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Rainy Days and Mondays...

...always get me writing dull blog entries!  Beware, this is quite possibly the most boring one I've ever written!  Still, if I am to continue to document my life, I must cover even the most boring days!  There's nothing that says you have to read every entry, dear reader, but if you do decide to skip this one, please come back for future chapters.  I promise there are far more interesting things ahead!

March 7th 2011

Mum and I were both very depressed.  Emma hadn't been in touch again, the house was a mess and everything in general seemed to be going wrong.

I kept receiving very strange e-Bay messages and I just wasn't feeling up to answering their stupidity.  People wanting me to end things early for less than the starting price, people wanting me to take MIB items out of their packaging to "see how much they would weigh" (and if you decide NOT to take it, I'm left with an item that's worth a lot less than it was in its box!)  Possibly the weirdest came from a girl who told me she was "really gutted that I missed the auction end for this item!" when the auction didn't end for another three days!  My e-Bay stuff was doing well this time though, I even had two bids on some items which had been listed several times before with no interest at all!

David and I went to the IT shop to collect the computer.  Carrying it back to the car, David flipped the computer upside down and cried, "Ooh, I didn't realise you had a..." I've no idea what he didn't realise I had, but I almost didn't have a computer at all as he dropped the cable and adapter on the pavement with a smash and just caught the computer before it met the same fate. >.<  WHY would somebody start looking at the bottom of a laptop while walking along the street with it anyway?!
I started the long, hard task of playing through my old cassette tapes in order to index them/see if there were any that I could get rid of.  The goal was to get the job completed before we went to the USA in May but I didn't know if I'd make it in time.  There were an awful lot of tapes to sort through!

Then again, I didn't know if we'd really be going to the USA anyway.  Mum had already said she wouldn't go unless all of her photos had been scanned and, while David kept promising to do the job, he was doing very little in reality.  One day the scanner was supposedly broken, another day he forgot to take the stuff that needed scanning back to Grottsville (where the scanner was still being kept for some reason).  Today he stayed at work until 11.30pm, leaving Grottsville in total darkness - advertising to the unsavoury folk on the street that the house (with many of our valuables still inside) was empty - all the while.

March 8th 2011

Mum and I walked around the corner to the local charity shops and Co-Op.  There was nothing of interest in the charity shops though and a horrid man made me feel sick by slowing down his lorry and shouting at me that I was "welcome at his place any time, sweetheart".  Well, if he acts in such a vulgar manner towards all women, I'm not surprised he feels the need to call out to random passers by.  It's probably the nearest he'll ever get to the opposite sex!  Why must so many men be gross, sexist pigs? (No offense to pigs, by the way - I'd far rather have a pig than a man for the most part!)

David never seemed to find time to do the shopping for us anymore, and we had no dinner.  Mum had kindly told him not to worry about it and lied that we had some tortelloni in the fridge, thinking we could get some at the Co-Op.  However, they didn't have any so we ended up with boring old Smash and tomato soup again.

This gave me bad indigestion and when we DID get to Tesco that night, I was left with a bad pain in my ribs every time I took a breath.  Well, it turned out to be worth battling around the supermarket when I found eleven more Dolly Mix Ponies.  They scanned at £1.99 each so David discarded them on another conveyor belt, but I went and fetched the shelf sign and got the price reduced.

We stopped at Grottsville on the way back and I moved all of the duplicate MLPs from the overheated back room to the lounge.  I couldn't hang onto them much longer though...they would have to come to Woodberry to be sorted and sold.

We rang our dental practise to find out if it was okay to go ahead with treatment at Sparkle Dental Boutique.  I was a little concerned that if I had private orthodontic treatment I would no longer be able to get dental treatment on the NHS.  But they said it was fine, and were only confused as to why we hadn't gone to see THEIR private orthodontist. about because I didn't know they had one?  Why had my dentist never suggested him to me all the long years she knew I wasn't happy with Mr Crow and the jaw surgery he was demanding I had?

March 9th 2011

I had a bad toothache from excess flossing, but I was determined to keep my teeth and gums clean in the days and weeks leading up to getting the braces fitted.  There was no time to take a "sick day" though as there was far too much to do.  Mind you, working hard all day every day seemed to be getting me nowhere anyway.  I was still trying to cram the G2 ponies on their shelf, saving and transferring my old blog entries from Myspace, indexing cassette tapes, and now Mum had decided that she wanted EVERY SINGLE ITEM she owned photographed in case the house burnt down while we were away.  Every ornament, every picture, every piece of jewellery... o_0  Bear in mind that my camera had a smashed screen that I couldn't even see through and that Mum wanted perfect photographs, and imagine the madness that ensued.  It was a nightmare with her snapping at me that none of my pictures were clear enough, but if I complained, Mum made me feel guilty by saying I didn't want to help her.

That night we went to McDonalds for Wispa McFlurries and then to Grottsville to collect the latest lot of e-Bay stuff.  I'd sold around 50 items this time (and had even more bids by the time we got back to Woodberry!) so why did the house look no clearer for it?!

March 10th 2011

Mum and I walked to Sparkle Dental Boutique to see the orthodontist.  She didn't seem quite as confident as Sunita had, but still said improvement could be made with "a good 18 months in braces".  She said that I would need fixed retainers on both my top and bottom teeth for the rest of my life, and that I would have to have two wisdom teeth removed.  I understood this was to be done next time, and the appointment had just been brought forward by a week, so I was shaking in my shoes!  Still, I guess it was better to have two teeth out than the eight Mr Crow had said I needed removed!

David drove to meet us there in his lunch break and arrived late, demanding to see the orthodontist after my appointment to quiz her on "her emphasis".  He didn't tell us what she'd said to him but he seemed much happier for talking to her himself!

We got chips on the way back home before David went back to work.  We went to Grottsville that night to pick up yet more e-Bay stuff, which David had promised to help me pack up when we got home.  Instead, he pretended to be asleep until it was time for him to return to Grottsville for bed, so I ended up doing the whole lot on my own anyway.  Oh well, not to worry.  I was up until gone 1am watching my Intelligence DVD again anyway!  That show is addictive!

March 11th 2011

Emma had still not been in touch and Mum was highly disturbed.  It was Gabriella's birthday the following day and we thought she would have written to say what gift was required, but she hadn't even done that much.  Mum was getting more and more convinced that she was never going to hear from her again, and blaming me for all of the arguments relating to my hair, of course!

With no instructions on what gift Gabriella wanted, we just had to get a Toys 'R Us gift voucher that night with the intention of David driving to Emma's house and putting it through the door.  It didn't work out though.  David did drive to her house, but chickened out of walking up the path when he spotted "something pink" (probably Emma) in the hall!  Any other man would have knocked on the door and spoken to her to see what was wrong and if he could smooth things over and put her and Mum back in touch, but not David.  He just wanted to keep out of the arguments!

I saw the Ponyville Mermaids at TRU but still stubbornly refused to support Hasbro by buying them!

I worked hard at clearing the house all day long again with little progress being made.  Mum moaned at me that I hadn't photographed her old jewellery, as "none of my stress or tidying up jobs could be as important as documenting her heirlooms"!  It wasn't like I was being lazy though, for goodness sake!  I was up until 2am photographing and cataloguing G2 ponies, then I had a funny turn.  I felt weak and dizzy, like I was about to throw up, probably from dehydration as I never stopped work even for long enough to go downstairs and get a drink!  Of course, half-watching Intelligence while I was working may have contributed to staying up so late!  I just couldn't pull myself away!

When I did come downstairs at 2am, I discovered David asleep on the front room floor.  I thought he was back in Grottsville, but apparently he had decided to lie down on the floor upon his return from Emma's house, leaving the house in Grottsville totally empty and unguarded again!  I needed to get the rest of my stuff out of there before the inevitable happened and vandals broke in...

March 12th 2011

Apparently David hadn't even returned to Grottsville after I woke him up at 2am.  Instead, Mum had gone to the bathroom at 3am and discovered him still lying on the front room floor, looking at, um, a rather unpleasant website.  This spurred a huge argument and David sulked all the following day, meaning we only got a brief trip to Grottsville to eat lasagne.

Mum wrote to Emma to apologise about Gabriella not having a birthday gift or even a card, but got no response, of course.  Mum was very depressed about it all, which was not helping my general depression one bit!

Another thing that was not helping was my overwhelming tiredness.  I was working at cleaning and tidying the place until 4am for the second day running but the house still looked no better for it!

I did take a break to have a nice relaxing bath that evening and to use the Smooth Skin system in a couple of different places for the first time.  The system did seem to work well, but I still wasn't convinced that the results would be permanent.  Well, at least it didn't hurt as much as some reviews had suggested it might!

Hooray, another six days completed, and it's only 6pm!  Perhaps I'll actually get some of my other jobs done this evening and still be able to get an early night.

Thanks for reading, guys!
Desirée  xxx

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