Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fang Straightening Treatment Commences!

Well, this is really just the tail end of the blog entry that should have been written last night.  I just didn't have a chance to write much today what with it being Mum's birthday AND having over 20 e-Bay parcels to wrap up!

March 23rd 2011

We continued to find beetles crawling everywhere.  There was just no way to track them all down or even keep them contained in one room.  I feared Woodberry was going to end up just as bad as Grottsville.

Mum and I walked to the Co-Op to buy milk and then to the three charity shops.  I found the eyeshadow versions of Star Song and Cheerilee in one of the shops for 50p each and couldn't resist picking them up.  Silly really, when I hated selling ponies so much and knew I couldn't even keep the duplicates I already had!  But they were in such lovely condition and I know that shop throws out any toys that don't sell within a certain (short) time frame.  I learned that when they threw out some ponies I didn't "rescue" before.  Anyway, I have actually only just got those two girls washed, photographed and ready to be adopted a little while ago, so if by some miracle somebody wants both/either of them, just say the word!

I was washing up after dinner when the phone rang.  Mum answered it, thinking it would be David.  Instead, it was Sunita from Sparkle Dental Boutique, ringing to give me a prep talk about "forgetting the camera" when she interviewed me and about having the braces fitted the next day.  I'd had no idea that the braces were being fitted.  I'd thought the appointment was to have the two wisdom teeth removed and the braces would be fitted at the next appointment.  Now I really was shaking in my shoes.  I had a terrible panic attack and sunk into a deep depression...mainly about not getting any more voice recordings made before the braces were fitted, which was rather silly really.  It's not like I would have felt up to making many recordings prior to having the braces fitted if I'd just had two teeth pulled!

Mum bought yet another window pane cabinet, this time to squeeze into the kitchen.  I swear she intended to turn the entire house into a museum.

March 24th 2011

The fang straightening treatment officially began!  Here's a little photographic reminder of how I used to look...

Oh my, is that really me?!  No wonder I never opened my mouth in photographs back then!

The braces were fitted relatively quickly and I had a nice surprise in that they didn't pull any teeth beforehand!  The orthodontist still said that I might have to lose the two wisdom teeth later on, but they were going to try and keep them if they possibly could.

They made their testimonial video (and even filmed me having the braces fitted! o_0), and said they were satisfied, although Mum heard Sunita and Wing having a conversation about what she believed to be my video and saying "No, not really..." as though they hadn't got the desired result even now.

The orthodontist warned me again that the braces wouldn't make any improvement to the way my top front teeth stuck out due to my overbite, but I was really more concerned about the gap and painful overcrwding on the top left anyway.

Because my mouth was so deformed with the back left molars lying down and pointing inwards towards my tongue, there was a severe risk of me biting down and actually breaking the braces off.  To try and prevent this, the orthodontist stuck two "blocks" (lumps of white filling-style resin) on my back teeth to stop me closing my mouth properly.

I came out of the boutique (literally) grinning from ear to ear.  While most people have self confidence issues about wearing braces, I actually felt better as soon as mine were fitted.  It was as if now I felt that people could see that something was being done about my crooked teeth, so I was finally able to smile and talk in public!  Funny, eh?

I even got home and managed to make this video...

My happiness was short-lived as the pain kicked in and drove me half insane.  God, it was AWFUL.  It actually seemed as though the dreaded "blocks" were causing me more pain than the braces themselves.  Every tooth in my mouth felt as though it was being ripped from my gums - the pressure was awful.  But I could just about bear that feeling.  I had this dreadful urge to bite on anything and everything.  The block, however, stopped me biting down or chewing anything properly.  I ended up having to eat tomato soup for dinner and battling to lick soggy bread off of a spoon.

Of course, I refused to take painkillers as I had a phobia about swallowing tablets, so it's not surprising that I was suffering really, is it?  On top of the pain, I had developed a dreadful lisp, which upset me greatly.  And then I sliced my tongue open on the blasted block. >.<

I really didn't know if I would be able to get through the treatment and keep the braces for a further 18-24 months.  But I couldn't really back out of treatment that was costing over £6,000!

And, as it's now 2.15am, I figure I'd better stop writing and get to bed!  Tune in tomorrow when I hope I really will have time to write a long enough blog entry to make up for slacking the past two days!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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