Monday, 2 July 2012

First Blog of the Day

Well, I didn't get an entry written last night, so I intend to write TWO today to make up for that!  Here's the first - hopefully it doesn't seem too rushed as it was written in a rather short space of time.

February 1st 2011

I didn't wake up until 7.20am... apparently David had called me at 7am but I hadn't heard him.  He was extremely bad tempered when he came downstairs and found I wasn't ready.  I rushed as fast as possible to change out of my pyjamas (in my cupboard as usual, as there were no curtains at any of the windows!), but still a big argument began as we left the house.

David handed me the mobile phone so that I could tell Mum we were on our way.  "You're late!" she said.  "I know, I woke up less than five minutes ago..." I mumbled, sleepily.  "No, you didn't!" David snapped.  "I got you up 25 minutes ago!"  I'm not clear what happened after that, I guess I was already in a bad mood from lack of sleep and his stupid comment just rubbed me up the wrong way and I snapped.  "No, you bl**dy well didn't!" I yelled at him.  He just made a throaty noise like a kind of weird cross between a growling dog and a small injured animal squealing in a corner.  Poor Mum must have been left hanging on the other end of the phone, but I didn't even remember to say goodbye to her!   "I didn't even get the ponies carried upstairs!" I continued, referring to the ponies I had washed the previous night which were still standing out in the kitchen.  Usually I got up early enough to take the newly-washed ponies to my bedroom, ready to be photographed and shelved the following night while a new batch were stood in the kitchen awaiting their bath and hair wash.  (See, I really WAS running a pony conveyor belt, just as I mentioned in a previous entry!)

David decided to anger me further - when will he learn how to deal with two strong-willed women like my mum and myself? - with another inflammatory comment.  "Why do you do all this work in the middle of the night?!"  What a STUPID thing to say to somebody who was suffering from staying up all night in a desperate attempt to clear the house.  "Because it's the only time you bl**dy get me here!" I answered angrily.  "You should do an hour less work, then we'd all feel better," he spoke down at me like he was trying to calm a small child.  Grr... "I only get about an hour done all together!" I pointed out.  "You only get me here after bl**dy midnight!"  At this point, David gave up and just snapped at me, "Agh, you've just ruined our lives once again!"  Apparently my pointed swearing was hitting the mark and embarrassing him just as I had planned.  Still annoyed, I thought it was time to embarrass him a bit further as we stepped out of the front door.  "How have I ruined your lives?  I'M the one who didn't even get a bed until the age of twenty!" Oh, he hates me to say that in public (even though there was nobody in the road at that time in the morning anyway!) and he wanted me out of people's sight and earshot as fast as possible.  "Agh, go to the car!  It's unlocked!" he hissed at me.  His next big mistake.  I flounced across the road, still angrily muttering under my breath about how I should have gone to study in Vancouver as I'd wanted to if staying here had ruined my parents' lives so badly.  The car was locked and I didn't want to be stuck standing there in my unwashed, hurriedly dressed, uncombed straggly haired state.  "It's not f***ing unlocked!" I said loudly, as the final insult.  Well, David was well and truly embarrassed and kept muttering all the way back to Grottsville about what a terrible "b*tch" I was.  Well, perhaps he would finally allow Mum and I to move properly now.  After all, if I was living there, I wouldn't have to work all night long or be so overtired, would I?

In Grottsville, I continued the tidying up effort by washing some more MLP playsets and making my hands bleed.  My MLP balloons arrived and I was quite surprised at the size of them!  I had a look at the seller's e-Bay shop - she had lots of vintage 80s and 90s balloons featuring characters like Care Bears, Budgie the Little Helicopter and Puppy in my Pocket.  She was even selling the same balloons Emma and my grandparents gave my mum on the day I was born.  I wonder where she got them all from?

Mum and I watched Dancing on Ice on the Playback service, but the series had really gone downhill.  The voting was obviously a put up job and there were so many scandals surrounding it in the news that I could no longer really concentrate the skating!

David refused to take Mum to Woodberry again that night, and went in the bathroom until 11.30pm.  So much for teaching hm a lesson that morning!  Then he wondered why I was working so hard into the early hours...  I only ended up getting about fifteen more ponies on the shelves. (I did finally seem to be gettng the knack of curling their hair though!)  Not only that, but a thick fog had settled by the time we set off to Woodberry.  So the drive was also dangerous due to us setting off so late.

February 2nd 2011

David had the morning off work.  The men were supposed to finally come and fix the front wall at Grottsville (where they had made such a terrible mess of it before!), but they didn't turn up.

On his way to work, he took us to Ealing Broadway where I got the Boots Smooth Skin system replaced (much to the annoyance of the lazy member of staff who hadn't bothered to get back in touch with me - SHE would have rung me when they had more in stock, don't you know?  Well, why were there some on the shelf then?!) and bought some shampoo, conditioner and body scrub in Savers.  I was excited to find my favourite Inecto coconut body scrub as it had been out of stock for months.  But it had now been re-packaged in a bottle of just over half the size for the exact same price. >.<

Then he dropped us at Woodberry for the afternoon.  The sweetest little dog came and greeted us as we got out of the car.  Her owner, an elderly lady who lived a few doors from Woodberry, introduced her to us as 11-year-old Lolli.  We spent a very happy few minutes talking to them and petting the sweet little dog which really made me smile.  I miss having animals around me.

It was only after they walked off that we realised a pair of Mum's knickers had fallen onto the pavement out of the bag of clothes she was carrying and must have been in full view of the pair the whole time!  How awfully embarrassing.

I walked to the charity shops around the corner and found a G1 MLP lunch box for 50p.  I asked the woman who worked there if they ever got actual MLPs in the shop and she told me that they didn't get them much.  She also said her grandaughter collected them...hmm, I wonder if that's why ponies rarely show up in there?

I washed a lot of ponies but it hardly made a dent in the clutter.  Just as it got dark enough to start taking photographs (my old broken camera wouldn't work without flash which was too much for such small objects in natural daylight), we were ushered back to Grottsville.  But not before another spooky occurence...

I was just telling Mum about the strange noises I kept hearing in the night and she was laughing at me.  About five minutes later, she walked through the hall.  She was just walking back past the cupboard under the stairs when we both heard a loud CLANG!  It sounded just like somebody smashing two saucepans together...and it was so close, it was definitely in the hall with her.  We both looked around, but nothing had fallen down, there wasn't even anything in the hall to fall... o_0

We were just calming down again when we noticed a mysterious red light kept flickering at the bottom of the garden.  There was definitely something strange going on in that house but I wasn't going to be the one to go and investigate!

By the time we left, I was feeling very tired and weak after a day of hard work combined with all the stress surrounding the strange occurences.  And it was then that David decided to spring it on me that he wanted to go for our blood tests the following morning.  I said no.  I'd had hardly anything to drink all day and wouldn't even have a chance to eat before 8pm, how could I be expected to fast until the next day?!

David got in a very bad mood (partially because I had "ruined his plans") that night, yelling that we "had caused him to break the fridge door" (no, I have no idea how WE caused him to break something in another room...and he hadn't broken it anyway!)  When I argued with him, he told me to "run away and play with the traffic".

My parents both wanted to go to Woodberry the following day as well, but I refused as I wanted to have a bath in time to see the hairdresser that weekend.  "Why can't you behave yourself and do what you're told just once!" David yelled at me.  I don't know, why couldn't he behave himself and wash up properly after getting his dinner for once?  I went to get mine and put my finger in a drop of chicken soup which had been left on the wooden stirring spoon.  It made me feel really sick.  After I complained, he refused to talk to me for the rest of the evening as though I had done something wrong.  Nasty man.

He took me to Woodberry so late that night that I didn't have a chance to photograph the ponies again, so the poor things were left in their straws and hair tie curlers (which look more like torture instruments!) for another day!

I actually fell asleep in the car on the way there!  We couldn't go on living between the two houses.  I'd got mascara on my MLP pillowcase now and I couldn't even attempt to wash it with no working washing machine.  I'd had the same bedding for over a month, for goodness sake - my allergies were getting bad again.  But still David wouldn't get a move on with anything.

February 3rd 2011

I was too tired to go to Woodberry.  In fact, I couldn't even force myself up the stairs to have a bath until 2pm.  I did feel a lot better for a nice relaxing soak though!  I was worried about my hair.  I only lost eight or nine hairs when I washed it but I was very concerned that it wasn't growing back and would never be as thick as it had once been again.

I tested the new Smooth Skin System after my bath and it worked perfectly.  It took 200 flashes just to do my lower legs though, so you didn't get very much for your money.

Having had my love of drawing re-ignited while doodling for Steph's birthday card, I decided to draw a little pony picture for Valentine's Day.  No, I'm not a good artist, but I was pleased enough with it that it eventually ended up in the title banner for my blog!

David saw an electrician at Woodberry.  Apparently the washing machine had not been earthed and a pipe hadn't been connected to the hob which would have caused a serious gas leak if we had used it.  So it was potentially dangerous and took 3 1/2 hours to fix.  David paid the bloke in cash instead of getting a receipt that we could hold up against Sickton and the cowboy builders in court though.  Will that man never learn?

He spent hours in the bathroom that night, making us late to Woodberry again.  It was gone midnight by the time I arrived so I only got ten ponies photographed and shelved.  They'd had their curlers left in for too long and all their manes and tails were in tight ringlets...not the effect I'd wanted at all!  David found this a perfect time to remind me that I should only be doing half as much pony work at night.  Well, maybe he's a lazy man who doesn't find it necessary to live in a clean house but I am a woman (and a woman who is seriously affected by dust at that!) and the dirt and clutter was driving me crazy!

February 4th 2011

I was awoken at 7am and shouted at for oversleeping.  I spent the day with a terrible headache and the old feeling of a worm crawling around in my nostril!  Don't worry, there wasn't really a worm up there!  But it was a sign of my allergies being back.

I washed a couple of MLP playsets...I just kept finding more and more of them buried under piles of rubbish upstairs.  However many G3 shops were made?!  I'd forgotten that half of them even existed, let alone how many I had!

Mum took some photos of my horrible straggly hair.  We were supposed to be seeing a hairdresser that weekend so I wanted some "before" pictures, still certain that having it cut would help it to recover.

Crikey, did I really think that was thin?  I can hardly see anything wrong with it now!

My tiredness had got beyond a joke.  We had iced buns for tea (we have such a healthy diet!) and when I went to throw out the packet, I very nearly threw the bun out with it.  Thankfully I noticed just in time so I didn't go hungry!

Mum told David to take me to Woodberry at 10.30pm as I "needed an early night".  Ha ha, very funny.  I was still up until 12.30am anyway and very little got done in the scheme of things.

Well, I have to cut off there as we are going out now.  Sorry about that, dear readers.  Not much of interest happened in those four days anyway, so I promise you aren't missing out on much!

Thanks for reading, and best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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