Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Lost Books, Abused Teddy Bears, Nasty Arguments and Hair Cuts!

Yes, I am alive.  I can't believe I let this blog slip again, right when I was doing so well and making progress too.  But the days just seem to fly by, with very little getting done.  I'd blame the computer as it's obviously on its last legs and SO slow, but then you'd accuse me of being a bad workman, so...

Let's see if I can write some extra long entries to make up for it!

February 9th 2011

We were still trying to clear the house up but we were fighting a losing battle.  Mum found her aunt's missing wine glasses (after arranging the cabinet without leaving a space for them!)   But any rejoicement was short lived.  She discovered that the Cockney Rhyming Slang book that her mum had bought her had gone missing...  Then we realised that the entire carrier bag of books in which it had been taken to Woodberry was nowhere to be found.  It was then we realised that David must have given the bag to the PDSA when they came to collect some of our unwanted stuff during his lunch break a few weeks previously.  Mum was devestated.  WHY would David not check the bags he was handing over?  We couldn't even remember what other books had been in that bag...

I was sick of the clutter in my bedroom.  Mum wouldn't let me move any of the boxes out of my room and yet there was no way I could get to the shelves with everything stacked up in front of them.  Not that the ponies would FIT on the shelves anyway!  Meanwhile, I couldn't even clean around all the boxes so my cream carpet was getting filthy, and I even found a carpet beetle in the middle of my floor.  Not surprising that my allergies were returning really.  I noticed a stain on the hoof of my jumbo plush Fluttershy too which really upset me as I had no idea how it had got there.  It just seemed that everything was getting ruined before the house was even tidy.  We even found a chocolate stain on the sofa which didn't make much sense as we hadn't even EATEN any chocolate lately!

David rang us to tell us that Laura Ashley had rung him while he was in a meeting (about thirty minutes earlier) and were on their way with the latest huge bookcase.  They only rang him at all to "apologise that they hadn't come that morning" (Huh?  They'd never even told us that they were supposed to be coming!)  We'd just piled a load of stuff in the hall to sort through and rushed to try and clear it out of the way, but they arrived just 15 minutes later.  There was no way they could get anything through the cluttered hall, so we couldn't go to the door, of course.  Why don't people give you more warning?!

On a more positive note, I did manage to assemble my Rainbow Princess Castle.  I'd had it since I bought it in Woolworths in 2007 but, having never had anywhere safe to put it, I'd left it in its box, believing that we'd move house in time that I could test it and take it back to the shop if it didn't work.  Ha ha, very funny, Desirée.  Woolworths didn't even exist by the time we moved house, and I don't think they'd have taken a faulty toy back four years later anyway!  Fortunately it was complete and in working order and finally had somewhere to be displayed on top of my wardrobe!

I also repaired Mum's childhood stuffed poodle, Pom-Pom.  She had attempted to wash him before we moved house but this had resulted in him losing his tongue.  He also originally had felt diamond-shaped patches around both eyes but the dreaded carpet beetles had eaten one of them.  I managed to stitch his tongue back on and make a replacement eye patch - I think he looks quite good now if I must say so myself.  I should take a photo of him sometime!

I even managed to get the washing machine working at long last.  So the day wasn't completely wasted for once!  But David didn't see it that way - he said I was "lazy" for not getting the oven, hob and fridge working.  It seems the more you do, the more he expects you to do!

February 10th 2011

Apparently desperate to prove David right, I didn't wake up until 10.30am!  Then I had my first bath at Woodberry.  My hair felt horrible while it was drying, but it seemed to be happier for being washed in the long run.  It was lovely and soft and didn't even feel too thin for once.

I attempted to fit all four of my MLP castles on top of the wardrobe.  It was a tight squeeze, but they did just fit.  Funnily enough, I seemed to have really cut back on "the making of a pony room" pictures by this point and didn't take a photo of them up there.  Oh well, maybe there will be one in the days to come!

David was supposed to give us warning before he left work so that I could wash my bedding and take it back to Grottsville to hang on the airer there.  But he forgot.  Oh well, at least I got my dalmatian jumper washed at long last!  I'd worn it a heck of a lot when David was driving me between houses in the early mornings so it was in desperate need of a wash.

David himself was in a strange distant mood, but we couldn't work out if he was sickening for something or was just downright depressed.  The doctor had called him and asked him to come in to have a routine blood pressure check and Mum had convinced herself that they'd found something badly wrong with his blood test.  Well, wouldn't they have told him if there was something wrong instead of calling it a "routine appointment"?

Mum started the hard job of trying to cram large quantities of teddy bears and other plush toys into the window pane cabinet in the front room.  It got dark before she could finish the job though (she HATES stopping a job halfway through so was not in the best of moods about that!) and they wouldn't all fit anyway.  Mum refused to downsize though as she didn't want to "hurt the toys' feelings"!

February 11th 2011

The latest bookcase was re-delivered but the courier still managed to mess things up, taking it to Grottsville to begin with!  It's just as well that he did though as he found the latest Goss ornament that Mum had bought on e-Bay for her collection sitting on the windowsill.  What are postmen being paid for these days?  Certainly not to do a proper job or look after anybody's mail!  The courier couldn't understand it either;  "Why would they leave it there?  The house is quite obviously empty!"  Um...yeah.  Good to know that the house we had been living in until just a few days earlier (and which David was still sleeping in) was so obviously derelict and uninhabited!  And David still couldn't see anything wrong with his, sorry, I mean, Grottsvillian Palace!

I had another "lazy" day, only washing about 30 ponies.  But there didn't seem to be much point in keep washing them.  The shelves obviously had to be rearranged to see how many more ponies I could cram into each row!

Mum spent most of the day trying to rearrange the plushies in the window pane cabinet without much success.  I thought they looked okay, but she still wasn't happy, screaming and swearing and tearing her hair out.  Eventually, she wore herself out and fell asleep on the floor.  She was awoken by David walking through the front door and, well, let's just say I actually felt quite sorry for him for once.  He came in calling out a cheerful "hello" and must have thought he'd walked through the gates of Hell...

(Warning: This tape contains very strong language and arguments of a distressing nature, especially for teddy bear lovers!)

In case you didn't figure it out from the audio, Mum swept the shelves clean, throwing all the teddy bears (that she had spent the entire day arranging) on the floor and demanding they be thrown away.  She then proceeded to shout about the house and the neighbours before making a big scene of leaving, yelling that she would never return...and walking in the opposite direction to the car!  The argument continued ALL evening.  I recorded a lot more funny snippets, the best probably being the bit where she packs her bag with "all she needs in life" (a hot water bottle, Lucozade, and Gaviscon in case she gets indigestion!) and tells David and I she never wants to see us again.  She ended up spending a "comfortable night at 'OME!"  (Grottsville) with her "smelly feet - in socks which haven't been washed for five days - on the back of the sofa".  Please tell me what I did to deserve this life?!

I washed my duvet cover and pillow case and got shouted at for not hanging them properly.  Well, I had no experience of such things, did I?!  How was I expected to hang a duvet cover (and fold a fitted sheet, everyone's worst nightmare!) correctly the first time?

February 12th 2011

We went to Hounslow Supercuts where I finally got my hair cut.  The hairdresser was very kind to me but seemed to think I was a lot younger than I really was and talked to me as though she was talking to a child or young teenager!  Oh well, I was more bothered by whether or not she was a good hairdresser than by the way she talked to me.

She insisted on washing my hair but she was very gentle and used a leave-in conditioner which seemed to work wonders.  She said I had bad dandruff (though I still believe that's the remainder of dry hair shampoo on my scalp) and some red spots which I wish I'd asked her more about but  was too stressed to think straight at the time.

I had been worried that my hair would have to be cut too short, instead of which it was actually LONGER than I wanted it!  Well, I guess it was a nice surprise to be able to keep so much length anyway!

David went to the post office to pick up the Dutch Heart Pony I'd bought from RainbowWindy while I was there, so we wasted our whole time waiting for him to return and then got rushed back home.  I hadn't had time for breakfast before we went out.  David had brought milk which I had drunk immediately (as we still didn't have a working fridge in which to store it anyway) so we no longer had any milk for cereal at Woodberry, but there were no cereal bowls at Grottsville!  How ridiculous to be living between two houses anyway!

David and I went to Woodberry to do the laundry, and I watched the latest episode of FiM and listed e-Bay stuff while we were there.  Being up in my bedroom using the internet, I didn't realise that David was playing on his own computer and hadn't actually turned the washing machine on!  We ended up staying there until after it got dark (with Mum in Grottsville unable to close the curtains there), and even then he stayed in the loft for ages claiming not to have heard the washing machine doing it's end-of-cycle beeping and me calling him to come down.

So much for an extra long entry.  Instead of that, we have a regular length entry and it's still 1.30am!  Maybe I'll do better tomorrow, eh?  What are you laughing at?  I will NOT disappear off the face of the Earth for weeks again, I promise!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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