Sunday, 15 July 2012

Punishment Meetings, Orthodontic Outcomes and Custom Charges!

And all written after walking halfway around the world with a bad migraine, so my apologies in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors you may find in this entry!

March 1st 2011

David was in trouble for being late to work a few times during the previous weeks (even though he must have more than made up for it with all the extra unpaid hours he worked in the evening) and a meeting was arranged for the following day regarding his "punishment".  David was certain he was about to lose his job so took his stress out on me, of course, telling me once again that I was a "burden" and should go on job seeker's allowance instead of getting any education and working towards a proper job.

In turn, I had sunk into a deeper depression about my shattered dreams and how it was too late to chance things now.  Mum was cross with me for being down though as she had enough to worry about with "poor David" .  Well, perhaps if David had moved house before this late stage, I would have HAD an education/goal in life and wouldn't be so depressed in the first place!

Mum and I sorted through Ron and Gwyn's old holiday photos.  They were all on the old 35mm slides and Mum had decided to get rid of a lot of the ones that didn't feature her uncle or aunt/weren't particularly nice photos.  I thought it was quite sad to just throw away their pictures and said we should at least try to sell them to people who might have an interest in the places they visited.  But Mum threw the whole lot into a box together, making it near impossible to sort one country from another. >.<

In the evening, we went to Brentford McDonalds for Wispa McFlurries.  Not a particularly pleasant experience as the place was full of rude football fans, trudging around the restaurant's car park in little drunken gangs.  I don't follow football so I wouldn't like to say if they were excited or angry, but either way they looked like they would smash someone's car at any minute!

We went to Morrisons after that, but there were no more Dolly Mix Ponies to be found.  The lot I'd bought at the Tesco garage were selling really well and now I had people enquiring after certain ponies they needed to complete their collections.  I wanted to help everyone out, but the Dolly Mix supplies were really drying up in all the shops by this point.

I stayed up until 3am cataloguing my G2 MLP collection and listening to the Wicked soundtrack.  Wow, was that really noteworthy?  I seem to stay up until that kind of time every single night in order to work on this blog these days!

March 2nd 2011

David's "punishment" amounted to him talking to a very bossy woman for half an hour who told him she was "on his side" but she couldn't do anything if he "wouldn't help himself by getting there earlier".

Mum and I walked to West Ealing to post five e-Bay parcels.  It was nice to get out and about and have a wander around the shops for once.  I found a G2 Birthday Magic Sunsparkle, G3.5 fakie and Keypers Kazoo the Penguin in the Salvation Army charity shop - the whole lot cost under £1.00 which I thought was pretty good for a charity shop find in this day and age!

I was still desperately seeking some nice (feminine) summer clothes, but all the current fashions appeared to be far too short/low cut for my liking!  I had seen a nice dress in Peacocks in Uxbridge which Mum had put me off of buying (" a DRESS?! *Snorts*") at the time.  I'd decided to go ahead and get it now, but they didn't have it in the West Ealing branch.

We got lost on the way home and ended up passing the horrible Proven Developments (Rob Williams and his cowboy builders who messed up this house) who were - kind of - working on a house.  I say "kind of" as the only work they appeared to be doing was sitting in the garden smoking and drinking coke.

When we got back, we found a "missed parcel" card on the hall floor.  Apparently my Intelligence Season Two DVD box set had finally arrived from the USA.  I wondered why it hadn't gone through the door, then I saw the reason written on the card.  I had received a £12.18 customs charge!  Grr...  I'd not been struck by the dreaded customs charges before so it came as a nasty shock.  I wouldn't have even bought it if I'd known it would end up costing so much!

I was still suffering from severe depression.  Mum yelled at me to "snap out of it".  Sorry, but it's not that simple.  Who actually chooses to be depressed?  If you're born with a mental disorder (which I still believe I have, although I've never been properly diagnosed), however minor, it's very hard to just let it go, especially when you've had years of misery leading you to an empty life like mine.  I'd wanted to study in Canada for as long as I could remember, I'd turned down my chance to do a two year theatre course in Vancouver in order to stay here and do something more "sensible"...and I'd ended up with nothing at all.  But apparently "the grass is always greener" and I "don't know that I would have been as happy over there".  That's a joke - I could hardly have been LESS happy than I was here!

March 3rd 2011

David took a day off work and seemed a lot happier for it.  It was the day of my first appointment at Sparkle Dental Boutique and David had offered to drive us there.

I felt happier from the moment I walked through the door...  It was nothing like the orthodontic clinic at Northwick Park.  The staff were all friendly and made a point of getting to know you on a personal level.  Wing, the lady I'd spoken to on the phone, remembered how nervous I had sounded (oops...) and immediately put me at my ease, giving me a form to fill in to tell them what I didn't like about my teeth/dental history etc.  Her sister, Mei, who was equally kind and friendly, works there as a nurse and introduced me to Sunita, the owner of the practise.  Sunita took one look at my teeth and was able to tell me immediately that I didn't need surgery.  No, they couldn't get a perfect result in the appearance of my overbite, but there was no reason why they couldn't fix the overcrowded teeth, close the gap at the front or fix my bite on the left side of my mouth, which had always been my main problems.

But there's a downside to much would the treatment cost?



But Mum was so determined that I shouldn't have the jaw surgery (and that she shouldn't have the stress of it!) that she and David gave the go ahead and soon I was having a multitude of x-rays and casts of my teeth taken.  These people didn't waste any time!  The orthodontist I would be dealing with wasn't there that day so I'd have to make a seperate appointment to see her for a consultation, but they said I could have the braces fitted in just a couple of weeks. o_0

They offered to knock £500 off of the price if I agreed to be filmed for their website, telling my orthodontic story and how they improved my teeth etc.  I agreed to this and Sunita took me into their studio.  I was a bit phased and kept answering the questions incorrectly (I thought her voice would be left on the video, so it was like an interview, instead of which I found out her questions were just meant to be prompts for me to tell my own story if that makes sense!), so they agreed to film me during my following visit instead.

I was pleased to be getting something done at long last, but the cost was a real worry.

And here's what I had to say about it all at the time...  (Ugh, my voice sounds so horribly deep in this video!)

Not a lot else happened that day.  We went to Grottsville to pick up some more e-Bay stuff and eat a vegetarian lasagne...and I saw what I believe to have been a mouse scurrying around the rubbish bag in the kitchen.  Did David really want to keep that half derelict house standing there forever while more and more vermin moved indoors?

March 4th 2011

Mum and I walked to Sainsbury's in South Ealing to buy milk.  The idea was to avoid having to go out that night so that I could have a bath instead.  I refused to charge David for the milk as I felt so bad about the cost of the orthodontic treatment.  "You won't make £6,000 on a few pints of milk!" Mum stated.  Well, yes, I realise that.  I probably only make £2,000-£3,000 a year full stop.  I was still trying to work out what I was going to do.  Why the heck couldn't the NHS do basic braces without jaw surgery for free?

Mum was still sorting through Ron and Gwyn's slides...and she found quite possibly the most upsetting set of photographs ever.  Gwyn had gone around the house photographing everything of value (presumably for insurance purposes)...all the stuff that was supposed to have been left to Mum, but which Ron's "friends" had come in and stolen the day he died.  It was so sad to see all of Eva's beautiful old ornaments standing there and know what became of her treasured collections.

Mum decided that she wanted to go for Wispa McFlurries that night.  The ice cream was very nice though and the staff at the Brentford branch were very generous with the amount of  ice cream they gave us!  A horrible old man in a lorry in the car park decided to change his clothes in clear view of everybody which was the only thing that rather put us off of our ice cream!  But that's not the fault of McDonalds or the staff, of course.  I'm not sure why he wanted to change into a t-shirt and shorts anyway - it was bitterly cold that night!

I had my bath when we got back (as late as if we'd had to go to the supermarket anyway!) and wore my nightdress for the first time.  I was already feeling self conscious, then Mum clapped eyes on me and began laughing uncontrollably.  She later told me she only did so because I was still wearing my "little white socks" (well, of course I was - not only did it feel weird to have bare legs and feet after so many years in trousers, I'd just used my foot cream and wanted it to sink in!), but it still didn't help my self confidence to see her laughing at me!  Well, who cares what other people think?  It just felt good to be out of trousers for once in my life.

I finally had a chance to rearrange my plush pony pile and managed to make a little more space for myself on the bed.  It would have been nicer still if I could have had the whole bed to myself, of course, but this was a start at least...

With this job finally done, I turned my attention back to the G2 shelf.  There were just too many MIB ponies taking up too much space so I decided that some of them would have to go.  I was sad to get rid of any pony, but I guess I did at least have loose examples of the same ponies.  Steph (that's WingedElf to the pony folk out there) wanted to come and visit the following weekend and I really wanted the pony shelves completed beforehand.

March 5th 2011

David drove me to Ealing post office to pay the customs charge and pick up my Intelligence DVD.  David got in a really bad mood, demanding I give him the "covering letter" that came with the missed parcel card and calling me an "idiot for not bringing it" when I told him there wasn't one (???)  I don't think he liked being corrected in front of the bloke behind the desk, and this seemed to put him in an even worse mood.  When we left the building, he started cursing at a car which had been parked in front of a "no parking" gate.  He could see that we couldn't move because of it, but still he insisted on trying to drive off.  He reversed and attempted to turn a corner, badly scratching the side of the car in the process.  This was apparently my fault for not having my mail sent to Grottsville.  Uh...why would I have my mail sent to a house where I don't live?  And what difference would it have made?  We'd have definitely missed the parcel if it had gone there and it still would have had to be picked up from the post office. >.<

He rushed to get back to Woodberry, shouting at all the other drivers on the way, where we picked Mum up and took her back to Ealing Broadway for a bank appointment.  I went in Savers and bought some cheap dry hair shampoo and Inecto body butter, and popped into TKMaxx but they had no nice dresses.  Actually, I lie.  They had a gorgeous yellow dress with a beautiful horse print all over it, but it was just too low cut for me.  Then we all went to WHSmith to look at holiday guides, and bought a couple about the American National Parks we were supposed to be visiting in May.

We went to Grottsville and had chips for dinner - far too many of the greasy things, in my opinion, but Mum (surprisingly) didn't get indigestion!

My parents had a big argument after that so only David and I returned to Grottsville that evening to hang the laundry up and collect some more of my junk.  Mum was getting annoyed about the amount of clutter I was taking to Woodberry, but I didn't want to leave it at the other house when I knew it was full of carpet beetles, and mice and other creatures that could potentially destroy my stuff.

March 6th 2011

David decided to have a lie in and didn't arrive at Woodberry until the early afternoon.  Very little got done with the day, and we didn't get to go anywhere either.  The furthest I got all day long was to Tesco Extra in Northfields to buy a loaf of bread.  The intention had been to go to Grottsville for another vegetarian lasagne, but David started sanding down a cabinet and we didn't want to stop him, so we ended up with boring old baked beans and sausages.  And then Mum got one of her bad stomach pains.  What was causing it?  She was fine with a load of greasy chips but a tin of beans and sausages brought it on again.

David stopped doing his tiny bit of DIY in favour of playing with his computer almost as soon as we began cooking the dinner anyway.  Then, when he went back to paint the cabinet, he managed to spill the whole can on the carpet!  He spent two hours shouting, swearng and rubbing the stain into the carpet, and then went to work until the early hours.

And so rounds up another six days in my life!  I do hope that you are all enjoying our, uh, EXCITING journey!  Please tune in tomorrow for another enthralling entry!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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