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New Scanners, Beetle Infestations, Nasty Dentists and Wannabe Gods!

Just another four days of catch-up blogging glory!

March 19th 2011

David didn't turn up at Woodberry until almost noon and then wasted a couple of hours in the bathroom.  He blamed going to the post office to ship some e-Bay parcels for making him so late, but he didn't even remember to pick up any customs declaration labels anyway so he still had to go back to the PO at some point for those!

We drove to a bigger branch of Currys in search of a new scanner (as the old one really had packed up now).  As luck would have it, the store was having a massive refurbishment and so actually had a smaller selection than our local branch!  Still we managed to find what seemed like a decent scanner/printer.  We were supposed to look at digital cameras too - as we couldn't really go all the way to the US with just a camera with a smashed screen! - but David asked us to go back to the car for reasons best known to himself.

After that, we drove to Grottsville to pick up the USB cable from the old scanner.  Mum and I stayed in the car to guard the scanner.  David would have happily left it out there, despite Scar Face and his gang watching our every move, but we thought it was best not to risk it considering how many times the car had been broken into in the past.  It was SO hot in the car but I refused to remove my coat with that lot of perverts watching.  God, I hated those men.

I listed 113 items on e-Bay (mainly almost identical Dolly Mix Ponies, mind you) and blocked the nasty buyer who had left neutral feedback.  Not that she would have wanted to buy from me again anyway (you know, since I misrepresented items by not including accessories with toys that had "no accessories"!)  I had to raise all the shipping prices to tie in with Royal Mail's new rates too.  The prices were shocking.  £2.07 to send ANYTHING at all outside of Europe!  It had only been £1.82 before. >.<

March 20th 2011

I didn't leave the house.  David didn't arrive until 2pm and then spent the entire afternoon asleep on the floor or sitting in the bathroom.  Oh well, at least the spare time enabled me to list a further 93 e-Bay items, bringing me up to a total of 206 listings.  Oh, to have the days of unlimited listings back.  The house would be cleared in no time if I could still list things like I did back then!

I went upstairs to get some of the e-Bay items in order to weigh them/check their condition, and spotted something in David's office out of the corner of my eye.  It looked as though the entire carpet had been splashed with little specks of black ink.  I moved in for a closer look, and realised that the "ink" was moving.

My worst nightmare had come true.  The three beetles I had squashed a couple of days previously had been the start of an infestation.  Everything was COVERED in the things - they were climbing up the furniture, crawling up the window, piled up on the windowsill where they had died...  There must have been literally thousands of them crawling all over the room.  No wonder my allergies were returning!

I tried to clear the mess up without telling my parents at first but I gave up.  Of course I got the blame for attracting them as there were quite a few bags of MIB ponies and plush toys in the room.  But the source of the beetles was eventually traced to a carrier bag on top of the black cabinet you see on the left of the second photo.  Inside the carrier bag was Mum's lavender-scented Buddy Bear, a microwaveable bear which worked kind of like a glorified hot water bottle (but without the water!)  Grandma had given it to her many years ago, but unfortunately the bear had to be thrown away as it was beyond saving.

David then announced that he was going to work to give them some unpaid overtime.  "Have you finished listing things?" he asked me.  He wanted me to start scanning Mum's stuff while he was out working for no money!  Well, I didn't want to waste any time on a free listing weekend - did they want the houses cleared or not?

I did stop for long enough for him to show me how to use the scanner.  He scanned six old birthday cards which took him forever, but he said he was only that slow "because I was there".  Uh... how did I slow him down?!  Perhaps he'd get more done if he didn't keep going to "work" until 1am!

March 21st 2011

All three of us went to the dentist which was a horrible experience.  Thankfully I had forgotten all about it until Mum reminded me that morning so I didn't have long to dwell on having to see my dragon dentist beforehand!  My parents, who see a different dentist at the practise, were called in together for some weird reason (perhaps she thought they'd like to hold each other's hands?!) so I was left all alone in the waiting room, shaking in my shoes.  Mitra (my dentist) was running very late so the torment went on for ages.

Mitra was horrible to me about the orthodontist.  "After all I had to do to get you seen for free at Northwick Park, you wouldn't accept their treatment!" she snapped at me.  What exactly had she done?  Written a few referral letters?  Isn't that part of her job?  And no, sorry, I won't accept dangerous and potentially useless surgery/having my face and voice altered/having eight teeth removed if it is not absolutely necessary!  She herself had told me in the past that she wouldn't go through with such drastic surgery and that she had a friend who regretted doing so. >.<  Oh well, it's all right, Northwick Park "weren't keen to see me anyway due to my non-attendance and oral hygiene".  Almost every dentist/orthodontist/hygienist I've seen over the past few years (Mitra included actually!) has complimented me on my oral hygiene actually.  If there's one thing I do try to take good care of, it's my teeth!  So I have no idea why Mr Crow at Northwick Park would be complaining about my hygiene.  And perhaps I would have been more keen to keep appointments if they hadn't kept lying to me that I needed surgery!  Heck, it's not like I wouldn't have had my teeth sorted out years ago if I could have just had regular braces, is it?

Well, at least even with my awful dental hygiene, I didn't have any cavities or other problems!

David went to the bank so I had a few minutes to walk into TK Maxx but I got called out before I'd had time to look around properly as he had to get back to work.  He promised Mum and I McFlurries that evening but even came in too late for that...

March 22nd 2011

Mum snapped at me for "always oversleeping" because I didn't hear her calling me until she was on her way back down from the shower room again.  Well, considering I was always working hard at clearing up well into the early hours, it wasn't really surprising.

There just weren't enough hours either end of the day and the day seemed to pass far too quickly.  "I don't know what you do upstairs all day long, but I'm sure you're very busy!" Mum said sarcastically.  Well, I was doing all the usual jobs; saving old blog entries, indexing old cassette tapes, washing, photographing and cataloguing ponies.  I did take a quick break from my jobs to paint a bit more of one of my ceramic ponies, and to make the latest orthodontic v-log, as seen below:

(Ugh, why do I always look and sound so daft in all my videos?!)

Apart from those two little breaks, I really was working hard all day long, even if the house looked no better for it!

Apparently not a lot of interest was happening in our real lives, as the blog notes for the day read a little like "Hello!" magazine...pointless gossip about complete strangers!  We went to McDonalds that night for Wispa McFlurries and got a lot less ice cream for our money than usual.  While we were in the car park (here goes the first bit of pointless gossip!), we watched an employee slink over to a car which had just pulled up (ooking over his shoulder quite nervously the whole time), take some small items from the driver, pop them in a paper McDonalds bag and run back into the restaurant.  Probably a totally innocent incident - as I say, we were obviously bored.

I even cover z-list celebrity gossip in my blogs now apparently.  Mum was bored and Googling some voice actors I'd been talking about (don't ask!  She must have been really busy downstairs, mustn't she?) and found this little gem from Nancy Cartwright...

(Forward to about 2.08)

I will not join in with bashing scientologists, I have nothing against anyone's religious beliefs as long as they don't try and force them on me.  Also, to be fair, I feel Nancy was pressurised into answering awkward questions in this video and was "put on the spot" so to speak.  Even so, I can't really make up an excuse to cover what she said.  It's kind of weird to hear one of your childhood idols say that she is "striving to be God".  o_0

I found and killed another twenty beetles...I'd spotted one on my ceiling the night before but couldn't be bothered with getting out of bed to catch it.  There was no way we were going to be able to get rid of all of them anyway.  We just had to keep our eyes open for further infestations and do what we could to keep the situation under control.

Well, that wasn't very good.  I wanted to keep up the 6-day blogs but, as it is now 2.15am, I figure I'd better go to bed.  Maybe I'll have to write an 8-day one tomorrow!  It will be Mum's birthday but we don't have any plans unfortunately.  David didn't even bother to hire a car or offer her a birthday cake...although I intend to sort out the latter in the morning.  I do feel quite sorry for her at the moment, so if anybody wants to wish her a happy birthday, I'm sure she'd appreciate it!  Thanks, guys!

Best wishes,
DesirĂ©e  xxx

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