Friday, 13 July 2012

An Extra Long Entry...

The first of many long entries, I hope.  I'm going to try to cover a week in each blog from now on or I'll never catch up!

February 15th 2011

I walked around the corner early in the morning...too early.  The charity shops weren't even open yet.  My main reason for walking up there was to look for potatoes but the Co-Op hadn't stocked their shelves yet an the potato tray was empty.  I waited around for the charity shops to open but there was nothing of interest in any of them anyway.  And, as I left the last one, I saw a very suspicious looking youth wearing a hoodie and jeans (well, half-wearing the latter as they only came up to just above his knees, it seemed!) rambling towards me at a fast pace.  I ducked back inside the charity shop, deciding to wait for him to pass instead of having to walk past him in an otherwise deserted street.  After a few minutes, I figured he must have passed by despite me not having seen him do so and decided to brave walking home.  The youth was standing right outside...  Nervous of young boys as ever, my heart stopped beating for a second.  Then I saw WHAT he had been so desperately hurrying towards.  Not me, but the ugliest, most common looking red hoodie I had ever seen which had obviously been lying in a basket outside the shop.  He had picked it up and was staring at it lovingly, but hadn't taken it inside to pay.  Maybe that's why he looked so suspicious.  Perhaps he was waiting for the shop assistant to go in the back room so that he could run off with it.  I didn't wait to find out and dashed back home, where Mum was already worrying about why I had "been out so long".

I spent most of the day washing ponies and trying to fit my MLP playsets on the top of the shelving unit/wardrobe.  My hands were getting increasingly sore from all the pony washing, and my hand cream (and hair conditioner) was turning to liquid due to it being so hot at Woodberry.  My mum still insisted on having the heating on all the time though as she was cold!

In the evening, we went to Grottsville to collect the potato masher and some more MLP playsets.  After that, we went to Tesco; the branch nearest to Woodberry which I hadn't visited for a while.  Advice: Never take me to a shop that I haven't visited for a while if I have money in my purse, even if it's just a supermarket.  I came out with another G3 MLP birthday card for my collection and three new t-shirts.  They were technically kids' t-shirts but they fitted and they were cute so who's complaining?  I'd rather have a cute brightly-coloured t-shirt with a puppy, kitten or butterflies on the front than a cropped, low cut affair with a raunchy slogan written across my chest, thank you very much!

There were some really cute G3.5s I still needed for my collection as well as a MLP jigsaw with a Ponyville Pinkie Pie which I hadn't seen before there too, but I was still boycotting Hasbro over FiM/replacing Janyse as Pinkie Pie's voice and refusing to buy any of their merchandise.  Oh well, I guess it saved me a bit of money!

It was time for my latest orthodontic appointment, and now that we had finally moved house I was prepared to go, but Mum had me postpone it again as she didn't want me to have the jaw surgery.  "We have to get a second opinion," she said, although it was quite clear that she had no intention of doing so.  Instead, she was still trying to discourage me from having anything done at all.  Later that day, she pointed out a tooth whitening advert in a magazine.  "See, it's all about how WHITE teeth are now! Her (the model's) teeth stick out and she has a gap!"  She didn't have either problem actually...but you wouldn't really expect a model advertising a dental product to have flawed teeth, would you?!

February 16th 2011

Mum had sunk into a deep depression, declaring that she "wasn't long for this world" very dramatically.  She "had cancer...or at least a stomach ulcer".

The parcel I had ordered from Shelti arrived, but I was in the bathroom and didn't hear the postman banging on the door so I missed it.  We needed a doorbell.

Another day was spent re-arranging my pony shelves and attempting to clean my bedroom.  I was very tired from all the housework (after years and years at Grottsville, never doing anything along those lines at all!), but I guess David would just say I was "lazy".

At dinnertime, we realised that despite finally having potatoes and a potato masher, we didn't have a knife with which to peel the potatoes!  Then the kitchen light went out anyway, and we had no light bulbs to replace it...  David came back from work and took us to Grottsville very briefly to collect a knife and some more MLP playsets, then went back to work.

We had a shock when we got to Grottsville, as we discovered we no longer had a front wall!  At first I thought it had been knocked down by thugs, but then I realised that the builders must have finally come and disassembled it without announcing their plans.  They hadn't finished the job before it got dark though, of course, so there were loose bricks everywhere.  We really wanted those knocking around the garden in such a rough area, didn't we?  Any one of the unsavoury people who walked by might choose to use them as ammunition during the night.  It wouldn't be too hard to just throw one through the lounge window...with David sleeping inside!

When we returned to Woodberry, we were able to eat our first dinner here.  To put it frankly, it was horrible.  There were still ponies all over the kitchen counters so we had to peel and mash the potatoes on the floor!  Mum refused to turn the spotlights on in the extension so we had to eat in the dark, and the potatoes themselves seemed to be very out of season.  They were yellow, mushy and tasted disgusting.  Oh well, at least it meant things could only improve from now on, I guess!

I'm sure some of you are wondering how the Pony Room was progressing.  Well, here's a couple of snapshots I took that day...

4.30pm - All the ponies were being forced to move closer together, the idea being to fit more on the shelves.  Della the My Pretty Pony had now had to go back inside her box.  You can see some of the playsets on top of the shelves now too.

Midnight - pony moving complete!  It was still a tight squeeze but hopefully I would be able to fit all the G1s on the left hand side now.

February 17th 2011

Quite a boring day filled with blog saving, wasting time on silly Facebook games and doing more tiring clearing up that seemed to be getting us nowhere anyway.

I had come to a stand still with the progress on the pony room, as I needed more videos/other merchandise to stand them on which was still in Grottsville.  This meant I couldn't move any more ponies from the kitchen, which in turn meant we were still preparing dinner on the floor.

I was getting depressed about never having a chance to go out.  Half the reason that I had wanted to move to Woodberry so desperately was that there were nice parks/places to walk in the area and I didn't feel too scared to go out on my own for once in my life.  But now I was there I was always too busy to find half an hour to step out of my own front door anyway!  Mum tried to cheer me up by saying we'd walk to the park and feed the ducks later that week...after I'd just eaten one of the bread crusts she had intended to feed to them!

David took us to Grottsville in the evening.  The men hadn't returned to re-build the wall, as can (kind of) be seen in this photo:

So the garden was still filled with bricks for any drunken idiots looking to have a "snowball fight" with something a little more violent.  Rather irresponsible of the builders to leave a job half done for more than 48 hours if you ask me.

David moaned at us for not wanting to stay in Grottsville long enough for him to eat fish and chips but he'd promised to do some jobs back at Woodberry, such as hanging a mirror on the bathroom wall at long last, and it was getting too late for Mum to be standing around (she had got into a habit of going to bed quite early by this point).  He did actually look at the mirror, which surprised us in itself, but he soon realised that he didn't have a piece of string to hang it up anyway.  "How can anyone be expected to do something in five minutes?" he muttered angrily.  Nobody expected him to do it in five minutes.  It would be nice to be able to see to brush my teeth now that I was living in that house though!

One thing he did do well was lose things.  He had lost my passport now.  Why did he have to take control of all my important documents if he couldn't look after them anyway?  Lots of general boxes of ornaments etc. were still missing too.  We couldn't imagine where it had all gone, but David seemed to have a way of waving a magic wand and making everything (that didn't belong to him) disappear!

February 18th 2011

Mum and I walked to the Co-Op to buy bread.  A "friendly nice woman" (?!) gave Mum a shopping basket on her way into the shop.  We were just looking at the ready meals (which weren't much use as they didn't have many vegetarian options and we still didn't have a working oven anyway) when we thought we heard a new text message come up on my phone.  I went to the door of the shop with the intention of ringing David back (presuming it was him), but there was no message there, so I guess it must have been the friendly nice woman's phone!  Then David really did ring when we got back to looking at the ready meals!

We went in the charity shops and I found a plush Cherries Jubilee for £2.00.  I shouldn't have bought her really as I already had three and I hate selling ponies, but she was in such lovely condition compared to all of mine that I couldn't resist!  I wouldn't have seen her at all if Mum hadn't pointed her out on a high shelf, so I wonder if I had missed her on previous visits to the shop.

My allergies were returning, and the floor was covered in dust and hair (which distressed me as I knew my hair was still thinning even if I hadn't thought about it so much since it had been cut), but I couldn't hoover around all the boxes and bags everywhere and I couldn't seem to clear up no matter how hard I worked.

I had a bath and lost (*gasp*) 14 hairs - "more than ever", I say in my blog notes.  Wow, I'd love to know what I was doing to only lose 14 hairs!  Perhaps I was just counting the loose hairs in the bath instead of counting how many hairs I lost when I combed my hair afterwards?

I used the Smooth Skin System on my underarms for the first time in ages.  I'd lost faith in it to some degree though as all the hair I'd lost before appeared to be growing back now anyway.  I guess I should have just returned the faulty system instead of exchanging it for a new one. >.<

February 19th 2011

David didn't come to Woodberry until 1pm but, to his credit, he had been to Tesco, posted the latest batch of Dolly Mix Ponies and collected Shelti's parcel (at seperate post offices) on the way.

We went to Hounslow in search of a "dusky pink sheet" for Mum's bed.  We found one (not sure if it was exactly what Mum wanted, but she seemed happy enough with it), but the woman in the shop kept sniggering at us the whole time we were there for no apparent reason which wasn't very nice.  What is it about us?  We got some peach and brown flannels for the bathroom too, and I bought a couple of necklaces for a friend's birthday in New Look.  The place was filled with horrid people.  Firstly, there were two stupid teenagers ahead of us in the queue.  I observed one jealously yowling at the other in a common accent, "You're a stereotypical spoilt brat.  Your parents even let you smoke!" as though that was a good thing!  Then I was disgusted to see a filthy-minded man actually circling a pretty young woman multiple times and looking her up and down as though she were some artistic sculpture in a gallery.  Yes, I know we are the better looking gender but that does not give you the right to treat us like that.  Ugh, is it any wonder I try to avoid male humans as much as possible?!

Following this, I got into a terrible anti-men mood.  I felt so annoyed, ugly and just generally hot and bothered that I couldn't even bring myself to go elsewhere.  Just one of the many reasons I prefer to go shopping early in the morning before the gross gender arrives simply to go "window shopping...for shoppers" as it were.

We went to Home Sense after that, but all their hangers were too big for my little t-shirts (does anyone else find hangers these days are so big that they'd stretch the necks on just about any clothes?), and the last remaining mug tree on the shelf was broken.  There was a much nicer dusky pink sheet there, but the (prettier) general shade of light pink I wanted for my bed seemed to be out of fashion.

The wall had finally been rebuilt at Grottsville and it looked terrible.  The top three rows of bricks were a completely different colour to the rest of the wall!  I don't appear to have a photo on this computer though.  David assured us that the new bricks would "weather to be the same colour" but as of right now, the wall still looks as awful as the day it was completed! 

Later that evening, I was photographing ponies and talking to a friend on Skype when I heard loud voices right outside.  I walked to the front of the house and peeked out of the window where I saw a whole gang of young teenagers were sitting on Woodberry's front wall and drinking alcohol!  What is it about us?  It's a tiny, quiet road, where drunken behaviour is unheard of.  But a bunch of (underage) teenagers had decided to have a drunken party on our wall.  I guess they just have to follow us everywhere!  Thankfully, two sets of parents arrived to break up the kids' "fun" and the only evidence of the occurence came from a lone beer can in our garden.

Despite the distractions, I made good progress with the pony shelves that night.

It still seemed that the G1s would overflow onto the right hand shelves though!

February 20th 2011

David didn't arrive until 11.40am, then wasted a long while playing on his computer.

When he finally came downstairs, we went to Matalan where I got some new pyjamas.  I really liked some dog ones they had there, but they didn't have them in my size and, as I was desperate, I settled for some zebra ones instead!  I got a pretty pink nightdress with white stars on it too.  Mum laughed at it, of course, as it had been years since I had been allowed to wear anything but trousers, but now that we'd moved house I was determined to finally be myself.  And it was SO hot under my thick duvet after years on a drafty floor with a thin little blanket that I could really use something a bit cooler to wear than thick long-sleeved pyjamas!

Then we went to Uxbridge where I managed to find a pink sheet and pillowcase and some peach and brown towels to match the flannels we'd bought in Hounslow.  I went in Savers and stocked up on all my favourite Inecto products.  I asked the shop assistant if they still stocked the Inecto moisturiser but he just gave me a blank stare as if he didn't speak English and handed me my change.  We got a multi-vitamin in Holland and Barratt as the hairdresser had suggested, and then went to the Body Shop.  The shop assistant talked me into getting a new Love Your Body card, and I got a shower cream for £6.00.  Mum told me later that I could have had two for £8.00 but it was so hot in the shop that I didn't understand that at the time.  But Mum was in a bad mood debating whether or not to buy something for Emma (who had just reappeared but was still in a bad mood with us) so didn't explain things to me.  What a waste! >.<

On the way back, David went up on the kerb and drove along it for a few yards scaring us to death.  He was obviously tired so I didn't get back to Grottsville to take pictures for an e-Bay buyer who had asked me to photograph some Pound Puppies in more detail.

I attempted to assemble my MLP toy box (thinking I could put it at the foot of my bed and store some of my MLP merchandise inside it), but I didn't have the right screwdriver to do so.  All the while my allergies were returning and there was nothing I could do to clean properly around the clutter.  At least I was able to finally change my bedding, but the new sheet and pillowcase smelled like toothpaste!  Oh well!

February 21st 2011

My allergies continued to worsen while I struggled to clear the place up.  I also kept having bad anxiety attacks and not wanting to leave the room alone.  Just going to the bathroom was killing me and I was terrified of going to bed alone.

I tried to take some time out to do some painting and try to relax for once.  I finally completed the Valentine's Day picture of Lancer and Rainbow Harmony that you see in my blog banner, and did a little doodle for my friend's upcoming birthday too.

I had to get back to clearing up if I was ever to solve my allergy problems though.  I finished assembling the MLP toy box and managed to house a few of my MLP plushies between it and the wall.

We were going to walk to West Ealing but didn't have the time to do so.  Then David said he'd take us to Asda in the evening but he came in too late.  He'd completely forgotten that he'd promised to take us to Grottsville so that we could use the oven and have canneloni for dinner.

In the end, the furthest I got was running across the road in the pouring rain to post a letter for Mum, and then to Grottsville to pick up the stuff I'd sold on e-Bay late that night.

David seemed very out of breath and tired, as though he was sickening for something.  I convinced myself that someone was going to die, bringing on another panic attack in the process.  What a happy day it was to be sure!

A weird old man sent me a friend request on Bebo, a social network I'd forgotten I'd even joined many moons ago.  His profile was extremely creepy so I decided now was a good time to leave!  It was still a bit sad as I'd made a lovely profile for myself on there, talking about Splodge and other things related to times gone by.  I should have at least saved a screenshot, but didn't think about it in my haste to get away from the creepy old guy!

Well, I said I would cover a week in this blog entry and so I have.  Sorry if it got a bit rushed towards the end.  It's gone 2am and I am so tired that I really can't think straight right now.  I will try to finish February 2011 in tomorrow's entry though!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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