Thursday, 12 July 2012

So much for extra-long blog entries!

Instead of that, we have a half-length one!  Oh well, maybe I'll have more time to write a REALLY long entry tomorrow.  At the moment, I'm just determined to write something each night.

February 13th 2011

I overslept again.  Mum had spent another night in Grottsville and was in a terrible mood, making it quite clear that she didn't want David or I back.  She spent the morning being nasty, saying things along the lines of she was "never going back to Woodberry" and how she "hates me and doesn't see why she should do anything for me".  She "doesn't know why I'm obsessed with a stupid place that sounds like a bunch of keys".  (That's Yaletown to the rest of us, in case you were wondering!)

David stayed in the bathroom for hours while her temper worsened.  She angrily gulped down a cheese sandwich (continuing to rant at me all the while), then got a terrible indigestion pain and went into a frenzy, convincing herself that she was dying.  She began screaming that I "really would be moving to Woodberry alone now" but don't worry, she "hoped it WAS a heart attack as it would be a release"! o_0

The pain went off after a while, so David and I went to Woodberry.  We hadn't been there long (and I hadn't got anything listed on e-Bay) when she rang up to say that the pain had returned so we had to dash back to Grottsville, bringing the computer and the USB drive containing all my sales photos with us.  It didn't do me any good though as I couldn't get the internet to work there and then Mum decided that she had to go to casualty anyway.

We dropped her at the hospital (she didn't want either of us to go in with her), by which time I had developed a ridiculous need to use the bathroom.  David didn't seem to understand this though and made me sit outside Tesco with my legs crossed while he bought bread.  Well, it was "my fault for not reminding him to get it when he was at Sainsburys (without me) the night before", you know?  We dashed to Woodberry to drop off the laptop (and use the bathroom there) before heading back to Grottsville to collect the mobile phone which had been left charging there.  Then back to the hospital to find Mum and give her the phone.  Then to Pizza Hut for a 10-slice pizza.  David really thought I could eat five slices - well, he hoovered his up in about three bites, but I ended up giving him half of mine too!  I'm not used to eating so much!

Just as we finished eating (quite convenient timing really!), Mum rang to say she was ready to be picked up from the hospital.  They had told her that she had severe indigestion and a totally unrelated kidney infection.

We all went to Woodberry after that (yes, even Mum who was "never going there again"!) where David and I managed to get the fridge/freezer working.  It was then he told us that we could have had a working hob all the previous week "at the flick of a switch".  Well, why the heck hadn't he told us that before instead of making us wait to go back to Grottsville for dinner every evening then?!  Obvious.  We "didn't want it".  Where did he get that idea from?!  Oh well, now that we had a way to get basic dinner at Woodberry, Mum agreed to start sleeping there again!

I couldn't get the internet connection to work at Woodberry again until late that evening so I pretty much wasted the free listing weekend on e-Bay.  And I still had SO much stuff to clear out of both houses! >.<

February 14th 2011

Ugh, Valentine's Day.  I hate it.  Not only is it a day to remind me even more than usual how painfully lonely I am and how I will remain that way for the rest of my miserable life (by my own choice) as I wait for someone I know can never be mine, but it is also the anniversary of my little Splodge's death.  Three years without guinea pigs or pets of any wonder I'm lonely!  I always preferred animal company over humans anyway.

On a happier note, one of my missing parcels of Dolly Mix Ponies finally arrived at its destination...two months after it had been sent!  Royal Mail really stinks.

It was a lovely sunny day but I just didn't have time to go for a walk.  I have no idea where the time went though as nothing seemed to be getting done.  I washed some ponies, and saved a lot of old blog entries from Myspace. But that was it really.  That night we went to Grottsville to collect my Show Stable and Lullabye Nursery and I got upset (again) at how my near mint Nursery had been allowed to fade on the table in the porch while I waited for David to give me the long-promised bedroom.  I also found that, despite having six of the darn things, I didn't have a single Baby Bonnet School of Dance without some kind of major flaw.  I ended up choosing to keep one which didn't even have the bow-shaped handle on the top as the only one with the handle was partially faded with torn stickers (and I couldn't remove the bow and put it on a better condition playset as it was stuck hard!)

Not a lot else happened. Mum still had bad indigestion but no more terrible pains, thank goodness.  The highlight of the day for both of us was seeing a pair of foxes sleeping in the alley at the bottom of our back garden.  They were beautiful and didn't even seem to mind us watching them from the back door.

Well, it's 1am so I think I'd better get to bed.  I'm so sorry to everybody who is STILL awaiting a letter from me.  I never seem to get five minutes to use the computer at a sensible hour, but I really will try to catch up with my e-mails over the next couple of days.

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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