to Grottsville to collect the sieve (which we had left there when we'd had dinner over there and which David had forgotten to bring that morning).  I was horrified to discover just how hot it was over there.  The remaining ponies in the back room were discolouring further before my eyes.  I had to force myself to sell them - after all, they'd stand a better chance of "survival" in someone else's collection than in storage at that house.

It was another free listing weekend on e-Bay, but I only got 57 items listed before a computer virus appeared out of nowhere. >.<  It was a strange virus in the sense that I could still access the internet so in theory I could have continued listing stuff, but David told me to turn the computer off (having just advised me to buy the fake anti-virus software that the virus was advertising!)  Then he disappeared to the loft with his own computer until 11.10pm.

He "didn't know where the time had gone" but he had been "busy doing stuff"!  Well, whatever "stuff" he had been doing hadn't helped us progress with getting the house straight and we still didn't have any of the pictures (or mirrors) hung on the walls.

And the latest update from "The Making of a Pony Room"?

There was just no way the rest of those G1s were going to fit on that shelf!

February 27th 2011

I turned the computer on to see if I could list any more stuff on e-Bay but the virus had progressed and totally blocked the internet.  Unfortunate, as my friend and I were right on the brink of finding the cure for the virus and ridding the computer of it ourselves!  David did finally agree to lend me his computer to list some more stuff, and I had a further TWO "black hole" virus threats while I was on e-Bay.  Fortunately, AVG was up to date on his laptop and blocked the threats in question.

David hung six of Mum's pictures on the walls (still no mirror though!) while I washed my bed linen, which we then took to Grottsville to hang on the airer.  Then we went to Lakeland to buy a cutlery drawer divider and another couple of pots of the (discontinued) white wizard cleaning product.  We popped into TRU just to see if the G4s had arrived yet (they hadn't).  They did have lots of cute G3.5s, but I was still refusing to buy them. *Sighs*

Then we went back to Grottsville to eat a mushroom lasagne that we had bought at Tesco on the way.  It was delicious, and I found myself once again longing for an oven at Woodberry.  But Mum didn't seem to want the oven working there for some reason...

David was still in a bad mood with us, complaining that Grottsville was not clear (of my stuff) while continuing to bring more and more of his own newspapers and other rubbish into the house.  He also snapped at me again that I should "go on the dole" not even to support myself/save up to get education/get out of that place, but to fund my ticket on (their choice of) holidays. >.<  I'd really get a long way like that, wouldn't I?  If they want to go on holidays, I'm old enough to stay at home and look after myself.  If I wanted to go on benefits (and compromise my chances of being able to emigrate in the future) just to pay to go on holidays, I'll choose where I go myself, thank you very much!

Sparkle Dental Boutique sent me a little pamplet about their services, which all seemed to be about tooth whitenng and "wedding smiles".  Grr... I didn't want a perfect smile for my wedding, I wanted to have the confidence to smile and talk in public for the rest of my life!  Why do people set so much store on weddings?  It's just one day, after all!  Perhaps I'm just bitter as I know it's unlikely I'll ever get married myself, but it does seem silly to pay a lot of money for a temporary dental fix instead of using that same money for a long-lasting result.

February 28th 2011

I was sinking into a deeper and deeper depression, mainly about my fading chances of emigration.  I figured I'd never get to Vancouver now, and in actual fact, would I even want to if I could?  The whole purpose was to get on a theatre course/voice acting workshops over there, but I hadn't even got a basic education.  How could I even think about doing something as trivial as performing arts?

David and I went to the IT shop up the road and were told that it would cost £80 to rid the computer of its virus.  The work wouldn't be done for several days either as they'd already had no less than ten computers with the virus taken to the shop that very same day!

David was supposed to be leaving work at 6.30pm so that we could go to McDonalds for ice cream and we could both have a short turn on his computer to read our e-mails etc.  But he didn't arrive until gone 10pm.  I still checked my e-Bay account and found I already had lots of watchers and one bid on one of my Keypers.  I also had to write a quick letter to one person (for reasons I shall mention in a minute) but Mum was cross with me for even doing that much as "poor David was tired".  I think she was tired too - she kept making strange mistakes, and had even sent her cousin's birthday card to a wrong address!

Anyway, back to the reason behind having to write that e-mail.  Remember how sad and lonely I was feeling on Valentine's Day?  Well, apparently somebody else had been feeling sad for different reasons, wondering why I hadn't mentioned a certain packet I should have received.  In typical Valentine's Day fashion, the person had wished to remain anonymous and had not mentioned the package to me.  But, as he became increasingly worried about its whereabouts, he asked me outright if I had received anything.  I told him not.  The following day I went to pick up the mail and noticed something sticking out from behind a box in the hall.  It was the missing packet, which had apparently bounced there and been hiding behind the box for some days!  Inside was the sweetest personalised card, a small gold envelope-shaped pendant with "I Love You" written on the front and...

BABY BOWS!  My long time MLP grail!  In almost perfect condition and wrapped in the most hilariously big real bow you've ever seen!  She looked so cute, and I was so touched to think my "not-so-anonymous e-friend" would take so much notice of me as to know which MLP I wanted and think enough of me to track her down!  So thank you, darling.  I really do appreciate it.  And while we both know we will probably never have the chance to be together in real life, the card and it's message brought a tear to my eye and made me feel a lot less lonely.

And, uh, just because I was apparently obsessed with taking photos of the same shelf (with just three more ponies on it!), here's the latest update to the Pony Room!

And so, at 2am, I am finally heading to my bed!  Thanks for reading the end of my February 2011 story.  I will try to return tomorrow with tales of the first few days of March...  (Be excited! :P)

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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